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Full text of "Epitome tes Kaines Diathekes. An epitome of the New Testament"

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Class JpZiiBjoi^ 

fopiglif 1^° f 9 







Late Professor of Greek m the University of Notre Dame. 

Revised by M. F. O. 

Kal 6 Ao-yos <rdp| l*y€V€TO Kal ecKTivworcv ev Tip,iv, Kal 
I66a(rdp.e0a tt)v 86^av avrov, 86|av ebs |xovoy€VOvs irapd 
irarpos, irX^ip'qs x^-P'-'^'OS ^"^^ d\t]0€ias. St. John I, 14. 



I wo bODies fiecei*<^ 

SEP 14 iao8 

OvMyi uni ti»W"> 
CLASS. (X_ AAC. ft,/, 

c©py B. ' 

Copyright, 1900, 

Copyright, July 1908, 



The abrupt step from the ordinary principles 
of grammar and a few grammatical exercises into 
the very midst of classical authors has been a 
stumbling block to many a beginner in the study 
of Greek. It has made the study of Greek 
proverbial for its difficulty even among scholars 
that are masters of Eatin. 

And yet, why should Greek be looked upon as 
more difficult than Eatin ? It is the lack of such 
stepping stones between the rudiments and the 
authors as we have in Eatin; viz., an Epitome 
Historiae Sacrae, an Epitome de Csesaribus, an 
Epitome de Viris lUustribus Romse, etc., that has 
discouraged many a student and has caused him 
to abandon the study of Greek as offering insur- 
mountable difficulties. 

By the present 'EiriTojxr] rf^s Kaiyf]s AiaS^KT]s, the 
author has intended to help to fill up this 
gap and to contribute his mite towards leveling 
the gradus ad Paniassicm. If the size of the 

— 11 — 

work has gone beyond this scope, it is because 
the same is also intended for Reading at Sight 
in the advanced classes. No other text could be 
more appropriate for Reading at Sight than the 
well-known narrative of the New Testament in 
a form corresponding to that of the Ivatin Epi- 
tome Historiae Sacrae of the Old Testament. 

The addition of a formal grammar and the 
beautiful illustrations which the Epitome His- 
toriae Sacrae has received in its many successive 
editions were out of question in the present work 
which is the outcome of a few occasional spare 

Eor the chronological arrangement of facts 
and for any subjective treatment of the same, 
such authorities as Cornelius a Eapide, Dr. 
Schuster, Dr. Wies, Father A. J. Maas, Father 
B. Spalding and others have been consulted. 

For a few typographical errors and for the loss 
of an occasional delicate accent under a less 
delicate press the kind reader will readily make 

The Author. 
Notre Dame, Ind., 

May, 1900. 


Owing to the fact that the first edition of the 
Epitome was stereotyped, a complete revision 
with additions or material changes was found 
unadvisable. For that reason the present edition 
is to a large extent a reprint, rather than a 
revision. I had intended to eliminate from the 
text the characters S and 3^ for the more usual 
^ and 0- The author used, though somewhat 
inconsistently, S and 3^ in the beginning of words 
and after the augment or preposition in com- 
pound words. I also had intended to substitute 
g at the end of prepositions in compound verbs 
by (7. However, as these old forms are only 
minor blemishes in a modern text, but no real 
faults, I have made no changes on that score. 
Another change, which I would have liked to 
make, had it not necessitated an entire resetting 
of the type, was to introduce in many places 
connectives or particles to give more color, tone 
and emphasis to the Greek expression. 

The chief aim in revising the text was to 
correct the typographical errors, most of which 
were found in a marked copy of the work used in 
the class-room by the author himself and subse- 

IV — - 

quently by the Rev. J. B. Scheier. A number 
of words, omitted in the vocabulary, have been 
inserted in their proper place ; also such forms, 
as can not easily be detected by the beginner, 
on account of his limited knowledge of the 
principal parts of verbs. Of course, a thorough 
drill in the inflections of words is expected, 
before the student begins the Epitome, so that 
the tedious and insipid work of constantly 
fingering the discordant keys of etymology may 
be dispensed with. The principal obstacle to a 
beginner might be a lack of knowledge of the 
rules of syntax. To obviate this difficulty, at 
least in part, I have prefaced the text by a list 
of the most common rules of the cases and of 
the moods in dependent clauses. 

It is believed that, besides impressing noble 
truths more deeply upon the minds of the young 
students, a book of this kind helps to arouse and 
stimulate interest in making out the grammatical 
forms, which becomes an easier and more delight- 
ful task on account of the previous knowledge 
which the beginner has of Bible History. 

M. F. O. 
Notre Dame, Indiana, 
July 15, 1908. 



General Rules of the Cases and Moods i 


Birth and Infancy of Our IvOrd Jksus 


1 . Mary and Joseph 15 

2. Zachary and Elizabeth 16 

3. The Annunciation of the Birth of St. 

John the Baptist 16 

4. The Annunciation of the Birth of Our 

lyord Jesus Christ 17 

5. Astonishment of Mary. — The Angel 

Relieves her Anxiety 18 

6. Mary visits Elizabeth 19 

7. The Birth of John the Baptist 19 

8. The Angel Explains to Joseph the 

Mysteries of God 20 

9. The Nativity of Our Lord Jesus Christ 21 

10. The Shepherds in the Field 22 

1 1 . The Shepherds at the Crib 23 

12. The Magi with Herod in Jerusalem. . . 23 

13. The Adoration of the Magi 24 


14. The Presentation in the Temple 25 

15. The Flight into Egypt 26 

16. The Massacre of the Innocents 27 

17. The Return to Nazareth 27 

18. The Child Jesus in the Temple 28 


Thk Pubi^ic I^ip:^ of Jksus. 
first year. 

Jesus Commences His Public Ministry: He 
Works First in Galilee, then in Judea. 

19. John the Baptist in the Desert 33 

20. The Preaching of John the Baptist .... 34 

21. John Bears Testimony to Jesus 35 

22. Baptism of Jesus 36 

23. Jesus is Tempted in the Desert 37 

24. John's Second Testimony to Jesus. .. . 37 

25. The First Disciples of Jesus 38 

26. The Marriage at Cana 39 

27. First Passover. — Christ's Zeal for the 

Sanctity of the Temple 40 

28. Nicodemus Comes to See Jesus 41 

29. The Disciples of Jesus Baptize in Judea. 

John's lyast Testimony to Jesus. . . 42 

30. Imprisonment of John the Baptist .... 43 



Jesus Works Principally in Galilee. 

31. Jesus at the Well of Jacob 45 

32. Jesus Returns to Cana in Galilee 46 

33. Jesus Preaches at Nazareth 47 

34. The First Four Apostles 48 

35. Jesus at Capharnaum. 49 

36. Jesus in the House of Simon 50 

37. The Miraculous Draught of Fishes 51 

38. Jesus Cures the Leper 53 

39. Jesus Cures the Paralytic 53 

40. The Calling of St. Matthew 55 

41. The Celebration of the Sabbath 56 

42. Jesus Chooses the Twelve Apostles. . - . 57 

43. The Sermon on the Mount 58 

44. The Kight Beatitudes 59 

45. Dignity and Duties of the Apostles. ... 60 

46. Duties of Christians 61 

47. The Sanctity of Marriage 62 

48. Other Christian Perfections 63 

49. Purity of Intention 64 

50. The Christian's Solicitude 65 

51. Duties towards Our Neighbor 66 

52. The Centurion's Servant. 67 

53. The Widow's Son 68 

Vlll — 

54. The Messengers of John the Baptist. . . 69 

55. Jesus Cures a Man who had been Sick 

Thirty-Eight Years 70 

56. Mary Magdalene 71 

57. Jesus Returns to Galilee, Cures one 

Possessed, and Answers the Hostile 

Attacks of the Pharisees 72 

58. The Sermon at Sea 74 

59. Parable of the Sower 74 

60. The Parable of the Cockle 75 

61. The Parable of the Mustard-Seed 77 

62. The Parable of the Leaven 77 

63. The Parable of the Treasure 77 

64. The Parable of the Pearl 78 

65. The Parable of the Good and the Bad 

Fishes 78 

66. Following Christ 79 

67. The Tempest Calmed 80 

68. Jesus in the Country of the Gerasens. . 81 

69. Jesus Returns to Capharnaum 82 

70. The Daughter of Jairus 83 

71. Jesus Cures Two Blind Men, and Re- 

turns a Second Time to Nazareth . . 84 

72. The Beheading of John the Baptist. ... 85 

73. The First Sending of the Apostles 86 


74. The Apostles Receive Instructions for 

their Mission 87 

75. Further Instructions 88 

76. The Multitudes Follow Jesus 89 

77. The Miracle of the I^oaves and Fishes 90 

78. Jesus Walks upon the Sea 91 

79. The Promise of the Blessed Sacrament 92 

80. The Jews Murmur 94 

81. The Apostles are Scandalized 95 

82. Second Passover. — The Woman of 

Chanaan 96 

83. Cure of the Deaf and Dumb 97 

84. The Primacy Conferred on Peter 98 

85. Jesus Foretells His Passion 99 

86. The Transfiguration loi 

S7. Jesus Cures the I^unatic Child 102 


Jesus Works Chiefly in Samaria and Judea. 

88. Jesus Goes to Jerusalem for the Feast 

of Tabernacles 104 

Sg. The Sending of the Seventy-Two Dis- 
ciples 105 

90. The Disciples Return from Their First 

Mission 107 

— X 

91. The Greatest Commandment io8 

92. The Good Samaritan 109 

93. Mary and Martha no 

94. The lyord's Prayer in 

95. Jesus at the Feast of Tabernacles 112 

96. The Woman Taken in Sin 113 

97. The Cure of the Man Born Blind 114 

98. Jesus the Good Shepherd 116 

99. Jesus at the Feast of the Dedication. . . 117 

ioo. Jesus Pays the Temple Tax 119 

loi. Humility 12c 

102. Scandal 121 

103. Fraternal Correction 122 

104. The Pardon of Injuries 123 

105. The Unforgiving Servant 124 

106. The Ten lyCpers 125 

107. Sickness and Death of I<azarus 126 

108. The Resurrection of I^azarus 128 

109. The Jews Seek to Kill Jesus 129 

1 10. Jesus the Friend of Little Children. ... 130 

111. The Rich Young Man 130 

112. The Reward in Heaven 131 

113. The lyaborers in the Vineyard 132 

1 14. Jesus Returns to Jerusalem 134 

1 15. The Blind Men of Jericho 134 


u6, Zacheus 135 

117. The Parable of the Ten Talents 136 

118. The Fig Tree 138 

119. The Supper 139 

120. The Lost Sheep 140 

121. The Prodigal Son 141 

122. The Unjust Steward 143 

123. The Rich Man and I^azarus 144 

124. The Unjust Judge 146 

125. The Pharisee and the Publican 147 


Thk Passion of Our Lord. 

first day of holy wfejk. 

126. Jesus is Anointed by Mary 151 


127. Christ's Triumphant Entry into Jeru- 

salem 153 

128. Jesus Weeps over Jerusalem 155 


129. Jesus Curses the Barren Fig Tree 156 

130. Jesus Cleanses the Temple 157 


131. The Tribute Due to Caesar 158 

132. The Widow's Mite 159 


133. The Destruction of Jerusalem 160 

134. Jesus Foretells the End of the World. . 162 

135. The lyast Judgment 164 

136. The Wise and the Foolish Virgins. . . 165 

137. Judas Offers Himself to the Jews to 

Betray Jesus 167 


138. The Last Supper 168 

139. Jesus Washes His Apostles' Feet 169 

140. Institution of the Blessed Sacrament. . . 171 

141. Jesus Foretells the Treason of Judas. . . 173 

142. Jesus Foretells the Denial of Peter. ... 174 

143. The Promise of the Holy Ghost. ..... 176 

144. Christ's I^ast Discourse to His Disciples 178 

145. The Agony in the Garden 180 

146. The Treason 182 

147. Jesus is Apprehended 182 

148. Jesus before Annas 184 

149. Jesus before Caiaphas 185 

150. Peter Denies Jesus 187 

151. Jesus is Mocked and Outraged 189 


152. Jesus before the Sanhedrin 190 

153- Judas Despairs 191 


154. Jesus before Pilate 192 

155- Jesus before Herod 195 

156. Jesus is lyed Back to Pilate 196 

157. Bar abbas is Preferred to Jesus 197 

158. Jesus is Scourged and Crowned with 

Thorns 199 

159. Jesus is Condemned to Death 200 

160. Jesus Carries His Cross 203 

161. The Crucifixion 205 

162. Jesus Prays for His Knemies 207 

163. The Penitent Thief 208 

164. Behold Thy Mother 209 

165. Jesus Expires on the Cross 210 

166. The Signs Which Followed 211 

167. The Heart of Jesus is Pierced 212 

268. Jesus is Burried 213 


169. The Sepulchre is Sealed and Guarded . 215 


Thk G1.0RIFIBD lyiFEj OF Jesus. 

170. The Resurrection 219 

171. The Holy Women at the Sepulchre. . . 220 

172. Peter and John at the Sepulchre 221 

XIV — 

173- Jesus Appears to Mary Magdalen. . . . 222 

174. Jesus Appears to the Other Women. . 223 

175. The Guards at the Sepulchre 224 

176. Jesus Appears to Two of His Disciples 

on the Way to Emmaus, and to 
Peter 225 

177. Jesus Appears to All the Apostles and 

Institutes the Sacrament of Penance 228 

178. Jesus Addresses Thomas 229 

179. Jesus Appears at the I^ake of Tiberias 230 

180. The Supreme Pastorship is Conferred 

upon Peter 232 

181. Other Apparitions of Jesus 233 

182. Jesus Ascends into Heaven 236 


The Work of Jksus Continukd by the) 
H01.Y Ghost. 

183. Matthias is Chosen to Replace Judas. . 241 

184. The Descent of the Holy Ghost 242 

185. The Organ of the Holy Ghost, The 

Church 247 


1 86. Vocabulary 259 



I. The Nominative is used chiefly as the subject 
of a finite verb, or as a predicate after a verb signifying 
to he, to become, to be named, to be chosen, to be 
thought, to be made, and to appear. 

II. The Vocative, with or without «, is used in 
address. Sometimes the nominative is used instead. 

III. The Genitive in Greek is a blend of two cases. 
It has the functions of the genitive proper (adnominal), 
and certain uses of the Latin Ablative (ablatival), or 

1 . The Genitive after No uns or Pronouns [Adr, ominal) : 

(a) The genitive of possession; e. g. tj Pao-iX^ws 8vva|jLis 
the king^s power. 

(b) The genitive of material; e. g. Kpi(]vti tjScos vSaros 
a spring of fresh water. 

(c) The genitive of measure; e. g. [iia-Qos reTTdpcav 
fXTjvMv four month's pay. 

(d) The subjective genitive; e. g. 6 ({>6j3os t«v iroXcfxCuv 
the fear of the enemy (i. e. the fear which the enemy 
himself feels). 

(e) The objective genitive; e. g. 6 <|>6Po$ t«v iro\6|jLCo)v 
the fear of the enemy (i, e. the fear which one has of or 
toward the enemy). 

(f) The partitive genitive; e. g. dvrjp tow 8ir)(i,ov p. man 
of the people. 

— 4 — 

2. The Genitive after Verbs: 

(a) Of sharing; e. g. hctcixov Tfjs XeCas tbey shared in 
the booty. 

{h) Of ruling and leading; e. g. tt]s o-Tparias t|7€ito 
be led the army. 

(c) Of superiority and inferiority (genitive of com- 
parison); e. g. T«v a\X(i)v wircpexetv to surpass the rest. 

(c?) Of plenty and want; e. g. xpT^jidTtov 6vir6p€i he 
bad plenty of money, rovrav I84ovto tbey were in need 
of these things. 

(e) Of price and value; e. g. 86|a xpr\[LaT<av ovk wvtj-Hi 
glory is not to be bought -with money, irdo-ou SiSdo-KCk 
for how much does he teach ? Note, however, the com- 
mon phrase irepl ttoXXov iroi€icr6aL to make much of. 

if) Of judicial actions, as: to accuse, to prosecute, to 
convict, to acquit, to condemn, and the like; e. g. tov 
<)>6vov avTov alTiarai he accuses him of murder. 

(g) Of an action of the senses or of the mind, as: to 
bear, to remind, to taste, to perceive, to remember, to 
forget, to desire, to care for, to spare, to neglect, and 
the like; e. g. ©opiipov uKoveiv to hear a noise, infjivifjo-Keis 
KaKuv you remind me of evils, etc. 

(b) Of emotions, as: wonder, admiration, affection, 
anger, hatred, envy, pity, and the like, to denote the 
cause; e. g. ttjs IXevOepCas €v8ai|i,ov(|a) I congratulate 
you on your liberty. 

(/) Of separation (ablatival), as: to remove, to 
restrain, to deprive, to release, to cease, to fail, to differ, 
to yield, and the like; e. g. Xv<r6v |jlc t«v 8carp,wv release 
me from the chains. 

— 5 — 

(ic) Similarly with some verbs denoting the source; 
e. g. TOVTO Itvx6v <rov I got this from you. 

(/) Also with verbs meaning to touch, to take hold 
of, to try. to begin, to aim at, to miss, and the like; e.g. 
IXdpcTo TTjs xcipos avTOv she took his hand, tov Xo-yov 
ijpX€TO a)8e he began his speech thus. 

(m) The genitive often depends on a preposition in a 
compound verb; e. g. diroTp^irct |Ji6 tovtou he turns me 
from this. 

3. The Genitive with Adjectives and Adverbs: 

(a) Tne genitive follows adjectives and adverbs, 
w^hich correspond in derivation or in meaning to verbs 
that take the genitive; e. g. (ji€'toxos <ro<|)tas partaking in 
wisdom, Kvpios TrdvTwv master of everything, viiri^Koos 
T«v -yov^wv obedient to one's parents, evoxos SctXtas 
guilty of cowardice, d|ios liraCvoti w^orthy of praise, 
cXEvOcpos alSovs free from shame, etc. 

The adverbs which most frequently take the genitive 
are: dvev without, €\Jcra> and Ivtos inside, c^w and Iktos 
outside e-y-yvs, ireXas and irXTi<riov near, €V€Ka on account 
of, (iCTttlv between, p-expi' until, irc'pav beyond, irX'^v 
except, x<*P^s apart from, etc. 

(jb) The genitive is used with adjectives and adverbs 
of the comparative degree when r\ is omitted; e. g. 
KpeiTTCdv l<rTi TovTwv hc is better than these, irovtipta 
6aTTOv Oavdrov Get wickedness runs faster than death. 

4. Special Uses of the Genitive: 

(a) The genitive denotes the time within which any- 
thing takes place ; e. g. wktos d'ir€<|>vY€ he escaped by 

— 6 — 

night, Tavra ttjs T)|i.€pas c-ye'vcro this happened during the 
day. In poetry this usage was extended to place. 

(fo) The genitive after kv or €ls implies sometimes the 
characteristic place (understood); e. g. els SiSao-KoLXov 
TiXOcv he has gone to his teacher's (office or house). 

(c) The genitive of a noun or pronoun and a parti- 
ciple, not grammatically connected Virith the main con- 
struction of the sentence, may be used independently; 
e. g. TaOra kyiviro, Elvpov PacriXevovTos this happened, 
when Cyrus was king, (lit. Cyrus being king). This 
construction is called the Genitive Absolute. 

IV. The Dative in Greek, just as the Genitive, is a 
blend of two cases. Besides its own proper uses, it 
represents certain functions of the Latin Ablative^ 
especially that of cause and manner, of means and 
instrument, and of the time when. The following is a 
summary of the principal uses. 

1. The dative is used to express the indirect object 
of a transitive verb; e. g. cSwkc tw dvSpl ittttov he gave a 
horse to the man. 

2. The dative is used to denote advantage or dis- 
advantage; e. g. xO'^€'"'ov eo-Tiv Ifioi it is hard for me. 

3. The dative with elfjii and -yCYvoiAai denotes the pos- 
sessor ; e. g. aWois p-ev \p'{\ii.ara corn iroWd, t|[i,iv Be. 
orv(i.|Jiaxoi d-yaOoi others have much money, but we have 
good allies. 

4. The dative is used with many intransitive verbs 
meaning to beneht, to serve, to obey, to please, to 
defend, to assist, to trust, to exhort, and their con- 
traries; also with words denoting a disposition, as: 

anger, envy, hatred, and the like ; e. g. lir£o-T€vov avrt}.'' 
they trusted him, rtS o-TpaTiryw citeCOcto he obeyed the 
general, €[i,ol op-yC^ovrai they are angry at me, Poii0Vi<ra> 
<roi I shall help you. 
However, a)<{>c\^a>, to assist, takes the accusative. 

5. The dative is used with words that imply likeness 
or unlikeness, agreement or opposition, union or 
approach; e. g. o-Kiats ^oik6t6s like shadows, KaKots 
ofjkiXwv associating with bad men, liroXenei tois 0pg,|C he 
carried on w^ar with the Thracians. 

6. The dative is used with many verbs compounded 
with ev, <rvv, eiri, and some with irpos, irapd, ircpC and 
vud, and alw^ays with the verb xpo-op-o-i to use. 

7. The dative is used with the verbal adjective in 
-T€Os and often with the perfect and pluperfect passive, 
to denote the agent; e. g. tovto ttoititcov ka-r\v tuiiv this 
must be done by us; cp. Latin, hoc nobis faciendum est. 
irdv0' T|fiiv iriiroi^rai everything has been done by us. 

8. The dative also is used to denote: 

(a) The cause; e, g. v6a-(a diroOavwv having died of 

(b) The manner; e. g. tw iraXaKt" rpoTrta in the old 

( c) The means or instrument; e. g. trxeSCais SiaPat- 
vovTcs crossing with rafts, KaKois KaKd Ido-Oai to cure 
evils by evils. 

(d) The degree of difference; e. g. ov iroWois €T€<riv 
v<rT€pov not many years later, K€<j>aX'5] \LiiXfiiv a head 

(e) The time when; e.g. ravTYi ttJ r)(j.4p(;i. on this day. 

— 8 — 

V. The Accusative denotes primarily the direct 
(outer) object of a transitive verb; e. g. -YvwOt o-cavrdv 
know thyself. 

Other uses very common in Greek are: 

1. The Cognate Accusative (inner object), where the 
noun and the verb are kindred in meaning or derivation; 
e. g. dpxiiv apxciv to bold an office^ v(kt]v vikoLv to gain a 

2. The Accusative of Specification, also called the 
Greek Accusative; e. g. SCkuios tov rpdirov just in charac- 
ter, KaXos TO elSos beautiful in form, "EWtivcs to -yevos 
Greeks by race. Closely allied to this is: 

3. The Adverbial Accusative; e. g. tovSc tov Tp6irov in 
this manner, to. iroWd for the most part. 

4. Two accusatives, both direct objects, may be used 
with verbs meaning to ask, to demand, to remind, to 
teach, to clothe, to conceal, to deprive; e. g. ov tovt' 
IpcoTM ore I do not ask you this. Likewise, verbs meaning 
to do anything to a person, may take two accusatives. 

5. Verbs meaning to name, to choose, to make, to 
think may take a predicate accusative in addition to 
the objective accusative ; e. g. o-TpaTtiYov avTov lirodio-e 
he made him general. 

6. The accusative may denote extent of time or 
space; e. g. 6p.ei.v6 Tpets T]|x^pas be remained three days, 
dir€x.6t T| nXdTaia t«v 0tiP«v o-raSCovs ipSoji-qKOVTa Plataea 
is seventy stadia distant from Thebes. 

7. The accusative follows v^ and p-d in oaths ; e. g. vtj 
ACa by Zeus. 



A -5 


o. o. 

■2--b '^■G- 


p, -. 

c cr 


Sf» to 
o a cr 

a rt 


Q. S> 

t^ c c 

2 -^ 


- i* 


cr "a j+ 

5* cr 


ft o _ 

- o JS 

"5" c 






^^ 3 
o to S. 


(T> to 


3 a.^ 


ft . . 






c to 


cr a to 

a <^ 


ft a Cr 

Q* 1 


2. ^ o 


ft .. <-f 

—. to 


- to - 


S rv la 

a* , o 

° 1 

w O 




a B' o 
? ^ c 
^ 3 ts 




c <-»■ 


f+ c to 

t3 ° 


o tJ cr 

O . 

£ to 





a to -^ 
r*" - ft 




O 58 

to S" o 



-^ ^ ?• 

??> B 

2 t 

• — 



?5 OO 










o 5* 



? 3 

a c 








a S 


a a 
to J^ 




to to 


a' -^ 

















CU f-S 



o a* 
^ 3 



a a 





o ^ 

Oq H. 


o to 



ft Co 

>-t ft 


2 to 
S 2 











instead of, in exchange for 
from, away from 
out of, from 
before, in behalf ot 


in, at, among 

O - 

3 ' 




























— ' 

















1— « 

















— 10 — 


In Greek there is not so much a sequence of tense as of 
mood. Generally speaking, the subjunctive is the 
regular attendant of primary tenses, while the optative 
usually follows historical tenses; — although, on the 
principle of indirect discourse, the subjunctive is ofien 
used after a historical tense for the sake of vividness. 
The negative with the indicative is ov, with the subjunc- 
tive |Jii^, with the optative either. — The principles, under- 
lying the different types of dependent clauses, are the 

1. Relative clauses may take anv finite 
mood that is used in simple sentences, outside of the 
imperative. They take the indicative to denote a fact, 
the subjunctive (usually with av) to mark a doubt or 
anticipation, the optative ( without av ) to express a 
wish or supposition. 

2. Gausa! clauses are introduced bv on, ws, 
lirci, lireiSifi, ore and ottotc because or since, and have the 
indicative, rarely the optative, after primary and 
historical tenses. The negative is oti. 

3. Temporal clauses are introduced by such 
adverbs as ore, T|v(Ka, ws when. eireiSiri when or after, €ws 
while, irpCv until, and take the indicative to denote a 
present or past event realized. If the event is merely 
anticipated, they take the subjunctive with av (neg. 
Ii-^) after primary tenses, anrl the optative without av 
(neg. (jf/j ) after historical tenses, 

4. Indirect questions are introduced by el //^ 

iroTcpov T] whether or, and take the indicative 

after primary tenses and the optative after historical 
tenses. The negative is ov. If a doubt is implied in 
the question, the subjunctive is used after a primary 
tense, and the subjunctive or optative after a historical 
tense. The negative in that case is [x.i\. 

— 11 — 

5, Result-clauses are introduced by wo-rcwith 
the indicative {so that) to denote an actual result, and 
with the infinitive (so as) to indicate a possible or 
expected result. 

6, Object-clauses after verbs of saying- and 
thinking are reg:ularly introduced in English by the 
conjunction that. In Greek, except after ttirov and 
sometimes after Xe-yo), the conjunction is omitted, the 
subject of the dependent clause, if not the same as that 
of the principal clause, is put in the accusative and the 
verb in the infinitive. This is called the Accusative with 
the Infinitive. 

7, Purpose-clauses are introduced by I'va, «s 
and oirws that, and I'va jiifj, ws H'^ and oirws |jli^ that not, 
and take the subjunctive if the leading verb is in a 
primary tense, and the optative if the leading verb is in 
a historical tense. 

Purpose may also be expressed by the infinitive, future 
participle or by a relative clause. 

8, Glauses after verbs of fearing, or 
other expressions that imply alarm, take the subjunc- 
tive with JJ.TJ that, lest, and |iti ov that not, if the leading 
verb is in a primary tense; but the optative is used if 
the leading verb is in a historical tense. This (J.ri ov 
should not be mistaken for ov [xirj with the aorist sub- 
junctive or the future indicaxive in prohibitions. 

9, Conditional Sentences. — More compli- 
cated is the use of the moods in conditional sentences. 
Here the nature of the condition determines the mood 
to be used either in the conditional clause (protasis), or 
in the result clause (apodosis). The protasis is intro- 
duced either by el or cdv (also written av and r[v) if; d is 
used with the indicative and optative, while Idv is found 
only with the subjunctive. The future optative is not 
used in conditional sentences, except in indirect discourse, 
where it represents a future indicative of the original 

— 12 — 

form. The negative of the protasis is always jji^; that 
of the apodosis ov. The condition may be either partic- 
ular or general. The latter differs from the former only 
In the first type of the following classification. 

A. Simple present or past supposition, — nothing 
implied as to fulfilment. 

1. Particular: (Prot.) cl with pres. or past (gen. 
aor.) ind,; (apod.) ind. or imper. — Ex.: Present — 
el KXeiTTci, KoXd^erai if be steals, be is punisbed. Past — 
€l €k\c\|/€, cKoXdordT] if be stole, be was punisbed. 

2. General: Present — (prot.) lav w^ith the subj. 
(any tense) rarely el with the ind.; (apod.) pres. 
ind. Past — (prot.) el with the opt. (pres., aor. or 
perf.); (apod.) imperf. ind. — Ex.: Presei2t — edvKX^irrij, 
KoXd^erai if be (ever) steals, be is (always) punisbed. 
Past — el KXe'iTToi, eKoXd^ero if be (ever) stole, be was 
(always) punisbed. 

B. Present or past supposition, contrary to reality: 
Present — (prot.) el with the imperf. ind.; (apod.) av 

wih the imperf ind. Past — (prot.) el with the aor. 
ind.; (apod.) dv with the aor. ind. — Ex.: Present — d ti 
etxev, eSiSov dv if be bad sometbing, be would give it. 
Past—ii Ti eVxev, eScoKev dv if be bad bad sometbing, 
be would bave given it. 

C. Future supposition witb more probability: 
(Prot.) edv with the subj. (any tense), rarely el with 

the fut. ind.; (apod.) fut. ind. or imper. — Ex.: edv viK'/j- 
orcop-ev, rjfjids eiraivecret if we conquer, be will praise us. 

D. Future supposition witb less probability : 
(Prot.) el with the opt. (pres., aor. or perf); (apod.) 

dv with the opt. (pres., aor. or perf.). — Ex.: el viK^<rai- 
(j,ev, T)(i,ds €iraive<rai dv if we sbould conquer, be would 
praise us. 
See also page 264. 

Michael F. Oswald, C. S. C. 









1. Mary and Joseph. 

'^v ralg Yil^epatg 'HpcoSou, tov ^adiXecdg 
ryjg ^lovSalag, yjv sv Na^aper^ fitxpd noXei 
trig VaXiXaiagj TtapOevog ng ayicyrdtyj. 

Avtyj n TtxpOsvog 8[zvyj(yt6vOyi dvSpl dya- 
Oa oicul ^iXGULO}^ G) rd ovofia 'loC)?^, xal to 
6vo[j[i ryjg TtapOevov yjv Map^a. 

^ A[dip6rspoi 8e yjnav i^ olxov rod AaSlS . 

— 16 — 

2. Zachary and Elizabeth. 

*Ei^ t^ airc) Xfovci yiv sv ''lovSaiq lepfrg 
tig, 6v6(zari Za^apiag, xal to 6vo(j,a ryjg 
yvvaixog avrov yiv "^XiadSet. 

" Afi^otepoL yjOav hixaiOi iv^TtiOv tov Seov, 
nopsv6[i6voL sv ndaaig rdig ivroXalg xal St- 
xai6[ia<yL tov Kvplov. 

^Haav Yi^Yf yepaLoi, d>l/l' ovx yjv avrolg 
rexvov Tovro ivofic^ov (Jvfi^opdv ^Leyd7.r^v. 

3. The Annunciation of the Birth of St. 
John the Baptist. 

Kai eyevsroj ore lepdrevsv 6 Za;^aptag iv 
Td) vaC), (x)pdyj a^rd) dyysTiog rov Kvpiov 
xai ecTiE npog avrov' 

Myj ^oSov, Za;^apta, eigyjxovaOyj n heyiaig 
cov fi yvvYi oov 'E/ltcrd^fT' yevvYiaei cot 
vlov, xai xaXeaeig to ovo^a avrov ^Icddvvyjv. 

— 17 — 

''Ecrra^ fieyag ev^itiov tov Kvplov xal 
TtoXkovc, t(^v vlidv 'Ia'pa>7^ STiKStpe^cL STti 
Kvpiov rov Seov avrdv. 

Tov hs Za^aplov ojtLatovvtog, elnev 6 dy^ 
yekoc, Ttpog avuov ' ^'Ort ov% ini(yr6V(yag i:^otg 
Tioyocg ^ov, eari dicdTti^v xal [lyj 7^aJkri(5ug 
(le^pl ryjg n[^E pag jj ndvta ravra ycvrjastaL. 

4. The Annunciation of the Birth of Our 
Lord Jesus Christ. 

Kal astd e^ fjiyjvaig dnsa-raX^ri 6 ayysXog 
VoDpi^rfk vTio tov Gsov npog rvjv napOsvov 
Maptai^ slg Na^aper. 

Kal elgeXdidv slits npog avtriv' Xatpe^ xs- 

^aptrcdixsvyj ' 6 Ki;ptog fisrd aov, siXoyri^svYi 
ai) iv yvvai^Lv, 

Efecg yap xdpiv napd ra <E)soj' avT^Xyj^i^Yi 

iv ya(jrpl xal ts^yi vlov, xal xa'Xsasig to 

ovofia airov 'Irjaovv. 

— 18 — 

Ovrog 66tai ^Eyag xal vloq rov 'T^taroi; 
xXyjdyjcyet ai' xal h^asc avtoj Kvpiog 6 Seog 
tov '^^ovov Aa^lSy Tov natpog avrov. 

5. Astonishment of Mary. — The Angel 
Relieves her Anxiety. 

'H ^e Mapla tapdaaEtat xal Xeyec npog 

rov ayy^Xov ' Ilcog fcrrat tovto, inel dv- 
5pa ov ytyv6ax(x) ; 

'0 dyys^og ditoxpivstai avt'^ ' Uveviia 
^'Aycov ineXsvcf&t at STtl ce, xal ^vvaficg tov 
^T^tcnrof imCiXtdaEi col' Slo xal to tExvov 
(yov dycov xXyjdyiGEtaL vlog Ssov. Kal ISoi) 
^E/ltcrd^fTT, n avyyEvrjg gov, xal avtyj 'kr]- 
■'^Ei;ai vibv iv r^ y^ipcL a^Ti^g, ott ovSev 
iativ dhvva'tov napd ttq 0fc3. 

TotE n Mapta eItiev ' "iSov n Sov^yi tov 
Kvplov, yEvocto fxoi xatd ro p^(id aov. 

Kal ojiYik^Ev dit! avtyjg 6 dyyeXog. 

— 19 — 

6. Mary visits Elizabeth. 

Msra tavta Mapta inopsvOyj [xsra anoi> 

S^g Ttpog tyjv avyysvYi avtyjg 'E/ltcrd^fT' xal 
r{(Snd(3ato avtriv, 

*H ^8 ^^XiadSer, og yjxovas tov danaafiov 
ryjg Maptag, in'Xyi(ydyj Uvev(zatog ^Aylov xal 
dvscpQVYjae (pavvi ^6yd%yi xal elnev E^Xo- 
yri^kvYi av sv yvvai^l xal ev^oyyjfzevog 6 
xapndg rvjg xoiXiag Cov. 

Kal sins Mapta' Msya2,vvsi n '^v^r/ (lov 
rov Kvpiov, xal r\yaXX!ia(Ss ro Ttvsv^id [lov 
87tl r6j 0e6j ird) croTi^pt [j.ov' otc ensST^s^sv enl 
tYlv taTtsivcdtyiV trig hovXrig avtov' iSov yap 
dnd tov vvv fxaxaplaovai (zs na^Jai al ysvsai. 

^KfiSLVs Ss Mapla srt tpslg ^yjvag avv av- 
tvi xal vnicyi^ps-^i^sv olxaS^ sig Na^aper. 

7. The Birth of John the Baptist. 

T'^ 8s 'E/ltcr(x6*eT' stiXyioOyi 6 ;^p6i'og xai 
iysvvyjasv vlov. 

— 20 — 

Ot TtepioLxoL xal ol avyysvelg avtyjg dxov- 
aavreg (yvve^atpov avrri xal eOeXov xaT^slv to 
nathiov xa/ta to tov Tta'Tpog 6vo(ia Zaj(^apiav, 

Tia^aplag Se 6 naryjp eypa-^sv elg TtLvaxi- 
Slov Tisycxiv ' "IcdCivvYig earl ro ovofia avtov' 
xal Ttapa^p^fia dvsQ^Oyj n yXc^aaa avtov, 
xal J/ld/lft ev^ioyc^v rov Ssov. 

Kal nXyjaOelg Uvsviiarog ^Aytov knpo^Yi- 
tevas Xeycdv ' ^vXoyyjrdg Kvptog, 6 Ssog 
Tov 'I(ypa>7^, or 6 e7i£(yxe^ato, xal inoiyjos 
TivrpcdOiv TQ Xaco avTov. 

8. The Angel Explains to Joseph the 
Mysteries of God. * 

Ore n Mapla nakiv ^/iOsv dg 'Na^aper, 6 
dyys7iog rov Kvplov xat^ ovap i^dvyj "Tgj 'Ico- 
GT^(p Xeycxiv ' 'loayj^, vlog AaSih, [lyj ^o^yidrig 
napa7^a6elv lAapiav, tyjv yvvalxd gov' to ydg 

— 21 — 

kv avtri y&vvyjdsv sx Ilvev(ia't6g ianv ^Aylov, 
VsvvYiasL Se vlov, xal xaXkasiq to ovofia 
avtov 'lyjaovv' ovtog yap crcocret rov Xaov 
avrov and tdv afiapttc^v avrov. 

^^tyspOslg Se 6 "laayi^ and rov vnvov, inol- 
Yiaev c5g npogeta^ev avtQ 6 dyyeXog tov Kv- 
plov xal TtapsXaSs rvjv Maptai' npog eavrov. 

9. The Nativity of Our Lord Jesus Christ. 

'El' ralg n^epaig ixscvatg e^yjXde hoy^a 
napa Katcrapog Avyovan::ov, rov 7tp6tov ti^v 
^Foiiaiciv avrozpdropog, dnoypdtpsaOai ndv- 
tag tovg 7to?drag, exactov iv rr; iSlq itoku. 

'0 'l6)(7>74> ovVy on yjv e^ olxov xal Ttatptdg 
AaSih, inopevsto avv Mapta ex ryjg 7t6?i6(dg 
'Na^aper elg tyjv noXw rov AaSlS, 57 ixa- 

'E;cft n Mapta sysvvyjaev vlov xal anap- 

— 22 — 

yav6aaoa avrdv avexXivev sv ^drvYj, Sioti 
ovx yjv avtolg toTtog ev T(5 xata/iiiuatL. 

10. The Shepherds in the Field. 

^Ev tri avrri %c6pcx Yidav Ttocfievsg <pv- 
Xdaaovrsg rd noiiivia trig vvxtog . 

Kac Ihov, 6 dyysjiog tov Kvptov s^atvsto 

avrolg xal elnev Wri ^oSslaOe, svayyeXi- 

^ofiac yap vfuv x^pdv [lEyd^uYjv, 57 earac 
Ttavrl tG) /lad). 

l^yjiiEpov yap eyevvYjOyj v[uv 6 Dcarjvp, og 
sart XptcTTog Kvpcog, ev noTisc AaSth, xal 
tovro v^lv ro ariiielov ' evpriaste ro (Spe^og 
ianapyavcdfievov xal xsi^evov ev (pdTvYi. 

Kal e^alpvyjg eyevero avv roj dyyeXo) Tt/i^- 
dog (ytpatidg ovpavlov alvovvtcdv tov Seov 
xal Xeyovtidv ' Ao^a ev v^iaifoig Oeo, xal 
inl trig yrig eipy^vyj ev dvOp^noig evhoxlag. 

— 23 — 

11. The Shepherds at the Crib. 

'Q.g ^6 ol ayyeT^oi dn^XOov elg tov ov- 
pavov, ol Ttoi^kvsg eXsyov Ttpog aXkri'^^ovq ' 
''^Xdcdfxsv elg ByjOXeei^ xal IScoiusv, o 6 Kvocog 

Kat Yi^Oov CTtevaavrsg xal evpov ryjv rs 

Maplav xal rov 'lQayj<p xal To (3p6<pog xelfie- 
vov iv tYj ^d'tvri. 

Tore hieyv6piaav td pyifiara rov dyysXov 

xal vTteatps-^av So^d^ovrsg xal alvovvreg 

tov %e6v. Tidvreg hk^ ol dxovaavreg rovto, 

Ty} Se oySoYi n[^spa ro ovo^a rov naLhiov 

kxTj/fiy] 'I>7(7o?;$, wcTTtfp npogkra^ev 6 dyysT^og 
Ttpo ryjg yevsag avtov. 

12. The Magi with Herod in , Jerusalem. 

Tov he ^Iriaov yevvvjOevrog, ihov, fidyoc drrt! 
dvaroXiJiV napeyevovro elg '^lepoaoXv^a Xe- 

— 24 — 

yovreg ' Tlov sariv 6 ysvvYiOelg ^aat'kevg 

tuv 'lovSaiQV, siho^ev ya^ tov darspa av- 
tov zal YiXOo^iev Ttpogxvvyjaat aiVcj. 

"Axovaag he 'HpG)5>7g 6 paGiTisvg srapd^^Oyj 
xal avyxa/iecd^usvog rovg dp;^tepeig xal tovg 
ypa[ZfLarslg rov Xaov, invvOdvero nap' av- 
*t^v, nov 6 ^pcardg ^eXkec ysvvyjOyjvai. 

01 he elnov ' 'Et^ ByjO^eei^ ryjg 'lovhatag, 
ovrcd yap yey pantac Sid tov npofprjrov. 

Tore 6 'Jlp68yjg eite^'^^e rovg ^idyovg elg 
ByjO/iee[i xal elnev ' YlopeveoOe, xal enetSdv 
evpyjre ro naiSlov, dnayyeXXere i^lol, oncog 
xal sy(}> s^Oov npogxvvy^Go avtoi, 

13. The Adoration of the Magi. 

Ot he ^dyoL inopevOyjaav, xal ihov, 6 
dotyip ov elhov iv rri dvaro?^ii, Ttpoyjyev av- 
tovg (x;^pt tov xata/iviiarog, ov yjv ro naihiov. 

^ihovreg he rbv dar epa i^dpyjaav a(p6hpa. 

— 25 — 

Kal iXdovrsg elg ryjv olxtav, slSov ro nat- 
Uov fieta Mapcag, trig [irjtpdg avtov^ xal 
TtoogxvvYiaavteg iScopyjoavto aiVo ^pvadv xal 
XtSavov xal afivpvav. 

Kat ^pyj^anaOsvrsg xar' ovap^ fiyj dva- 
xd^^ai Ttpog ''Hp^hriv, hi aXkrig bhov dv6^6- 
py/Cav elg ryjv ;^copar avt(^v, 

14. The Presentation in the Temple. 

TcDV (.idyixiv dva^cdpT^odvtGiv, ^lG)ayj(p xal 
Mapla dvYiyayov tov ''Ir^Covv elg '^IspoaoXv^aj 
TtapaCTyjoac avtov tu Kvplc^. 

Kai iSov, Yiv iv Tc5 I'aGj dvdponog teg 
hixatog xal ev'XaSrig, o) ro ovofia Xv[ieG)Vy 
TtpogSs^ofisvog ryjv Ttapdx/iy^dv tov 'IcypayjX. 

Ovrog yjXOev ev rcd nvev^an eig to lepov, 
eSs^ato to TtacSiov ^lyjaovv elg Tag dyxd^iag^ 
ei^oyyiae tov (deov xal elnev 

— 26 — 

'Nvv dnoXvEig rov §ovX6v aov, Seanora^ 
xatCL To p37^a aov^ Iv eipyjvri, on slSov ol 
6^0a?i^OL (lov ro acotyjpLov aov, <^g)$ eig tyjv 
anoxdXv^iv tc^v sBvdv, xal So^av tov Xaov 

15. The Flight into Egypt. 

Kat ore snolyjaav navtay a npogsta^sv av- 
tolg 6 vo^og, 6 ayyekog tov Kfptoi; (patvstai 
xat^ ovap rc5 "Iqcyj^ xal Xiysi ' 

'Kyspdslg TtapdXaSe to Ttaihiov xal ryjv 
liYi^epa avtov xal ^evys dg AlyvTtrov, xal 
(ISV6 ixel eag dv siTto crot. Me/l^ft yap 'Hpco- 
Syjg ^yjTslv To nacSlov, \va ^ovsvyj avto. 

"Icdayj^ ovv iyspOelg napkTiaSe To naihiov 
xal tyjv ^yj-r epa avtov vvxtog xal dve^Cxipyj- 
Cev 6ig Alyvn^tov xal yjv sxsl eog trig Tf/lff- 
tYig tov 'HpcoSof. 

— 27™ 
16. The Massacre of the Innocents. 

'Hp6jiS>7g opi^v otL i^yjTtatyjdyi vtzo tdv ^a- 
yidv iOv[i60yj "kiav zal d7to(7Te/l^G)i' atpatc- 
(jitac, ETceXevaev avatpslv Ttdvrag ^tovg nalSag 
Si6t£lg %al vsotepovg, tovg ev "^riO^^ssii xaX 

iv TtdOYl tYl TtSpLZEC^SVYl %6}pa. 

Tore e7tXy]p60yj to pyjfia, o e^^syep 'Ispsfitag 

6 Ttpo^Yityig' ^Cxivyj ev 'Fa^d TiXOixyBri, xXav- 

6^dg xal oSvp^og TtoXvg' 'Pa;^>7/1 xT^atovaa ra 

texvcL avtyjg, xal ovx YiOeT^yjas napaxXYidrivai, 
on ovx elaiv, 

17. The Return to Nazareth. 

Te/iEVtriaavrog ^s "tov 'Hpo^of, 6 dyys^og 
aidtg xar' opap 6(pdvyi <ra ^lcx)(yyj(p iv Aiyv- 
Ttto} xal insta^ev ailrGj, vnoarps-^ac slg 
tYiv TtarpiSa Xeycdv' 

TLapdXaSe to Ttathiov xal tyjv ^yjrepa av- 

— 28 — 

Tov, xal Ttopevov elg tyjv y^v 'Icrpa^J/l' t£tE- 

XsvtT^xaac yap ol ^yitovvteg tyiv '^vj(yiv tov 

'0 he insiodyj xal 7iapa%o£i^v to naiSiov 
xal ryjv [lo^rspa avrov TtaJkiv vnkanp^^^^v eig 
tYjv fyyjv 'Icrpa>7/1 xal xaroixy^cysv iv Na^apea'. 

Kat ovrog in'X'yioodyj to p'^fza, o eXeysv o 
Ki;ptog hta rov Ttpo^yjtov, on 'E^ AlyvTVtov 
exdXeCa tov vlov [lov. 

18. The Child Jesus in the Temple. 

Kat ore iyevsto ^lyj<yovg ircdv ^co^f^ca, ol 
yovslg yjyayov avTov [isd^ iavr&v eig 'Ifpo- 
coXv^a tri ioptYi rov Uda^a. 

"^ Ava^ctpyjoavrav 8e avrCdv, vne^ecvev 6 
Ttalg ^Iriaovg iv ^Ispoao^iVfia, xal ovx eyvcdOav 
ol yovslg avrov. 

''0ovv(x)^6voi ovv s^yjrovv avrov xal fied* 

— 29 — 

^^epag rpslg evpov avrov sv tc3 Ispoj napa 
tolg SiSa(yxd/iotg, dxovovra aiVwr xal STtspco- 
Tidvra av'tovg. 

Kal elnev n [^yjtyjp avtov ' Texvov, rl knoi- 
yjGag ri^lv ovrcog ; 'iSov, 6 natyjp cov xdyc) 

6^VV(x)flEV0L i^y]tOV[lEV 06. 

'0 ^6 'lyjc^ovg dnsxplvaro' Tt e^yjtelre fiSy 
ovx YiSscre, ort ev tolg tov Ttatpog f.iov Ssl 
slval fi6 ; 

Kal ror^ yjXOs [zer^ avrdv elg Na^aper 
xal Yjv vTiotaoaoiievog avrolg, xal TtpoexoTtts 
aocpta xal r\?axtq xal ^dptti Ttapd Seg) xal 
Tlapd tolg dvOpcdTtotg. 




First Year. 


19. John The Baptist in the Desert. 

Toi TtevrBxaiSsxdrb) ^rei ryjg Yiyeuovia^ 
TtSepiov Koijopog, nyeuovevovrog Hovriov 
HtXaTou ryjg ^lovSaioL^y syevero to p^fia OfoO 
STU ^liddvvYiv Tov Tia^apiov vlov iv rii ip>7^c.j. 

Kat ^Xdev slg naaav ryjv neptx^pov rov 
'lopidvof, 7cy^pvaa(>iv to ^dnnaua ryjg (.lera- 
voiag elg 7yjv d/peaiv r(^v aiiapriuv, wg yi- 
ypanrat Sid ^RGaiov rov npo^yjrov ^uvy; 

— 34 — 

(3ocdvrog iv rij iprifioj^ troLfidGare rriv 666v 

rov KvploVy evdelag nocelre rd<; rpL6ovg avrov. 

El^e §e 6 ^l(j)dvvyjg to evhvfxa ex rpL^dtv 

xaiiyi2x)v, xai ^6vyjv Sepilarlvyjv Ttepl tyjp 

oa^vv^ xai n rpo<pyi avrov yjv. dxptSeg xal ^eXi 

Kal ixyjpvaoii: Tieyuv' Mtrawarf, yjyyixe 

yap Yi ^aoiXeia ruv ovpavCn\ 

20. The Preaching of John the Baptist, 

Tore s^f-nopevovro ol ox^oi xal eSanri^ov^ 
ro vn^ avrov h roj 'lopSdvi(i nora^Ci, o^io- 
XoyovfiEPOi rag- df.iaprlag avrcdv, 

'iSiov ()E 'UodvvYjg noX/Mvg rCdv ^apiaaUdV 
xal '^aS^ovxaudv ep^ofihovg inl ro (id7tria(j.a 
avrov ^ elnev avrolg' Vtvv^fiara ix,i^vCoVy rig 
vne^i'L^i-'v vulv <pevy6iv and ryjg ue2,/iovGyjg 
opyyjg; Uoidre xapnov d^iov r% fxeravoiag. 

— 35 — 

"Hhyj yap xslrat n a^tpyi Ttpog ryji' piC,av 
^dv hkvhpiov ndv hevSpov, [iyj noiovv xapnov 
xa?.6p, sxxonrerai xal elg ro nvp [iaX^etai. 

21. John Bears Testiinonv to Jesus. 

YipoghoxCdVToq hn rod Xaov, xal bia^^oyi^o- 
(xevov ndvTcov ev Tat$ xaphiai^ avtidv nepi 
rov 'hodvvoVj fcr; note avrog ely; 6 XptdTog, 
fXeysv avrolg' ^Eycd ovx el[j.l 6 Xptcrrog. 

*0 Se onhcd ^ov ep^ofievog h^^porepog ^ov 
iuTiv, oi) ovx el^l Ixavog ^ivdac tov Ijidvra 
rCdv vno^yr^idruv 'Eyio ^ev ^anri^o v^iag ev 
vhatL sig ^erdvoiav, avrog be v.uag j^anriaei 
iv Uvevfidn 'Aylvj xal TtvpL 

''E;^a yap ro nrvov h rft ;^etpf, xal hta- 
xaOaptaeL rriv akidva avrov, xal avvd^ei rov 
alrov 6ig ryjp dnoOyixyiv, ro ^e d^vpov xara- 
xavoai nvpl da^earoi. 

— 36 — 

TotafJra xai d/lXa TtoXXd ibiiaoxev 6 
'Iq&vvyi^ Tor ?.adv iv rrj ipi^fxCf), 

22. Baptism of Jesus. 
'I>?(Joi)$, dv c5$ itidv ^fttdxovra, ^Xdev dnd 

'lodvvyjv, Iva xal airog (SannoOYi. 

*0 8s 'Icddvvyj^ hiex6%V£v avrdv XfycdV 
'Eyo x^eiav ^^o vno oov (SannaOyivaiy xal 

av epxv ^P^$ (^^ J 

'0 Se 'I'/jaovg edeXev ovro nXy^pidaat Ttddav 
Sixaiotyvvyjv. BaTtnaOelg oiv, xal ixSalvov sx 
rod vSarog, dSe rovg ovpavovg axi-^oiievovg, 
xal TO Tlveviia rod Seov Gcd^artxc) elSec xara^ 
Salvor o)g neptcyrepdv xal ep^p^^vov lix! avrov. 

Kat ^idVYj TixovGdvi ex tQV ovpavLdv Xkyov- 
oa' Ovrdg iariv 6 vlog fiov 6 dyanyjrogy iv 
cj evhoxYiOa. 

— 37 — 

23. Jesus is Tempted in the Desert. 

Msrd Taiira 6 'IriCfovg nXi^pyjg rov 'Aytov 
Jlveviiaro<; rjyero eig rrjv epvjfxov, neipaoOyj' 
vat vno Tov Sia^dXov. 

Kal vyjarevaag nfiepa^ reaoapdxovra xai 
vvxrag r6(JGapdxovra, varepop ineivaoev, 

Kal ^po$£/l6a)v 6 SidSoXo^ eiTtev avrc^' El 
vlog el rov Seov, sine Tcj Xido) rovT(f), ij^a 
yevrirai dprog. 'Anexpidy^ 6 'Iriaov^' Veyfa- 
Tttaiy on Ovx in' dproi fi6vo) ^T^asTat b dv- 

6po7to$, dXTC inl navrl prifiari sxTtopevo^ievQ 
ix rov (jrofcaro^ rov Qsov. 

*Eri ^vo d?.2x)vg jieipaafiovg vnefieivev o 
'ly^aov^f xai rors dj>^x€v avrov o.^tdSoXo^y 
xai dyyzXoi npogyjXOov xai iiftJcovovv avr^. 

24. John's Second Testimony to Jesus, 

'E^ rrjg ipriUQv ndXiv ^Xdev 6 '{>?(Toi5$ :n:p<^ 
rdv 'lop^vy^Vy Stiov yiv ^lod^vvYic, (ia7tri(uv. 

— 38 — 

'[advvyjg ovv, iSov avrdv ip^oizevovy Xeyet 
npog rovg d^?.ovg' 'iSov, 6 d^vog tov (disovy 
6 alpcdv Tag aiia^rlac, rod x6a^ov. 

Ovr6g ian, Ttept ov iyc> dnov 'Oniaa (lov 
sp^erat dvyjp, og efiTtpoadev (lov yeyovev, on 
npi^rdg (zov ^v. Kal Slol rovro viXQov iyo 
kv TO vhan (3anri^o)v, Iva ovrog . ^avspijidYi 
tGi 'Icrpa->7X. TfSea/uat yap to TLvsviia %ai:a- 
6alvov ^g nepiGTepav i^ ovpavov hC aiyrov 
xal fjiaprvpEo on ovrdg kanv b vlog rov Seov. 

25. The First Disciples of Jesus. 

Tip inavpiov TtdPav elSev 6 'todvvy^g rov 
'Iviaovv TtepinaTovvTa xal T^kysi' 'iSe, 6 a^vog 
rov Oeov. Avo ex rihv fxaOyiri^v avrov yixovov 
avrov ^uXovvTog xal 7[xo%oidYiaav ro) ^iyjaov. 

El$ ix ruv 8vOy 'AvSp£a§ ovdfiany ehpiaxsL 
rov dhf'/^v rov If^tov xal 2.ey6i axytOi' Ei;p>7- 

— 39 — 

xafisv Tov MeaalaVj xal yjyayev avTov npog 
rdv 'lyjGovv. 'EfiSXe-^ag ai'Tc5 6 'lyj(Jovg elnev 
Si) si ^L^icdv, 6 vlog rod 'Icom. 'A7t6 tov vvv 
ai) xXYiOriari K>70a$, (o ip^yjveveraL Uerpog). 
Til inavpiov icyv 6 'lyj(yovg elg rYjv Fa^t/lat- 
av ev^axei ^i?u7inov xal Xeyei avr6' 'Axo- 

2/)vd€t fXOl. ^6 <l>i/lt7t7tO$ €UpLGX6L TOP <piX0V 

avrov 'Nadavayj?. xal Xeyei avruj' ""^Ov £ypa4'B xal oi Ttpo^yjrai, evpyjxaixep, ^Iriaovv, 
*t6v viov rov 'Ia)(T>7^, rov (XTtd Na^apfT, 

Kat 2.ey6i avtolg 6 'lyjtyovg' ^Afi/jv, dixyjv Xe- 
yui viiiv ''O^sade tov ovpavov dveoiyora xal 
rovg dyyeXovg rov Seov dvaSaivavrag xal 
xaraSaivovra^ inl rov vlov rov dvdQ6nov, 

26. Tlie Marriage at Cana. 

Kat rii nf^spa rii rpirri ixXyidyj 6 ^lyjaovg 
fiera rYi<; ^yjrpog xal tc5v fiaOyjri^v avrov 
f($ ydfjjov iv Kavd r^g Fa/Lt/latag. 

— 40 — 

'Toreprjaavro^ rovolvov^ Xsyet n fiyJTrip rov 
HyjGov Ttpog aiT^j/* Olvov ovx exovoiv. Tot$ hk 
Siaxdvoi^ Xeysc ^0,^1 dv XSyri vfilv noii^Cfare. 

Kai ixeXevaev 6 *{>?aoi5$, 1^ ^sy&Xa^ XtOi- 
va<; vSplag, xsifiiva^ izsly yefii^eiv xad ^ipetv 
r(i> df>xttf>ixXivo}. *0 he dp^^rpixXivo^ syev- 
coTOy xai iSoVy ro vh>f ysyevrirat olvo^ 
yjStcro^ xai x^fihraTo<;, 

vspaae ry^v id^av airroVy xai inlarev^av el^ 
ax^ov ol fiaBrfral avrov. 

27. First Passover. — Christ's Zeal for the 
Sanctity of the Temple. 

'Eyyvg y/v ro ITdcrj^a tgSv 'lovSaio>v xai 
dvk^Yl b ^Iyioov<; el^ * iepocfdXvfza. 

*Ev rca Upu wpsv dv$p6nov^ Ttu^vvrag 

— 41 — 

/3<5a$ xal rcpd^ara xai nepiaregd^y xal xeg^a- 
ri^ovTdg vomica fjxira. 

Kal 7toi^aa<; ppayiT^iov i^eSaXe TtavTag^ 
axytov^ re xal rovg (36a^ xal rd npSSara, 
ix roij Upov. Tolg Se rag nepiarepd^ 7tQ2/)vaiv 
^Xeysv' Alpers tavra ivrevdev xal pyi Ttotslre 
rov olxov rov Ttarpdg fiov olxov i(inoptov, 

*EfiVT^<j$r,(jav §6 ol fjtadyiral on yeypaiifii- 
vov earlv '0 ^>7Xo$ rov olxov aov jcarecfdm ^€. 

Kal efievev 6 'IritJovg iv rolg ^lepoaoXvfioig 
iia ryjg ioprrjg rov Tlda^a, xal TtoXXoi 
hdcrevGav elg rd dvof^a avrov, ^eoypovvreg 
rd <r>7/ufZa, d btcoUi. 

28. Nicodemus comes to see Jesus. 

^Hv iv 'l€fO(r6Xviia &vQp(>)7t6g Tt$, 'Nixdirf- 
iw^ r6 6voua avr^y dprov r^v /lovSaiov. 

Ovrog "^Xus nod^ li^aodv rri<; vvxr6<; xai 
£huv avT<ii ^FojSSi, olSofiev, Sri el SiSadxa' 

— 42 — 

2/)^ and Ofoi) ip^ofievog' ovf^tig ydp hvparai 
noiHV ravra rd ari^sla, a av noielg, idv (.lyi 
il b 080$ iier^ avrov. 

^Anezpidy^ ^Iyigov^ xai elnev aiVw" A(.iYiVy 
a^Ylv Tikyci aoi, idv uyi ng yevv/idri dviddsv, 
i^ vSar.og xal nveifiarog, ov hvvo/cai elgeXdelv 
el<; TYiv (3a(Ji?.eiav rod Oeov. 

'ATteJTa^vf ydp 6 0fo$ rov fiovoyeyij vtov 
i:ig TOP xodfioVf \va GcdOri 6 xoG^iog hi avrov' 
Q TtiGrevov elg avrov ov Tcplverai' 6 he ^ri 
ntcrevcov Tj^yj xExptratf on uyj nenicrevxev. 
fig TO dvofia Tof» (xovoysvovg vtov rod 0eoi5. 

29. The Disciples of Jesus Baptize in Judea. 
John*s Last Testimony to Jesus. 

Msrd ro Udo^a hiirpiSev 6 'iy^aovg ^erd 
rdy fiaOyjrQV avrov iv rii 'louSata, xyjpixjGOiv 
rd evayysXiov rov Qeov, UoXXol rcxoXovOri- 

— 43 — 

aav ai>T^ zal iSanri^ovro vnd rdv ^aOyjrCiV. 

01 Si 'lovSaloi ^XSov 7tp6$ ^6v 'lodvvyiv xal 
emov avrt)' 'Fa6§i, og ^v (lerd Gov nepav 
rov 'lophdvoVf c5 ci) fze^aprvpyjxag, xal ovrog 
jSanTi^ei^ xal ndvreg ^^xovrai 7tp6$ ainov. 

'Anexpidy} 'l(odvvy;g xal elnev Avrol vixelg 
rixomars on elnov 'Zyo ovx elfcl 6 Xptarog, 
dX?J d7t€0»Ta?.(ievog eifd e(j.7tpoadei> ixEtvov 
'Exelvav 8el av^dveiv, ifxe be i?.arrovGdat. 

*0 ix^ rap ovpavov ip')(6^evog endvc^ ndv* 
rov e(JTiv. *0 n.aryjf> dyana rov viov xal 
ndvra beSuxev ev tyi ;^ftpt avtov. '0 ntarsv' 
0)v etg rov viov e^ei i^cdyjv aioviov 6 Se 
dneLdov rQ) vlC} ovx o-^srai ^oriv^ aXX n 
opyyj rod 0eov fievet in' avtov. 

80. Imprisonment of John the Baptist. 

Kar' ixelvov rov ^povov 'HpwS>7$, 6 re- 
rpdpx^i T^S TaXtXatag dTtoarei^g expdry]Ot' 

— 44 — 

rov 'lo&vvYiv xal ^SyjdEV avrov iv ^vTjxxrt 
6id 'HpG)J(d5a, triv yvvalxa ^iXinrtov, rov 

*^Xeye yd^ airCi 'lodwri^' Ovx l^fjrt aoi 
ex£(-'^ '^>7^ yvvalxa rov d8e?jpov cov. 

'H fiev oiv 'UpoSiag ifiiaei rov 'Icodvvyjv 
xal riOsXs dnoxrdvat avr6v' 6 5e 'Hp68yj<; 
ovx irdXua rovro noielv; i^oGelro ydp rov 
/laor, ol ivoizi^op rov 'lu)dvvy}v npo^^^rriv. 
Kal 'Hp6SS>?$ avrog ivofu^ev ai^ov dvSpa 
hixaiov xal dyioVy n^ec^g airrov i^xove^ xal 
ijcoLeL noXXdxig d rixove Tiap' avrov, 

Q he 'Ir.aovg dxovaag ori 'l(ddvvr;g Ttapt- 
hoOrjy xal ihciv on avrog eSi6xt'7o Imo ru)v 
^apioalov, d(pyjx6 rriv 'lovhaiav xal aTtyi^Sa 
ndXiv tig rr}v YaXi7jaiav. 

— 45 — 
SsooND Year. 


31. Jesus at the Well of Jacob. 

6 'lyjaovg npog rr/v Ttriyriv rov ^\a/x6S, eyyv^ 

^Clpa Yiv (5^ lxT>7 xal hpj^erai yvvYi ex t^<; 
TidXfQc (ivrX/^aat ih^p. Taiiri^ bia?.ey6fi6V0(; 
6 '\riaov<; nepl rov ^(5i^to$ v^irog rijg aloviov 

^vfioU^ovavi 66 ainyji eXel^ev Sn sari Mf<T- 
ata$, 6 X€y6ii€V(x; Xpiord^. 

'H is dip^xt: ri^v vSpiav zed irpej[j£v el^ 

Tviv 7t6Xiv xal sXeye toU; dvOp^TiOii' "EXds- 

re xai Ibers dvdpconov, o§ dne (kh Ttdvra 

oaa htoiYiaa' fii^i o5to$ ^mv 6 l^ptcrdg; 

— 46 — 

01 ovv ^a(j.ap8TTai -/ipoTCiiv avrov (xevsiv 
Trap' avTol^, xal e^evsv ixet S'vo TMspag, xal 
noX^oi eTtiarevaav hia rov Xoyov avrov xal 
€^k'yop' Ol>r6g earn' d/*.)7^(5$ 6 (Kj-Tjyp rov 
x6auov, 6 XpKTTog. 

o2. Jesas Returns to Cana in Galilee. 

Mera be rag 6vo Yiuspag i^yjXOey 6 ^[yjoovg 
ixdOev big tyiv raki^.aiav xYipvoiGiov xal ^e- 
yuv TleTtXyjpcyraL 6 xaipog xal viyyixev n 
f3aGi?.i:ia Tov (^wD' fitravoifire xal ncoTevers 
Ttj evayyaXiij). 

Ot U VaXO^aloi n^Eug she^avro dindv 
itoXkoi yap avTC)v elhov, o(Ja STiOiYjCev iv 
hpoGoXvfioig sv rri topri}. 

^HXObv ovv itakiv eig tyiv Kam, (!>7iov 
inoiyjGe to vSctp oivov. 'E;cfl avQpidnog rig 
^aoi/uxog, ov 6 vlog -^devsi iv Katpapvaovfi, 

— 47 — 

i^ptSra avtov xaraSaivciv xal laoOai rov 
vldv airrov, dg sfisX^ev dnoOvyjGxsiv. 

''E?.Ey6v avro) 6 'Ivjoodg' UopevoVy q vl6g 
aov ^Yi. Ka/ niOTBVidV 6 drOpwTtog rtU TJyyixi 
inopsvsTo xal evpidxev^ §ti 6 nvperdg d^yjxf 
rov VLov avTov ixeivr, rvi (3pqt, iv ifi htuv 
6 'I^^cTof'^, oTt '0 vi6g aov ^ri, xal eniatsvaev 
avToq xal 7\ olxia avrod oXti. 

38. Jesiis Preaches at Nazareth 

Ka^ YiXLiV 6 'lyjCfOvg elg ryjv Na^apsr, elg- 
^XOe xard to slcjdog iv t^ nfiepq. T(5v oa^- 
6dr(xyu 8lg ryjv avvaycjyriv. 

Ae^dfievog piSXiov rod npo^Yirov 'Hcrafoi; 
dveyiyvioaxp. rdvSe tov rdTtov Hvevfia rov 
KvpLov in i(iL ''Ej^ptae fie xal dniaraXxe 
uh' evayyeXi^eiv roXg Ttnoxolg xal laffdai 
rovg GvvrerpiUfdvQvg tyjv xap^iav. 

— 48 — 

Kal 7rTi3$a$ rd (SlSTuov ^Xeysv Xrifxefyov 
TienXrj^nycai n ypa^rj avtYj kv roig omjIv vfi&v, 

TLdvreg k^m^vfovv aiV^, zal idavfia^ov 
iytl ro2g T^otg r7J<; ^dptrogy rdig exnopevo- 
fiBPotg ix rov ardiiarog avroVy d^' o^og 
i^eyov^ npog dX/ii^7uovg' Ovx o^^<^§ fCT^y 6 

Tov Sf 'lyicov ovBibi^ovTog avroig ri^v 
OTaariav xal T^yovrog^ ore ovSsig Ttpocpyjr'yig 
iexrdg iariv iv r^ TtarptSi avTov^ inXyjaOrf- 
cav ^yaoVf i^e§aXov avrov l^cj t>7$ ndX'sog 
xal EdsTiOv KatazpYifivtaai^avTov xat* oppyog 
rov opovg, i<p\ ov n 7t6Xig i^xoSoiirjto. Airog 
a 8id fieaov avrdv dnyjXdev elg Ka^oLpvoiovfi. 

34. The First Four Apostles. 

JleptTtarcdP oi>v Tiapd rrfv ^aXoujaaV T% 
VoiXiXaiw; sibsv 6 'lrf(^ovg ^iftu^va,^ ov ixaXeae 

— 49 — 

TLsrpovj xal ^Avh^mvy rov ahsTj^v avrod, 
dfKptSdTiXovrag ro dfi^cSXriaTpov h t-^ Sa- 
T^daari' viadv yap aXtelg. 

Kai slnsv avrolg 6 ''Iriaovg' Aevrs oTttCca 
jioVf zQ,i TtoiYiaid vfiag aXtft$ dv6p67tQv. Kai 
evd^og d^evrsg ra Slxrva 'moXovdriaav avT^* 

^07dyov Bxfidev slSsv dXXovg Svo dS^X<^ov$, 
^IdxoSov xal 'IcydvvYjv, (isrd rod narpog aih 
rdv iv n?^oiq) xarapri^ovtag td hixrva, 

Kai rovTovg Bzd7^£QSy xal d^kvreg rov not^ 
Tfpa avrCSv xal rd ^ixrva y^o7x.ovByiadv amr^, 

35. Jesus at Capharnaum. 

Elg Ss Ka,^apvaovfi a,^tx6iJ.6Vog i^iSa^ev 6 
^lyjaovg rolg adSSaoiv iv r^ avvaycyyri, xal 
i^snXyjaGovro Ttdvrsg inl rri hiSa^ii ai^ov. 
'Hv ydp hihdaxLdv t^g sBovaiav e^ov, xai 
ov^ 0)g ol ypa.fiiiatsZg. 

— 50 — 

Kal Yjv iv T^ cvvayoyrj dvdpconog sx^^ 
7iviiV[j.a dxddaprov. Ovrog dvexpa^e ^ov^ fie- 
yd^Y} TieyidV li n(xlv xat Got, 'ly;aov Na^ot- 
p;^?^; yj^Seg dnoXeaai rfxdg; ol^A ae, Tig el' 
6 ^Aytog rov Oeov. 

'0 he 'ly^Govg emrifudv rw haifxoi/(o) ii^eSa- 
"kev avro, xai edafi^yjOyjaav navn^c, avX7.a- 
^ovweg n^og oXkriXovg xal Tisyovreq' T/ eari 
toCto; tig 71 htha^/l 'h xaivyj avTyj, on xar* 
i^ovalav xai rolg nvevfzaoi roig dxaOdproig 
eniTdoasi, xal xmaxovovaiv avtCi. 

Kal i^^TiOev 'h dxoyj airov e.xSvg Fig o7iy;v 
ryjv 7tfpf;^ajpor t)7$ 1 a/l/P.Ct/ac. 

36. Jesus in the House of Simon. 

'Kx TYjg ovvaycdyyjg yjXOtv 6 '\y;Govg trig 
TYjv olxiav Tov ^ifiDVog xal ^OepaTX^vOf tviv 
Tifvdfpdv avrov, ^ xaTexi-iro TivpeoGovGa. 

— 51 — 

Ti] Se tanepcL, ore ehvGsv 6 ^?uog, n n6'kic, 
oXy; ini(Tvvyfyfievyi yjv Tipog ryjv ^vpav, "E^e- 
pov Ttpog avToi' ndvrag Tovg xaxCyg E](^ovrag 
xal rove, hai^ovi^ouevovc,. 

*0 he 'l37(Tot'$ iOepdnevoe rovg. xaxcjg sxov- 
rag xal i^e6a7^e rd hai^dvia xpd^ovra xal 
Xkyovra' ^v f1 6 v\6g rov 0fof. 

Vevofisvyjg ^e r^^epag i^^jisine ryjv 7t6%iv 
Ka(p(Apvaovu, xal rdre nepiyjyev iv 8Xvi r^ 
Ta/leXata, Si^dpxitiv iv ratg avvayitiyalg xal 
^epanevoiv Ttaaar v6aov xal ndaav lioXor 
xlav sv rC) Xata. 

37. The Miraculous Draught of Fishes. 

^Kv hteivu rCi xaipCj ^XOev 6 ^Irjaovg 
npog rriv A.l^vy;v VevvYjaaper, xal iStSa^s 
rovg 6;^PwOi;$ sx nXotov. 

*X1$ hs inavaaro ?^a?Sdv, elne npog rov 

— 52 — 

I,iui,)va (y;p yap rovrov to 7CKm,ov)\ 'Enavd-' 
yayn elc, to ftdOogy zal x^^oiaare rd Sixrva 
vfidv i:ig dypav. 

Kai drtoxpiOFtg 6 ^[[.lov elnsv avro' "^ETtt- 
<7T(xra, i/' oX'/ig r-^g vvxrog xomdaavteg ov- 

hi:V t2.(j(£o{jfv' tnl 5fc" Tcj pyii.iaTi Gov ^^^idacj 
to hixrvov, 

ToOro 7toiyiC^o.vrug avvex%ei(jav nT^^Oog (%0i;- 
oj-'Too'oCto,, (oaTfc" Siapp/jyvvadat to Stxrvov, 

Kartviivaav oi)v Tolg [isroxoig avrdv ev 
irspc) nXoLo), eXOdv xal avX^aSiaOai avrolg, 
Kal Yi7Sov xal CTtXyjOav du(p6rtpa m itkolay 
(oCTTH (SvOl^eGdai avrd. 

^iSidP ^E 6 Xiiiov Tiir peg TipogsTiEGe tolg 
yovaGi rov ''ly^aov XeycdV "^^t'XOs drC I^loVj 
otl dvyjp kfiaprcdTiog eifii, Kvptt\ Sd^-iSog ydp 
nspiEGx^v avrov xal ndvr ag rovg napo j'r ag. 

*0 Se ^{yjGGvg sins npog tov ^ijiuva' M>7 
^o6ov, drco rov vvv ^^idypyiaetg dv6p6novg. 

— 53 — 

38. Jesus Cures the Leper. 

Kat iyevero, ore yjv 6 'lyjaovg ev ftLq r6v 
noXeov, dvrjp nT^Yipr^q Xenpag yjXOs npog avtov 
Xeyov KvpL6, dv ^sXrig, hvvaGai (is xdOaplaaL. 

*0 Se ^ly^aovg sxTelvag ryjv ;^sipa, yj^aro 
avrov XkyidV Of/lcj, zaOaplaOyjTt' Kai evOe- 
idg n /l£7tpa dnyjTiOsv drC avrov. 

Kat Xeyei avTG)' ^Opa, fiyj^svl f/yjSEv elnrig 
aX7J aneXdidv hel^ov aeavrov tgj lepel xai 
7tp6g<pspe Ttspl rod xaOaptUfxov aov, d ^rtpog- 
hra^e M(oi'a>7g, eig p^aprvpiov aiWolg. 

'0 Ss 8^eX6(l)v yjp^aro xYipvaaeiv xal ^fa- 
^yiizi^eiv Tov Xoyov^ (Scrre (lyizert lyjaovv 
hvvaaOai (pavepug eJg rriv lt6'X(,v eigeXOeiv, 
aXX* 1^(0 yjv ev iprjfigig rdnoig. 

39. Jesus Cures the Paralytic. 
'OXiy(i) vanrepov ndXcv elgyjXdev 6 'Irioovg 

— 54 — 

tov olxop 01 6;^/lof, xal iv rovrocg noX2joi 

^apiaaloi xal vo^ohihdaxaXoi^ ot yjXOov ex 

TtcLGYic, xuiiiYic, TYJg Fa/ltPvatag xal ^lovbalag, 

Kal 1(^01), 7tpogE(pepop aiVo napaXvrLXov 

inl xXivyjg ^sSXyi^bvov. Kal Ihidv tyjv TiiGtiV 

avruv, elne tcj napaT^vrLxC:^ Odpafei, rexvov, 
d^iEvrai GOV at kfiaprlaL. 

01 ^6 ypafiizarelg xal ol <PapiaaloL elnov 
iv tavrolg' Ovrog ^XaG(pyifiely tig yap hvva- 
rat d^LEvac af-iaprtag, el fiyj [lovog 6 Sedgy 

'0 ^e 'lyjofovg' ^{i^a r/, e(pyj, evOvfielade 
novYipd ev ralg ^ap^ta^ vfiCiv; Ti ydp iariv 
evxo7t6repov elnelv " K^ievrai gov at dfLap- 
riat, y] elnetv "Eyeipe xal Ttepindrer, ^Iva 
^e eiSyjre, on e^ovGtav e^el 6 vlog rov dv- 
Bp^Tiov inl r^g yvjg d<pLEvai auapriag, (to- 
Tf XeyEt TL) TtapaT^vtixC)) "^ysipE, xal dpag 

TYJP xXivYlV TlOpEVOV Eig rov OLxdv GOV, 

Kal iyepBElg dnYJXOEP Eig rov olxov avrov, 

— 56 — 

xal Hiovreg ol 6;^ /lot ipo^yjdyjcyav, xal ebd^a- 
cav rov Seov rov hovra B^ovatav roLavryjv 
roig dvOponoig. 

40. The Calling of St. Matthew. 

Merd ravra noXtv sEyj^Oev 6 'lyjaovg na- 
pd rvjv ^dT^aUGav, xal Ttapdyuv elSer dv- 
OpcoTtov TcaOyiftevov btCi Ttj reXi^vUi, WarQalov 
^eyofzevov, xal ^.eyei aiVcj* 'AxoXovOei (lot. 
Kal dvaardc, r^oXovdy;(yev avro. 

*0 Se Mardalog inotyjGEv avroj ^eydXriv 
ioj^^Yjv ev rri oixiq avrov, xal noXXol re?^- 
vai xal auapr(d?jol avvavexEivTo rc5 'Iyigov 
xal rotg /j^aOyjrdlg avrov. 

Kal iSovrsg ol ^apiCJaioi eItiov roig fiaOri- 
ralc, avrov Aid ti fiETa rdv rEXuvijiv xal 
aua^ruXCiv ecjOlel 6 SiSd(XxaXog vfi&Vy 

^f '[yjGovc, dxovaag eItcev avrolg' Ov 

— 56 — 
^pslav e^avGiv ol hx,iovreg iarpov, olTlX^ o? 

hixaiovg a2Xa rovg kfxaproXovg. 

41. The Celebration of the Sabbath. 

^Ev ixeivo) rc) xaipo) inopevdyj 6 ^li^aovg 
rolg aa66a(i)i hia rcdv onopli/oyv, xal etiXXov 
ol f.iady]rai avrov rovg ard^vag xal yjcydtoVy 
ineivaaav yap a^6hpa. Ol^apiaaloi ihovreg 
elnov avro)' ^l8ov, ol fiadyjrai gov Ttoiovaiv^ 

ovx h^ean tcoibXv sv}. 

'0 Se elnev avrolg' OvSsTtors dviyvcjre^ 
ri enoivjffe AaSiS, ^ore eTtelvaGsv avrdg xal 

01 fier^ avrov; Ttcog elg^XQsv eig rov olxov 
rov Seov xal e^ayir rovg aprovg rrig npo- 
6eG£og, ovg ovx i^^v avro) ^ayelv, ov^s rolg 
^er^ avrov, el [j.yj rolg IspEvat (wvoig; 

El Se iyvoxeLrs, ri sanv "EXsog Se/lo 

— 57 — 

xal ov ^valav, ovz dv xarshixdawve rovi; 
dvaiTiovg' to yap adSSaTov hid Tov di^Opco- 
nov eyevsroy d^X' ov^ 6 dvdpunog Sud to 
cd66arov. ^ClGre xvpidg eanv 6 vlog rov 
dvdp^Ttov xal rov aaSSdTov. 

'Rrepid he aaSddrcd ^spanevaov dvOpcoTCov 
TLva ^Yipdv Ijovna tyiv %eipa, '^pcora Toix; 
^apiaalovgy ol Ttaperyjpovv avrov Ilorepov 
e^ean rolg cddOaaiv dyaOonoiYiaai yj xaxo- 
noiyjaai ; "H rtg ^arat i^ v^iCiv dvdpconogy og 
€^et 7tp66aTov eVy xal idv e^Ttkciri rovro tolg 
GdS6aaiv eig (Sodvvov, ov^l Tcparyjasi avro 
xal a^GSL ; 116(76) oiv hiatpepst dvdpc^nog Tepo- 
6 drop-, (ojt' e^ean tolg cfdSSaaiv dyaOonoLslp. 

42. Jesus Chooses the Twelve Apostles. 

'Er ralg Yi^uepaig ravraig e^^Xdev 6 'lyjaovg 
Eig TO opog Ttpogev^eGOat, xal yiv itaGav rvfv 
vvxTa iv TYi npogev^ri rov ^)6ov. 

— 58 — 

Kat ore eye veto n^e^a, 7ipoge(l)6vyj(y6 rovg 
jiadriTa^ avrov xal e^e^e^aro dn^ avrCdv ht)- 
hexa, ovc, ano(3T67^ovc, iovofiaoev. 

Tdif fie ScdSeKa ttTtojToXwj^ rd ovof-iard) 
ion ravra' TipCdTog St^oi^, 6 ^^eyojxevo^} 
Xlerpog, xal 'AvSpsa^ 6 dheX^og avrov, xa'ii 
^\axcd6og 6 rov ^LeSehaiov xal 'UddvvYig 6 
dbe'X(p6g avrov , ^iTnTino^ xal BapdoXofialogy 
(didfiac, xal WarOaloc, b reX6vYjg, ^[dxa^o^ 6 
rov 'A?^^ai0v xal Sah8alog, ^[(.luv 6 Kara- 
valog xal ^iov^ag 6 'laxapicdryjg. 

Tovrovg i^e?Jiaro, tva (oJi fier^ avroV xal 
Iva dnoareXkri avrovc, xvipvaaeiv ro eiuy- 
yeXiov, exSdXXeiv hai^iovia xal ^epaneveiv 
nacav voGov xal ndaav ixaXaxlav. 

43. The Sermon on the Mount. 
Merd ravra dve^^pyjaev 6 'lyjaovg (lerd 
rCdv dnoGroXidv elg ronov nehivovy xal d;^Xa$ 

— 59 — 

fiaByjruv avrov, xal nX^dog noXi) rov Xaov 

and TuixTYig r^g 'lovSaiag xal 'lepovcyaTii^fi 

xal trig na^akiov Iv^ov xal ^Advog rxO" 

2x)vOyj(yav aiVo), dxovaai avrov xal lad^vat 
and rCdv voacdv airuv. 

'I^oj^ ^6 rovg 6j(Xovgy avk^ri elg to 6^og 

xal xadlaag i^lSaaxev axrtovg Xeycov roidSe' 

44. The Eight Beatitudes. 

Maxdpioi ol nrtd'xpl rCj nvevfian, on 

avTidv EOT IV 7] /3a<yiXeta ri^v ov^avdv. 

M.axd^i0i ol Ttpaeig, oti avrol x^Lyjpovofzyj' 
aovai ryjv y^v, 

MaxdpLOi ol nevdovvreg, on airoi 7tapa« 

Maxdpioi ol nsivcdvreg xal Si'^iovrsg rnv 
Sixaioavvyjv, on avrol ^opraaOyjaovTai. 

Maxdpioi ol iXeyifioveg, on avrol bXeyi- 

— 60 — 

MaxdpLOc ol xaOapol rf, xap^lq., oTt avroi 
Toy 0e6v o^ovrai. 

Mdxdpm ol slpyivonoiot, on avrol viol 
0eov x2.yj6yjaovraL, 

MaxdpiOL ol SsSiidyftevoi evexev ^ixa^oavvyjg, 
dn avrCdv icfrcv n (ia<Si%da rdv ovpavcov, 

MaxdpLoi iarsy oraj^ oveibiGcoaLv vfjtdg xal 
Si6^oaL xal elnoGt ndv novYipdv xad^ v[^idv, 
4^6vS6fi6voLy evBxev ifiov, Xaipsre xai o^yaXXi- 
^oOe^ &Ti 6 ftiadog v^dv noXvg iv Tolg ovpavolg. 

45, Dignity and Duties of the Apostles. 

Tolc, Ǥe dnoaroh^ig elTtsv 6 ^Iviaovg' 
'Tfm^ &Tf TO aXa$ r^g yyjg ' idv be ro 
aXoL^ '{Kopavd'^y iv rlvt a?.ia6yiaerai ; Elg oi'- 
isv ic^vBi erCf el (lyj ^Xyid^vai e^o xal 
xaraTtareladai vno rCdv dvdp^ncdv, 

'Tfielg ear 6 ro ^C)g rov x6g^iov. Ov xai-- 

— 61 — 

puJi Xv'^vov zai riOsaGiv (xvrdv hno tov 
UdSiOv, d?^.V inl ryjv '^v^vlav zat Xd^net 
^dot rolg ev ri] oixlq. 

OvTix) Xaw^dru ro (pug vudv sunpoadsp 
(ftuv duOpidTtGiv, oTtug IScjglv v^iCdv Ta za/icc 
Ip/a jcal ^o^dauci rov narepa vf^Cov tov 
iv rolg ovQavolg. 

46. Duties of Cliristians. 
Kal TtdXiv npog rov 2,a6v rpandfisvog, 

Mn vofii^ers^ 8rt yiTSov' xara'^ivGat rov 
vd^jLOv 37 rovg n(>p^^rag' Ovx yiTSov zara- 

A$yu> ydg vpXv, on idv ^in nspiaaevri ^ 
SiTcaio&vvyj Vfc^v 7t%m>v rcdv ypai^uarsQ'v 
zal OaptcraiQi^, ov (xyp dgkXdrirs sig ryjv 
^dGt'^slav r(^v ovpavidv. 

'UKOvaar^, Zn kl>pkQn '^olg d^xaioig' Oi> 

— 62 — 

^veioH^' oi '5', div ^ovsvar,, evo'^^oi earou 
T-j? xpiaei, 'E/cj 5e ^Jyo v^lVj on nag o 
6pyL^6fievog ray d^^/i^ca avrov, Evo^og earai 
TY} xpicfEL' og S' av elnYi ro) dheX^o) avroVy 
'FaTcd, evo^og eUTat Tt3 ovvESpio)' og 3' dv 
€17171, Mwpf, Evo^og E(JTai Eig ryjv yEEvvav 
Tov Tivpdg. 

47. The Sanctity of Marriage. 

'HxovGarE, on EppEdri' Ov (.lotx^mEig, ^EyG> 
Se Xeyco v^lVy on nag 6 (3?iEmdv yvvaixa 
Ttpog TO imOvfiYJaaL avTvjv yjSyj Ef.Loij(^EVOEV 
ev rii xap^la avTov. 

E(' hE 6 b<pdaX^6g gov o ^E^iog GxavSaXi^et 
(Tf, f Jf/le avrov xal j3d?.E and Gov' Gvfi^Epei 
ydp GOi Iva dnokrirai ev rt^v fCETiuv GoVy 
xal fiyj oXov ro Gu^ud gov ^^yjOr} Elg yhwav, 

'Epl)Edv 5e* ''Og dv dnoXvGYi rvjv yvvaixa 

airov ?)6Tio avTi} dTiooTdmop *E^4 &6 Xiyio 
vfiiv, on nd^ 6g dv dno^iari ^viv ymulxa 
Uvrov, naQSKTog 7,6yov nopveia^^ noisi avri^v 
fzOi^evOyjvai, xal 8g dv dnoXsXvfdvTiV yocpf- 
av?, fioi^drai '0 yap 6 0e6$ avvii^ev£6P, 

48 Other Cbristimi Fertectloiis. 

TJdXiv ■/ixovaaTB, o^t ippedn *ro% dp^aloii' 
OvTc iniopz4<^st^f dnoScdGBti Si ^^ ILnpm TotJg 
opxovc, GOV 'E^ca Bi 7^§yw hfLvp' M57 oppmr^ 
oTiiog ^E<yrci> Si 6 Xoyo^ vfm^' Mai Pal, ov o^. 
To he TteptQUotf t0W^s>3>' m ^<m no^^foB acxTii' 

o^OaXiitov, zat oMptu dw^i oMp^og. ^y^ 
Ss Xeycj v^mr Myj dprahxBtrs 'Ihx^fih'ot^ 
aXX idv Tig Tvnr^ vudg elg ty]^' Ss^tdp 
(nayopa, noLps^ert arr^j ku) T/fv irepap 


— 64 — 

'Uxovaare, on sppEdyj' ^Ayanriaeic, tov 
nXYiaiov aovy xal (nayjaeLg rov i^Opov aov, 
'Eycy Se Xeyid vidv "Ayana/te rovg exOpoixg 
vftuv, xaXCdg Ttoielre rovg ^laovvrag vftag 
xal npoaEv^eade vTisp r(^v vfidg Sicoxovrcov^ 
oTUog yEvyjGdE viol rov narpog vix(ov rod iv 
ovpOrVdlg^ S$ rov yjXiov avrov avarkX^Ei hit 
novYipovg xal dyadovg^ xal ^^ps^Ec irtl 5i- 
xaiovg xal dbixovg 

"EtTfjflf ovv viiElg rE?^Etoi, Idgnsp 6 Ttaryjp 
v^uv 6 ovpdvLog rsXEiog ionv. 

49. Purity of Intention. 

UpogEX^ErE ryjv Stxatoavvriv v(i(^v ^yi not- 
elv E^npoadEv rdv dv6 pcynov npog ro Sea- 
drivai avrolg' el Se fiYj, ^laOov oix Ej^^Ers 
Ttapd TO) Ttarpl v^[dv r(^ iv rolg ovpavolg. 

^'Orav ovv noirig eXEr^^ioavvriV^ (.lyj yv6rG 

— 65 — 

n dpiGTspd GOV, TL noiel ri he^id, oTtc^g fj gov 
n e^^syifiOGvvYj iv tcj xpvnTO)' xal 6 narrjp 
GOV, 6 P'Xsncop iv Tbj xpvnToj, (iTtotocTfi Got. 
Kai orav npogevx^Yi, elge/K^f Eig ro ^auielov 
Gov, xal xXetGag ryjv ^-i^par, Ttpogsv'^ov no 
narpi gov tw, iv tw xpvTtTO), xal 6 narrip 

GOV^ 6 f3?i67l(dV iv TO xpvn'T(^, dno8(x)Gb'C GOl. 

Kal oigauTog orav vyjGTevr,g, dX8i4^at Gov 
ryjv x8<paXy^v, xal ro npogcdUov gov vl^aiy 
omog fj-Yj (pavrjg vyjGTsvidv Tolg dvOpomoig, 
dX7.d TC/j TtaTjpt GOV, tgj sv tcj xpvfpaio), 
xal 6 TtaTYip GOV, 6 S^Jncdv iv r^ xpv<paio)y 

(XTtofejet GOl, 

50. The Christian's Solicitude. 

M>7 ^yjGavpt^ere vfniv ^yjGavpovg inl ryjg 
yyjg, onov Grig xal (3pCdGig d<pavi^€t, xal Snov 
xXenrai hiopvGGovGi xal xXkuTovGiv. 

— m — 

Qyi(yav^i^8T6 be Vfilp ^yj(Javpovg iv ovpavCy^ 
oTtov oijTe OYig ovrs /3pc5(T6$ d^avi^et, xal onov 
xXenraL ov hiopvoaovaiv^ ovhe xXenrovcyiv. 
'^Otiov yap iarip 6 ^yjcjavpit; cqv, sxel earat 
xal n xapbia oov. 

MyjSe fi6pi(j.vars Xeyovreg' Tt sGdio^icv yj 
rl nivcdfiev yj tl 7iepi^aX^6^£da; Ol5f yap 6 
Ttaryjp vii(hv b ovpdvLog oTt j^fYj^ere rovrcov 
anavridv. TtTirelre ^e npC^rov T^r (iaoiXdav 
rov 0foi5 xal Ty^v SLxaioavvyjv avrov, xal 
n:avta rcdv-ra TtpogredyjOieTai v[ili^. 

51. Duties towards Our Neighbor* 

M>7 xpiver6y iva ftyj xpid^re' fiyj xaraSi^ 
xd^sTEy Iva iiY} xaraSixaad^TE' dnoXverey xal 
dnoTivdyjGeGdE. 'Ej^w ydp xpi^an xpiversy 
xpiOyjaeaOe' xal iv ^ ^erpoy fierpelre, dvri- 
(iierpyjdyjGeTat vfxlv. 

— (M — 

ndi^ra, o(7a Av ^sAyjr^, "va TtoudOiv vfilv 
01 dvdpunoi, ravra jcai vfisl^ noielte avrdig. 
Ovrog yap iaTiv 6 v6uoq xal ot npO(pyjrai, 

Tai;Ta xal oc/l/la Tto/lXd ihlSa^sv 6 '[i^uov<; 
ini T'oO opovg^ xal ^Esn7.YiGaovro oi ox'^l 
ini rff ^t^a^fi avror -^v yap h iEovuia 6 
?^6yog avTov. 

•I'i. The Genturion's Ser\aiiit. 

'Bneihyj in^ripoGsv 6 'I>7ao% ndvra m 
pyjuata Tavra, dqri'/.Qev ti^ Ka<pa^vaoif^. 

'Exd drcavrq. av^n^i ixaroprapx^^^ norpa" 
xa?udv avrov xal ^eyuv Ki'pee, L naZg uov, 
(laSfvef xal fii%7^$i T&Xt^vrai^- 

Aiyet am^i 6 ^li^aov<;' 'Kyc) b'?,6o)v ^spa- 
fti^vGid amdv "A/U'w' ixslvog dmxpWy^' Kvpie, 
0& elfxl d^Log, iva slge?.drig hno rrjv areyy^v 
fjtbV d?w/ld fAOuoi^ i'ln^ 7/)yi<;) xai la9^(jptai 
6 nal<^ (.wv 

— 68 — 

^Axoiaag Se 6 'Irjaovg- i6av(/.aae ocal BiTte 
^olg (u$^ eavrov' ^A^yiv Xkyid v(uv, ovhe iv 
Tci> 'I<Tpa>7/l roaavrYjv Ttlartv evpov. 

To Se ixarovrdp^o) Xeyec ^Tnaye, otal 
^6$ eniorevaag^ yevy^Oyircd Got. Kat idBri 6 
Ttaig iv TY} (opa ixdvvi. 

53. The Widow's Son. 

MfTa ravra yiv iopryj rCov ^lovSaicov, xal 
dveSrj 6 ^Iviaovi; elg 'lepoaoTiviia. 'H oSog yiv 
Sid ryjg 7t6XEO}<; Natr, xal avvenopevovro av- 
*r^ ol fiadyjral avtov xal ^X^^ TtoXv^. 

*I1$ he Yiyyide tii nvXri trie, no'^SLd^, i^exo- 
ifiL^ero reOvyiTcan;, vlo^ (lofoyevrig rri fiyjrpl 
avTov, xal a&tyj X/ipa. 

Kat ihcdv aiytviv 6 Kvpioc, eanXayx'^LCiBYi 
xal siTtBv avtii' M>7 x9iale. T^$ Se aopov 
h4'Oi'(^svog elne' ^saviaxs, col XSyio, iyepdyiri. 

— 69 — 

^vdvg avexdQiOev 6 vexpog Tcal y/p^aro XaXelv^ 
xal eSoxsv avrov 6 ^{yjaovg rri fcyiTpl avrov. 
"E/la^'f Se <p66og anavtag, xal iSo^a^ov 
tor Ssov 'keyovreg ' on lipofpriryjg ftsy ag 
nyepdr^ iv n[^lv, xal on '"Ensaxe-^aro 6 0f6^ 
rov ?uadv avrov. 

54. The Messengers of John the .Baptist. 

^Ore y^xovas ndvra i:avi:a 6 'lodvvYig iv 
ro) Sea^Cxyr/jpio), npogsxaXeGs Svo rivdg rtdv 
fiaOyjt&v avrov xal eneft^^ev avrovg Ttpog 
rov ^Iriaovv 7ie^ovr ag' l,v ei 6 epy^ojisvog, >7 
aXX/iv Ttpoghoxid^iev ; 

'0 he ^Iriaovg ditexpi^ avrolg' JlopsvBkvreg 
aiiayyeiXare ro) 'ladwyi, a elh^rs xal rxov- 
<5are' on rv(pXol avia^'kenovat, yjixikol nspi- 
narovaty Xenpol xadap^i^ovraiy xopol dxovovui, 
vexpol iyelpovrat^ nraj^pl svayyeXi^ovrai xdl 

— 70 — 

fiaxdptog hrtv, og iv ifiol ^iyj axavSaXi^erai. 

' Ane?^d6vrcov he ri^v dyyeXcdv, yjp^aro 6 
'1)7(701^ T^eyetv rolg o^Xotg nepl 'Uodvpov zal 
€<pyj' TlpofpyirYjg iarlv ovrog, zal Tteptaadrepog 
npo^rirov. Qvrog iart Ttspi ov yiypanrat' 
"iSoVy syoy dnoareXXco rov dyyeXov [wv e^i- 
Ttpoadev GOV og xaraazevdaec ryjv 6b6i^ aov 
iftnpoadev aov, Kal Xsyo vfdv' Ovx earcv ev 
yevvYitolg yvvacxi^v fiel^ov ovSslg 'lodwov 
rov Banrtarov' 6 Se fitxpotspog iv t"^ (Saac- 
keia nov ovpavCdv (isi^c^t^ iarlv avrov. 

55. Jesus Cures a Man who had been 
Sick Thirty Eight Years. 

'El' Se tolg 'lepoaovivfiocg elSev 6 'lyjcrovg 
inl ri} xpr/vYi tri hciXeyo^kvYi iSpa'iarl Byi- 
OsaSd dvdpcoTtov ttva, og yj§yj rptdxovra xat 
oxrcx) sTYi xareix^to tyj da^eveia avrov. 

— 71 — 

Tovrov yip6ra' 0iXe/$ iyyiyig yeveadac; 'Att- 
sxpiOyi ai'T^ 6 dadevi^v' KvpiSy dvdpcjnov 
ovx f;^o, Iva^ orav ra^axQri ro vhid^, (SaXv} 
(IE elg rviv xokvjxS 7^6 f>av' ev o) he fp;^o^at 
£^6), aXXog Ttpo ^^ov xaraSalvsi. 

Aeyei avrcj 6 'lyiaovg' "Eyscpe, alpe rov 
xpd66ar6v aov xai TtEpinaTet. Evdvg iyevero 
vyiyjg 6 dvdpoiTtog xal dn^XOe ^aipov. 

56. Mary Magdalene. 

<PapLaal6g Tcg^ Xifiov ovofxan, ixdXeae rov 
^liqaovv elg S^lnvov, Vvvi^ ovv, yjrig yiv ev 
XVI TtoXet k^a^Tidkog, axovaaoa ore Kara- 
XrHtai ev rij olxia rov ^apKyaiov, exo^icfev 
dXdSacyrpov fcvpov, xal x%aiovaa yjp^aro rolg 
AaxpfCt ISpe^etv rovg TtoSag avrov, xal ralg 
^oi^l ryjg xe^a'kyjg avr^g i^efiaaasv avrovg 
xal xare(piX^iy xal ri'keLcpe ru fivpoy. 

— 72 — 

^iSciv Si avtYiv 6 (papioalog slnsv h^ 
eavro) XkycdV Ovrog el yjv n^o^Yirrig, iyl- 
yvi^Oxev av^ rig pcai noranyj n yvvrj, ring 
aTtterai avrov, ott -a/[^apT(o/l6g sanv. 

Kal d7toxf}L6 6 tg 6 ''lyjaovg eiTts Ttpog avrov' 
Sificdv, opdg rd epya, ty^v nianv xal ryjv 
fisravotav ravrrig ryjg y-vvatxog; Aeyo cot, 
d^kdvrat avrri (xl afzaprtai at ^toXXat, ore 
r/fydnri^SB noTJ). 

Tr} 8e yvvaizl eXeyev 'Acpkdvral aov aE 
CLfiaprlai, Ttopevov dg dpyjvyjy. 

o7. Jesus Returns to Galilee, Cures one 

Possessed, and Answers the Hostile 

Attacks of the Pharisees. 

M^m TaOira inav^T^Osv 6 ^li^aovg eig rvjv 
.PaXtXatai^ xal idepaTtevaev dvdponov (km- 
^lovL^oiisvov, rvpXov xal xa^djf. 

— 73 — 

01 ^apcGaloL, ov hvvajiBVOt B^apveldOac 
ro ^avjia, i^rjrovv avro i^yjyeladaL Xeyovreg" 
'Er ro) dp^ovtt tisiv haiiioviidv ixl3dX?,ei 
rd dai^ovia. 

Tairy^v rrjv ^\a(j(pyj[dav ^q^iDg i^sXey^sv. 
01 5e ^aptaaXoi elg rovro 7tpo^2,6ov ryj^ dv- 
atSslag, (Sar^ dnattEcv nap^ avrov arjfislo'y 
ix tov ovpavov. 

*0 5e 'lyjaovg dTtoxpidelg eiTtBv avrolg' Feved 
novYipd xal [zot^aXlg ayjuelov im^yitel, xal 
CYiiielov ov ioOyjaerai aw'^, ei ^yj ro Gyjfielov 
^Udvd T'oO 7tpd(pyirov. KaOcog ydp iyevsro a 
^l^vdg Tolg '^ ivevtr aig ari^elov, ovtcdg earai 
xal 6 vld^ rov dvOp^TCov ty} yeveq tavrri 

^^Ignep ydp yjv 'Icovag ev rii xoc^iq rod 
xiqtovg rpelg nfiEpag xal rpElg vvxrag, ovr^g 
Ear at 6 vlog rov dvdp^nov ev ry^ xaphiq. 
^^g yyjg rpElg Yii^Epag xal rpEig vvxrag, 

01 l^ivEvlrac dvaorriaovrai iv rri xpiaet 

— 74 — 

jierd ryjg yevedg Tavrrjg xai xaraxptvovocv 
avTYiVy on fierei^oyjoav elg to xrjpvyfxa 'Icjvd. 
Kal Iboi) nkelov 'hjm Hdhe. H (iaoi^uaaa 
tov vorov eyepd-^GeTat iv ty} xpiGet fxsTa r^g 
yeved^g Tavryjg xai xaraxptvd avryjv, on 
rjTiOEv ex rC)v Ttspdrcdv rrjg yyjg dxovGai tyiv 
GO(p[ap loT^ofiuvog, YlTielov Xo?^0(iidpog (1)86. 

58. The Sermon at Sea. 

'Ev TYi n^epq EXHVYi 8^6X0L)V 6 'lyjGovg 
ixddyjro napd tyjv ^dXaacrai', xai ISqv 6^- 
?uOvg noXXovg ovva^dEvrag npog avrov^ iveSyi 
eig nXolov xai ehihacxev avrovg idg §^^g 
enra 7iapa6oXdg ryjg fiaaiXetag tov ovpavov' 

59. Parable of the Sower. 

^E^-^XOei^ 6 anelpuv tov anelpeiv. Kal oTe 
sGneipev^ o fiev onopog eneae napd tyjv o^op^ 

— 75 — 

xal rd nsretvd rov ovpavov xarE<payEv av' 
tor, " AaXoc, he ensaev em tol 7iETp6hyi ^^.1 ev- 
Becjg ^VEig e^yjpdvdyj, on ovx el^e pi^av. "AX- 
Xog he eneaev eig rdg dxdvSag xal dnenvij(Byi 
Ltt ' avTC)v. "A/l/log he eneaev enl ryjv yyjv 
Ty]v xa)^Yiv xal ehihov xapnov, 6 i^iev txarovy 
6 he t^y/xovra^ 6 he Tptdxovra. 

OTtopog ev ravrri tyi napa6oXY} eari, 
xard TYiv e^yjyYjau^ tov ^[yjGov a^vrov, 6 Xoyog 
rov Seov, ov noXXol (.lev dxovovreg napa- 
he^ovrai, oXlyoi he xar e^ovoiv ev raig ;!^ap- 
hiatgy (!)Gre xapnov <pepeiv ev Imouoi^'^, 

60. The Parable of the Cockle. 

""AvOpidTiog tig eoneipe xaXov anep^a ev nj 
dy poj avrov' xal ore exdOevhev^ yj2.0ev avrov 
6 e')^^p6g xal eaneipe ^i^dvia dvd fxhov rov 
Girov. 'Ore he e/3?.darY:aev d^cporepa, elnev 

— 76 — 

6 oixoSsanoryjg rolg hovXoig ainov' " A^sre 

dfi^orepa avvav^aveaOai £0)$ rov ^epio^oVf 

xol iv Tc5 xaipoj rod ^epcafiov £pc5 rolg 

^epLoralg ' ^vXXei^are npCSrov ra ^t^dvia 

xal xaraxavjare avrd, rdv 8e gItov aw- 
ay ay ere elg ryjv dnoOT^xyjv [iov. 

At(x)pi^e xal ravryjv rr^v napaSokriv 'Ij^aoiig. 

.?Jycdv ' '0 Gnetpcov ro xaXov anEpfia earlv 

6 vlog rov di^OpG)n:ov' 6 dypog sariv 6 xoa^iog' 

ro he xaXov anepiia, ovroi eioiv ol dyadoi 

rd he ^t^dvid eiGiv ol novyjpoi' 6 he e')(fip6g 

6 anelpag avrd eariv 6 hidSo'kog' 6 he ^epiG- 

^og ovvreT^eia rov aldvog' ol he ^eptarai dy- 

yeXoi eiGt rov Seov, ol ev rri avvreXeia rov 

aluivog rovg [/.ev novyjpovg GvT^Tie^ovGi xal 

paXovGLv elg ri^v xd^iivov rov nvpog. '^xel 

ear at 6 x^/xvOftdg xal 6 (Spvyfxog rdv ohov- 

ro}V. Ol he hixaioi rore exXdii'^ovGtv C)g 6 

riTiiog ev rri (SaaiXeia rov narpog avrc^v. 

— 77 — 
61. The Parable of the Mustard-Seed 

xc> atvdnecdg, o fzixporarov iari ndv.rcov T(5i/ 
CTtepfidtuif orav ^s av^TiOf,, yiyvtrat hev- 

ipop xal m Tie^sivd rod ovpavov eXOovra 
xatacxYiPU iv role, xXdhotg air or. 

G2. The PiVFable of tlie Leaven. 

*Ofioia iorlv n ^autXeia rCSv oifapuv ^v- 
^riy Yii^ XaSovaa yvvii ivexpv^ev tig dXsvpov 
cdra rplaj hog ov i^vfioBrt 6?j>v. 

()3. The Parable of the Treasure. 

Ild?^iv ofio/a €Grtv n ^acftXeta ruv ovpa- 
vmf Sj^dai/pt) xBxpv^iisvu ip rCy (x^/po), ov ev- 
pck' dvd^dno(; hcpv^e^ xai and rYt<; ;^apd$ 
airov vndyti xat 7tid?^^t ndi>ra^ oaa e^^iy 
xcu dyopdi^ei rov dy^v ixelvov. 

— 78 — 
64. The Parable of the Pearl. 

T]d2.iv ofiola eariv r, (3aai?^tia rdv oi'po- 
v(dv dv6 p(.d7to) if.in6po)y (yjrovvn xaXovc, fia^ 
yapirag. Ei'pw^' he eva noTivrifiov fiapya- 
piTyjv, dne^dcdp encdXyjGt' ndvra, oaa el%B^ 
xal '^opaGev avrov. 

65. The Parable of the Good and the 
Bad Fishes. 
WdAiv ofiola iorlv r, (iadiXeia rC)v ovpa- 
vCdv aay/^pYi, yj (idX^erai elg tyjv ^dXaaaav 
xal a way El i^^^i navrohanovc, . 01 f.iev xa- 
Aoi rovTiov GvXTieyovrai elg dyyeta, ol Se Ga- 
Ttpoi e^ui SaTiXovrai, Ovrcog earai ev tyi avp- 
reXeiq rov aidvog' 'AcpopiovGtv ol dyyeT^i 
Tovg novyjpovg ex f^eaov rCdp hixaiidv xal 
jSaXovGiv avrovg elg tyiv xd^iivov rov nvpog, 
'Exel earat xTiavOfiog xal fSpvyfiog ohovrcjv. 

— 79 — 
66. Following Christ. 

'l')^(Jovg rolg fiaOyiTalg airov' ^ikXBidnev elg 
TO TCepav TYJg Tit^vyjg. 

Kal 7ipogE2,$(hv slg ypa^fiarevg elnev airo)' 
Ai^daxaXe, axo^ovdyiaco aoi, onov dp dnep^i^, 

Aeyet airrC^ 6 'lyjaovg' At dTionexeg <|)C«h 
Tieovg e^ovcji, zal rd nereivd "vov ovpavod 
xaraGKyjvdjGeig ' 6 Se viog rov dvOp6nov ovx 
e^ei, onov ryjv xe^aTiYiv xXivYi, 

^^repog he tlov ^laOyjrcdv elnev aiVcj. 'A- 
KO?^ov0y;GCi) aoiy Kvpie' npdTov he initpe^dv 
(lot dneldelv xdi ^d^'at rov narepa ^ov. 

*0 he 'lyjaovg Xeyei di'Tc5* 'Axo2.ov9et [zoiy 
xal d<peg rovg vexpovg Sd^at tovg iavrCdv 
vexpovg. I,v he dn$?LOcyp hidyye?.2,e rvtv 
^aGiXeiav rov Seov. ^Qang ydp em^dTCket 
ryjv xelpa hi dp(fvpov^ xal ^Xhnei elg rd 

— 80 — 

OTtiaOj ovx d^idg iart ryjg /JacTt/letag rov Oeov. 
Tore s(j.[3dg eic, to nXoXov dneriket fierd 
Ti^v ^aOyjruv avrov. 

67. The Tempest Calmed. 

Tl'TisovrGyv 8e airrdv iyevero Xalka^' l^^- 
yd^y/, <dGT£ TO Tikolov xaXyTWeaOaL vno T(^v 
xvfidrcdv. Ai'Tog ^s sxddev^sv. 

^oSyjOevreg ovv ol fiaSyjral npog^^.dov xai 
y/ysipov avTov Tieyovreg' Kvpts, gC)Gov y\udgj 

'0 Se ^ly](yovg ?Jy£t aiTolg' Tt Sei'/.OL eare, 
'bXiyontaroi', lore iyspOelg i7i£Ti(xy]G£ rolg 
dvEfiQLg xal t^ 3a?.d(7(77?, zal napa^p^^ia 
ey£V£ro ya/^yjvyj fiEydXyj, 

Ol ^£ dvOpoTtoi •e^avfxaaav ?Jyovr£g' Tlo- 
ranog eoriv ovrog, on zai ol dv£(xoi Tcai yi 
3(x/laJJa vTtaxovovGLV avro)', 

— 81 — 
68- Jesus in the Country of the Gerasens. 

FepaG'/jvCiv, hnyjvTyjaav tcj ^Itigov Svo hai^ovi- 

^s ^a/isnol ?uav, cogte ^y] ig^evelp Ttva 
na^EXBElv hia r-^g oSov ixEtvYjg. 

Ovrot Ezpa^av XkyovrEg' Tt n^lv xal cot, 
^lyiGoVy vU rod Seov rod v-^tGrov; yjXOsg uSe 
Ttpo xatpov ^aGaviGai ni^dg; 

^Hv Se naxpQiv ttTt' avrC)v dyE?^yj ^olpcov 
Tio^.Xup (ioGxouEVYi, xal ol SatfiovEg napExd- 
?iOvv avTov XsyovrEg' El EXi3d/i?^Eig ni^idg, 
TCEu^ov Yif^dg elg ryjv xdrcj dyE^^yjv ^olpciv. 

Kal ELTiEv avrolg' "TndyETE. 01 ve e^eT^- 
doPTEg dnyj/iOop Eig rovg ^ocpovg. Kal l8ov^ 
iopfiTjGE TidGa 71 dyk'kYi xard rov xpyj^pov Eig 
rriv ^d?.aGGap^ ojg Sigx'i^ioi, xal drcEQavop 
BP rolg vSaGip. 

— 82^ 

01 ^e (36axav^£^ ndv^a raura e!<; ryjv no-- 
%iv anriyysiXdv, xal naGa h noki^ i^yi2.$6v 
€i<; vndvryjatv to 'lyjaov xal napsxaXsaav 
avrov dneXOsJv and tl)p oplov amCiv. ^6§o<; 
ydf) iieyag el^sv avrovg. Aitog ^e eii^dg 
eig TO nXolov hniBGrps^lsi^ elg tyiv raXi2.aLav, 

69. Jesus Returns to Capharnaum. 

Kal ore i^eSyj ex rvjg veG)g 6 ^IriGovg, an- 
ehe^aTo avrov o^TiOg noV^vg Tiapd Tyjv 3d/la<7- 
Gav, 'Ez^ TovToig yjv dp^Qv ng trig ovvaycoyyigy 
ovoftaTi 'Idstpog, og napExdT^Et avrov ?Jytov' 
Kvpis, y] ^vydrrip ^lov fxovoyevyjg dprt 8re?.ev- 
•TYiu^v' 'A/l?!,' i/\.Oc)v inl^eg ryjv ^(^elpd gov in' 
avryjv xal ^/^GeraL. Kal iyepOslg Ypco^^ovdyjGsv 
avTGi ^IriOovg fierd TtJi^ fcadyjTtJV avtov. 

"Ore oiv inopevsto hid rov 6^?.0Vy yvvYi 
rig, Yir ig yjv ip pvaei aiuarog eryj en h68exa 

— 83 — 

xal TtoAXd enao^E napd tuv iarp(^v, ovSev 
o)<pe?^y;OHGa, npog^XOovGa oTttGdev yj^aro rov 
xpoLoneSov rov ifiarlov avrov, xal itapa^pv- 
(.la (ddyj and ryjc, fudoTLyog axTYic,. 

*0 he ^{yiaovc, arpa<p8l<; xal Ihciv avT'/jv 
elnt' SdpGet, ^vyarep, n nlarig gov ceaco- 
XE oe' nopevov elg el^yivyiv. 

70. The Daughter of Jairus. 

'Kk^Ldv ovv 6 'lyj(Jovc dg rviv olxiav rod 
dp^oi'Tog xal i6(l)v rovg avXyjrdg xal rov 6^- 
Xov ^opvSovuevov XsyEi avrolg' ' Ava^copEi- 
Tf, ov yap £rE?^evTyjGE ro xopdaiov, dXXd 
zadEV^E(. Kai xaTEye/uoi' airov. 

AvToc, Se exl3a?^cjv ndvra;,'kau.Sdvei 
YlETpov^ 'ld?:cj^ov xal 'liodvvyjv xal top na- 
TEpa T>7§ natSd; xal tyjv fj.y]TEpa, xal Eigno- 
pEVETai bnov yjv ro nathiov dvaxEi[iEvov. 

— 84 — 

Kdl x^a^riaa^ avT^g ryj<; %eif6<; T^eyei avrii' 
Kopdatov^ Got Xeyo, eyetpe' xal avrixa dveary^ 
TO xopdaiov xal nspisTidrst Sid ryjg olzlag. 

Kal i^yj?.Oev n ^yjiiri avrri elg oXyjv tyjv 
yyjv ixelvY^v. 

71. Jesus Cures Two Blind Men, and 
Returns a Second Time to Nazareth. 

Mer' oXlyov e^e'^mev 6 ^Irjaovg tyjv Ka- 
ipapvaovfi Iva neptoSEvot tyjv raTitXataVy xal 
rixdXovQriaav avru Svo tv^?.Ql -xpa^ovtsg xal 
Xeyov-reg' ^EXsTiGov yifidg, vie rod Aa6lS. 

'HpcjT>7(7fz^ avrovg 6 ^lyjaovg' 'Apa TtLaTev- 
BTs, otl rovro hvvaiiai noiyj&ai] Myovrnp 
avrC)' Nat, Kvpie. 

Tots ri^aro rdv 6^da?i^f)V avrCSv XsyoV 
Kara rrjv ncGnv v^idv y^VYi^riTo vyLlv^ Kcifc 
TCapavrlxa eykvovTo (3XE7iovre'g» 

— 85 — 

Kal ne^iYiyev 6 'lyjaovg roig ndTietg Ttdtyag 
xal rag z6(xagy ^ibd(TXQV iv ralg (yvvaycdyatg 
avrCiv Tcal zy^pvaacdv to ei}ayyE?^iov r^g ^a- 
CL7.eiag xal ^epanevcdv naaav vdaov xai nd- 
aav i^La7^,aKLCLv . 

Tore xcii ro Sevrepov ri'kOev dg ry;v Tta- 
rpiSa ai)rov,ol Se 'Na^apy^vol ov^ VTte^EEavro 

72. The Beheading of John the Baptist. 

Kara rovrov rov ^povov "Rpoi^yig I rolg 
yeyeJioig avrov helnvov eTiolyiae rolg fieyt- 
ardGi xal rolg 7tp6roig rrig FaPaXatag. 

Aid rov SbItcvov n ^vydry^p riig 'HpwStd- 
hog o)px'^(Jaro efiTtpoudev avrCiv, xal Ttspi^a- 
p'/;g siTiev 6 /3aGi7ievg ru xopaGtoi AlrriGov 
<^f, xal o dv alryj(y'(ig.y ^w<76j Got, hog Y\fd<yovg 
r'/jg ^aGiTielag (lov. 

— 86 — 

*H &8 i^eXOovofa sine rf, (lyftpi avryjg' Tt 
ahyi<5Q^ai'^ *H U dnExplvaTo* Ty^v xe^aXriv 
"'loidvvov rov Bannarov. 

Kal iXKOVGag 6 (3aGL?.£vg TUpikvTwg eyhe- 
'to, Sia. Se rov<; dpxovg xal 'tovg Cvvavaxei- 
,^6vovg evOeog insrd^s, rdv ^iQdvvyjv dnox6' 
^a^i^eodai iv tii ^v'kax'^y xal ^epeadat ryjv 
xe^aXyjv avrov to xopaoicy inl nivaxt. To he 
daeoe^ xopdatov 'ihidxev avryjv rri en das- 
6e(yrepq ^ir^rpl av^yi<;. 

73. The First Sending of the Apostles. 

^Ore ovv dne^QpyjOfsv 6 ^lyjGovg and r% 
Na^apir, npogexaTislro rov^ S6Ssxa djioaro' 
?jjvgf dnhre^?^ev avrovg ovvSvo xal iSiSov 
avrolg e^ovaiav ex^aXkeiv rd haiiiovia^ xal 
^epanevsLV ndaag rag v6(Jovg. 

Kal ?iEy6L avTolg' Elg oSoV' edvcdv ^iyi dneX' 

— 87 — 

6yjr6y xaX elg noXeig Xauapetruv fxri stge^Oyi- 
te. Uopeveads Ss [zd?J^ov jcpog rd 7ip66ara 
ta d7to?ud?i6Ta rov olxov 'I(Tpa>7A, xal x'/]- 
fvaaers ro svayyEXtov ^.eyovn-g' oti "Jlyyi- 
xev n (3aai?^eta r6v ovpavCiv. 

'AoOevovvrag ^spanevsre, vexpovg syelpere^ 
2^7cpovg xaOapl^srEy 8aLf.i6via ex^d?^?ier6. A(o- 
'pedv i?A8Ers, Scopsdv Sors. 

74. The Apostles Receive Instructions for 
their Mission. 

M'/jSev alpsre elg tvjv 6h6v. ''A^iog yap 6 
kpydrrig ryjg tpo^yjg avrov. 

Elg Yiv h^ dv 7t6?uv yj xdiiyjv elgeXOrite, i^e- 
rd^ere, Ttg ev avrri d^iog ianv xal exsl 
(levEtey 6G)g dv i^£?Xrir£ sxEtOev. 

Elg Yiv h^ dv olxiav ElgeTcOritE^ TtpidTov Xe- 
yETE' Elpyjvyj rfi olxlq tavrv!. Kal idv [iev 

— 88 — 

7i h oixla d^ia, enavanavaerai kit! avTyjv n 
dpyjvy^ viidv idv '6e y,Yi i} d^ta, r, elprivyj 
vfLCdP i(p^ v[idg dvazdix^ei. 

Kal og dv izyj Se^yjraL vfidg, iirihe dxovGYi 
Tovg X6yovg v^CdVy iJQsp^o^svoi f^o rrjg olxlag 
yj r^g 7i6?i£Cdg ixeivyjgj eKrivdadere rov zovLop- 
rov Tt5z^ noScdv v[/.C)v. 'Afii^v ?Jyid vllXv^ dv- 
ezrdTepov satai yri ^oSoiaov zal Fofioppuv 
iv TYi nuepq. ryjg -Kpiak^^ yj rri noXei ezslvY}, 

75. Further Instructions. 

'l^ov, iyd d7to(JT6/lXca Vfidg c5g npoSara iv 
fieo<i) 7A)xuiV. 'Ecre ovv (ppovi^oi cjg ol 6(pHg., 
xal dxkpaioi cdg al nepiarepai. 

YlpogF/)(^£re he dno ruv dvdp^ncdv. MlCtjgoV' 
Ol yap vfidg zal iz ndvTog rponov Si6^ovGi 
Std TO ovofid (.lov, 'A/lXd (xyj ^oSelaOe Tovg 
dvdpcoTtovg, ^A7toxT<r:ivov(ji fj.Ev to adfia, tyjv 

— 89 — 

Se '^vx;^'^ oi hvvavrai dnoxrelvsiv. <i>o6ela06 
lia7JXov n:6v hvva^evov xal tyjv ylv^yjv xal 
to aCi^a hia^Oei^BLV. 

'0 Sexoi^evog vfidg ifie hex^rat, xal 6 ejie 
isxo[i6vog Sex^rac rov dnoarei/iavrd fie. 

Kal i^eXOovreg ol dnoaro^oc exvj^vaaov 
Herdvoiav, xal Yiyy£7J}^ov tyiv pa(yL7^eiav on 
yjyytxsv. Aacftovia Se xal 7io7Jkd E^eSaXkov 
xal dXd<povr6g eTiaio) no7.Xovg d^puarovg 

)d7t£Vov avTovg. 

76. Tlie Multitudes Follow JeSus. 

^'Eyyvg yjv ro Yldaxoi, xal vTtoarpE^avreg 
Ttpog rov "lyjGovv ol dnodroXoi dnrfyyeL^^ap 
aiJTcj, oGa eTtoiyjaav xal oaa i^lSa^av. 

^0 ^e elni-v a^vrolg' Asvre elg spyjixov ronov 
xal dvanaveade bXiyov. \h6vi;Eg hh avrovg 
ol 6;^ /lot imdyovrag -/pcoXovOy^aav avTolg, 

— 90 — 

Kal l^uv 6 'lyjGovg iTiE'/jasv avrovg, on 
Yiaav oj$ Ttpo^ara (j.yj e^ovra noifLeva, xal 
yjp^aro SiSdajcEtv avrovg TioXXa xal 3fpa- 
Ttevetv rovg d()p6(jTovg avrOiv. 

11 . The Miracle of the Loaves and Fishes. 
'O^lag he ysvofievYig Ttpog^^^.Oov ai'TCj ol 
fiadyjral keyovrsg' ""Epyjixog iartv 6 ronog 
xal n copa yjSy] 7to7JkYi' ^ Knokv^jov ovv rovg 
6](Xovgy tva dne^dovreg elg rdg zvyJki^ z^ixag 
dyopdaidOiv tavrolg (3p6uaTa, 

'0 he ?Jyei' YloGovg dprovg eyjr€\ 'Atto- 
zplvovTaC UevtEy xal hvo ly^dvag. 

Kal x82.£V(jag rovg d^Xovg dvaxXcdyjvat inl 
rov ypprov^ ^^aSidv rovg Tthre dprovg xou 
rovg Svo ly^Ovag, dvajSXE^ag elg rov ovpavbv 
evTioyTiOei' avrovg xal eSoxe rolg fcaOyiralg^ 
ol he ^aOyjral iuepiaav avrovg rolg oyXoig. 

— 91 — 

Kal e<payov xal ex^opraGdyjGav navreg, xai 
Yipdri TO TtepiGGevaav auro^g, xXaGftdrciiv xo- 
^ivoL SidSexa. 01 Ss (pay6vTi:<; yjjav dv8pBg c5g 
%£vraxi<;^i/iiOL ;^6jp^g yvvaixuv xal nai^tcov. 

01 ovv dvdpoTtoi iSovr^g o iTtolyjje Gyjfielov 
6 'lyjdovg, eXeyov on Ovt 6c, ianv dTiyjdog 6 
npocpYir'/jg, 6 ip^o^usvog eig tov xoa^ov. Kal 
ede7.ov avrov /3aGi?J(yL notyjaat. '0 5e evOto^g 
ixeXevae Tovq fiadyjrdg six^aiveiv elg to 7t7iolop 
xal npodyetv elg to nspav Ttpog Ka(papvaovix. 
AhTog Se dvb'^6pyjGep elg opog npogev^aadau 

78. Jesus Walks upon the Sea. 

^Hcraz^ rih'/i ol (.taO'^Tal iv (ueco) Tyjg 3a- 
?,dG(jyjg, xal sSacavi^ero to tiKoXov vito TUiV 
xvixdTov. 'EvavTLog ^v 6 avjEftog, ov6^ ^hvvavTo 
npox^i^ipslv el ^r/j ^paheoig xal \id7.a yja^^eniJig, 

Tt? he TeTdpTY} <J)v?m(,xyi Trig vvxTog elSov 

— 92 — 

*t6v 'iTiaovv tTtoiievov aiVoi^ -jcal nepina- 
rovvra inl ryjg ^aTidaayjg, ^Erapd^Oyidav 
SetvCdg vo(j.t^ovTeg <pdvr aai^a slvat xal and 
TOd (p6§ov e;^paja2^. 

'EvdEog Ss i?id?iyiG£v avrolg 6 'lyioovg Xe- 

yov ' (dapGdre, syL) elfxt, (xyj ^xiSslode. Tore 

aveSri elg rd TiXolov^ %al ixdnaaev 6 dve^xog. 

01 he ev tc5 n?iOL0) iWdvteg npogsxvvyiaav 

avrC) 2.£yovreg' 'AXy;dQg Qeov vlog el. 

79. The Promise of the Blessed Sacrament. 

Ty} Se varepalq ol o'/P^oi^ ov hwdiievoL 
evpiGxeiv rov 'lyjaovv, yj/iOoj' elg Ka^apraot'/z 
^yjrovvreg amov. '0 M ISg)v avrovg eXeyev 
'A[iyjv d^yjv Xeycd i/ztr, ^yjrelre (.le^ ov^ on 
elSere cyjiiela, d?.V on i^dyere ez rCdv 
aprcdv, xai i^^oprdady^Te' Mvj ipyd^eaden/jv 
PpC^Oiv ryjv dnoXXv^eiiYiv, d2.7A trjv ^pdaiv 

— 93 — 

^Yiv ixEvovGav eig ^oyjv al6viov, yiv 6 vlo^ 
rod dvOptmov i\ulv S^gel. 

Tig ovv 6 dprog ovrog 6 aeiiv6g ; ^Evevoow 
ol 'lovSaloi dprov TLvd ^av[idaLOV olov to ^dv- 
va, o e^ayov ol narepsg ai>T(^v iv tt? ip'^tio), 

'0 Se 'IriGovg flrtsv avrolg' 'A(iyiv diiyjv Xi^o 
vfilv, ov McovG'^g ehc^xsv vyXv rovdprov ex, 
rod ovpavoVy dX/l' 6 Ttarrjp fiov SlScoGtv viilv 
rov dprov ex rod ovpo.vov rbv d2j/i0tv6v' 
6 yap dprog rod Oeod hnv 6 xarajSatPov 
ex rod ovpavod 7cai ^cd'/jv StSovg ru xoGfico, 

EIttov ovv Tipog avrov Kvpie, rtdvrore hog 
7)ulv rov dprov rodrov. 

'ATZexpWyj 6 'lyjGodg * ^Ey6 eliut 6 dprog ryjg 

^coY/g,' 'A/lP.d Tipdrov hsl ntGrevEiv elg ov (XTte- 

GrEi?.Ev 6 Osog. 'AfiYjv diiyjv /iEyo v^lv, 6 

TiiGrEvcdv Eig EfiE E^EL ^co'/jv al6viOv. ^Ey(jy sliit 

6 dprog ryjg ^^cdyjg, 6 ix rod ovoavov xaraffdg. 

"Edv rig ^yri ex rovrov rod dprov, ^yjGE- 

— 94 — 

Tat elg rov alCdva. Kat 6 aproc, ^ ov iyu ^gSjcj 
7] crdpj fiov sGTtv vnep ryjg tov xoa^ov ^u^g. 

80. The Jews Murmur. 

'^^ovro o'vv ol 'lovSaloi npoq d/\.Xyj?LOvg 
^.eyovreg' Uuyg hvvaTai ovrog r^fiiv hovvai 
TY^v iavTov adpxa (payelv; 

*0 Se 'lyjGovg elnsv avrolg' 'Edv fxrj <pdyyjTe 
TYjv adpza rod vlov rov dvOpclynov, xal nirjrE 
avrov ro atfia, ovx f;^fTe ^(^riv ev ^avrolg. '0 
rpdiyiiiv fiov rriv odpxa xal tzIvdv fxov ro aifia 
e^€i ^(jiyjv aiidviov, xal eyd dvaarrjaco avrov 
ev rii e^J^.^rri r\uepq. 

'H yap adpE, f^ov cO^'/jdyig ean jSpuGig, xal 
ro aljid pLOv dXyjO/jg eGri Ttooig. rpciycjv 
(xov ryjv adpxa xal nivuv fiov ro alfia ev e^iol 
fievEL, xdyd) ev avru). 

KaOdig dneareL^€ fie 6 (^cdv naryjp, xdydi ^(5 

— 95 — 

Sid rov Tiarspa, xal 6 rp^yov fie xdxelvog 
^yjcrsL Sl^ sue. Ovrog hriv 6 aproc, 6 ii^ oupa- 
vov xata^dg, ov xa8idc, e^ayov ol narspeg 
v^uCiv TO (xdwa xal dnedavov 6 rp^ycov rov- 
rov Tov dpTov ^-j^GEL elg tov ali^va. 

81. The Apostles are Scandalized. 

Ho/l^ot 5e xal ri^v f.ia6yjr{dv oxovGavreg 
avrov elnov ^x?^yjp6g iartv ovrog 6 Myog' 
rig Svvarat avrov axovstv; 

'0 Se 'lyjaovg elnsv avrolg' lovro v^udg 
axavSa2,i^eL', Tt ovv ^^/laere, idv ^eidprirB rov 
vlov rov dv6pc)nov dva^aivovra, onov ^v 
ro nporepov; ^'Ert xal rore dniGryjaere; 

To Ttvevfid iuri' ro ^coonoiovv^ n crdp^ ovx 
o)^£7^el ovSev. Td p^/iuara^ a iyo X6?.d?yy^xa, Tiveviid iari^ xal ^w)? iariv, 'AX/l' 
ehlv i^ viiC)v nveg, ol ov marsvovOiv. 

— 96 — 

^Ex rovrov noXXol ri^v (xaOyiTdv dnyj/idov 
dn^ avrov. EtTte ^e 'lyjGovg rolg S^Ssxa' My] 
zal vi^elg ^E^.ers vnayetv, ^Anex^Wri ^l^lqv 
Uirpog ' Kvpie, npog Ttva dnsXevao^ueOa; 
^Frjizara (ayjg ahoviov ex^^'sy ^^^ yi//ag Tts- 
marevxaii^Vy on <j>v el 6 ayiog rod Oeov, 

82. Second Passover. — The Woman 
of Chanaan. 

Aid rag i7ii§ov2.dg rov 'lovSalcov ovx dveSvi 
6 'lyjaovg rovrcy roj erst dg ^hpoaoT^vixa inl 
ro nd(T;^a. HepiTtari^v ovv ryjv Fa/ltXataj^ 
yj^Oev elg ra opia Tvpov ocal ^thdvog. 

^ExH yvvYi rig, 'EXTiyjplg, dno rov oplov 
ixdvov et^eXQovaa^ Ttpogeneoe rtpog rovg rcoSag 
avrov xal expavyaae 7Jyov(ja' 'E?Jy]G6v fis, 
Ki;ptE, vU Aa6iS' n ^vydryjp (lov %a;cc5g 
Saifjcovi^erat, Kvpts, ^oridei ^loi. 

— 97 — 

*0 5e OLTioxpidel^ elnev Ov xaX6v ecJTi, 
7m,6£Iv rov dprov tisiv renvov xal ^aXelv 
rolg xvvaploig. 

*H Se elne' Nat, Kvpie, xal yap rd xvvdpia 
iaOtet and tdv ■^ixt(^v r{^v TttnrovTLdv and 
TYig rpa7tf(y^g rCdv xvplcov avTuv. 

Tore aTtoxpiOelg 6 'lyi(yovg elnev aiT'^* 
^n yvvai, (.isydXri gov n nh^ig' yevyiOyjta 
aoi ojg ^E/iEt<;. Kal iddyj n ^vydry/p avr^g 
and TTJg .(opa$ exsivyiq, 

83. Cure of the Deaf and Dumb. 

'E^e/t^c!)!^ EX rdv oplcdv Tvpov xal ^iSi^vog 
Yi7Sev 6 ^{riaovc, napd tviv ^d'Xxxaaav ryjg 
FaXt/lata^ dvd fieaov Tdv oplidv AsxanoXeog. 

^Exel ^EpovGiv avro) ol d^Tioc ^(jT^ovg, xvX- 
Xovc,, 'rv(p/iovg, xG)(povg xal tripovg noXkovg 
d(^^EVE\g^ xal iOEpdnEVUEv avrovg. 

— 98 — 

"Ev rovToig yiv xcopo^ Tig zal ^oyL?.d?.og. 
Kal dnoXaSofLEvog avrov (XTto tov o^Xov xar' 
ihiaVy s6a?.€ Tovq haxTvXovg elc, rd cora 
avrov, zal nrvGac, yj\laro ryjg yX^aariq aiVov, 
zal dva3?J4^ag elg tov ovpavov earsva^s, xal 
T^eyei aiiTca* 'E^^a^d, o eaTt SiavotxOyjTi. 
Kal yivoiyyjGav avrov at dxoai, zal iTivdyj 6 
^sdixog TYJg yX^GGYig avrov, zal i7^dXet 6p6c5$. 

01 he oyXoi eOavi-iaaav zal ih6^aaav rov 
(deov Xkyovreg" Ka/lc5$ navra nejcolyjze* rovg 
iZCd(povg TtOLEt dzovetv zal rovg d7id?a)vg XaXslv. 

84. The Primacy Conferred on Peter. 

^EWdi^v 6 'lyjGovg dg rd (xepyj KaLGapeiag 
TYig ^^iXiTtnov, T^pcSra rovg (zadyjrdg' Ttva us 
TieyovGiv ol dvOpunot slvat; 01 be elnov 01 
[lev 'loidvvYiv rov Banrtarrjv, ol 8e 'H^wiai^, 
erepoi be 'lepe^lav, 77 eva rdv npo^'/irCyv, 

~99 — 

Kal atdig r{p(dTa' 'ITfielg he, rlva fze Xeyere 
e\vai\ 'AnExplvaro ^Ificdv Ylerpog' Xv el 6 
XpiCTTog 6 vlog rov Seov rod ^(^vrog. 

Kal elnev avtCi 6 ^lyjaov^;' Maxd^toq a, 
^ificdVj on odp^ zal alfia ovx ajtexaXv^e Got 
Tovro, dX/l* 6 naryjp ^ov, 6 iv rolg ovpavolg. 
Kdycy 6e gol Xeyco' on Si) el Uerpog, xal eni 
tavTYi rrj Tterpq olxoSo(j.yjGio (lov ryjv exxXyiai- 
av xal nvkai qSov ov xana^movGiv aiiryjg. 

Kal SfoJo) (70/ rag xXelg r^g ^aoO^eiag riov 
ovpavdv xal o dv ^yjGYig enl rrig yrig, eGTat 
hehe^evQv iv rolg ovpavolg, xal o dv XvGYig 
enl 'Trig y^g, eGrai Xe^vV^ievov ev rotg ovpavolg. 

85. Jesus Foretells His Passion. 

'And rovrov yjp^aro 'IviGovg Setxvvvac rolg 
fiaOyiralg avrov, on Set avrov elg 'lepoaoTiVfxa 
aTteXdelv, xal 7to?^Xd nadelv djtd ruv npeGSv- 

— 100 — 

rspov xcu dp^iepecdv xal yfaixfiarsov, xal 
dnoxTavd'^vai, xal trt Tfir'/i ri^fpa iyspO^vai. 

Kal 7ipog?jx66iievog avrov 6 Uhpog ?Jysi 
ai'Tco intrcfxi^v' ''l?^e6g oocy Kvpts' ov ^yi 
iorat aoi rovTo. 

'0 he "'Iviaovg im^rlfXYjae tc5 TlsrpG) tyjv 
dfppoavvyjv ravryjv, xal Ttpogxa/ieadfj-svog rov 
by^^ov ai)v rolg ^adyjralg. elnev avrolg' Wt 
rtg ^sXsi onho fiov dxo?j)v06lVj dnupvy^adado 
iavTov xal dpdro rov OTavpov airov, xal 
dxo?.ovd6ir(o fioc. 

^'0$ yap dv ^e7^ri rrjv ■'^v')(yiv avrov crcojai, 

d7to?JGeL avryjv og <5' dv dno7JaYj tyjv ^l/v* 
^yjv avrov 'ivexev e(j.ov xal rov svayyeXloV) 
evpyjaet avrrjv. Tt ydp 0)^s?,Yi6yiGer at dvdpo* 
nog, idv rov xoa^iov oXov xeph'/juri^ ryjv Si 
t)/vyyjv avrov ^yj(iiCx)dYi; ''H rl hoGSL dvdpci- 
nog dvrdXT^yiia rrig '\l'V<pyjg avrov; M.e?i?^ei 
ydp 6 vlog rov dvdpoTiov epx^udaL sv r^ 

— 101 — 

^o^Tt rov Tiarpog ai rov fierce rdiv dyye?LOV 
avrov, xal rore (X7ioSL)(yei exdaro) zard ryjv 
TCpd^iv avrov. 

86. The. Transfiguration. 

MeO' rijWfpag f^ Ttapa^iafi^dvei 6 'lyjGovg 
rov Ilsrpov, rov 'lodvvyjv xal rov ^Id-XidSov 
xal dva<pspei avrovg £l<; opog v-^yj?^6v. 

^Exel (J.ersij.op<p60yj eunpoaOev avrdiV To 
TipogciTCov avrov eXafi^ev wg 6 yi'^lo<;, rd 
Ifidna avrov eykvero "kevKd cj$ X^f^v, xal 
ISov, Lx^jdrjGav avrolg Mc^W'^g xal 'H^ta$ 
cv?^?^aXovvreg fier^ avrov. 

'0 Herpog sxne7iX>Yiy fxevog eiTie ro) 'lyicfov' 
Kvpie, xaXov eanv nf^dg co5f elvai' si ^f/letg, 
noLYjao^ev wSs axyjvdg rpElg, fiiav aol xal 
(jtiav McdiJGYi xal fiiav 'HXia. 

Kat m avrov XaXovvrog ve<peXyi ^cyceivY} 

— 102 — 

hteaxiaGev avTov^ xal eyevero ^cdvyj ix T>7g 
v6<p^Xyjg Xeyovaa' Ovrog ianv 6 vlog fiov 6 
dyajty^rog, tv ^ evSoxyjaa' avrov axovsrs, 

01 (laOyjral ravra dxomavreg xarensaov 
inl ro npogonop xal i(po6rjOy;(yav (y<p68pa. 

Kal TtpogyjXOev 6 'lyjaovg, xal d-^dixsvog 
avtCyv HTteV ^EyepOyjTe xal (xyj <Po6eIgOs. 
'Endpavreg Se rovg oipOaX^iovg ovheva slhov 
si fiyj Tov ^\ri(3ovv fiovov. 

Kal xarafSaivovrov avrdv ex rov opovg 
insra^ev avroTg 6 'lyjaovg ^rihevl Xsysiv d 
elSoVf €1 fiY} orav 6 vlog rod dvdp(x)7ton: ix 
tOiV vBxpisiv dvaarr). 

87. Jesus Cures the Lunatic Child. 
Ty} Sf fc-^% Yifiepq, xareXOovrov avri^v and 
Tov opODg cwYiv-TYiae tg) ^Irigov oyXog noXvg, 
xal dvYjp dito tov 6^^^ sSoi^ge Xkyi^v Kvptt, 

— 103 — 

0^yig6v fwv rov \)\6v^ on ceXyivid^erai xal 
imo 7tv£Vfiarog dXdXov xaxog nda^eL. Hpo^- 
rjveyxov ai^ov rolg fiadriralg aov, dX/l' ovk 

iSvvYjOyiaav avrov ^spanEvcjai. 

'0 §e 'lyjGovg elnev avro)' El hvvri morsd' 
oou, ndvra Svi^ard rwi TUGTevovn. Kal evOecdg 
xpd^ag 6 narnp rov naL&lov (xerd Saxpvcov 
^2^£y6' YliGTevci, Kvpie.^ ^oh^Osl (lov rri dntGrla. 

Tors ensrifiYiGs'v 6 'lyjGovg tc3 dxaOdprc) 
nvev^uoLri, xal iOepaTievdyj 6 nalg. 

Totg bi ftaOT^ratg eXeyev ' £L yeved ctTrtOTog, 
eo)<; 7t6r€ fj.eO* vfitov eGOfiat; Aid rviv dni' 
criav vfLLiv ovx e6vvyi0yire exl3a?ielv avro, 
^A^Ylv ydp Tisycd i\utv, idv '^^'^te tilgtiv 
ijg xoxxov Oivdrcsi^g, ipurs tqj opEt rovrw' 
MeTd(3yjOL Evdev ixelasy xal fit'tafSy^GErai, xal 
ov^ev dSvvaryiGBt vi^tlv. TovTO Se to ysvog ovx 
ixTCopEVETaif el fiyj ev npogEVx^ri xal vy^Grela. 

— 104 — 

Third Year. 

jesus works chiefly in samaria and judea.. 

88. Jesus goes to Jerusalem for the Feast 
of Tabernacles. 

nyjyia, xal elrtov ol dheX<pot rod 'lyiaov npog 
avTov Msrd(3yj6i ivrsvOev, %a\ vnays el<; 
ryjv 'lovbatav, Iva xal ol (j.adyjrat gov ^eo^ 
pyjacdoi aov rd epya, a noielg. ^ap^pco(yov 
asavrov tc5 xoa^o). 

Hopsvouevoq ovv 6 'lyjaovg Ttpog ' I epocro/l i^^aa 
dneGretXEv dyyE?^ovg npo iavrov elg x6ftyjv 
rcvd rcdv 1,afiap€irCiv^ Iva irotfidaaLsv avro). 

Ol Se svotxovvrsg ovk .eSov'kyidyiaav 7tpo$- 
hex^oBat avrov, on to npogonov avrov yiv 
nopevofievov elg 'lepouoXvua. 

— 105 — 

Tovro iSovreg ol ^aOrral av-rov Idxid^og 
xal 'IcddvvYjg elnov' Kvpte, ^eXeig etTtcjicev 
nvp y.araf^yjvac ex rod ovpavov xal r^v^uofai 
TavTYiv TYjv x6fc/iv, o)g xal 'H/lta$ inotyjofep; 

^rpa(p8tg (]e 6 ^Ir^aovg inerL(.iyjG£v avrotg 
?Jycdv' Oil-^ olSare olov nveviiatog ea-re vfielg. 
'0 yap vlog rov dvOpc)nov ovx '/j?.dev dvOp6' 
Tiovg dno7daau dX7A oC^aai. 

Kat enopevOr^aav elg trepav x^ici^v. 

89. The Sending of the Seventy-two 

Mtrd ravra dveSei^ev 6 K-vptog xal tre- 
povg tSho^rixovra hvo xal dnsaret^ev avrovg 
dvd Svo Tipo npogcdTtov avrov elg 7td(yav itokiv 
xal roTtoVy ov efieXkev avrog ep^e(yOai, 

^EXeye 8e Tipog avTovg' *0 ^ev ^epcOfcog 
Ttokvg^ 01 he ipydrat bXiyoc SeyjOyjre ovv rov 

— 106 — 

xvpiov rod ^epLGfiov, ortog ixf^dXXYi ipydra^ 
eig Tov ^6f>iGiidv avTov. 

'^ndyere' Ihoi) dTtoari/lPca) v^a<; wg dpvag 

iv (xEGco Xvxov, Myj ^aataX^ere (3aXdvrtoVy 

fxyj 7f)<ipav, (xyjhe vnobyjuaray xal fiyiSeva xard 
ryjv o^ov dGndayiadE. 

Ei$ ^v 5' dv oLxtav si^eXdrire, npcirov Xeye^ 
re' ElpYivyj roj olxq) rovrq). Kal idv ixd f viog 
elpT^pyjg, enavanavaerai ht! avrov r\ eiprivri 
v^ixiV idv Se ^Yi ys, e^* v(idg dvaxdji^'^t, 

Myj fiEra(3alvere e^ oixiag slg olxtav, d>l/l' 
ep rrj avrri olxlq ^ikvere^ iadlovreg xal m- 
vovreg rd Ttap' avrcdV d^tog ydp 6 ipydryjg 
rod fiLGdov avrov. 

Ulg Y(v h' dv TtoXiv elgeT^Oyjrey xal he'^^idvrai 

vfidg, saOiEre rd TtaparidEfiEva viuv, xal 

^EpanEVETE rovg iv o^vrij daOEVElg, xal Xe- 

ysrs avrolg ' "HyyixEV i^^ v(idg n ^auiXsia, 
rov Seov, 

— 107 — 

*0 dxovijiv hpLdv ifLov dxoveiy xal 6 dOsTCiu 
vfjid<; iue ddsrsi, 6 5e sue dOerCiv dOerel rov 
dnoareiXavrd (le. 

90. The Disciples Return from Their First 


'Tnearpsyi^v Sf oi tSSofjtyjzovra bvo fierd 
;^apd$ ?.eyovre^ ' Kvpte, xal rd haifzovia 
vnordaaerat n^juv iv to ovofXaTi oov. 

'0 Se 'lyiaovg sItiev avrolg' 'Er rovro) ^y^ 
XcuLpere, on rd nvevfiara viXiv vnoT da a eTar 
^alpere 6i, Sri rd ovo^iara viiC>v syys- 
ypaTirai iv rol<; ovpavoh;, 

'Kv avr^ r^ (3p^ '/^a^?.idaaro ru nvev- 
(lan Tc3 ayic) 6 ^iyjGovg xal elnev 'E^ofio- 
Xoyovfiat 001, ndrep, xvpie rov ovpavov xal 
r^g yyjg, on dnkxpv^g ravra dno oocpCdv 
xal cvverCiVj xal dnexd^.v^ag avrd v/jntoig. 

_ 108 — 

Kal arpa^slg npog rovg [ia6yira<; sine'' 
MaxdpLOL ol o^OaXfiol ol pT^enoweq a ^'ks*. 
nete. Aeya yap v^ilv, ore TtoXXol Ttpo^^rat 
xal fia<yikelg rfie7\.Yiaav Ihelv a vfiiig ^XETteTe^ 
dXX^ ovx elSbv, xal dxovcfat^ a dxovpre, 
dX?J ovx rixovaav. 

91. The Greatest Commandment. 

Kat ihovy voixLTcog Tf$, ixneipd^Qv avrdv 
Xsyet' Ai^d(yxa7^6j rl notrioag ^qyiv aliviov 
x?uyjpovofj.7^a(j} ; 

"Hp^rrjaev avrdv 6 ^Irjaovg* 'Ei^ to rd^cj. 
^l yeypanrat ; 7t(5g dvaytyvoaxeig ; 

'0 Ss d7t8?cptvaro' ' AyanrjCieig rov Kvptov 
^6v (dsov aov i^ 3?'yyjg T'^g xapSia^ gov, xal iv 

xal iv oX>7 TYi hiavoia aov* xal tov 7i2^yi<jiov 
oov 0)g GEavrdv. 

— 109 — 

Kal elnev avrq) 6 'ly^tyodg' 'Op0c5$ an- 
expWyig. Tovro Ttoietj xal ^riUYi. 

*0 he ^eXcdv Sizaii^crai iavrov etne npog 
tap 'lyiGovv Kal rig eGtiv 6 TtkYjaiov (lov; 

92. The Good Samaritan. 

*T7to/Ux^or Ss 6 ^ly;tyovg elnev' '^AvdpoTtog 
<ng xare§aivev cxTto ^lepovaa^yjfi elg *Iept%o 
xal Xriatalg nepieneaev^ ot zal hbvGavreg zal 
7i7,Yi^avreg avrov anri'kQov, fi[iLOavyj d^evreg. 

Kara avyxvjpiav hpeig Tig, oiiocDg Se xal 
XeviTYig, xateSatvov iv r^ oSoj ixeivY}, xal 
iSdvreg avrov dvrmapri'kQov. 

^a^apeirrig he rig bhevcdv exelae iXeriaev 
avrov, xal 7(poge2.6(}>v xareSyjGe rd rpavfiara 
avrov imxecdv e^aiov xal olvov xal eni^i- 
Sdoag avrov enl ro Xhtov xrvjvog, yjyayev 
avrov elg navhoxelov xal inefze^^Yid/i avrov. 

— 110 — 

l&oxe TO) navSo'^el xal etTiEv avroj' 'Em- 
fieXyidyjTc avrov, xal o Tt dv Tipo^^anavyiGrig, 
iy6, orav STtaveXOcdy dno^oxrco <jol. 

Tig ovv Tovrov rCyv r^iCw hoxsl aot n^yjGcov 
yeyovevai tov e^nioovrog eig rovg ?.Y}Gtdg\ '0 
he drti^xplvaro' '0 eXGrjaag avrov. Einev ovv 
aiVo) o ^{Yfoovg' Yio^evov^ xal av nolet ofiouog. 

93. Mary and Martha. 

TLopevo^evog 6 'li^aovg npog ' [E^oaoXviia 
"^XOev elg x6uyiv Tivd ByjBaviav xaXoviikv/iv. 
^Exel dh^X^al hvo, Mapta xal Mdp9a, ri^ao; 
vnsheEavTo avTov elg rviv olxiav avrc^v. 

*H fiep Map/a TtapaxaOtdaaa napd rovg 
TtoSag rod Kvptov^ yjxovGe rov Xoyov avroVy 
n Se MdpOa TtepteGTtdro Ttspl noXkriv Siaxo- 
viav, xal sine' Kvpie, ov fxeXei ooi^ on ri 

— Ill — 

dSb'X(pyi fiov fiovyjv fie xataXeinei ^laxopetv; 
E/7te oiv avrri, Iva iiot ovvavrt^idS'/irai. 
'AnoxpLdslg Se elnev avrri o '[yjaovg * Mdp- 
^a, MdpOa, fxept^vqg xal ^o^v6d<^ri ns^l 
noXkd' tvog Se iari x^eia. Mapta he tyjv 
dyadyjp ^epiSa i^e^E^aro, yjrig ovx d<paipe' 
O'/lGeraL wtC avT'^g. 

94. The Lord's Prayer. 

Ev^afxevov note tov ^iriaov iv roTtCi) rcvl 
spy;^^, elnev am(^ ng rC)v fiadyjrCyv avrov* 
Kvpie, ytfia^ov nftdg npogevx^GOai, xa6o)g xal 
^ludvvr^g ihi<)a^e rovg ixaOyjTag ai'Toi). 

Kal elnev airolg 6 'lyjdovg' ^Orav npog- 
ev^'/iaOe, ?Jyere' Tldrfp r,t.wn', o ev rolg ovpa- 
volg, ayiaGd-/;Ti,) to ovoud (Jov e^^Oercd y[ /3a- 
aO^eia gov yevy^OyiTCd to ^e'/iYji-td gov, tjg ev 
ovpavCi, xa\ eni t'<c yi^g' tov dprov r\^C)v tov 

— 112 — 

iniovoiov 5o$ nftiv ai^iiepov xal d^sg nfdv Td 
ofpeOJiiAaTa hf^cdv, cjg xal nfielg d^isfiev toi$ 
6q>£i9iEraig rificSv xal (^yj elgicviyxYig Yiftdg eig 
TtBipaGfjidv, d/lXd pvaai nf^dg and rod novyjpou. 

Vial npogedyjxev 6 ^[y}aovg' Ah^iTSy xal 
^oSyjGtJai V(.dv' ^Y^relre, xal ehpy^Cfere' xpovete^ 
xal dvoiyyjGerai vfilr. Udg yap 6 ahCyv TLafc- 
Sdvety xal 6 ^t^tCov ehphxeif xal t^ xpovovti 


95. Jesus (it the Feast of Tabernacles. 

'A^Hxero 6 ^lyiGovg etc 'hpoGoXviia^ [.isaov- 
(T>7$ yj^yj ryjg ?opT)7$. "Ava^dg eig to lepov 
sSi^aGXi:, xal idav^ia'^ov oi 'lovSaloi Xeyovreg ' 
HCdg ovTog ypdufiara olSe, f.iy} iieiiaOyjxcyg; 

""ET^eyov ()6 riveg ix TiTiv ^lepoaoTiVfitTcdV 
Ov^ ovrog iariv, ov i^y^rovaw dnoxTHvai, xal 

— 113 — 

i5e na^pYlGiq 7.a7iu,z(u ovhev avrco ?JyovG[v. 
M)7 note d?^riOC)g eyvidaav ol dp^ovreg, on 
ovrog hrtv 6 XpiJTog; UoXXdlSe ez rod 6^?.ov 
inlarevov elg avrov xal £?^eypv on. '0 ^^LGrog^ 
orav e^^dri, iivj nXsiova: OYi^ela 'notYiaei idi> 
ovrog enoLYjtjev. Ovienore iXd^yjOfev ovrag 
dvOpconog, Ovrog eariv d'^y^Oidg 6 7ipo<pyjryjg. 

96. The Woman Taken in Sin. 

^Opdpov Se ryjg var Epatag nd/itv yjv q 
""Iriaovg iv roj Upoj SiSdaxov, xal dyovuiv 
avro) ol ypaaiiarslg xal ol ^apiGaloi yvvalxd 
rtva 87tl a^aprtq el^^Yi^iiEvr^v^ xo.l XeyovGiv ' 
AtSacTpfaPof, avry] n yvvii xareikriTirai £7t. 
avro^Gpo) ^OL^EVofiEVYi. M(oi;(j>7$ ^^ £^ '^^ 
,v6ftcj e%€A6vae, rdg roiavrag XiOd^eiv ' gv 
ovv rl ?Jy£ig ; 

-^114 — 

xareypa(pEV eig ryjv yriv. '11$ he ensfievov 
£p6)T(5j^Tfg avrov, dvexv\j^6 xal flnev avrolg' 
*0 dvaudpryjro^ v^iCdv 7tp«To$ £7t' avryjp /3a- 
/If TO XWov, xal nd'kLV xaraxv^xxg eypa'^ev 
slg triv yyiu. 

Ot he dxovGavreg i^yjp^ovro, elg- xaO^ slg, 
dp^dfisvoL dno rcdv npeaSvtepidv. Tot* o^poSTa 
6 ^Iriaovg tyjv yvvaixa' Tlov eiGiv ol xaTviyo- 
pQL <Jov; ovhelg <ye xarexpivev; *H he elnev 
Ovheig, Kvpie. Kal 6 'lyjcjovg ' Ovh^ iyiy ae 
xaraxpivC). Yiopevov, xal (xy^xeri di-idprave, 

97. The Cure of the Man Born Blind. 

Sa^^dro) Tivl napdyidv 6 'b/^Govg elhev 
dvOpunov Tt(pXdv ex yever^g, xal ripdiTyiGav 
axyrdv ol fiaOrjral airtov ?,eyovreg' 'Fa66iy 
TLg TJiiapTev, ovrog yj ol yovelg avrov, Iva 
rv^?Mg yevvyjOri; 

— 115 — 

'AneKpldyj 6 ''iyi(yovg' Ovrs ovrog yjuapTEv, 

ovre 01 yovelg avrov, akV Iva ^avepcdOfi rd 
epya rod Seov iv aiVo. 

"Vavra elmhv enrvGe ^af^al zal inoiyjds 
7iyj?idv ex rov TiTva^aTog^ zal in^Orixs rov 
TtYi^Mv inl rov; opOaTi^ovg rov TV(^)2.ov %ai 
elnev avrcy ^"Tnaye, vi^at eig ryjv xoXv^- 
^YjOpav rov 2t>lwd^a. 'Anyj/iOev 6 rv^Tiog xal 
ivi-^aTo^ xal 87tavyj?i6t' /3?i£7XCdy. 

01 Se ^Paptaaloi i^erddavreg Tti^g dveSXe^ev 
o rvpTiog e'kEyov ol f.dv on Ovx egti napd 
Ssov ovrog 6 dvOponog ^lyjGovg, on ro od^Oa- 
rov ov ryjpel, ol Se UCyg hvvarai dvOptdTtog 
a^aproXog rotavra oniiEla tcoleIv; Kal rjv 
ox't^lza iv avrolg. 

'0 Ss rv(p2.dg dnExpWyj' El aiiaprcdXog eanv 

ovx otSa* ev 6l8a, on Ti;^^6$ yjv, xal dpn 
^Xknid. OlSafiEv 8e xal on a^aprcdiCdv o Beog 
ovx dxovEC aXX idv rig ^EOGE^rjg rj, xal ro 

— 116 — 

^eT^rifiaavrov noLTi, rovrov dxovei. 'Kycj om^ 
(pyifLiy on ovTog 7tpo(py]ryjg 80tip, Ei yd^ fiyj 
Yiv Tiapd Osov, ovx dv r}^vvaro notelv ovhev. 
^AxovaavTeg roixrovg rovg Aoyia^ovg htiov 
ol 4>aptcrato/' 'Ez^ duapTtaig gv iysvvy^Oyjg 
oXog, xal GV SiSdazeig nu-dg : Kal i^e^a/^.ov 
avrov 8^(j. 

98. Jesus the Good Shepherd. 

^lS(^v 6 'lyjGovg, on ol <^aptGaloL e^eSakov 
^bv rvfp/ioyev^ Sid ryjg TttGrEQg avrov sTisyev 
axnolg tavrviv n^v Ttapa^oXyiv 

^Eycii eifii 6 noi^yjv 6 xakog. '0 nocfxyjv 6 
xa^iog n/jv ^l/v^yjv avrov rWyjGLv vnep tqv 
TtpoSdiidv. '0 ^taOcordg <§e ov ovx ecn rd 
nooSarca iSta, ^8opel rov Xvxov ep')(^6^evov, 
xal d^iYiGi rd npoSara xal <p6vy£i, xal 6 
Xvxog dpnd^ei xal axopnl^ec rd 7tp68ara. 

— 117 — 

'Ey6 eiUL 6 noifcyjv 6 za/^og zal yiyv6(jxcj 
td i^d ?cat yiyvQGzovGt (le id e^d, zaOc^g 
ycyvc^GXEi (le 6 naryj^ xdycy ytyvoyaxcd tov 
narepay zal Tyjv -^vx.'^iV ^ov riOy^fii hnep tCjv 

Kal dXka, np66ara s^(')f d ovx. egtiv iz 
,r^g av?^yjg Tavi:r^<;' xdxelva (5a fxe dyayelv^ 
xal ryjg (pcdvyjg fLov dxovdovdi, xal yev/iaovrai 
fila Tioiiivyjy slg 7toi{j.rjv. 

99. Jesus at the Feast of the Dedication. 

''Euetvev 6 ^I'/jGovg sv rolg 'lepo(yo?.v^Oig fxe- 
^pi tyjg topTYig rCdv iyxaiviov, yj evtavTov xaT'' 
eviavrov ^etuuvog cdpq iyevero nf-iepag oxru. 

UspLTiarovvra ovv avTov sv rcj lepoj iv 
T>7 OTod '2o?^o(/Cdvog ixvxXcoGav ol 'lovSaloc 
xal sXsyov ^'E(j$ nors ryjv 4^v^yjv riuCov alpag; 
E( Gv el 6 XptcTTog, elne rulv nappr^alci.. 

— 118 — 

'' AnsxpWy}' avrotg 6 'lyjGovg' 'Ednov v^lv, 
a^2/ ov mar ever s. Ta ef>ya, a iyo> noio ev 
Tc5 ovofiart rov narpog [zov, ravra fiaprvpei 

Ttepl itiov. 'A?u/l* v(ielg ov marevere' 'Ey6. 
Tcal 6 naryjp ev id fie v. 

^Azovaavreg ravra e^duraaav m 'lov^aloc 
Tiidovg, Iva XtddacoaLV avrov. '0 Se 'lyjGovg 
dnsxplvaro avrolg' Uo?Ad epya ehei^a v[uv 

'naXd ex rov Ttarpog' Sid nolov epyov ifie 

" AnexptdriGav bl ^lovSalot' Uepl xa'kov "^p- 

yov ov ?itOd^ofj,ev ere, d/l/ld nepl (SXaatpyjfiLag 
xal on Gv dvdpcdTtog dv noielg oeavrov '^eov. 
'0 he ^Ir^aovg e?^eyev' "Oj^ 6 Ttaryjp nytaGev 
vfielg Xeyere on B?iaG<py!fielg ; Ef ov 7toi6 rd 
epya rov narpog fiov, [lyj Tttorevere fioc el he 
'TtoiCd, xdv efiol fiYi TiiGrevyjre, rolg epyoig 
morevere, xal yvcoGecyOe, on ev ifiol 6 Ttaryjp 
xdycy ev rCi TiarpL 

— 119 — 

Tore i<^yirovv ol ^lovSalot maaaL avrov. 
ie 'lyiGovg i^yj^Msv ex t^c, ;^£(p6$ avtCdv xal 
dnyj/iOe naXiv nepav rod 'lop^dvov elg rov 
ronov, onov yiv ^UdavvTig to Tzpi^rov ^anrt^cdv. 

100. Jesus Pays the Temple Tax. 

^Hv n oSog Std 2a/wapaa$ xal FaXtXatag. 
Kat iXOovrog rov 'lyjaov fcerd rdv (laOy^rcdv 
elg Kacpapvaovfi, npogyj/iOov ol rd hih^a^fia 
Xa^iSdvovreg rcj Tlerpo) xat elnov '0 SiSd- 
<5xa7^og vudv ov reAel rd Si^pa^ua ; 

^An^xpWyj 6 Uerpog ' Nat. Kal ore elg^?.Oev 
elg ry;p olxlav, 7Cpoe<pda<j£V avrov 6 'lyjGovg 
XeyQj'' Tl Got 8ox£Ly ^ifzov; Ol paatXelg ryjg 
yyjg dno rtvcov Xa^6dvovGt rk7^ri\ duo rcdv 
vlC)v avrC)v^ yj and rov d?i?^orptG)v ; 

' Anexptvaro Herpog ' 'And rCdv d/l/loTptW, 
xal e^P'/i avro) 6 'Ir^Govg' dpa ye i^^evOepol ehcv 

— 120 — 

01 vloL ^Iva Se fzyj GxavSaXicon^ev avrovg^ 
TiopevOslg eig ryjv 3d/la(7cra^, jSdXe dyxiGrpov, 
xal rov dva^dvra Ttpdrov l^Ovv dpov, xal 
dvol^ag to OTOfxa ai'TOi; ehpriGEig arar-^pa' 
ixElvov 7ia6c}v ^og avrolg dvrl ifiov xal gov, 

101. Humility. 

^Ev rr} avrri copq 7ipog^2.dov to "Iyigov ol 
uaOrjrat, xal inyjp6ra avrovg' Tt iv tti bh(x> 
SiE7ioyi^£Gd6; 01 Se eai6ncdv. Tlpog dX}^.YlAovg 
yap ^LeXe^dyjGav iv tt? oSg), Tig dv elyj iuel- 
^uv avrcdv iv rri (SaGiXEta tC>v ovpavc^v. 

Kal ;>^aO/(7ag i(p6vy^G£ rovg S^hcxa, xal ?JyEt 
axytolg ' EI rig ^e?^el TtpcoTog Elvat, EGrac ndv- 
Hidv EG^jcLHog xal ndvrcdv Sidxovog. Kal XaSov 
TiaiMov, EGryjGEv avrd iv [aego} av^i^v xal 
E\nEv avrolg' ^Afiyjv ?Jycx) {\utv, idv (iyi 
Grpa^yjrEj xal ykvr^GdE wg toc Tiaihiay ov [lyj 


— 121 — 

elgeXdyjre elg Tyjv ^aotkeiav top ovpavCyv. 
^OGTig ovv ra7t6iv6aet iavrov ojg to nac- 
hlov rovto, oirog htcv 6 (xd^cov iv tyi /3acrt- 
^elq rC)v ovpavcSv. 

102. Scandal. 
Kal en nepl rov naiUov ?Jycdv slnsv 6 
'ly^&ovg rolg ^adriTaig avrov' ^'0$ dv Ss^yjrac 
€v Ttaihiov roLOvrov inl tco ovouarc (xov, s^s 

''Og <5' dv cxavhaXiori %va ti^v [iixprn-' rov* 
Tidv, rCdv 7iiar£v6vT(dv elg ifie, avfx^epsi ai'Tw 
Lva xps^aadvi ^vXog ovczog Ttepl rov rpd^yj^ov 
avrov, xal xaraTtovnaOYi iv ro nsXdysc ryjg 

Oval TO x6(y[ioj and r(^v axavhdX^v. ^ Kvdy- 
KYI yap ianv, iXOelv rd axdvSaXa' nXriv oval 
Ttj dvOp67iG), St^ ov rd axdvSaXov sp^srat. 

— 122 — 

£( &6 n ^elp GOV, 77 6 novg yj 6 6<p0a?.fidg 
cxavSaXl^Hi as, sxxo^ov avrov xal f3dXe and 
cov. KaXdv Got eari, xvXkov, 'xj^'kbv yj fxov^ 
6^0a\uov elq tyjv ^cdrjv elgeT^OelVy yj Svo ^el- 
pag, Svo n68ag yj hvo 6<p0a/iaovg e^ovra 
(3?^yj0^vai etc, ryjv yeevvav rod nvpog. 

^Opdre, ^yj xara^pov/jGyjre tvog rc^v ficxpCyp 
rovTuv ' Tieyo) yap v[ilv, on ol ayyekoi avirCdv 
ev ovpavoig Sid navTog ^"kenovai ro TtpogcdTcov 
Tov TtOLTpo; fiov, Tov Bv ovpoLVolq. 

103. Fraternal Correction. 

AiefiEvev 6 ^lyjGovg StSdGxuv rovg fzaOy^rdg 
xal e?iEy£v' ^Edv a,uapryjGr, elg G6 6 dSsX^pog 
GOV, vTiays, e'Xey^ov avTov (xera^v gov xal 
avTov fxovov. ^Edv gov dxovGY}, exEpSy^Gag tov 
d^E^<p6v GOV. 'Edv Se ^yj dxovGr,, Ttapct/la^f 
fXETa GOV etl Bva yj 8vo, Iva ertl Grouarog 

— /123 — 

()vo fxapTvpuv yj Tp(c5z^ araOY} ndv pyjfiOL. 

oi'q, 'Edi^ he xal ^^g ixxXyjalag napoLxovav}, 
f(TT(o Got coanep 6 eSpixog xal 6 r€^6vyig, 
\\fiyjv Xeyu vutv ^'Ocra dy'Syjayjre int T^g 
y^g, earat hsSsi-ieva fV rca oy^viS xftl oaa 
dp Xmyjre inl ryjg y^g, earat 'ke7^v^eva iv 
T6J ovpavo). 

ndXu' d^iyjv T^eycd viiXv^ ort 'Edv bvo vf-ic^v 

avfi^(dt'y;acdaiv enl tyjg y^g nepl Ttavrog Ttpdy- 
fiarog, , ov dv alrrjauvrat, yevyjaerat dvroJg 
napd rov narpog ^tov, rod iv ovpavoXg. 

Ov ydp eiOi hvo yj rpelg ovvrjyiiepot elg rd 
if.idv ovoi-ia, exel ehu iv ^eao) avrCdv. 

104. The Pardon of Injuries. 
Tore TtpogeXdov 6 Tlerpog '■riporyjGev avrov 
K'vpte, noddxig diiaprriaet elg e^ie 6 dhe'X^og 
fiov xal d<J)>7(T(j aiVcj; ?(og enrdxtg; 

— 124 — 

\Eyei air id 6 'lyjGovg. Ov ?Jycd aoi, m^ 
inrdxig, d?^X ecjg tSSo^y^zovrdxig tnrd. 'Edv 
ydp d(py>re role, dvdp67toLg rd 7iapa7ir6uara 
avrCdVf d^y!(yeL zal v,ulv 6 narrj^ hfxCiv 6 
ov^viog rd 7tapa7tr6uara vftdv. 

105. The Unforgiving Servant. 

Kal ravra na^aiveaaq insXeyev 6 'Ir^aovg 
rrivhz ryjv na^a6o7.Yiv' ' D.ij.Oia)0yi h (3aai7^eta 
rdv ovpavLdv dvOp^noi ^a(SiXEl^ o$ d^yjxe 
rC) hovXixi avrov rd Sdveiov fivptov raXdvrcdv. 

Ovrog Se e^e2.0(jv evpev eva r(^v avvSovXov 
avroVy og 6(peL?.6v avro) ixarov hyjvdpia' xal 
xparrjGag avrov envtye xal eSa'Xev slg ^v- 
Xaxyjv ajg ov dnohci ro 6^£L?^6ft€vov. 

'AxovGag ravra 6 xvpiog xal npogxa'Xead' 
fisvog rov ax'^yjpdv xal dyv6fiova Sov/iov ?Jy£i 
■auTcj ' Aov?.e novyjpe, naaav ryjv 6(p6i?^yjv 

— 125 — 

exHVYiv d^Yixa aoiy inel napszaXeadg fis' ovx 
€Set xai (J6 eXeriaat rov avvhov7^6v gov, (j$ xal 
iycd ce T.Xeyjcja; Kal opyiGdeig napeSuxev 
avrov roig ^aGaviGTolc,^ aj$ ov aTtohC} nav 
TO o^eiXoiievov . 

Outg) xai 6 narrip fzov 6 ovpdviog tcolt^gel 
vfilv, idv fxyj d^^re exaarog to dSeX^G) av- 
Tov drto Tt5v xapSiidv vfidv. 

106. The Ten Lepers. 

Kai ore BTe^eaev 6 '{riaovg Tovg koyovg 
tovrovg (xeryjpev dno r^jg TaXtXatag xai ^X- 
dev elg rd opia ryjg 'lovSaiag, nepav rov 'lop- 

Kat eigsp^o^evov avTov slg Tiva x6fj.yjv, dn- 
y/vryjaav avrC) hexa Tisnpol dvhpegy 61 eGryjoav 
TioppcdOev, xai yjpav fpcdvyjv XeyovTsg' ^iriGov 
imGrdra, e'keyiaov riuag. Kal lh<^v elnev av- 

— 126 — 

*tolg UopEvdEvteg iTtt^ei^are tavTovg role, 
lEpevcfiv. 01 he nopevOEvreg exadaplGdyjaav. 

Elg he i^ avrCiv, ihov on IdOyj, vneGrpe-^e 
fiera <|)(oj^)7g fieydXyjg ho^d^c^yv rov Seov, xal 
eiteaev inl npogonov napd Tovg nohag avrov 
ev^apiarc^v aiVcj. Kat ovrog yjv ^aiiapeiTYig. 

^ AnoxpSelg he 6 'ly^aovg elnev Ov^l ol hextL 
ixaOapiaOyiGav; ol he evvea nov\ Ov^ evpeOyjGav 
vnoGrpe^^avTeg hovvai ho^av tcj 0tc5, el (xyj 6 
oXkoyevYig otrog; Kat elnev avroj' 'Ai^a- 
ardg nopsvov n Tclang gov oeGuxe ae. 

107. Sickness and Death of Lazarus. 

l^v en 6 ^[yjGovg nipav rod ^lophdvov, ore 
at hvo dhe?.<pal Mdpia zal Mdpda and ByjOa- 
viag dneoreiTiav npog avrov XeyovGac Kvpie, 
6 dheX^og riiidv, ov tpiXelg^ aGOevel. 'AxovGag 
he 6 'lyjGovg elnev Avryj n aGdeveta ovz eGn 

— 127 — 

Tipog ^dvarov, d^X' vnEp Tyjg So^yjg tov (deoVy 

iva So^aaO-^j 6 vlog rov Seov 5i' avt'^g. Merd 

Se nfi^poig Svo Xkyei rolg fzadyiraig avrov' 

Ad^apog 6 (plXog YiaCiv dnsOavev, dX/l' dyw- 
fj,6v Ttpog avrov. 

Kal ore 7ipogs7t6?.a^6v 6 'lyjGovg tt? Btj- 

daviq, vTtrjvTrjdav avru Mdpda zal Mapta 

^eyovdai' Kvpie, el rig &8e ovk dv dneOavsv 
6 dSe/i^dg ril^dv. 

Xeyei avralg 6 ^l'>^Govg' 'Avaurrjaerat 6 
dSe9i(pdg v/iijp. 'Eyu ydp el^i ri diuGTaGig xal 
7] ^coyj' 6 niarevGiv etg i^e, zdv dnoOdvYi, 
^YlGerai' xal nug 6 ^idv xai niGrevcov etg 
i^iey ov fxyj dnoOdj^Yi eig tov ali^va. 

'lS(l)p Se amdg re xal rovg GvveXOovrag 
^lovSalovg xlalovTag eve^pi^yjGaro tc5 Ttvev- 
(lari, xal elnsv ' 'A/lXd nov redelxare avrov; 

AeyovGiv avroj' Kvpie, '^PZ^^ -^^^ ^^^' ^^^ 
Yiyayov avrov npog ro [ivrjfielov. 

— 128 — 

10^. The Resurrection of Lazarus. 
To Se ^ivYiuelov >^v (snrikaiov zal Xtdog in- 
EX61T0 hit! avrG). Akyei oiv 6 'Irjcjovg' ""Apare 
Tov XSov. Yi he MdpOot Xsyei avro)' Kvpie, 

rihri 6^£i, rerapralog yap eanv. '0 he ^liqaoxx;' 

Ovz elnov aoiy e(pyj^ on, eav marevGrig, 6\J/ft 
tYjv ho^av Tov Geov; 

'Hpax^ ovv rov XWov, zal 6 'irjaovg y/pe rovg 
6^0a?iiiovg dvo) xal elne' Ildrep, ev'^apiari^ 
ooi, on rixovadg fiov. 'Eyc) he rihetv, on ndv- 
Tore fj.ov dxoveig' dXTid hid top 6^/iov rov 

TtspieGTi^ra elnov, Iva marevGoGLV, on av (^le 

Tavra elncjv <pcdvi} (leydXri ixpavyaoe' 
Ad^ape, hevpo e^co. Kal e^yjXOev 6 reOvrjxcyg 
hehefxevog rovg nohag zal rag xelpag xeipiaig, 
zal n 6^jylg avrov Govhapio) Ttsptehehero. Kal 
eXeyev 6 'ly^Govg' Aware avrov, xal d'^ere 

— 129 — 

WoXXoi ovv ex rC)v 'lovSaluv, ^eaodiievoi 
a enoLYjaev, iniorevcyav eig avrov. 

109. The Jews Seek to Kill Jesus. 

01 8e dpj^iepEtg xal oi ^apLCalot avvYjyayov 
cvviSpiov xal eXeyov Tt noiovfiev, on ovrog 
6 dvOpidTtog noXkd noiel oyiftela; 'Edv d^i^^iev 
avrov ovTugy ndvreg TuaremovGtv elg axnov, 
xal ekEvaovrai ol 'Foiiialot xal dpovatv nftuv 
xal TOP ronov xal ro edvog. 

Elg 8e Tig i^ avrCyv^ Katd^ag, dp;^(fpfi'$ c}v 
^ov ivtavrov ixetvov, elnsv avrolg' ^v^(p£p€L 
7\ulv^ \va elg dvOponog dnoOdvYi vTiep rod Xaov, 
xal fiYj oXov TO edvog dnoXyiTai. 

Kat ttTi' kxuvYig Trig riuepag avveSovXevoavTo, 
iva dTtoxreivoGtv avTov. 

^Iviaovg o^v ovketl nappyjGiq nepteTcdTet iv 
Tolg 'lovSaioig, d/lX' dn^Xdev exeiOsv elg tyiv 

— 130 — 

^(xipav eyyvg tyiq ipyjfiov, dg 'Ecj)pal[x Xeyo- 
lievYiv noXiv^ xfXKel Sierpc^e f^era tG)V ^laOviTCdv, 

110. Jesus the Friend of Little Children. 

Tore 7tpog£<pepov to 'Iyigov naihta, Iva t6l<; 
Xelpag inidYi avrolg xal TipogEv^yjrat. Ol Se 
(laOyjtal enertiiriGav Tolg npog^epovGiv. 

^iSoyv he 6 'lyjOiovg riyavdxTy^Ge xal elnev ai'- 
rolg' ''A^ETe rd Ttaihta epj^^EaOaL npog ^e, xal 
fiyj xidXvere aird' TCdv ydp roiovrov hrlv ri. 
^aoiTiela tov Seov. 

Kal evayxa'XiGdiievog avrd xaTEvkoyet n- 
Oelg Tag xelpcLg hx! avrd. 

111. The Rich Young Man, 

Kat ixnopsvofievov tov. 'Itigov eig oSov, Ttpog- 

E^pa^e vEaviaxog Tig xal inyjp^Ty^aev avtov 

AiSd^xaXe dyadk, tc TtoiyiGo, Iva ^coyjp aid^ 
VLOV xT^yjpovofjiyjGG); 

— 131 — 

^Anexplvaro ai'To 6 'I>7Jot'$ TripyiGoi' rag 

ivroTidg' Ov (povevaeigy ov (xot^evaeLg^ ov ;t/le- 

'J/ftg, 01' '^lyevSoixapTvpyjaeig, Tlfxa rov narepa 

xai TYiv iiYirepa gov xal dyanyiGeig rov itkYi- 

a LOP GOV 6g ceavrov. 

Tov Se veavLov elnovrog on TaCra ndvra 

irripyjaa ix veorrirog fiovy eXeysv 6 'Iridovg' E( 

^e?^eig slvac reXetog, ndvra oaa e^eig n^Xviaov 

xai hog rolg nrc^^olgy xal Sevpo dxoXovOsi (zoi, 

^ExEivog Ss dxowag ravra dn^Xds Xvnov* 

[levog, rjv yap nXovGiog (T<J)dSpa. Kal orpa^sig 

npog rovg (laOrjrdg elnev 6 ^lyjaovg' 11(5$ hvg-^ 

xdXog ol rd x^pri^ara ej(pvreg elgeXevGovrai 
eig ryjv jSaatXelav rov Seov, 

112. The Reward in Heaven. 
Tore dnoxpiOelg 6 Usrpog elTte ro 'lyjaov' 
^iSoVj nfielg d^yjxafiev ndvray xai nxoTjiv- 
dyjGafiEv Got' ri dpa sGrai nfilv; 

— 132 — 

*0 be 'lyjdovg EtTtev avrolg' 'Aixyjv Xeyoiv^lVj. 
on v^Etg oi dxoTiOvOo^GavrEg fiot^ sv rri itakiy- 
yevEUiq, orav xaOloY} 6 vlog rov dvOpcinov inl 
tov ^povov TYig ho^Yig avrov, xaOtcaEads xal 

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Ssxa (pvXag rov 'lapayi?^, 

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7J dSsTitpag, yj narepa yj fiyjTEpa^ :/] yvvalxa )? 
*te%va, 7] dypovg ivExa rov ovo^arog [lov, ixd- 
<t6vra7tXaGiova Xri^Eraiy xal '(qyjv ai6vL0v 

113. The Laborers in the Vineyard. 
Metcc ravra E/iEyEV 6 'lyjaovg ravrrjv rrjv 
napa6o%riv ' 'Ofiota iarlv n /Jacri/lfta riAV oih 
fav{^v oixohEanorri, oatcg k^riXdEv afia npof 
jUiaOcocraaOat ipydrag, xal ovfi<p(dvyjGag fisTT* 
airuv EX hrivapiov ryjv rifispav aTtEGTEtkev 
avrovg eig tov d}j.7tE^C)va avrov. 

— 133 — 

Kal e^e^^Ociv nepi tyjv rpirr^v &pav^ xal 
TtdXiv Ttepl ryjv exrriv, rriv ivi'dry]v zal ryji^ 
ivSexdryjv, xal ehpciv exaGTore d/lylot'$ ipyd- 
Tag tGTi^rag iv rij dyopq dpyovg, aTtearsiXe 
xal Tovrovg slg rov diiTteXCiva avrov. 

'O^l'tag Se yevo^evYig 6 xvpiog avyxa?^8Gdfie' 
vog rovg ipydrag dneScoxev avrolg tov fxiaOov, 
dp^duEvog and rCdv ia^dtcov ?wg rcjv np^rov^ 
xal e7^a6ov oi re eu^^aroc xal ol npc^rot dvd 

Ttiv 8e 7tp6r(dv yoyyv'^ovrcov nepi ravryjg 
cSg d^txtag, elnsv 6 olxohsGnorrig tvl avrcsv 
'Eratpg, ovx d8LX(^ as' ov'^l Syivaplov aw- 
e^G)vriGdg ^oi; ^Apov ro gov xal vnays' 57 
ovx e^eG'ti fiOL not^Gat a 3f /lo) iv rolg iuolg ; 
yj 6 b^Oa.X^og Gov 7iovy;p6g sGriv, on Jj/co dya- 
Oog ei^iL; 

Ovrcdg eGovrai ol eG^aroi TtpCytot, xal 01 
npcdroi eG^aroi. TloX?.ol ydp eIgc xXi^roi^ 
oXtyoL he ix?^£xroL 

— 134 — 

114. Jesus Returns to Jerusalem. 

'Ev tovTbi TtdXiv yjyyc^e to 7rda;^a, ocai 
dva^acvijv 6 '[yjaovg elg ' iepoad^iVfia TCapeXaSe 
To 1)5 h6hexa fj,ady]rdg xar^ ISlav iv tt? oSo) xal 
siTiev avrolg' 'l5oi), di^a(3aivoiJ.ev elg 'lepo- 
G6?.viia, xal 6 vlog rod dvdp^nov TtapaSoOyj- 
Ger at tolg dp^iepevGt xal rolg ypaixixarsvGi, 
xal xaraxpivovatv avrov ^avdzo) xal Ttapa- 
iuGovGLv avrov rolg eOveGiv. 

Ovroi eiiTtal^ovGLv avrci xal ifinrvGovGiv 
auTu), xal fiaGTiy^Gavreg dnoxrevovGLV av- 
rov xal rri rplrri nftepq dvaGryiGerai. 

Ai^'Tot ^e ovSev rovrcov Gvv^xav^ xal ovx 
iylyvuGxov rd Xeyoneva, 

115. The Blind Men of Jericho. 
Kai oTf riyyi(^cv 6 'IrjGovg elg 'lepi^^j Svo 
Tv^T^al ixdOyjvro Ttapd rrjv bhov npogatrovvrsg. 

— 135 — 

Kai nvOoiiepoL on 'lyjcrovg 6 Ncc^apaiog jtap- 
ep^erai hx^a^av T^eyovreg' Ki;ptf, sTieyjCiov 
Tifiag, vlog AaSlS. 

'0 o^Xog inert^yjGev aitolg, Iva oudTt^" 

G(x)atv' ol Se iiel^ov ex^a^ov Xeyovreg' Kj;ptf, 

eKeriaov yi^wdg, vlog Aa6 IS. Kal ardg 6 ^ly}(yovg 

iipuvi^aev avrovg xal einev Tt ^e'kere Ttotrjccd 

V[uv; Ol Se T^eyovoc Ki;pte, Iva dva(32.6\l^o^ev, 

Kal eXeyjCTag 6 'lyjcfovg Yi^ato tCdv 6<p0aX-' 

fmtv avti^v, xal svOkog dveSXs'i^av xal 'mo%oi- 

Oyjaav avr^ ho^6X,ovreg nbv (deov. Kat 7td$ 
6 /la6$ (Scoz^ eSoxEv alvov ro) 0f(J5. 

116. Zacheus. 

'Ev TYi 'Ifpt;^(o ^v dj'>7p rig, Zax^ouog bv6* 
fian, dp^treX^vyjg, nXovcJiog fiev ^pyifidtoiPf 
fiixpog Se TYi Yi^txla. 

Ovrog ^yjTidv iSelv rov 'lyjcyovVy rig icfriVy 
HYl Svvd[i6Pog Se dno rov o^T^ov, npoeSpafxe 

— 136 — 

e^inpodO^v zai aveSri inl avxacccdpeav onov 
eiieXkev 6 'Irjaovg Stipx^adaL. 

*0 8e ^lyjCfov^ e7i06v ercl rov ronov xal dva" 
/JPte^otg xarezdTiec avrov, xal elqriXOe xara- 
'kvaai Ttap' air(^. 

Kal 7tdvrG)v nepl rovrov yoyyv^ovrcdv xal 
Xeyoi^rcov orcllapd auaprco7S) dv^pl e[gyj?^Oe, 
elnsv 6 "lyiGovg on ^yj^spov acdry;pia tg) oIxg> 
rovrc) iyevero, ^RXOe yap 6 vlog rod dv- 

oTiov ^yjryjaat xal aCyaai to dno7uo'k6g. 

117. The Pcarable of the Ten Talents. 

^KvrevOev i^yj?.dev 6 'ly^aovg npog 'lepo- 
c6?^v^a, xal on noX/iol iSoxovv on Ttapa- 
XpYiiia {.lelTiet ri ^aoiXeia rov Seov dva^ai- 
veodai, £Aeye rrivhe ryjv TtapaSo/^yjv. 

''Avdponog T($ evyevyjg inopevdyj eig %6pav 
ftaxpdv ?.a6elv mvro) ^aai'keiav xal I'Tto- 

— 137 — 

Grps^l^ai. KaPuf(Tag hsxa So{)2.ovg mvrov ehidxev 
avrolg hexa fivdg xal elne' Upay^arevGaaOs 

Ql §e noTdrat avrov eiilaovv avrov xal an- 
eareiTiav npeaSeiav onlacd avrov Xeyovreg' 
Ou ^eXo^isv tovrov (SaGiTievoiat iip^ nudg. 

Kal ore sjtav^XOs "kaSidv ryjp paGiXetav 
e<p6vy]a£ rovg SovXovg xal avvripe Xoyov ^er^ 
avri^p, Tolg iv €yla;^t(7Ta> marolg ysvoiiEvoLg 
i^ovGtav ehidxev endvu) hexa t] nevre no-Xeidv 
Kara rrjv npayfiaretav avrdv rov M oxvyj- 
pov <5oi5/loi^, og dnoxeifievyjv el;^f ryjv fivdv 
avrov iv aov8aptoj^ ixeXevae ravryjv d^aip^t- 
oOai xal (3dX?.sadai elg ro axorog ro i^^rspov. 

TiXyjv rovg i^Opovg rovg ^irj ^eXriGavrag 
avrov (3aGL?i6VGat iix! avrovg^ ixiXevGev d- 
yeGdai xal xaraG^d^eGdat e^npoGBev avrov. 

Tavra einov npoyjyEV 6 'lyjGovg xal yjXOev 
dg ByjOavlav, iyyvg rdv 'lepoGoTiv^idv. 

— 138 — 

[ TloXXdg EtL xal d/i/iag 7tapa8o?idg e?iE- 
yev 6 ''[tiOovc, xQftd Tov f3idv avroVj e^ tdv 
ianv dg ivravOa dva^EpEtv ovz dronov. ] 

118. The Fig Tree. 

Ylvd6ii£v6g nor 6 6 'lyjaovg on Fa/liXatoj' 
Tivc^v TO at^a e^l^s Ili?.drog fterd tuv ^vGiidv 
aiyvCdv, e%Eye rolg napovGiV Aoxelte, on ol 
TaXiXaloL ovroi ct/zapTo/loc napd ndvrag rovg 
VaXiXalovg eyhovro, on rotavra TtEnovOaOLv; 
Ovxh ^f/co V(uVf d?uX idv fiy^ ^eravoYiorirey 
ndvreg ofioiog aTto/lftjOe. 

"H ixelvoi ol hexa xal bxrt6, i^* ovg eneaev 
6 nvpyog iv tc5 ^iXcod^i xal dnexreivev av- 
rovg, ^oxBlre^ on, avrol o^siXerai iyevovro 
napd ndvrag dvdp6novg rovg xaroixovvrag 
^lepovaaXi^^ ; Ovxo ^^y^ vfilv, d/lX* idv uyi 
lieravoYiOYirs, ndvreg o^x-oiog dnoXelads. 

"ETisys be ravrriv ryjv napa^o?.yjv' Xvx^v 

— 139 — 

elx^rig ne^VTevy.evYiv ivro) dfj,7iEXQvi anrov* 
Zy]Tyi<yag xapnov iv avrri xal ov^ shpov elne 
Ttpo; rov dLi7te?^ovpy6v' 'iSoi) T^iaetri 6^X^(^ai 
^yjTcdv xapnov iv rrj avxi} ravrvi xal'ov^ ev^ 
piGxo. ''Exxo\iyov avTYiv, Iva ri xal tyiv yriv 
xarapyel ; 

*0 ^e dnox^iOelg ?Jyet avroi' Ki;pie, d<|)^g' 
avTyjv xal rovro to Irog, Eug orov axd\)^o 
Ttept avTyjv xal ^dXid xonpta. Kdv ftEv noiYiaYt 
xapnov — E( Se (irj ye, ixx6y)^Eig avrriv. 

119. The Supper. 

*Ai^0po7td$ Ttg enoiyiae Selnvov ^iya xal 
ixdXeae noXkovg. Tt? hk (Spot rov hEinvov dnk* 
<TTet/le rov hov'kov avrov eI'XeIv rolg xexXy}* 
fievotg' ''Ep^Eode, on Yihri sroifid ian ndvrd, 

Tovtcov 5e ndvrcdv itapairov^Evcdv opyKjdElg 
6 oixohEdnoTYig elnE ro) Sov?oQ avrov' "E^f/lOe 

— 140 — 

%ai i;ovg Ttro^^^vg xal dvandpovg xal rv^Xovg 
xal XGiXovg slgdyays coSe. "EJe/lOf slg rag 
68ovg xal ^pay^ovg xal dvdyxaoov elgeXdelv^ 
iva ys^iGdvi 6 olxog ^lov. Asyu yap vuiv, on 
ovSdg Tuv dvSpi^p ixstvuyv tuv xexTirj^svov 
yeOGsrat (lov ^vov heinvov. 

120. The Lost Sheep. 

"'Hyyt'C^ov Tc5 ^Iviaov navreg ol reXCdvat xal 
oi afiaproXol d.Kovetv avtov, xal Stsyoyyv^ov 
ol re ^apLGalot xal ol ypafifxarslg Xkyovrsg 
on Ovrog a^apra^ovg npoghe'^erai xal gvv- 
EGdiet avrolg. '0 ^s ^{yjGovg sItis npog avrovg 
TYjv TtapaSoTiYlv ravr.riv Tieyov 

Tig dvdpcdTiog i^ vfidv e^cdv txarov npoSara 
xal dnoXEGag i^ avTdv ev, ov xaraTidnet rd 
ivevYixovra ivvea iv tt? eprj^iii xal nopsverai 

— 141-- 

inl TO ciTto/lfj/log, eug evpvi avTo ; Kal 6vp6v 
emridYiGLV inl rovg ci^ovg ^alpcdv, xal i?^6cyv 
€ig tov olxov Gvyxakd Tovg <pt?^ovg xal rove, 
yeiTovag Xeyav avrolg' Xvy^dpyjTs fioiy on 
evpov TO TtpoSatov (xov to dnoTioT^og. 

Aeyo) vfuv, ort ovrcd ;^apd earai iv to ov- 
^avCi enl ivl afxaprco^O) (xeravoovPTi, yj eTti 
IvsvYixovra ivvia Sixalotg, oinvsg ov ^peiav 
e^ovai ^ETavoiag. 

"H &g7iep avyxP-ipovrai ^tXai re xal yeU 
roveg yvvaixl evpovari ryjv hpa^^yiv riv 0.716- 
^eaeVf ovrug, Xeycd vfiiv, %apd yiyverai 
ivixiTtLOv ruv dyyeXcjv rov Seov inl ivl a^ap- 
tcjXgj fieravoovrri. 

121. The Prodigal Son. 

"AvOpidTiog Tf$ el^e Svo vlovg. '0 ve^rspog 
avrCdv air^Gag rov naripa ro eml^aXkoii 

— 142 — 

(lepog ryjg ovotag xal Tvj(idv dneSyj^yjaev elg 
Xi^ypav fxaxpdv, xal exel bLsaxopniGe tyjv oif- 
Giav avToi) ^Cdv dcrtorog. 

/\a7iavYiaag he navra xal vGTepriaag Tdv 
eniryihe'udv , Xi^ov icj^vpov yevofievov xard 
TYJV x^^ipav ixeivYjv, idyirsve noXiri] tivi, og 

€7i6fi-^6v avTov €ig roi)g dypovg avrov^ f36(J- 
xetv ^OLpovg. 

Elg rovTo d^ixero ryjg dnoptag, &Gr* em- 
Ov(i6LV yeiiiaai ryjv xoiXiav avrov dno tdv 
xeparlov, &v yjjdiov ol j^olpoi. 'A/IX* ovSelg 
ihchov avrC). 

Kai iyjdidv elg iavrov dveGrri xal enav^Xde 

TCpog Tov narepa ?.eycdv' IldTfp, yjfiaprov eig 
rov ovpavov xal ivcdTiiov aov ovxeri elfj.1 d^iog 
x/iyiOyjvat vlog gov tioitigov fie tog eva tcjv 

fllGd'ujV GOV. 

he narrip ekeriGag avrov eneneaev enl 
rov rpd^TiXov avrov, xare^iXyiaev av'tov xal 

— 143 — 

ixe'Aevat' rovg ^o0iovg avrov ivSvetv avTov 
■ryji' oroXyjv tyjv 7Cp6ryiP, hhovai ^axTvXiov 
eig ryjp ;^ftpa avrov xal vnohrinara dc, rovg 
Tio^ag' ^veiv Se npoge-rt rov (xocf^ov rov at- 
revroVy xal ^dyovrac, i;i)(ppav0yjvai. 

Tov f'Sfc- vlov avrov rov npeG^vrspov opyi- 
oOei^rog n^pl rovrov, dnexpiOyj avrCi 6 narrip' 
TsKvov^ xtxl &e hei ev<ppapO'^vaL xal ^ap^vaiy 
(hi b dh6?i(p6g aov ovrog vixpog yjv, xal dve- 
(^yj(7h' yjv (XTtoXco/loSc, xal evpeOy;. 

122. Tlie Unjust Steward. 

' AvSpidTiog rig nXomiog, axovciag on 6 olxo- 
t'Ofiog avrov hif(Jx6p7ii(6 rd vTidp^ovra avrov, 
f(piwyjaev avrov xal e^Yirviae Xoyov rrjg oixo- 
von'iag nap avrod. 

rV oiKovoaog nplv a<paipel<jdai ryjv olxo- 
i'ouiav npoci-xa7i8(7aro Iva Fxaorov rCyv %p6- 

— 144 — 

o^ei^srCov Tov xvplov avrov xal dcpyjxei' airolg 
fj-ipoc Ti (jv^vov rC^v XP^^^ avtidv, eT^ni^idv 
Sti^ idv (.teraaraOri Tvjg oixovoLtiag, he^ovr at 
avTov ff'g tovg oixovg avTu>v. 

Kai infiveai-v 6 xvpiog tov olxovoiiov r^g 
dbixiag, on ^povijicog tnoiyjafV on ol viol tov 
aiCivog tovtov cjjp^i^uyTepoi vTtEp Tovg vlovg Tov 
cpioTog ^Ig TYjv ytpedi' tyjv mvTCdv dotv. 

HoiYiaaTe xal hfcdg mvTolg <pi%ovg ex Tov 
fiai/oivd T^ dhixiag, iva^ oTav ixXiTfi^Te, Se^cov- 
Tai vitdg idg Tag alcoviovg <yxyjvdg. 

123. The Rich' Man and Lazarus. 
"AvOpuTiogTLg.yjv n^MVGLog xal sve^i^vaxsTO 
Ttoptpvpav xal (3vG(7ov sixppaivousvog xaO^ yi^is- 
pav '^.a^npdg. TlTG)j(pg he Tig yjv, ovoi-iaTt 
Ad(apog, og e6e6'X.YiTo npog t6i> 7tv7^.G>va avTov 
tl/ixuuevog xal ^opTaadyjvai and rov 

— 145 — 

"^X^cdv T(ji^ Ttmrovrcov and r^<; Tpa7tf(^>?g rov 
TiXovalov, dXX' ovSeig iblSov avro). Movov oi 
xvvsg e^'XP^evoi dneXei^ov td eXxrj avrov. 

Kal vvv dnsdavev 6 nrcd^d^ xal dnyivs^Oy; 
V7W tuv dyyeXov €ig rov xoXnov tov 'A^pad^w. 

'ATteOave Si xal 6 n^vGiog xal irdcpyj ev 
TL) aSv}. 'E7tdpa$ Se rovg 6(p0aXuovg, ch' ev 
/SaGavotg, elSev \\6pad^ dno ^ax^oOev xal 
rdv x\d(apov iv rolg xoXnoig avroi^ xal ^o- 
VYjaag eiTis' Tidrep ^ASpadfi, iXeyjaov fie, xal 
7iEfi\l^ov AdJ^apoVy \va I3d4^7i ro gixpov rov 
haxrv'Xov avrov vSarog xal XaraT^v^vi ryjr 
yXidGadv fiov, 'OSvvQ^iai iv rv} (p^ioyl ravrvi. 

'0 8i Ad^apo^ dvafivrjaag avrov ruv npo- 
adev iv rii ^cdfi avrov dyaOdv xal rrig vvv 
iixalag di^iSoGEiiig sXeyev Mera^v nft(^jv xal 
h(.i(^v ^dafjia (.isya iaryjpixraf, Q7%o)g fxyjSelg 
hxwarai €vOev hiaBrivai npog hfidg, ^iy;Se 
ixelOev Tipog nuoLg. 

— 146 — 

To re7^.evTal6v r^p^ryiGev 6 nXoxjOioq top 
^ASpadjiy \va 7tey.^iQ rov Ad^apov npoq tot<; 
Tievre dhe'Acpovg ainov hiaiiaprvpy^Gai avrotgy 
Iva (jLyj xal avTol eXOcdGiv- eig ror ronov rovToy 
T)7$ fSaadvov. '0 <5t' 'A^padu dnevi^voe T^eyidV 
^E;^oi;j( yiuiVGea xal Tovg npo(py;rag' dxov- 
odrudav (ivtCw. E/ ydp Midijakog xal rtov 
7tpo^y^Ti7)v ovx dxovovGiVy oiyV fdr rig ix tC)V 
vBxpCn' dpaiJTYi neiGd'^^Goi^at. 

124. The Unjust Judge. 

*^|j^a ^t" Tcdvrore npogev^wvrai of (.laOyiTai 
xal fiY! eyxaxCdGiv eXtyep ainolg 6 IriGovg 
ri^vSe Trjv napa^oTiYjv. 

Kpiryjg rig rov 0f6r ^ri <po6ov(jtevog, xal 
dvdpL,)7iov nYi ivrpt'Jtof.ierog YiryjOyj vTto ;^>7|)a^ 
nvog, %a ^.xhixYiari avrriv dnd rov dvriMxov 

— 147 — 

UoXvv x^vov i^apvyiadixevo^ to TeXevratcfV 
etnev iv iavrcj' El xal rov Oedv ov (poSovfxatf 
xai avOp(>)nov ovx ivTpe7io(j.aiy d/l/l* o//o>g, ori 
xoTiov uoi napexAt, ixbixriGu avr^v, iva ^y^ el^ 

Kai eTteBrix^v 6 'i>7(7o%* ^Axovaare^ ri o 
xpiTYig rr,^ dSixiag T^yei ; *0 he <deog ov firi 
notYjaYi rriv ixhixyjGiv rcov exXtxyCon avrovy 
Tur ^o6vT(.}V Ttpog avrop r^epag xal vvxTog ; 
Aeyci vfUPy on Ttoi^cret ryjv ixbiXYi(yiv air(^v 
iv rdx^i- 

125. The Pharisee and the Publican. 

EtTtf 6fc ^[yjaovg xal npog rivag, rovg nenoi* 
$6Tag i(p^ iavrolg, on do} hlxaioi, xal ej^ovde- 
rovvrag rovg Xotnovg^ rijp nagaSoT^Yiv tyjvSe, 

''AvOpc^Ttoi hvodveSyiaav eig to \epbv npogeih 
Baadai' 6 slg <^api(yalog, xai 6 erepog r6?,6vyig, 

— 148 — 

*0 4>apt(Tato$ araOeK; npog eavrdv ravTOL 
npogyjv'^eTo' '0 0ed$, sv^apLorCy dot, on oirx 
el^l cojTtep oi Xocnot rdv dvOpi^nciv, upnayegy 
dbixoLy f.iOL'^ol yj xal ug ovrog 6 reT^Cxyvyjg. N>7- 
OT6Vi<i Sig Tov aaSSoLTov xal anohexaTd navra. 
oaa xTCi^ai. 

'0 Se re^ixivrjg ^axpoOev tOTGyg ovx iide'kev 
othe rovg 6^da?i^ovg elg rov ovpavov endpaiy 
bJXX 6TV71T6 TO CT^dog avTov Xeyuv '0 Seog, 
iXdadyiTt fiOL TO) a//apT(x)>lcj. 

Aeycj vfiiv, xar^Syj ovTog hehixaud^evog elg 
Tov oixov avTOv Ttap' exelvov otl nag 6 
h^j^Civ tavrov TanEtPc^yd/jaerai, 6 he TanetvCn^ 
iavTov 04^^0671(7 erai. 




FiRST Day of Holy Week. 

126, Jesus is Anointed by Mary. 

Acj)txeTo 6 '[yjaovg €ig tyjv Byidaviai' npo e^ 
riizepC)v ToiJ Ylda^a. 'Exel enoiriaav anrcj fct- 
nvov ev rij olxia li^cdvog rov Aenpov, xal ri 
MdpBa ()iyjx6vfi, 6 he AoL^apog ftg yjv tidv dva» 

H be Map/a AaSovaa d\dSaaTpov f-cypov 
PapvTifj.ov avverpi^'i: xal xare^eep inl tyjv 
xecpaXyjv avrov dvaxei^Evov. 'E^efxa^e Se xa\ 
rove, nohac, avrov raig ^pi^lv avrijg xal yjXsi- 
4^ti^ avroix;. IldcTa h olxla enXyjpudyi ex T>7g 
oGfi^g rob fivpov. 

— 152 — 

"Evioi ovv ex rC^v iiaOriTdv ^ri^yavaxrYioav 
XeyovTtg' E(g rl r; amlyXeia avryj^ Se 'lovSag 
'\oxapu'<yry;g eXeyev Atd ri ronro ro fivpop 
ovx enpdOrj rpiaxooluv byjvapUov xal ibodyj roig 
Tvuio'xplq ; E(7tf he rovro, ov^ on nepl rC)v 
nrid^dp efieXtv aiVcu, a^.X on xT^enrriC, yiv^ 

xal ro y?i(j)(y a6xo(.iov el^^y ^^^ "^^ /3aXX6fj.eva 

be 'I>?(7oi)$ einev''^ *A^fT6 avTrjv^ riai^ri 

Konovg 7tape;^^Te; Wm/^rofPe rovg nnd^ovg 

^^€T6 ^eB^ tamrcdv^ xal oraf ^k'kYtTe^ bvvacde 

avrovg ev noi^aai, ef.i^ de ov noMtoxe f;^fTe. 

Kav^,oi> hpyov sigyfCLGaTo aV iuol' Ilpoe/la^fc 

urp/da/ TO oi^ftd fiov 6i$ rov evra^iaGfiov. 

^\a>7^' he ?:eyij vfilPy qtwv dv xy^pv^d'^ ro 
evayye?uop rouro eig oXov rov xoGfiov, xal 
o enoi/iaep ai'^rrj^ 7joiky}dy;Oer ai elg ro fivrf- 
uoGvvov airyig. 

0\ ^ev ovv ^{ovhaloL nvBofievoi OTt 6 ^{y^ovg 

— 153 — 

ip Brjdavicii iariv, TtoXPlot ixei avv^Xdov ov Sia 
Tov ^Ivityovv iiovoVy 6X)C \va zal tov Aa^apov 
iSoisv, ov yjyeipev ex vexpi^v. 01 ^e dp^cspelg 
iSovXevaavto, Iva xai rov Ad^apov dTtoxTec" 
i^wcTtv, ore TUikTjoi hi avrov vnyjyov ti^v *Ioi>- 
^ta)x^ xai iniatevov elg rov ^iy^covv. 

Second Day op Holy Week. 

127. Christ's Triumphant Entry into 

Til enavpLOv dveSri b "Irioovg elg 'lepoao^vfia. 
^E7^do)v Ttpog ro opog rov tkatCdv ankareiXe hvo 
fiadvirdg elg ryjv xdfiYiv ryjv xarivavn avrCdv^ 
Byjd^ay^ xaXov(j.6vyjv, xai ixeXevcev axyroix; 
dyayelv avroi rriv ovov, '^v evpcaxotev SeSe- 
fievrjv ev ry^ x^fi^i^, xai iier^ avrrig rov TtidT^v 
avryjg, i(p* ov ovSeig dvOpcyTtoiv ovm^ xexdOvxe, 

*Endvi^ rovrav oiv ot ftadyjral sneOyjaap 

— 154 — 

^d iftdt(a ainOiv^ xal imxadioavreg ror 
^lyjaovv iTxdvcj yjyayov avroi^ elg lepoGoXvfia. 

Kal 67t/l>7pG30>7 TO fiy;d£v hd rov npo^riTov 
keyovTog' Elnare tyi ^vyarpl ^udV 'l8ov, 
6 jSaaiXevg aov ep^erai cot npattg xal em- 
/SsSrjxo^; inl ovov xal nCdT^ov vlov vno^^vyiov. 

*0 ^6 o^^og, 6 i^dcdv elg tyiv ioprriv^ (ixov- 
cavreg on ep^erat 'ly^aovg elg 'lepocrdXi^^a, 
sTuclSov toc '^ara tdv ^oivlxuv xal e^yj/idov e/$ 
vnavrriGip axnCi. YloXkol xal ecftpuGav rd 
iavrdv l^dtta iv rii oSoj^ dX/lo/ ^e exonrov 
xkd^vg and rc)v 'hevSfKov xal i(ytp6vvvov iv 
tYi 650. 

01 he 6')(%ot ol Ttpodyovreg xal ol dxo^v- 
dovvreg expa^ov Tikyovrsg' Claavvd r^ vlo) 
AaSih' evXoyyj^Evog 6 6p^6^evog iv bvo^ati 
Tov ^vpiov '£Laavvd iv^ rolg v\lyLGToig. 

Kai rcveg rov ^aptoaUov and rov o^Xov 
eiTtov Ttpog avTov' AiSdaxaXsy inirifiYiaov tolg 

— 155 — 

(ladyiToig oov* Ss 'Irioodg dnoxpiddc tlntu 
avTotg' Aey(o hf-iiv on ^Edv ovTot aioTcricnjaiv, 
oi XiBoi xpd^oj^(xi. 

128. Je«uis WeepH ovlm* Jerusalem. 

Kat 0)g yjyyiasv 6 'iyjaovg, I6(<n' tyiv nokiv 
§x2,avo>6v ire' avTviv \ky(^v on Et eyvioc, xal 
<jv, xal ye ip tti n^epa tuvty:, rd npog eipyj- 
VT^v vvv he ixpv8yj (XTto tC)v o^pOaTiuCdv gov. 

'H^ovGiv ni^spai inl Cf, xal miBaXovGiv 
oi ix^poi gov ^dpaxd Goi, xal nepixix'^uGovGi 
Oe, xal GvveEovGi Ge ndvroOev, xal ihacptovGc 
<Jt xal rd rexva gov ev Got^ xal ovx d(prr 
aovGi ev GOL "kWov inl XtOco, dvO' uv ovx 
eyviog Tov xat^ov r^g eTiiGxonyjg gov. 

Kal etgeXdovroc, arToO eig IfpoaoXt^ua iGti- 
a0y^ TtdGa r, nokic, XeyovGa' Tk hriv ovrog-^ 
Oi he o^Aoi eXeyop' Ovrog tGni' '\r;Goi% o 

— 156 — 

Tipo^riTyjg, 6 dno No^ap^r TYJg Va?^i?uatag. 
Kal Ttpog'^Tidov avrCi tv^Xoi xal ^^oaoI €v 
T6) lepo), xal eBe^aTtevasv avTovg. 

H)ylylag be ysvofzevyjg i^yjXde ^erd rdv Soyfiexa 
l^oT>7g TtoXfccog elg ByjOavlav xal yjvXiady^ exel. 

Third Day of Holy Week. 

129. Jesus Curses the Barren Fig Ti^ee. 

lil inavpiov, sEsTidovrov avrCdv and ByiOa- 
vtag, eneivaaev 6 "lyjaovg. Kal l^civ avxy^v 
and fiaxpoOev e^ovGav <pv?.2.a rjXdev ^tC ain 
%Yiv^ el dpa ehpyjoet xapnovg, dX?J oiMv evpev 
ev aiirri, el fiyj (pvlXa.. 

Ovx Yjv 6 xaipog avxQv, dXV ofxco^ xatYipano 
Hy](Tovg ryjv ovx^v XeyloV MyjxEn elg tov aU 
uva ex GOV (lyjSelg xapnov <pdyoc. Kal napa- 
X^yjlid e^YipdvQri h cvxyj. 


— 157 

ocaX (j.yj SiaxpLOyjre^ ov ^ovov ro ryjg avxyjc, not- 
riaere, oXka xav tq opet roirccy emy^rE' dp- 
Syiruty xai l3?^yjdyjn . slg tYiv ^dXaaaaVy yevYi- 
<5eraL. Kat ndvua oaa dv aiTi^Gyjre ev rri 
n^oqev')(ri Tiiarevovreg >l^\|/^(T^f. 

130. Jesus Cleanses the Temple. 

MfToc ravra ep^ovrat sig 'l6(^oa61v[ia. Kat 

eigeXOilyv 6 "lyjoovg elg ro hpov yjp^aro £x(3d?.- 

Xeip Ttdvr ag Tovg m^ovvrag ev avrcCi xal 

dyo^d^ovtag, Tag TpaTtf^ag tCdv xoX^vSigtCh' 

xal Tag xaOeSpag tC)v Tag 7t6p(aTepag ncaXovv- 

r(,}v xarEOrpe^e xal ovx yj^iev, tva ng hiEveyx'^^ 
ijxevog Sid rov hpov, 

Kat e^veyev Ov yeypanrai on '0 olxog fj.ou 

ohcog Ttpogev^^yjg x%y^0ri<Jerat ndOiTolg edveaiv; 

*^ft€ig Se iTWiT^Gare avrov anyi?.aiov /iriOrcdv. 

— 168 — 

Taura aKomai^eq ol dp^ispelg zal ol ypafj;- 
fxaT6ig f(YiTovv, 7t(5$ avtov d7to^eGc,i(nv' icpo- 
Govvro ya^ avTov, on nag 6 o;^>lo$ e^enXyjcy 
Gsro inl ri) ^iha^Xl olv'^ov. 

^Ort' a^e eysvero inavyjXdi-:i^ eig l^y/daviav. 

Fourth Day of Holy Week. 
131. The Tribute Due to Caesar. 

T-y? harepaiq inavs^dciiv 6 'lyjaovg dg to- 
hfov shiha<yxi: tov Xaov xal eXeye napa^oXag 
8vo, TYjv uev Tov mvrov ^dvarov, ryjv ^f. ryjv 
rCiV 'lovSaiiov dnohoxiiiaaiaif npo&yji-KUi^ovGag. 

"EyvcdGav ol dp^^epEig xal ol <t>api(Tuloi 8ti 
TtFpt aiVcoi/ e?,p.ySy xou nopuvdei'Teg av^ovXiov 
P?.a6ov, omog avrov nayi^svcjcoCtiv sv Xdyto. 

Kal dTtoorsX/iovcjiv amq) rovg fiaOyjTag 
axnCav fitrd rcdj' 'Hpobiai^Civ Xe^ovrag' At- 
^d(fxa?,6^ oihankv on d?^yidyjg f?^ xal ov fiaXei 

— 159 — 

aoi Ttspl ovhsvog' 01) ^dcp pXenng elg npogconov 
dvOp67tQv, d/l/l' gTt' d^^yjOelag ryjv oSov rod 
Seov SLSdaxEtg. EiVte ovv nfuv ''E^earc Sovvai 
^opov Katcrapt, yj ov ; 

*0 hs 'I>7croi;g eihi^g tyjv Ttovyjplav avt^v 
elns' Tl [16 Tteipd^ere, vnoxpitai ; ^Emhsii^a're 
fioi to vo^caiia tov ^opov, Iva ISo. Kal Ttpog- 
Yivsyxav avrc^ Syjvdpcov. °0 Xa^coi' Tipotyjasv 
avtovg' Tlvog yi elxov avtyj xal fi incypa^yj ; 
'KiTtov aiJT^j on Katcrapog, xal dnsxpldyj 6 
''lyjaovg' 'AnoSote ovv rd KatcTapog KaiaapL 
xal rd rov Osov rqi Se^. 

Tati'Ta dxovaavreg B^av^acav, xal d^ivteg 
avtov dnriXdov. 

132. The Widow's Mite. 
KaOtcrag 6 ^lyjaovg xarivavtc tov ya^o^v- 
T^axLOV eOe6pEi Ttcog 6 o^Xog ^a?^xdv sig- 

— IGO — 

?u67Ci:d Svo. 

Kat 7tpogxa2jE(ydiiEvog 6 ^Irjaovg tovg [la- 
dyjrdg elnsv avrolg' 'Afiyjv Xsyco vylv^ on n 
%ripa avryj n Ttro^V 7t?^slov Ttdvroiv e^aXs 
tidv ^a^XkovHiSiV alg to ya^o(pv?^dxLOV. 

Ovtoi ydp ix tov Ttspicaevovrog avrolg 
elSaXoV ixsivyj S^ ix trig vcrepr^asidg avrrjg 
ndvra ocra elx^v EfSa/iEVj okov tov (3iov avrr^g. 

133. The Destruction of Jerusalem. 


TtpogyjXOov ol ^adyjtal emhel^ai aiVco tag 
oixoho^dg xal rvjv Tia^TtporYita tov U^ov, xal 
elg s^ avtisiv e/la^f * AthdaxaT^By ihe, noranol 
XidoLy xal Ttotanal olxohoixaL 

*0 he 'IrjGovg dnoxpiOelg elnsv avrolg' ^Ekev- 

— 161 — 

Covtai n^^epac sv alg ovx a^sdYiastat ^he TiWog 

Kal zadyjfievov avtov elg to opog tCSv eT^aiisiV 
xatevavtL rov Upov, enyjp^rov avrdv xar^ 
iSlav Uerpog xal 'Idxcd^og xal 'Icodwi^g xal 
'A^'^peag Tieyovifeg' Witce nfdVy nore tavra 
Edrai, xal ti to Oriiislov, otav (ie^Xyi ndvra 
tavra avvteXeXaOai ; 

"AnsxpiOyj 6 'lyjaovg' ^Orai' ISvjrs xvxXov- 
^Evyjv vTto atparoTteScdv 'Ispovaa^yifi, tots 
yvidte, oti Yiyyixsv n ip'^iicdaig avtvig. Tots ol 
sv til 'lovSalct. ^svyEtCx)(yav slg td opyj, xal ol 
sv [iscfQ avtyjg tvjg Tto/lecog sx')(^Gipsitcdaav, xal 
yap Yifis pat ixSixyjascdg avtai sldiv. 

Ilo/l/lot iisv Tteaovvtai otoizatc iia'X^aipag, 
7to/l/lot hs al%^aXcdtiadyi(3ovtai slg itdvta td 
sOvTj, xal n 'lspov(ya7iyj[i xataXvOyiastat na- 
tov^svYi vno t&v sOvc^v. 

Tptdxovta xal snta stsatv vatspov, atpd- 

— 162 — 

tevij^a [leya indyovrog tov 'Fcjiualov arparyj- 
yov Tlrov, dxpi6(^g inXyjp6d7^ to pyjOsv tovto. 
Tore ydp xatslBXyjOyj na td^yj, ip'ii[i6dyj n 
Tiokig^ xatexavOyj to Ispov xal Yj^iia/iotlaOy]- 
aav ol ^lovSdloi elg ndvra rd sOvyjy (zyjSeTtors 
eig ev eOvog avyyevyj(y6ii£V0L, 

134. Jesus Foretells the End of the 

''EpQtyjOelg ^' iv ro) ai'To ocaipcd xal nepl 
trig iavtov Ttapovalag xal r^g avvreTidag rod 
alidvog elnsv 6 "lyjcovg rolg [lady^talg avTov' 
BXETtste, [171 ^^^5 v[idg n/iav^c^Yi. UoX/lol yap 
eXeixyovtai inlto) bvo^iari [lov Xkyovteg' 'E^co 
eliiL 6 Xptcnrdg, xal noXkovg nXavYiaovaiv. 

'T[isig he [ivi TtLatevayjte avtolg. TdSe gyj- 
fiela vfitv 

Upi^rov XT] pv^dyja Stat rovro to evayyeXiov 
ryjg (3a(n^£iag ev o?^yi rri oixovfisvriy elg [tap- 

— 163 — 

rvpLov TtdGi rolg eOveai, xal tots yj^ec to re^og, 
MeXXriastE 5' axoveiv 7to?.e[iovg xal dxoag 
TtoXefiQV. "^yepdyjaetat yap eOvog enl eOvog, 
xal ^acfiXela enl fSaaiT^eiav, xal eaovif ai T^i^ol 
xal ?iOL(iol xal asLCffiol xard tonovg, ^o^yjdpd 
re xal ojx! ovpavov cfyjiiela ^eydXa. Tlavta 
he tavra dpj^Yi 6StvQV. 

^vOeog he fzetd ryjv ^Xl^cv tidv nf^epi^v 
ixelvGiV 6 Yi'XLog axot ladridlet ai, xal n aeXrivyj 
ov Scxiaei to ^eyyog avr^g, xal ol darepeg ne- 
dovvrai dno tov ovpavov, 'ETtt trig yyjg eatai 
avvoj(Yi eOvcdv ev dnopla Yixovg '^aXdaciYig xal 
GaXov, dno-i^^v^ovtciv dvOp^ncov dno <p6§ov xal 
TtpogSoxlag t(SiV inepxoi^evcdv t^^i olxoviievYi' ai 
yap hvvdiieLg rSiV ovpav(^v (ya'^evOriaovrai, 

Kat tote ^avYiaetai to <yyj[ielov tov vlov 
tov dvdpQTtov ev tQ ovpavQ, xal 64^ovt au nd- 
Cai al ^vTmI tyjg yyjg tov vlov tov dvOp^Tiov 
ip^ofzevov enl tc^v ve^8/i(^v tov ovpavov, [letd 

— 164 — 

dyyeXovg avrov fisrd aaXmyyog ^Qv^g [isyd- 
^^yjg, occLi ovroL eniovvd^ovai rovg exXextovg stc 
t(^v rsGGapQv dvsfiQv, dno tidv dxpav Tc5r 
ovpavi^v ?6)g T(^v dxpov avtidv. 

135. The Last Judgment. 

"EXg}/? 3' 6 "lYiaovg xal triv xpicdv tyjv £cr;^<x- 
ryjVy oTiQg yevy^aerac. KaByjaetat yap 6 vlog 
tov dvOp67tov inl rov ^povov tyjg So^yjg avrov, 
neptearcdtcov rcov dyyeT^av avtov, xal aw- 
a^OrjGovraL eiinpoaOev avrov ndvta td eBvyj. 

Td ^Ev TtpoSara, tovg dyaOovg, atriasi ex 
Ss^ic^v avuov, td he epl^ia, tovg xaxovg, e^ 

Tote 6 xptryjg t(dv [lev dyaOcSv rd xa/id, 
tc^v he xaxuiv td novyjpd epya dvaxa'kv^eiy 
xal tolg [lev ex hs^ti^v avrov epsV Aevrs, ol 

— 165 — 

evAoyyiizEvoi ^ov natpog fiov, x/iyj^ovofiriGats 
T/jv (3a(yi?^£iuv, ryjv r\roi^ac^£VYiv v(mv and 
*ityjg xata^o/iyjg tov xoa^ov. 

Tolg ^' i^ evcdvv^c£)V avtov epsV JlopsveoOs 
dn^ iliov, ol xarripa^EvoL, elg ro nvp to al6- 
vtov, ro ntoi^aa^evov TO) Sta&oT^O) xal tolg 
dyys'^oig avrov. 

Kal d7t£/iev(jov'taL, ovtoi fiev eig %oka<3iv 
ald)Vi0Vj ol ^6 hixaioi elg ^ciyjv aldviov. 

136. The Wise and the Foolish Yirgins. 

Ty]v ^Ev &pav xal tyjv n[^£pav ryjg eavrov 
Ttapovalag xal tyjg ia^drrjg xptdiECxig ovx dns- 
xd/iv^Ev 6 ^lyjaovg, exeT^evCe hs rovg [laOyjtdg 
avrov ndvtotE dypvnvElv, xal nooghoxav i^yjv 
ri^Epav rod xvplov Ttlanv ts xal nd Ipya r>7g 

TtiGtECdg 7tEpi^EJ3/iyj[IEV0Vg. 

'Ouoccxid^aErai ydp, sipyj, n /?acrt/leta rc^v 
ovpavidv hkxa TtapOEVocg, altcvsg XaSovaai "tag 

— 166 — 

T^a^ndSag avtuiv e^yjXOov sig andvtYidiv tov 
vv>i^Lov. UevTE 6^ avTQv Yiaav (icdpal, xal 
Ttevrs ^p6vL[j,oi' Al fiev fiopal Xa^ovaai rag 
XafiTidSag avtc^v ovx eXaSov fieO^ ^avr-dv 
eXaiov, ai Se <pp6vLfioi eXaSov xal eXacov iv 
tolg xyyeioig [isifd ti^v XafiTtdSav avi^dv. 

^povL^ovtog tov vvii(pLov ivvar a^av nacai 
xal ixddsvSov. Meayjg §e vvxtog napyjaav ol 
dyysXoi tov vviz^lov, xal iyepOslaat al nap- 
Oev'oi ixocy^yjaav Tag Xa^ndSag avT(s>v, 

At Se ixopal evpov rdg iavtc^^v ^aSsafievag, 
xal sv (3 aTtyjXOov dyopdaac eXacov, rjXOev 6 
vv^^log, xal al <pp6vi[iOL eig^XOov fisr^ aitov 
eig Tovg yd^ovg. 

^Tarspov yjXOov xal al XocTtal TtapOevot, ev- 
poi;crat Se xXsi(yOel(yav ryjv ^'ijpai^ expovov ai- 
tYiv xal sxdXovV Kvpts, xvpis, dvot^ov riiiiv. 
*0 he vvfi^iog aTtsxplOyj' "A^iyjv Xkycd viuv, 
ovx olSa v^dg. 

— 167 — 

Tpyjyopel'te ovv, avri^ n 7tapa(3o?iyj Syj?yoX, 
SiotL ovx olSate tyjv &pav ovSs tyiv ri^epav 
iv alg 6 vlog ToD dvOp^nov k\evaetai. 

137. Judas Offers Himself to the Jews 
to Betray Jesus. 

Ka6 or' ireXeasv 6 'iT^aovg Ttdvtag tovg 
2.6yovg to{)tovg elite rolg [ladyjralg avtov' 01.- 
Sare on [lerd Svo n^epag ro Uda^a ylyverai, 
xal 6 vlog rov dvOp67tov napaSlSorai elg ro 

01 Se dp^cepelg xal ol TtpeG^vtepot rov ?iaov 
'Jvvyj^Oyjcyav elg tyjv avXvjv rov dp^cepecdg, rov 
/ueyo^evov Ka'id^pa, xal avve(3ov?yev(yavro, 7tc5g 
rov ^Ivjaovv 56/16) xpar'i^G'avreg dnoxreivQatv. 
''^?ieyov Se' Myj sv rri ioprri, Iva fiyj ^opv^og 
yevyjrai iv ro) Xao). 

'''H.nopovv ire ro nc^g re xal Ttore xparriacd. 
Civ avrov, ore 6 'lovSag ''l(yxapi6ryjg, elg r(dv 

— 168 — 

^635e;^a, 6ig^?iOev eig avtovg xal elnsv avrolg' 
Tl ^sT^ere [lot Sovvau, xdyQ v(mv napa^^aa 
avrov dtsp o^TiOV. 

01 8e fisya ^apevreg eatyjaav aiVo rpid- 
xovta dpyvpta, xal and tovtov e^rirsL 6 'lov- 
Sa$ evxaipiav, tviv rov Ttapahovvai avtolg i;dv 
'Iviaovv, HQV xvpiov xal acdryjpa avtov. 

Fifth Day of Holy Week. 
138. The Last Supper. 

Til varepalcLy rri TtpQrri rc^v d^vfiov npog- 
yjXOov ol ^adyjral tQ 'lyjaov Xsyovreg' IIov 
^eXetg itoifidacd^ev Ool to Uda^a ; 

*0 ^' d7tsar£i?^s Svo i^ avrc^v, Uetpov xal 
"IcddvvyjVj xal elnev avrolg' UopevOevtEg slg 
tyjv noT^iv avvavtyjaers dvOp^nQ xepd^taov 
vSatog (Saatd^ovrL' dxaXovdrjOa'te a^TQ elg 
ryjv oixlav eig yiv elgnopsvetat, xal 6 olxoSeo- 

— 169 — 

Ttotyjg vfilv Sel^et dvcdyscdv ^leya s(ytpQ[iEV0Vy 
etoi^ov ixel itotfcdaars ri^lv to Uda^a. 

Kal ots eyeveto n &pa, riXOev 6 'lyjaovg, 
xal dvaxsi^svog fietd rc^v S6Sexa eXeyev' 
^^Ttidv^ia eneOviiyjoa tovro rd Uda^a ^a- 
yelv fied^ v^iidv Ttpo rov [le TtaOelv. Asya 
yap vfuv oti Ov ^iyi ^dyco i^ avrov, eog 
orov TtjiyjpQOYi iv trj ^aaiXsia tov Ssov, 

To Se Uda^a, Yiyovv ev TtpoSatov, teXeiov, 
dpGev, eviavacov xal bntov Ttvpl ol tpdg xal 
8exa vvv £<payov Ttepie^GxyfiEvot tag oo^vg xal 
rd vTtoSy^iiara iv tolg noalv ej^ovifeg xal /?a- 
xtyjplag iv talg ^(^spGLV, xaOoig ineta^ev 6 Kv- 
ptog rolg vlolg 'IcypayjX iv y'^i Alyvittov. 

139. Jesus Washes His Apostles' Feet. 
Me<rd To Jldaj^^a sloOotcdg iysvsto Selnvov 
XdiiTtpov. Tov 5' ovv Uda^a yevo^iEvov xare- 

— 170 — 

^yjxsv 6 'ly](yovg ta I'^Laria, xal Tievttov Ste- 
^cd(y[ZEvog e^aXev vhid^ eig tov vint'^pa zal 
7]p^aro viTtrsLV tovg no^ag tidv ^ladYitCiV xal 
exfiaGcyeiv tQ T^evtiG), & yjv Sts^cdGfiEvog. 

Tavra noiCdv Gy^iialvEcv £(3ov?iero, ore to 
inoiJ.svov Selnvov, xel fiyj vo^ig) eTtcrerayjievov, 
T:fov Ss Uda^a o^cog earai aycGitspov, xal 
<yeiiv6rspov nokv^ SElnvov, 0$ dTiYjOi^g, elg 
ndvr ag eSec xaOapovg slv at tyjv xapSlav. 

To avro tovto xal Xoyotg khviXov npog Xt- 
[icdva Uetpov d(pix6iisvog. '0 yap TLstpog ^av- 
fid^Cxiv e(36a' Kvpts, av (zov viTttsig tovg noSag; 
Ov ^yj VL^l^rig tovg Ttohag [lov eig rov aliSva* 

''ATtsxpWyj 6 "lyjaovg' 'Eai' ^57 vl^cj cTf, ov^ 
e^etg ^epog [isr^ e^ov. Kai 6 Ilerpog' Ki;ptf, 
e^riy i^yj tovg noSag [lov [lovov, d/l/ld xal Tag 
;^etpag xal i^yjv xsipaXriv. 

Aeyet avtqi 6 'lyjaovg' *0 ?^6y^ovfievog ovx 
e^EL ^pEcav eI fiyj tovg noSag vi^l^aadac, dX/C 

— 171 — 

ecrrt xaOapog o^og. Kal viielg zadapol edte, 
d/lX' ov')(l ndv-teg. 

nap)7x^ yap 'lovSag 6 dO?.iog npoSotyig, tcou 
rovrov ryjg a^aprtag dnotpenEtv i^ovXeto' 
Scd tovto elTtEV OvxL Ttdvreg xaOapoi iare, 

^Ot' q-^v £Vi'\l'S rovgnoSag r^v (laOyjri^v xal 
dvsTyaSe nd l^idna avtov, dva7te(ycdv ndXi'p 
elnsv avrolg' Tiyv6axere, tl TtsTtolyjxa vi/iv 
vnoSstyiia ydp eScoxa v[uv, Iva, xadc^g g^o 
inolyjaa v^ilv, xal vfiElg Ttot^re. 

140. Institution of the Blessed Sacrament. 

Kat rl Sia<pEpsiv T^Eya^EV to vofiifiov xal 
xoivov SslTtvov rod npog tov Seov avrov eni- 
tErayiiEvov Uda^a; Ti Eig bxeIvo ndvrag 
eSel ;faOapoi'g Elvat (laXkov yj Eig to lEpov 
Hda^a; Kal tov evExa n STti^v^ia avtyj n 
Sia^Epovaa rov ^lyjGov Eig rovro to Udcy^a^ 

— 172 — 

(lei^ov ryjg elg Ttdvta ra Ttpotepov yevoiieva) 
" Akovqi^lsv tov 'iQavvov Xeyovtog' "'AyaTtyj- 
(Tag 6 ^lyjaovg tovg Ihiovg tovg iv rco xoa^Q, 
elg Te/log rfydnriaev avrovg. Triv dydTiyjv rav- 
tyjv Tyjv t6?u6Vtalav xal scy^dtyjv 6 "lyjaovg 
e^eXXs Sid rovrov tov SscTtvoh Scars^slv, xal 
dno^LSovai tviv v7t6(y^s(yLV riv e7toiHi:o rolg (j.ol- 
dyiTalg avrov Tc5 eiinpoaOev iviavto iv Ka- 
^api^aij^a. 'TnEG^eifo ^' avtolg ov8ev yjrrov, yj 
h6(Jsiv avtolg tviv iavtov adpxa xal to iav- 
"tov al[ia vTtep tyjg tov xoO^iov ^coyjg. 

'EaOiovrGiv yap avtc^v, "kaSidv 6 ^lYicovg 
dptov, ev^apiaryjaag xal ev'koy/iaag, exXaae 
xal eScdxe rolg [zaOyjtdlg avrov Xkyav AdSsts, 
^dyste' rovto icti to (yid[id ^ov, To vnep v- 
^idv hiho^evov tovto Ttoielte sig ryjv i[j.yjv 

*ngai;T6)g eXaSs xal to notYipiov, xal ei%a- 
^lOtYiCag sScxixev avtdlg '?\.eycdv' Tliets i^ avtov 

— 173 — 

ndvreg' Tovto yap Icnrt to al^d fxov, ro ryjg 
xaLvyjg Sia^yjxyjg, ro vTtep v^iSv xal vitsp noX- 
?iOV ix^vvoi.ievov dg d^eatv aiiapnCdv. Tavra 
noielte, ogaxcg dv Ttot^rs, elg Tyjv i[iYjj dvd- 

Tolg pYifjiaGi rovtotg (isrenotyjaev 6 evXoyyi- 
[livog n^idv aixitYip rov dprov slg ro a(^[ia, xal 
rov olvov elg ro al[za avtov, eSoxsv y\'^lv rd 
rrig Ei';^apto'Ttag ^varrjpiov xal xareatrjcys 
tovg dnoatoTiOvg lepelg trig xatvyjg Sca^rjxyig, 
StSovg airolg tyjv evroTiYiv xal ryjv i^ovalav 
tyjv tov Tioielv ravto tovro, o STtolyjaEv airog. 

141. Jesus Foretells the Treason of Judas. 

Merd Tat'Ta 6 'lyj(yovg itapd^Oyj to nvsv- 
liari xal elnev 'Aiiyjv, d^-r/jv /isya vfuv on 
Etg e^ v^idv 7tapaS6a£i ^s. '0 fiev vlog tov 
dvOp^nov vTtdyet, xaO(l)g yeypanrai nepl av- 

— 174 — 

tov' Oval ^6 TQ dvdp6no) sxstvQy 5t' ov 6 vlog 
tov dvOpc^Ttov TtapaSlSotat' Ka^ov riv avro), 
ci ovx iyswyjOyj 6 dvOponog exslvog. 

Av7tov[isvoL oi)v ol liadyjtal efSXenov eig d/l- 
Xri^iovg dnopovvreg nspl rlvog eXsyev. '0 he 
^{iddwyig^ vovdsryjdelg vno rov Hsrpov r^p^ryjas' 
KvptSy tig eati, Ttepl ov Xky£ig\ 

'AnsxpWyj 6 ^lyjaovg' ""Exelvog ednv, Si eyo 
Pd'^ag TO ^cdiiiov rovro 67ttS6a(xi. Kat iii^d^ag 
sSoxev avrd 'lovSq^ tgj Xli^Qvogy '{(yxapi^tYi, 

Merd To "^Qiiiov slgyjXdEv 6 craTardg eig Hov 
""YovhaVy xal og dvaardg npog^Tide tq 'lyjaov xal 
Ylpc^'tyjae' Myjn ey6 elfii, pa66i; '0 Se ""lyjcfovg' 
Xv sinoLg, e^yjy o Si itoislg, nolyjciov td^f^ov, 

142. Jesus Foretells the Denial of Peter. 

^Ot' ovv i^yjXdev 6 'lovSag, eXsyev 6 ^lyjaovg' 
Tsxvia, (jIovov etu [iLxpov [isO^ viJ,6v el^i. ^Onov 

^175 — 

5' syo) vTtdycd, vi-ielg ov SvvaaOe [zoc vvv dxo- 
?^ovO^(yaL, dxo/iovdyioets Se varepov, 

'0 8e Uerpog' Kvpts, e^yj, Sia tl ov hvva- 
fial dot dxo?iov0yj a at dptt; Metd cfov sroL^og 
sl^i xal elg ^vXaxi^v xal elg ^dvarov Ttopsv- 
eaOat. Tyjv 4^v^riv [lov vnep aov ^'i^aa. 

'0 Se ''lyjaovg dnexplOyj avtat' Tyjv ^v^yiv 
Gov vnep i^ov S^jycretg ; ^AiiYiv, d^iYiv "kkyid aot, 
oti Gv GYi^epov, ev f^ vvxrl tavtri, nplv yj Slg 
d/le^T'opa ^QvyjGaL, tplg dnapvyjavi [le . 

TavtYl Se tY} vvxrl ndvrsg v[j.elg axavSa- 
^iaOyjOEaO^ iv e^oi. Veypanrai ydp' Ilatd^cd 
tov Ttoiiieva, xal SiaGxopniad'^Ge'tai rd npo- 
6*aTa trig nol^vyjg. Msrd Se to eyEpOrjval [is 
npod^Q vfidg Eig tyjv TaXiXalav. 

^i(^cov, Xii^aVy ISe, 6 aatavdg e^YityjGaO^ v^idg 
tov aividGai c5g tov Gltov. 'E}/cd Se eScYjOyjv 
Ttspl Gov, Iva [lyj ixXslnYi n TtiGng gov' xal Gv 
Ttor' STtLGrps^ag, GtYipiGov tovg dSeXcpovg gov. 

— 176 — 

'0 Se Xlerpog ex ne^iaaov e?^6ye i.ia7Jkov' 
Y^av ^6 Seri avvano^avelv cot, ov ^yj as dp- 
vyjao^ai. '^D.gavrag Si xal ndvreg eXcyov, 

143. The Promise of the Holy Ghost. 

^Ihidv he 6 'IriGovg rovg iiaOy^rdg 7^v7ioviie- 
vovg, eXeyev avtolg' Texvla, ^ri rapaaGsoOco 
v^iC^v 71 xapSta, SloTl 'keXaXvixa v[uv, oti vnd- 
ya Ttpog tov narepa. Utarevere eig rov Seov, 
xal eig e^ie matevete, 

""Antidv ydp d^iri^i vfilv elpyjvyiV ti^v slpy^- 
vyjv triv e^iYiv hihcd^i vfilv' ov xaOdyg 6 xoaiiog 
hiSLyGtv iyo SlSqiil vfuv. Uplv S' yj vnayetv, 
evtoXyjv xaivyjv SlSuiiii v^lv, Iva ayanate 
dXXvi'kovg, xadidg rfydrtYiGa v^dg, 

'E}/G) rviv d/\jyjOeLav T^eya v[uv' ^v^afpepec 
viilv iva iyo d7te7^0(x) Ttpog rov narepa. 'Edv 
ydp ey(j) ^ly; dTteVScd, 6 naodxXrjrog ovx eXsv- 

— 177 — 

avtov n^og v^idg. 

'Ev tri oixlq rov natpog [lov fioval 7to/lXat 
61CLV, xal TtopsvofiaL itoL^daat roTtov vfilv. 
Kal idv iroL^idacd v^lv totcov, nd?uv sp^ofiai, 
xal 7tapa?^yi^0[iai vfidg npog ifcavrov, Iva, 
oTtov £l[j.l iycd, xal vfislg Yite. 

Ovx d^>7(76) vi^idg iv ^cdcT^O) oo^avovg, d/l/l' 
ipcotyjCco tov Ttaikpa, xal dXkov 7tapdx7.yjrov 
S6(ysi v^lVy Iva (lev/i [zeO^ v^uv eig rov aiC^va, 
to nvev^a trig d/iyiOelag, o 6 xoafiog ov hvvo,- 
rat XaSelv. '0 he 7iapdx2.yirog, to nvevua to 
dytov, o TCe^'^ei 6 natyjp iv Tc5 ovofiatl [lov, 
ixslvog v^idg hthd^et ndvTa, xal vTto^v^aei 
vfzdg Ttdvta, d elnov v[uv. 

Tov Ss ©6)f£d ipQrcjvTog rriv ohov ry^v npog 
tov itatkpa^ aTtExptOy^ 'lyjoovg' 'E^o Ei[ii ri 
oSog, xal n d^^yjOsta, xal n ^c^yj' ovSelg ep^Etai 
Ttpog tov Ttatepa, e! (.lyi hi i[iov. 

— 178 — 

144. Christ's Last Discourse to His 

Tlo/lXd xal oJkXoL Ttapa^vdyjctdiievog 6 'I>7- 
oovg tovg ^aOyjtdg elnsv avrolg' '^yEtosade 
vvVy dyG)[isv ivrsvOsv ep^stat yap 6 rov x6a- 
[lov dp^ov. 'E^' ifiol ovx e^el ovhkv, dT^X Iva 
yvGi 6 zoa^ogy on dyan^d tov Ttarspa, xal xa- 
Ocog evEtEiXaro (loc 6 naryjp ovrog noiisi. 'E^e^ 
PecOe, dycd^ev EvtEvOsv. 

Kal v^vYiaavTEg i^^Xdov npog ro opog tcov 

'El' tYi oSw StEtEXEcyEv 6 ^ly^aovg XEycdV 'Ey6 
Ei[iL n dfZTtEXog n dXyjOiVT^y 6 naTrip ^ov 6 ys- 
cdpyog, xal v[ZElg td xXyji^ata, MELvatE iv 
8^101, xdyid iiEvG) iv vfdv. 

KaOog to x/iyj[ia ov Svvanfat xapnov (pspEcv 

d<p^ iavtov, edv f,iyj (ielvyi iv t'^ d[i7t£?iQ, ov- 
tog ovSe v[i£lg, idv [.lyj iv i^ioi {lEivyjTE. 
"Edi' ^EiVYiTE iv ifioLy xal td prifiard fxov 

— 179 — 

iv vfilv fiEivY}, o dv ^£?^yjt6, altYiaaaBe, xal 
ysvYjCet at viuv. 

'AfiYiv, d[iyjv T^syo v^lv on ''Av tt airyjayjts 
tov Ttarepa ev ro ovofiarl fiov S^aec vfuv. 
Ait site xal ^^yj^'sads Iva n ;^apd vi^cdv y} Tte- 

*0 yap naryjp avrdg ^L?iel v[idg, on v^elg 
ifie ne^i^iyjxarE, xal TteTtcOtevxats, on iyc) 
Ttapa tov Ttarpog e^^Xdov, xal TtdXiv npog 
nbv TtarsQa Ttopevo^iau. 

Kal endpag tovq 6<pda?^fiovg eig tov ovpa- 
vov elTti-v Udrsp, iTiyj^^vOev n opa* So^aCov 
tov vlov Gov, Iva 6 vlog cov So^davi as, 
Udtsp dyis, n^pyjctov iv 'Tq ovoiiatl <yov ovg 
hshoixdg ^iol, Iva gxTlv sv, xaOog ri^islg. Tyjpyjaov 
avrovg sx tov Ttovyjpov, xal aylaaov avrovg 
iv rii dXyjOstq. 

Ov Ttspl tovrcdv 5' fpoTco (lovov, d^/ld xal 
Ttepl tc^v Sid rod /ioyov avtdv slg ifis Tttatsv- 

— 180 — 

Covtctiv, Iva ndvteg ev G^aiv, xaOcdg av, ndtsp, 
iv iiiol, xdyQ ev Ooi. 

145. The Agony in the Garden. 

Tai^r' eiTtdiv 6 ^lyjaovg yjXOs avv rolq [laByj- 
ralg avrov nspav tov ^ecfiappov KeSpov elg 
TO opog t(^v eXaiidv. 'A<pix6[ievog elg xrinov 
tiva T^eyoiievov TeOaT^fiavyj elnev avrolg' KaOt- 
Car' avtov, £6)g ov dns/iOc^v 7tpog£i;^^aat ezsl. 

Kal tov Hetpov xal rov "Idxo- 
6ov xal tov "Icddvvyjv [isO^ iavtov, yjp^ato Xv- 
TtslaOac xal dSyj[iov£lv, xal eTisyeV Uepl^uvnog 
ia'tiv n '^vx/i fJ-ov £Cx)g ^avdtov ^slvars 5Se, 
ypyjyopslts ^er^ i^ov, xal npogev^eode Iva 
fjLYl eig£?iOyjt£ elg 7tetpa(y(i6v. 

Kal nposXOcdv [lucpov drt' avtidv ensds to 
TtpogcxiTtov inl ryjg yrig^ xal Ttpogyjv^Ero XeycdV 
Yldifep [zoVy £1 Svvaifov iatLV^ Ttape/lOfTG) To 

— 181 — 

Ttoryj^iov rovr^ dn^ i^ov' n?.yiv [lyj to ^e'kYi^d 
^ov, d/iXd to GOV yeveaOcd. 

Tovrov rdv avtov Xoyov ex Sevrspov xal ex 
tpLtov npogyjv^aro, xal ysvo^svog iv dycdvca 
sxtevearepov Ttpogyj-v^sro, xal eyevero 6 ISpog 
avtov ojgel ^poiiSoi al^atog xata^alvovteg 
inl tyjv yvjv. Kat ui^dri avt^i dyyeXog dito 
tov ovpavov evia^vQv avtov. 

MsO^ exdaryjv ^lav npogsv^yiv dve(yryj, xal 
e^6c)v npog tovg [laOrirdg evpev avrovg xoc^Gi- 
[levovg dnd tyjg Xvnrig. To [lev yap nvevfia 
avt(s>v yjv npoOvfiov, ri Se cdp^ daOevyjg. 

To he rpl'tov eXOcdv npog rovg ftadyjrdg xal 
6vpG)v avtovg en xaOevhovrag eXeyev avtolg' 
KaOevSete To T^otndv xal dvanaveaOe. 'A/l/l' 
d7te')(^ei' eX.YiXvd^ n &pa, xal napahchorai 6 
vlog tov dvOp67tov eig Tag ;!^etpocg r(^v a- 
LLapt(xi%(S)V . " AXX eyslpsade, dyGi^iev' ISov, 
6 TtapaSiSovg ^le riyyixtv. 

— 182 — 

146. The Treason. 

Ovx 87tavaaro "lyjaovg ?iaX(dv, ots nape- 
ylyvero anslpa avrolg rolg t(£>v dp^cspecdv xai 
tdv (papLGatCxiv xal rc^v TtpeaSyrepcxiV vnyjpe- 
tatg iiETOL ^avdv xal T^a^nahcdv xal orO^idv. 

'lovhag n^erspog 6 ndvv nporip^Ero avruv, 
^JUiSeLyap rov ronov, on noXkaxig avvyjx^^ 
6 'lyjaovg ixsl [isrd rCSv [xaOyjt&v avrov. ''EScj- 
xs 5' avifolg ariiielov Xeyov "^Ov dv ^iT^riaGi, 
ovrog eanv xpatriaate avrdv xal dnayd- 

Kal evOeog npogeXOov TO) ^lyjCov xaTE^l- 
T^Yiaev avtov xal elnsV Xatp^, paSSl. '0 Se 
'lyjaovg' "lovSa, e^ri, ^iT^Yj^a'Ti rov vlov rov 
dvdp^Ttov TtapaSiScdg-, ^Etalps, J^' o Ttdper, 

147. Jesus is Apprehended. 
Tov Se Ttpogdyovra o^^ov 6 ^lyjaovg r,p6n.iX' 
Tlva ^vtelts; ' ATtexpiOyjaav a.vro} ott 'lyjaovv 

— 183 — 

tdv ^a^apalov. Tov Se 'I'i^cfov elnovtog oti 
'E^63 elfii, ol ndvrsg d7t^?^0ov elg rd bniao 
xal eneaov ^a^aL 

UdXiv ovv inyjp6tyj<y6v avrovg' Ttva ^r^ 
telTs; T(^v Se ndTitv elnovtov o^tc 'lyjaovv rdv 
'Na^apalov, dnexpldyj 'lyjCovg' ^Itiov v^iiv on 
'E^co 6L^L. Ei ovv 8[i6 ^yjtelre, d^ere rovrovg 

Tots npogeXdovteg em^aT^ov tdg xelpag 
inl tov 'Iviaovv, xal ixpdtyjcav avrov. 

Xl[^G)v Se lierpog anaofd^xsvog ryjv ^d^sipav 
67taL(j£ tov SovT^ov tov dp^tspECdg, MdX^ov 
ovofcati, xru d^eVkev avtov to odg to Ss^cov. 

*0 Se ^lyjCovg HTtev avtQ' BdXe tyjv [id^ei- 
par elg tyjv ^yjxyjv. Ov Svvaluyiv dv altelaOai 
tov Ttatepa [lov nXsiovg yj S68sxa XEyec^vag 
dyyeXcdV) nXriv dTO^d, to noty^pLov, o SeSqxs 
^01 6 TtatYip, ov fXY} TtiGi avto', Kat h'^^dfie- 
vog to tov MdX^ov cdtiov Idaato avtov. 

— 184 — 
Tolg 5' o^Xoig dnsv 'Xlg enl Xriaryjv i^- 

fxs' xaO'' r^iispav Ttpog vi-iag ixaOs^oixyjv, Si^ 
Sdaxcdv sv roj Ispo), xal ovx ixparrjaarE [is' 
d/l/l' avryj v[.i(^v ianv n opa xal n i^ovala 
Tov Gxorovg. 

01 Se xparyjaavreg rov 'lyjaovv dnyjyayoVj 
xal ol [zaOy^ral ndvreg £(pvyov. 

148. Jesus before Annas. 

*0 o;^/'iog TtoCSrov d7tyiya.yov rov ^lyjoovv 
Ttpog " Avvav, rov TtevOepov rod Kaid^pa, og yjv 
dp^ispsvg Tov iviavrov ixelvov. "Ai^i'ag 
Tip^ryjas rov 'ly^aovv nspl r^v [ladrituiv avrov 
xal Ttepl T'/Jg o/^a;^)7$ avtov. 

'0 8e 'Iriaovg evxoXcdg dnsxplOyj' *E^a) nap- 
pyjotq iSiSa^a iv rri Gvvaycoyr,, xal iv tg) Is- 
pcj, oTtov Ttdvreg gl 'lohSaloc avvep^ovraUf xal 

— 185 — 

iv x^vntGi sXaXriaa ovSev. Tl sfie ipotdg; in- 
€p(x)rYj(yov tovg dxyjxoorag [lov. Ovrot oihaatv, 
a elnov iy6. 

'ETtt tovrc) elg t(^v vnyjpe-rcSv Ttapaatyjxcig 
eScdxe pdniGfia tto 'hi<yov eiTtGiv' Ovrcog dno- 
xplvYi tQ dp^Lspel; '0 'lyjaovg npdog dnexpldy!' 
E( xaxi^g tkdXriad^ fiaprvpyjaov Ttspl rov xa- 
xov' 81 Se xa/ii^g, ti [is Sspstg', 

Upog ravta dniarst'Xev avrdv 6 "Ai'z^ag 
SsSsfievov Ttpog Ka'idcpa rov dp;^tep8a, onov 
Ttdvtsg ol dp^tepelg xal ol TtpsaSvtspoi xal 
<n ypaiiizatelg avvri^Oy^aav. 

149. Jesus before Caiaphas. 

Ol 6' dp^LEpslg xal ol npeaSvrepoi xal to 

cvvehpiov o'Xov e^rirovv ^evho[iaptvpiav xard 

tov ^Iyicov, OTtcog avrdv ^avatCxicyoycJiv, dX/l' 

ov^ cvpov, noXkCiv ^evhouaprvpidv tcooceXOov- 

— 186 — 

tov. Al }/dp (laptvplat avT^c^v Icrat ovx yjaav. 

^Tarspov ^e npog^/iOov Svo Xeyovreg' 'H^ielg 
r(}cov(Jafiev avrov ?Leyovtog on 'Ej^o xaraXvac^ 
tov vaov tovtov tov ^eLpoTtoiyjrov, xal &d 
tpiuv nfi£p(^v aXkov d^eiponolyjrov olxoho^ri- 
(T6). 'A/l/l' ovhe tovtcov n [j,aprvpia layj yjv. 

Tor' dvaardg 6 dp^iepevg sig ^ikaov inyjpQ- 
tyjae tov "Irjaovv Xeycdv' Ovx dnoxpivri ovSev; 
Tl ovroi aov xataiiaprvpovacv; '0 Se 'lyjaovg 
fcrtcoTta xal dnexpiva'to ovhev. 

Kat 6 dp'x^tepsvg' 'E^oppct^co ae, E^yj, xatd 
tov Seov tov ^c^vtogy Iva n^lv stTtYig, el dv el 
6 Xptcrrog, 6 vlog tov Seov-, Aeyet a^rcj 6 
'lyjOovg' St) eiTtag. Kal "keyed v^lv ott 'Att' dpti 
o^^eaOe tov vlov tov dvOp^nov xadyi^ievov ex 
he^iixiv trig hwd^ecdg, xal ip^o^evov inl tdv 
ve^eXidv tov ovpavov. 

'^x tovtov 6 dp^cepevg Sieppyj^e td L[idtia 
avtov Xeyov' 'El3Xaa<pyj[iyjaev. Tt etc "x^petav 

— 187 — 
filav. Tt v^lv Soxel; Kal dvExpa^av naivteg 

150. Peter Denies Jesus. 

Tc5z^ fiev d?.XQv (laOy^rov ^evyovrav, ol Se 
TLerpog xal 'IcodwYig r^o?^ovOyjaav T6j 'lyjaov 
and iiaxpoOev, ISslv to TeAog. ' A<piK6[zevoi slg 
ryjv avTiYjv tov dp^ispeQg, 6 Uetpog ixdOyjro 
fistd t(^v vnyjpet(^v npog to nvp ^epfia- 
vov[zsvog. ^v^og yap yjv. 

^Exel TtpogE^cdvslro vno (ilag t(hv natStaxi^v 
tov dp^LEpECdg 2,Eyovayjg' Kal ai) yjaOa (lEtd 
'lyjaov tov Fa/lt/latoi;. '0 5' ripvyjaaro E[i7tpo- 
cOev Ttdvtcov xal EXsyEV' Tvvai, ovx oiSa av- 
roVy ovS^ ETtiCsraiiai, ri ov TyEyEig. Kat napa- 
j(^pyi^a i<p6vyjaEv 6 d^sxtG^p. 

M-Etd ^pa^i) dXXy] ttg eIoe rov TiEtpov xal 

— 188 — 

€?i6yi: rolg Ttapsoryjxoaiv' Kal ovrog riv ufc-rd 
'Ij^aoij roi) ^a^apalov. Kal ndXcv ripv/raaTo 
fisO^ opxov on Oix olSa rov dvOpcdnov. ^Erf- 
pog ng iScdv avrdv e^yj' Mrj xal di) ix r(^v 
fiaOyirCdv avrov el; "Hpvy^aato 6 Uerpog xal 
elnev ''AvOpcdTts, oix el^d. 

Kal Staardayig ojgsl cdpag ^lag, "keyei avro) 
€ig ex tdv Soi)?iG)v rod dp^tepecdg, ovyyevyjg dv 
ov dnexo^e Uerpog to coriov Ovx ey6 ae elhov 
iv ru) xYiTtixi [ler^ avrov; IldXtv r.pv^aaro Ue- 
rpog, ol Se 7ta.peari^reg dvrel^ov xal eXeyov 
"^ ATirfiCdg e^ avrc^v el' xal yap TaXi/idlog el' n 
XaXid GOV Syi?^6v ae notel. Tor' yjp^aro Uerpog 
dva^e[iari^eiv xal b^vvvat T^eycdv on Ovx olSa 
rdv dvOpG)7tov rovrov ov "key ere. Kal evOvg 
ex ^evrepov 6 dXexrcdp i^6vy]Gev. 

'E;e rovrcdv ruv 7to7Jia7ikaaiidv S[6^ecx)V 
xard rpelg aXXolovg xaipovg yevoiievcov, eanv 
bpav, olq op^iri 6 oaravag epepero enl rdv 

— 189 — 

ap^ovta rcdv dnoaroXov. '0 (J-ev aaravag 
d/l)7^c5g J^'X/T/^craT' avrovg, 6 he ^Iviaovg ehsrfiri 
Ttepl tov Uerpov. I^rpa^elg yap 6 xvpiog ive- 
^T^E^e rQ TlerpQ, xal Herpog dvs.uvy^aOy'j ro 
p^^a, c5g elTtsv aiVu) 'Iriaovg, ott TIplv dXe- 
xtopa Slg (pcdvyjaac, tpig (le dnapvriari. Kat 
i^e/iOov e^cd exXavae TtLxpdg, ovce TeXeDTcoi',, 
fi SLaSoacg Xeyet, inavaato xXalov. 

151. Jesus is Mocked and Outraged. 
Ata Ttddrig tvjg vvxrdg tavryjg <p6§ov xal 
C6L[.idtQv e^iTtkeGi 01 Gvve^ovrsg rov 'lyjaovv 
BveTtat^ov avrco hepovtsg. "A/lXot (zev ive- 
TVtvCav elg to npogoTtov avtov, d/l/lot 8e ixo- 
Xd,^iCav avtov, xal 7tepixa?hV'^avtsg avrov 
etvntov avtov to npogcoTtov xal ippdnLaav 
Xeyovteg' Yloo^ritevaov n^lv, ^piOte, tig 
eativ 6 nalaag ere; 

— 190 — 

Kat £t6pa [ivpla eXv[j.aivovto aitov^ xal 
^?yaG<pyj[j,ovvreg eXsyov slg avrov. 

Sixth Day of Holt Week. 

152. Jesus before the Sanhedrin. 

Ilpotag Se yevofzevyjg, (yvfijSovXtov eXa6ov 
Ttdvreg ol dp;^6ep£tg xal ol npea^vtepoc tov 
2,aoVy xal dyayofisvoi rov ^lyjcovv e(i7tpo(yOev 
iavtcdv eig ro avveSptov eXsyov avtq^' Ei ci) 
el 6 Xptcnrog, sine ri^lv. 

"Arej^^vGig dneKpWyi 6 ^lyjCovg' 'Edi^ viilv 
elTtcd, ov ^yj TtLore'vGYjts' idv Se xal epGitYiaa, 
ov (172 dnoxpidYite (loi, yj dnoXvayjre. ''And Sk 
rov vvv fcrrat 6 vlog tov dvOp67tov xaOrj- 
(isvog ex Se^ic^v ryjg Svvd(ieQg tov Seov. 
- Ol Ttdvteg vvv r^potyjaav "Zv ovv el 6 vlog 
tov Seov; Kal 6 "lyjaovg dnexpWyj' 'T[ielg 
Xeyete, on ey6 el^ii. 

— 191 — 

To Ss (yvveSpLOV ajtav dvaatav ecTtoV Tl 
eti ^pslav e^o^sv ^aptvplag; Avtol yap ri- 
xovGafiEV OLTto tov Gto^arog avtov. Kat hri- 
Cavreg avtov napsSoxav UovriQ Xlt/tdcTrG), 
tQ nysf^ovi. Avrol S' ovx elgriXOov elg to 
TtpactcypLOv, Iva [iyi fitavdi^aLV, d/iX' Iva ^o- 
yoac to Uda^a. 

TiiiYiGaGdai ^lev e^ripxeaav ol ^lovhaloi ro) 
^Iriaov ^avdroVj tov Se dnoxtelvai ovheva 
dxvpOL yjcyav. 

153. Judas Despairs. 

'ISqv 'lovSag 6 dd?.tog, oti xatsxpiOvj 6 
^Iridovg vTto tov avveSplov iieta^sXeddg dn- 
Bdtps^e td tpidxovta dpyvpta tolg dp^ce- 
psvcyi xal tolg npeaSwepotg 'XeycdV '^'H^aprov 
TtapaSovg alfia dd(^ov, Ol Sf elnov Tt npog 
Yi^dg; Xi) o^'St- 

Kal pi^lag rd dpyvpta iv to raw dvE^opyj- 

— 192 — 

asv. "AjceTididv dnyiy^aro, xal Ttpyjvyjg ysvo- 
^Evog iXo^xyjae (zsaog, xal e^e^vOyj ndvra rd 
G7t7idy](^va avtov. 

Ol he dp^ispslg Xa^ovtsg rd dpyvpta, xal 
^lYl d^LOvvreg [iaXeXv avrd eig top xop§o.vdv, 
ensl tLfiYj alfiatog yjv, r,y6paaav i^ avr&v 
tov dypov rov xspa^isog elg ra<pyiv rolg ^e- 
vocg, xal ovtcog e7t?\^yjp60yj To pyjOsv Sid ^Is- 
ps^lov tov Ttpo^yjrov Xeyovrog' Kat eXaSov 
id tpidxovra dpyvpca, ryjv rcfiyiv ryjv tov 
tsti^rilikvov, ov erifiYiaavro and rdv vldv 
^lapariX, xal eSidxav elg tov dypov rov ;^cpa- 
fieogy xaOd avvera^i [loc Kvpcog. 

154. Jesus before Pilate. 
Tli?idrog 6 nye^Gyv ISo^v rov 6^/iov gcTTWT'a 
efinpogOi-v rov Ttpacrcopcov avrov e^ri7^de npog 
avrovg xal elnsv Tlva xaryiyopiav ^epere 
xard rov dvOpc^iJiov rovrov; 

— 193 — 

AvOdSsLg OLTtExplOyjaav xal elnov E( fiyj yjv 
ovtog xaxoTtOLog, ovx dv dot 7tapsS6xaii8V av- 
tov. Tfi avtYi avOaSlq. 6 JJcXdrog' AdSere 
avtov v^islg, e<pyj, xal xofcd i:6v vo^iov vfic^v 
xpLvars avtov. 

Oi^T^cog v^6L[i6V0L Yip^avto ol 'lovSaloi ^stpc- 
6tepov y^eyeiVy xal vo^il^Qg xatvjyopovv tov 
^lyjaov '?\.8yovteg' Tovtov evpo(isv, np(^rov ^ev, 
hiaCtps^ovi^a t'o edvog, Ssvrepov Se, xciT^vovta 
Katcrapt (popovg ScSovat, xal elta ?^Eyovta 
iavrov ^pcatov PaaCksa elvac. 

Tyjv [lev 7tp6tYiv xal tYiv hevi:epav xaryjyo- 
piav Ht'Xdtog rolg ''lovSaloLg el^E nianv ovhe- 
liiav, tyjv Se tpltyjv eSlcra^s. '^<p6vy]asv ovv 
tov ^lyjcovv 8ig to npait^pLOV xal ripi^tYi<Jev' 
^i) el 6 (SaCitXevg r^v ^lovSalav; 

*A7texpWyj 6 'lyjaovg' E[ rovro [lov xatyjyo- 
povcycv, 6[ioXoy(^ oti 'Qa<yi7^evg elfiL ey6. ^AX?C 
fl (SactiXela n siiyj ovx eativ ex tov xoa^ov 

— 194 — 

tovi:ov. 'E}/a) elc, tovro y6yevvyj[.iaiy xal dg 
tQvro i?^yi^vda eig rov xocf^ov, Iva [laprvprjCjG) 
TY} (i7iy]0eLq. Udg 6 (dv ix T^g dXyjdslag d- 
xovec [lov HYig ^cdvyjg. 

Tl eanv aXyidsia', eaxidUte IltXdrog, tl [zot 
[isXei ti^v roLovrcdv; 'E^co ''lovSdlog ovx elfiu 
'A/l/ld rl noiyjaavra, rtpog ^sc^v, tto sOvog to 
Gov xal ol ap^ispslg napeScdxdv as sfioi; 

Tai;Ta elndiv i^'^?^06 npog rovg ap^ispsag 
xal tovg o^TiOvg xal eXsyev avtolg' ^E^'co 
ov8£[iia.v air lav i-hpiGxcd iv avto. 

01 Se enia^vov Xeyovrsg ore " Avaaeiei tbv 
\a6v hihaaxcxiv xa.Q^ okrig trig ''\ovhaiag ap^d- 
[isvog and ryjg Ta^^tTialag ecog c^hs. Kal Tto/l/ld 
d/l/la xaryjyopYjGiav xar^ avrov. 

Se "Irjoovg ovx dnsxplOy] npog ovSe ev 
p^fia, &a'TE ^avi-id^ELV tov nyE[i6va Xiav. 
^Axovaag hs on 6 'lyjaovg Ta?^L?.al6g eam\ 
trig s^ovalag tov 'i{p6Sov, dvEnE^i'^tv avtov 

— 195 — 

npdg tov ^UpGihriv, bg xal avtbg etv^sv iv 
'lepo(yo9^v[iOLg div sv tavtatg rdlg nuspatg, 

155. Jesus before Herod. 

*0 Se ^}ip6Syjg iSc^v tov ''lyjaovv s^dprj 7uav* 
xal yap s^ Ixavcdv ^povcov e^e?^yi<ysv avrov 
iSslVj ^avfidata rcoXTid nspl avtov axovaag, 
^H/l7t6^e he zal ti (Sriiielov Ihelv V7t! avtov 
yiyvoiievov. Atd i:ovto 87tyjp6ra avrov iv 
"koyotg LKavolg. 

^HpoTTa avrov, S'^nov, el nor^ slyj ovrog 6 
Ttalg, ov yevvyjOEvrog ixslvot ol [idyoi nap- 
fXsv ex ryjg avaroTJ/ig, ol toaavra npdy ^ara 
TtapE^OLEV ro) Ttatpl avrov. Hc^g rtors ol yo- 
VEcg avrov T^aOelv oloi rs slrjaav rovg Syjiioal- 
ovg xal (pvyslv rov ^ovov. "H xai Et Ttors 
eItj ''IcxidwYig BaTtnaryig, ov avrog fisv aTto- 
x£q)a?iLaaij og hi, Qg T^syocEv, dva^E^idixoi 

— 196 — 

tov S-ai^/t^aTTa Ttotelv. Kal d/i?M totavta no?^- 
Xd ts xal fidrata eativ vnoXa6slv tov 'Hpto- 
hriv dv epor'^aai. Sav^aarov ovv ovSev, rov 
'iT^aovv ^yjSev dnoxplvaaOai avrqi. 

Tolg ^ev dp^iepevac xal rolg ypafiiiatevatv 
evtovcdg xa'tYiyopovat luov ''Iriaov 'HpG3(§>7g ovte 
nlG^TLv napel'x^sv ovhe^iav, ovte rvjv dp'x^riv 
npogeix^e tbv vovv (Sapeog ^e ^epcdv xal opyt- 
oOeig, on ov&^ dnoxplascog T^^L6dyj, e^ovhenaev 
avtov ovv tolg aTpatsv^aOi, xal eiiTtal^ag 
Ttepi^a'kcdv avrdv iaOyjta 'kaimpdv dnansfi^e 
T'O) TltXaro). "Eyevovro Se ^lXol o t£ TLtXdrQg 
xal 6 '}ip68yjg iv avi:ri tri n^epa [ler^ dXXrj- 
?iG)v' TtpovTtyjp^ov j/dp iv s^Opa ovtsg npog 

156. Jesus is Led Back to Pilate. 

lit Adrog 5e avyxaXeodiievog tovg dp^Lspsag 
xal Tovg dp^ovtag xal nov T^abv sins npog 

-^197 — 

avtovg' Upogyjveyxars fioc rov dvOpcdnov rov- 
tov, og dno<yrpe(povra tov Xaov, xal iSov, eyo 
ivaiTtiov vft&v avaxpiOag ovSev evpov iv avt^ 
aitLOv, civ xaryjyopflrs xar^ avtov, ovSe 'H- 
p6Syjg. OvSev d^cov ^avdrov earl nenpay^e- 
vov aiVcj. "EcTT't he ovvyjOsLa vimv^ Iva eva 
vfilv dnoXvacd iv rc5 Ilda^a. Tlva oxjv ^e/iets 
dnojivao v^dv, BapaS^dv, yj 'lyjaovv rdv /Is- 
yo^evov Xptcrro^'; 

KaByjf^evoh is alytov enl tov (3'>^fiatog dno- 
Se^oiievov ryj?^ npoalpEaiv ainidv, aTtec-ret/le 
Ttpog avrdv n yvvyj avtov "keyovaa' Mrihev 
dot xal Tc5 hixaici ixetvG)' noXXd yap snaOov 
(yy/fLspov xar^ ovap Sl avtov. 

157. Barabbas is Preferred to Jesus. 

'El' ^ Uc'Xdrog Ttpogelx^ tcd r^g yvvalxog 
avtov dyyeXQ, ol dp^LSpelg xal ol TtpeaSvrepoi 

— 198 — 

ETiEcaav tovg 6^/iovg, Iva ahyjcfcxivtai tov 
Bapa^^av, rdv Se 'lyjaovv dno?.eacd<yLV. 

^Ot' ovv 6 UiXdrog 7tpogE^6vyja6v avtolg' 
TiVa ^E/iere (XTto ri^v Svo (XTto/lrcrG) v^lv, av- 
ezpa^av Se 7ta[i7t?.yjOEl XEyovi:Eg' Alps tovrov, 
dnoT^vaov Se ni^lv tov BapaSSav. 

'0 Se IltXdlrog ^eXov aTto^vaac rdv ^Iriaovv 
oLTtExpWyj ndXcv, xal eIuev avtolg' Tl ovv ^e- 
?.Er£ TtoiT^acx) ov XEyEtE PaaiT^Ea ri^v 'lovSal- 
cov, rov xaXoviiEvov Xptcrroz^; Kal Ttakiv ExpoL- 
^av l.tavpaaov avrov, a^tavpcdCov avtov. 

'0 Se ro rpitov eItce npog avtovg' Tt )/dp 
xaxov BTtOLYiOEV ovtog; Ov^Ev aitiov Saratov 
evpov iv avt^' nathEvaag ovv avtov anoXvacd. 

01 hk ETtEXELvro ^Qvalg iiEyaXaig altov^EVOL 
o.vr6v aravpoOyfrai, xal xarla^vov al ^Qval 
avtidv. '0 ydp Tli^dtog, iScyv oti ovSev 6<p6' 
XeI, d/l/ld iiaXkov ^opvSog yiyvEtai, XaSdtv 
IScdp, cLTtEvi^a'to Tag %ftpag anEvavi^i tov 

— 199 — 

ox^ov T^eycdV 'AOcodg el [it dnd tov a\uarog 
tov Sixatov tovtov vi^elg o^^ECSfOs, 

Kal dTioxpiOelg nag 6 T^aog eiTteV To al^a 
avrov e(p^ n(^dg, xal inl rd rexva n^c^v. '0 Se 
rit/ldTog (3ovX6^isvog toj o^TiC) To Ixavov Ttoi- 
yjaai, dneXvasv avtolg tov BapaS6dv, tov Scd 
atdacv xal <p6vov PspT^vjfievov elg ty]v <pv7^a- 
xYiv, ov "(itovvto, rdv Se 'lyjaovv sfxaarlyQaev. 

158. Jesus is Scourged and Crowned with 

°'07t>7 ^8v xal oTtcdg e[ia<yt cyoOyj 6 "lyjaovg, 
ol ^vayye^utatal (zaxpotepov ivoizcaav yj /16- 
yocg avyypd^ELV, xal (Jtvyepotepov yj xaO^ n- 
^dg d}covaac. ""lafiev Se ti^v fiaa^rlycdaiv ye- 
vo^evyjv vno tQv Ta)^atcor atpatiQr(^v ovte 
tov rc^v TikYiyihv dptOfiov tov vno r6v 'lov- 
haicdv tetay^ievov s^oiievQV, ovte npaotyjti 
ovSsi-da j(^p(xi^evaiv . 

— 200 — 

^Ore ovv e^aarlyoaav rov ^lyjaovv, nape- 
T^aSov avtov sig to npaLt^pcov xal avvriyayov 
hx! ainbv oXyjv ryjv anelpav. Ovrot sxhvaav- 
reg avrdv nepie'^Yixav avro) j^Xa^ivha xoxxt- 
VYiv, xal 7t%E^avt6g OTF^avov s^ dxavOc^v 
67t6^yjxav STtl ry]v xe^aTivjv avrov, xal xdXa- 
fjLov enl ti^v Ss^idv. Kal yovvnsryiaavreg e^- 
npoaOev av'tov ivenai^ov aiVoj Tisyovreg' 
Xatpe, 6 l3a(yL?i£vg ri^v 'lovSalcdv. 

Kal BfiTtrvoavtsg eig avrov eXa8ov rov 
xd^a^oVj xal ervTttov elg ryjv xs^a/iyjv ait- 
roVy xal ioiSoGav avto) pania^ara. 

159. Jesus is Condemned to Death. 

Uapa^yaScyv tov "Iriaovv napd ^tc^v crrpoc- 
tcorcSv xal i:rig aXkrig anelpag 6 TliTidrog i^- 
>7/lOe TtdXiv e^cd npog rovg 6^?^ovg xal eXsysv 
^1^8, dycd v^lv avrov e^o, Iva yvCSte, otc 
iv ai)Tc5 ovhsfiiav air lav evptoxo. 


— 201 — 

Kal (3ov/i6ii6vog ryjv htdvoiav avtdv ^aa/ld- 
^at xal elg eXeov enidindaac^dai, snESsc^sv 
avtolg TOP 'lyjaovv TteTC/jpofisvov oXov to crco^aoc 
xal (popovvra rov axdvOivov ors^avov xal To 
noppvpovv l(idriov XeycdV "Ihs, 6 avd^idrtoq. 

01 h^ (ip^^tgpe^g xal ol vnyipsrat, dXX oixetc 
6 Xaog, ixpavyaaav' Xtavpoaov, aravpcoaov 

UiTidrog IScdv rov ?iadv slg aviiTtdOsiav ^la- 
Xa^Qevra ^appi^v dnsxplOyj tolg dp^tspevacv' 
Adders avtov v^slg, xal aravpcdO^are, iyc) 
ydp ov^ evpL(yxG) ev avtcii air lav, 

Ol ^' dp^iepelg, nrryjOevrsg vnd rov UtXd- 
tov, xal hs vno rov ?.aov [lovGiOevrsg vvv xar- 
yjyopovv avrov rerdpryjv xaryjyoplav Xeyov- 
reg' ^Hizelg vo^iov e^oiiev xal xard rov vofiov 
ril^c^v 6<p6i?^ei dno^avelv, ore iavrdv Tlov 
rov Seov STtotyjasp. 

Upog rovrov rov Xoyov 6 TlCkdrog ^aXT.ov 

— 202 — 

s^oSyjdyj, 'Avdyxyj avto) toj v6(i(d vrtaxovstv' 
xal evBev ri nepacrepG) dvaxptcyig' UoOsv el av, 
rip6ta tov 'lyjaovv, naXiv sig 'to Ttpatr^pLOv 
avrdv £igayay6v. '0 Se 'lyjaovg anoxpiaiv 
ovx eSoxev avrco. 

'E^ot oil /la/l£t$; nxoT^ovdet Tli?.drog, ovx 
olaOa, oti i^ovalav e^o atavpc^aal Ge, xal 
i^ovcylav e^a dno/ivGal Ce; 

'AnsxpiOyj 6 'lyjaovg' Ovx dv el^eg i^ovaloCv 
ovSs^ilav %ar' i^ov, 6l ^yj yjv ool SsSofisvov 
dvcoOev. Aid 'tovro 6 Ttapahthovg [le ool ^lel 
^ova diiaprlav e^sc. 

'^x tovtov i^i^tEL 6 UiXdtog dnoXvaai 
avrov. 01 8^ dp^cepslg snsxetvro Xeyovtsg* 
'Edv rovtov dnoXvarig, ovx el ^l/iog roD Kat- 
aapog' nag yap 6 (3aCLXea iavtov notify 
dvtikeyei TO) ILaiaapi. 

^Ote ovv Yixovaev 6 Uc/idT'og tovtov tov 
Tioyov ndXcv yjyayev e^o tov 'lyjctovv. Kal 

— 203 — 

xoidlaag inl tov ^yj^arog eig roTiov Tisyofievov 
AiOoarpcdtov, 'ESpa'iarl Se TaSSaOd, cog xana- 
^povi^v xal xa'Ta<yx(x)nTG)v trig xatyjyoplag, 
E/isye tolg 'lovSaloLg' ''iSs 6 (^aCtXevg v^&v, 

01 Se, ovSev ala^vvdEvrsg, expavyaaav^ 
'Apov, dpov atavpuiaov av'tov. Key si to v- 
aratov avtolg 6 Ili2.drog' Tdv l3a<yi?Ja v(i(^v 
a^ravp^GQ; Kal OLTtsxplOyjcyav ol dp^tspslg' Ovx 
e^ofzsv (3aai?Ja, el firj tdv Kataapa. 

Tors ovv insxptvsv 6 UiXdrog, ysvsaOai ro 
alryj^a avt&v, xal napsSioxsv avtolg tdv 
'lyjaovv, Iva ctavpoO'^. 

160. Jesus Carries His Cross. 
EvOscx)g ^std tYjv xatdxptocv ol atpatic^taL 
ifiTtat^avtsg tQ 'Ir/Gov, i^sSvaav avtov tviv 
Ttopipvpav, xal ivsSvGav avtov td Ifidtca td 
ISca. Tor' ens^rixav avtcd tdv atavoov xal 
e^y/yayov avtov, Iva atavp6aG)aLV. 

— 204 — 

'^vv aiVcj yjyov enl ^dvarov Irspovg Svo, 

^iSovrsg Se rov 'Irjaovv xatanlTtrovra vnd 
rod (3dpovg tov atavpov, xal ^oSov^ievoi ^yj 
■dno^dvYi iv rri 68g) xal avrol ar£py]d(^(yL 
T>7$ dnoXaixyeog dyplov rov xal oxXripov '^e- 
dfia.tog, r.yydpsvaav napdyovrd nva, St^aco- 
va Kvpyjvalov, ip^oiievov drC dypov^ Iva dpri 
rov aravpov avrov. 

'HxoXovOsi Se xal TtoXv TtXriOog tov /laoi), 
xal yvvaixi^v, al xal ixoTtrovro xal eOpyivovv 

I^rpa^elg npog ravrag 6 'iT^aovg elns' Sv- 
yarepsg 'IspovaaTiriiz, fiyj xXalsre ItC kf^d, tiXyiv 
J^' eavrdg xXaiErs, xal snl rd rkxva vfic^v. 
^Kp^ovrat ydp ri^epai iv alg dp^ovrai Xeysiv 
rolg opeac' Ueaere id)^ ni^dg' xal rolg (3ovvolg* 
KaXv^l^oirs nudg, on, el iv rcj vypo) ^v/ico 
ravra notovOLV, iv roj ^y;poj ri yevrirai', 

— 205 — 

161. The Crucifixion. 

'A(pLx6^6voi ovv elg rov toitov tov Xsyo^ie- 
vov K^aviov, iSpaiarl VoT^yoOdy ol arparti^- 
Tat, Iv^ exTtT^Yioaotev ryjv alodyjcftv xal e^eXoiev 
rdg (ppevag tov 'lyjaov, ESoxav avro melv 
eciiv^vta^Evov olvov ^era xpTJ/ic, [i8[iLy[ievov, 
avrog Se yevad^ievog ovx t^OsXe Ttcelv. 

' B.V 5e Ttspl fieayj(i6plav, xal i^sSvuav avtov 
ta liidtca, Yi [LoXkov Ttpog ^lav dneppyi^aVy 
ovrog dva^aivovt eg ndvua nd eT^xYi tov cyoifia- 
tog avrov. "Ejtetr' extelvovteg snl rov atav- 
pov TtpogyiXovv avrdv rdg ts %£tpag xal tovg 
Ttohag, xal 6p06aavt8g enyj^av rov aravpov. 

^vv avTQ aravpovac rovg 8vo /iYiardg, rov 
[lEv ix S€^i(^v, rov Se i^ evovv^qv, xal suXyi- 
pcxiOyj n ypa(pyj n T^Eyovcsa' Kat ^lerd dvo^ov 

'ETtt rov aravpoVy xal sTtdvo rrig xE^aT^rig 
rov ^IriaoVy 6 Tlf/la'Tog iTiE^yjxs rrjvSE ryjv STti- 

— 206 — 

ypa<pyjv c5g ayjiiaivovaav triv alt lav tov Sot- 

vdrov, yeypafz^uevyjv 8e ^Spalati, EXTiYiviatl 


'Avrearyjaav ol dp^cepelg npog rovtov tov 
rhXov Xeyovrsg' Myj ypd^s' '0 ^acCkevg ti^v 
^\ovha[(SiV^ aXX ore ^Exelvog elns' ^aatkevg 
SLIM t(^v "lovSatCxiv. '0 Se Ht/ldrog aTtexplOyj' 
""^0 yeypa^a, ysypa^a. 

''EfinpoaOsv rov aravpov xal enl trig yrig 
zdOyjvraL ol crparti^rai Sia^Epl^ovrsg rd l^d- 
Ttcc avtov. UoLovat Ss teaaapa ^epyj, ixdatQ 
arpari6r'(i [Apog. lov he ^crc^va, dppa^ov 
ovra ocal ex rc^v dvoOsv vpavrdv St oTlov^ 
Qv a^ioreov nyovvrac. 'Ejtt rovrov ^d/Ckovai 
xXripov. K&tt TtenXripcdt at n ypa<pyj ri /isyovaa' 
AisUcpiGavro td Ifidnd [lov iv iavTolg, xal 
inl rov l^ana^iov [lov epaXov xXyjpov, 

— 207 — 

The Holy Coat. 
Ovtog 6 'x^itidv tov Ki;ptoi; 'H^oi' 'I>7crot' 

XpicrroT; fi£;^pf tovhe evos^og a^^srac iv Av- 
yo-varvi TptStpi^v. 'Tcj!)' evog rc^v atpanoti^v 
Tyeyetai SoOyjvai rw Ilt/lara)' 6 8e YlLTidtog, 
G)g7t6p n yvvYi n aliioppoovaa '^Lyovaa tov 
xpadnshov rov aylov j(^Lrcdvog ^spanevdyjvai, 
ovtcd ^opc^v o.vr6v npog tyjv rov Katcrapog 
opyyjv xal Tocg ruv ^lovSacQV enipov'kag 
Cv^vov ^povov atrivai d^ivvOcig, vcyratov Ss 
rvvov avtov exoevOelg TcataStxaGO-^vac, xal 
^vydg slg Ovtevvav ixTtsntQxevai^ ixel Se 
avTo^Eipt ^6vQ teXevtYiOai- 

162. Jesus Prays for His Enemies. 

'ArO' div ixel enaOev andvtcdv t^v xaxQv 
6 ''lyjcfovg yjv^sro' Udtsp, d<pEg avtolg, ov 
yap laaoc rl noiovacv. 

01 Se napanopsvo^svoL efSXacy^yjfzovv av- 
rov xivovvreg rdg xs^aXdg xal Xeyovreg' 

— 208 — 

xo/takhisiv tov vaov, xal ev tptCilv nf^epaig 
oixoSo[ic^v Gcddiov aeavtov el vlog el tov Seov, 
xatd(3yj6i OLTto rov <7tavpov. 

'O^oiCdg Se xal ol dp^tspElg iimal^ovteg Ttpog 
d?^?^yj/iovg ^etd t(^v ypaiifiateav xal npsaov- 
"tepcdv eXsyov oVi '' AXXovg ecfocfev, iavrdv ov 
Svvarac crcocrat. *0 Xpicrrog, 6 rov Seov ixXe- 
xrogy 6 (Saat/iEvg 'lapayj?^ xata/B'j^rcx) vvv dno 
tov ara.vpov, Iva Ihid^Ev xal 7tiai:svaG)^Ev. 
Kat TtdT^iV TienoidEv enl tbv ^eov pvadadcd 
vvv avroVy ei 3eX8t avtov eItxe ydp on 
Seov ELfil vlog. 

'^vETtat^ov 5' avro xal ol orpar testae, npog- 
ep^o^EVOL, o^og Ttpog^EpovTEg xal Xr/ovTEg' 
Ef ai) el 6 ^aCi7^E\>g rcov 'lovSatc^v, auaov 

163. The Penitent Thief. 
Etg Se xal tc^v gvv avra Gtavpov[i£VG)v xa- 
xovpycxiv e(3?^aM(pyj[i£i rov 'lyjGovv ?Jycx)v' Ef 

— 209 — 

ci) el 6 XptCTog, ctqctot^ deavtov xal Yi[^ag, 
'Anoxptdelg Se 6 etepog i7tsTi[ia at'Tw xal 
eTisyeV OvSe ^o6ri xal <5v tov Ssov, otc iv 
tQ avtG xplizaTL el; Kat fifislg (lev Stxatcog' 
d^ca yap g)v kngd^a^ev a.7toXaii6dvoy.ev' Ov- 
tog he ovhev dtonov enpa^ev. 

Kal (yrpa(p6lg e'Xeye tcj "Iriaov' MvrjaOyjti 
fiov, Kvpie, otav e?y6rig iv tri ^aCi'^eiq aov, 
Merd noTXrig trig <pi%o(Si!opyiag 6 'Ivjaovg, 
6 TtOLfiyjv 6 dyadog 6 ^yjrrjcov xal d^acdv ip- 
^6[ievog ro dno?,QX6g, 6 he d[zvdg tov Seov 6 
xatajSdg d(paLp'i^(yQv td dfxaprrjfiara tov 
x6a[iov' "'A^iYiv, elnev avt^, ^.eyo aoc on Xyj- 
(zepov [let^ i[zov eavj sv ta> JJapahelaQ. 

164. Behold Thy Mother. 

Tlapd TTdj crrafpcj tov 'lyjaov elctHYixeidav 
Mapta 71 [lYityip avtov, xal Wapia n tov K/le- 

^210 — 

6)7td 7] d5e/l^>7 t^g [lyjtpog avtov, xal Moc- 
pla n MaySaT^yjv^, xal ^lodvvyjg 6 fiaOyj- 
tyjg 6 dyany^tog' 

'lyjaovg o^v iSciV tyjv [lyjrspa, xal tov [la- 
dritYiv napeatdta ov r^ydna, Xeyei r^^i [lyjrpl 
aitov' Tvvaij ISs 6 vlog crot>. 

EtTTa Xeyet ttq fiaOyj'tY}' ^iSoi) n fLYjryjp Cov. 
Kal dix! exsLvyjg rrjg opa$ eT^aSev avtyjv 6 
[ladyjtT^g slg td ISia. 

165. Jesus Expires on the Cross. 

'Ecrrafp630>7 6 ''lyjaovg opot ogsl rr, sxrv}, 
xal 6 YiXiog iciixotiaOyj, xal to dxotog eyevsto 
£<^' oXriv Tyjv yriv Icdg ^pag trig svvdtyjg. 

Tti Se (Spa tii swdtvi e(36yj(y£v 6 ^lyjaovg 
^av'^ ^eyd'k^(l j^eyov 'EXcot, 'E/lcot, Xaiifia 
(yaSa^Oavl; o kan ^sdepiiYivevoiievov' '0 (deog 
(loVf 6 Ssog [lov, eig ti (is iyxarEXcTtsg; 

— 211 — 

Tiveg tiSv TtapEatyjxorov dxovcyavtsg eT^e- 
yov 'iSoi;, 'H/liai' <pQvsl. 

Metd rovro elSog 6 'lyjaovg oti Ttdvta Yihvi 
TfTe/lecrTat, Iva rsXsccdOY} t] ypa(pyj XeyeC At- 
-^G). Apa^acoi^ elg xal ysi^laag anoyyov o^ovg 
nEpi^etg ts xaXdixQ enott^ev avtov. 01 he %oi- 
Ttol eXeyov ''Aipsg^ Iha^ev el ep^^erat 'H/ltag 
cdiaav avtov. 

^Or^ o'^v e'kaSe to b^og 6 ^Iviaovg elnev 
Tere/isarai. Kal tloXw ^(jdvyjaag ^qvyi [leyd- 
Xri elneV Tldtep, elg rdg xelpdg aov napa^yj- 
ao(/.aL to nvevfid [lov. Tai;T' elnov xal xXl- 
rag tyjv xe^aT^yjv napeSoxe to 7tvev[i,a. 

166. The Signs Which Followed. 

"^xTtvovvtog Se tov "Iviaov, ISov, to xata- 
Ttetaa^a tov vaov ea^iaOyi elg hvo dix! dvodev 
eog xdtQy n yyj e<yeiaOyi xal al net pao l(7;^t- 

— 212 — 

adyjaav, rd ^vyjfxela dvsQxOyj xal noXXd 
<y(x)[iata rcdv xexoL^iyjfiEvav aycov riyipdyjcyav 
xal i^sT^dovrsg ix tcdv ^VYi^eiov eig^XOov eig 
tyjv ay lav tcoXiv xal eve^aviaOriaav noXXolg, 

*0 he ixatovtap^og xal ol avv avtQ cTTpoc^ 
TTtwrat iSovrsg td yevo^sva i^o^^Oyjaav cr^6- 
Spa xal eXeyoV ''Ovrag 6 dvOpcdJtog ovirog Si- 
xaiog Yiv. 'A/l)70c5g <deov T[6g yiv ovtog. 

Kat Ttavteg ol enl tyjv ^Edplav tavtyjv 
avizTtapayevo^svoL o^T^ot, ^scoprjaavtsg td ye- 
voiieva, vTteatpe^ov, tvntovtsg rd iavtc^v 
CtYiOri xatyj^elg ts xal (yiry(SiVteg. 

167. The Heart of Jesus is Pierced. 

Yiapa(3xevyi yiv trig fisyd/iyjg rif^epag ixelvyjg 
tov Udcy^a. Ol oiv ^lovhaloi, Iva fiyj ^sivri 
snl tov atavpov td a6izata iv tri iopr'(i, ripdi- 
triaav rdv UiT^dtov Iva xa'teay(Si(yiv avtQV 
td axE/iy] xal dpOi^atv. 

— 213 — 

Ka'TevEV(ysv 6 UcTidrog, xal ol CtparccdtaL 
tov fiev TtpQtov pcaTfa^ai' td axeXyj, xal tov 
0-/1/101; rov avoftavpoOevrog ai'TQ. 

^Enl Ss tov ^lyjCovv i7Mvreg, c5g elSov av- 
rdv yjSyj redvyjKota, ov ;caT^a^ai' avrov td 
CxeT^Yi, dX/l' elg avtiSv "^oyx^ri ryjv n/ievpdv 
avtov evv^Sf xal svOvg e^Yi'kdev al^a xal vhcdp. 

^^yeveto rai'Tra, Iva n ypa^pyj n/iyjpCx)6Yi' 
^Oatovv ov awtpiSYiaetai avrov. 

168. Jesus is Burried. 

^O^lag he yevoiiivyjg xal rov aa66dtov yjSyj 
i7ti^6axovrog, dvOponog rcg nXovatog dix! 'A- 
pL[iaBaLag, 'Io(7>7(|) tovvofza, roX^ridag slgyjTide 
Ttpog Tov UtXdrov xal '^tyjcfato to (7c5^a 
rov ^lyjcyov. 

Ovtog 6 ''lQayj<p sv^'x/i^cdv yjv ^ovXsvtYig, 
avYjp dyadog xal hixaiog, og xal avrog iftaOyi- 
tsvOe tO) 'lyjcfov, xexpvfi^evog he hid nov <p6- 

— 214 — 
6ov tc^v 'lovSalcdv. OvSe (yvyzare^sto tri ^ov- 

liaXkov xal avtog tYjv (3a(yLXdav rov Seov. 

Ilt/laT'og 6v^ev(Sig ehs^ar^ avtov, xal ^adidv 
Ttapa tov ixatovtdp^ovtog oTl yjSyj itaJkai 
dne^avev 6 lyjaovg, iSopT^Cato to crw^a. 

'H/lOe Se xal ^ix68yj[iog, 6 iTiOciv Ttpog tov 
'lyjCtovv tyjg vvxtog to 7tp(dtov, ^epQV ^iy^a 
(S^vpvYig xal dXoYig o)gel Xitpag ixarov. '0 
'loayjfp Ti!y6pac>e divhova. 

01 hvo ovv xadel^ov to crco^a tov ^ly^aov 

xal eSyjaav avto tolg odoviotg (istd tc^v dpcd- 

lidtGiv, pcaOog edog earl tolg "'lovSaloig iv- 

"^yyvg tov tonov, oTtov i(ytavp6dyj 6 'Iyi- 
Covg, yjv xyjTiog iv (5 'Icocrj?^ iv tii netpq. 
kT^ato^Yiae iivYi^elov vnep iavtov xaivov, iv 
cj ovSetcq ovSelg itedyj. 

'Exel ovv, hid tyjv napaaxsvYiv tcdv 'lou- 

— 215 — 

haicdv, oti iyyvg yjv rd (ivyjizelov, e^yjxav to 
Co^a tov ^lyjcfov, xal TtpogxvXlaavrsg "kidov 
fieyav t'^ ^vpq tov fivyjfzelov dnyj/idov. 

Seventh Day of Holy Week. 

169. The Sepulchre is Sealed and Guarded. 

T'^ inavpiov avvyj^dT^Cav ol dp^cepelg xal 
ol ^apiCaloi npog tov UiXdrov Xsyovi^eg' Kr- 
pie, e^vYiaOri^ev oti ixelvog 6 nT^dvog elnev 
etc ^(jv otL Msrd tpelg nf^epag eyeipo^ai, 
KeXsvaov ovv da^aTaaO^vai tov td^ov eog 
trig rplryig Yif^epag, ^yjnor^ s?j06vreg ol fxaOyj- 
tal avtov x?\.e4^G)(yiv avtov xal eiTtoCii ro 
>lac5 oti 'HyepOyj and rcdv vsxpc^v. Kal eatai 
i\ eOj(^d'tYi TtXavYi ^elpcov trig TtpQtyjg. 

Kal 6 HiTidrog' "JL^sre, s^vi, xovaroSlaV 
vTtdyete xal dcy^aXlcjaaOs og olSars. 

01 8e TtopevOevtsg na^aXiaavro rov td'pov, 
(y<ppayi(yavt6g tov XiOov iisrd trig xovaroSlag. 



170. The Resurrection. 

Aiaysvo^evov rov (ya66dtov, TJiav Ttpo? 
ti^g tpityjg ri^fpag, Oxoriag etc ov(yyjg, 6p(s>^ev 
Maplav TYiv WayhaXYiVYiv , Maptai^ i:yiv tov 
^Iax66ov ^yjTEpa xal XaX6^yjv ^spoixyag d 
r[y6pa<yav dp6fiara, Iva dXetij/ocrt to oc^iia tov 
^lyjcjov, xal dxovofisv avtc^v 2,6yov<y(^v npog 
iavrdg' Tig dnoxvXiaei riyXv tov T^Wov ex 
trig ^'Vpag tov (ivyifcelov; 

Kal iSov, aeta^og eyevsro [leyag' ""AyyeTiog 
yap Kvplov, xara/Sdg s^ ovpavov, TtpogsXOcdv 
dnsxvXtas tov ?iWov xal exdOyjro sndvo av- 
tov, Qg datpanyj ryjv Iheav, xal "to eyhv^ia 

— 220 — 

>o)g£l %i6v. '"And Se rov ^66ov avtov easi- 
odyjCiav ol ti^povvteg xal iyivovto oget vsxpoL 

171. The Holy Women at the Sepulchre. 

""Atpixo^ievaLg ^e rdlg yvvai^l npog to ^vyj- 
lielov xal (lYi evpovaacg ro crc5^a rov Kvplov 
'lyjcfov, xal Sid rodro Sianopoviievaig, dyyeXog 
etspog xaSri^EVog iv tolg Se^Lolg e^jeyeV Myj 
ix^aiiSelaOe' ''lyjGovv ^yjtelte tov ^a^apyjvov 
tov sGravpcxi^evov' Tt ^yjtelrs rdv ^{^vta 
ixetd r(^v vsxpidv, 

Ovx eanv ^Se, Yiyspdyj, xaQidg slnsv v[uv. 
Mv^adyjTSy (5g 69[,dX7^a£v v(mv on Ael nbv 
Ttov tov dvOpQTtov TtapahoOrivai elg xelpag 
di^SpcoTtcoi' aiiaptOiXijiv^ xal ctavpcddrivai, xal 
tip tpitri n^^pq dvaaryjvai. Aevtey iSets tov 
tonov OTtov e^Yjxav avrov. 

Ta'xy he Ttopsvdelaai einate rolg fj.adyjralg 

— 221 — 

avtov xal rd) IleT'pca, on rfyk^dvi, xal npodyet 
viiag eig tyjv Fa/lt/latai^* ixel avrov 6^]^6a06, 

172. Peter and Johii at the Sepulchre. 

*H Se Mapta MaySaXyivyj, a^ia xevov evpov- 
(Ta rdv rd^ov eSpa^s xal dnyiyyeCks tq 2t- 
fiQVi Uetpco xal toi 'loavvvi oti 'Hpai' rov 
KvpLOv ex toij [ivyjiielov, xal ovx olSaiiev, nov 
e^yjxav aitov. 

Kat sWvg Tletpog xal 'ladvvyjg Etps^ov 
Ttpog to (ivyjiielov. ''^tps^ov 6(xov. '0 'lodvvyjg, 
(5g ve6t£pog cSv, TtpoeSpafis ra^lov tov TlEtpov 
xal d^ixsto TtpcoT'og, elgeXdelv h^ ovx Jro/l^a. 

'0 he IlfT'pog, svi^o'^iiotepog oacd ^pahvrepog, 
d^Lx6[i6vog 6igyj?.6eVy xal vvv ol Svo td ^ev 
bdovca e^e6povv xei^sva, xal XPplg t(S)V oOo- 
VLQv TO aovSdptov xaXi^g ivrervTi^iy^svov, top 
Se ^lyjcyovv avrdv ov^ evpov. 

— 222 — 

" K7tYik%v oiv 7td/l6^' Ttpog iavtovg, 6 [lev 
^lodvvyjg TCLatevaVy 6 ^e Tle'tpog ^aviid^QV 
^6 yeyovog. 

173. Jesus Appears to Mary Magdalen. 

'Knavs^^dovaa ti Mapta MaySaTiYivyj avv 
HeT'po) xal "lodwYi Ttapeiiscvs Ttapd tQ iivri- 
[xecQ zXaiovda. JlapEKV^s xal e^e6p£L Svo 
dyyiXovg iv Xsvxolg Tcads^ofievovg, eva npog 
t^^l ocs^oXyi, xal eva 7tp6$ tolg noaiv, onov 
8X6 it TO (Tco^a tov ^lyjaov, 

Ovtoi eXsyov avf^' Tvvai, ti xXalsig; ^Oti, 
dnexplOyj xTjilovaa, yjpav tov Kvpcov ^ov, xal 
ovx oI5a Ttov e^yjxav avtov. 

Tai;T'^ elnovaa ecftpd^yj elg td OTticyo xal 
i^e6psi tov ^Iviaovv iatQta ei^npoadsv avtrig' 
xal hoxovaa oti 6 xyjnovpog eattiv sXeye' Ki;- 
piEy el OX) Bpdatadag avtov, elne ^oi nod 
^^yjxag avtov, xdycd avtov dpco. 

— 223 — 

T'^ eavtov ^L^^oato^yoitatYi, avrvj os ev- 
yv6(yt(fi (pQV"^ 7tpog6(p6vyi(y£v avtyjv T^eycdv* 
Mapta, xal napa^p^fxa Sieyvcd avtov, npog- 
eneae npog tovg noSag avtov xal e^e^6vec 
'PaS6ovvi, Xeystai AcSdaxaXe. 

'0 Ss ^ly^aqvg sinev avtri' Wri [xov aittov 
e^ovaa' ovno yap dva(36(3yjxa npog tov Tta- 
TTepa (10 v cv^vov ^povov etc 7tapa[i6V(^ vfilv, 
Uopevov Se Ttpog tovg dSeT^^ovg [lov xal sins 
avtolg' 'AvafSaivQ Ttpog tov Hat spa (lov xal 
riaTrepa vfic^v, tov Ssov (lov xal Ssov vixcSv, 

'H Ss Mapta MaySaXyjvyj c5$ rd;^ terra sig 
tyjv TtoTiLV sSpa[is xal dyaT^Xo^isvYj dvs(p6vyj(ys 
tolg (laOyjtalg oti ^^6paxa nov ^vpiov^ tav- 
ta xal T'aijra slnsv e[ioL 

174, Jesus Appears to the Other Women. 
Talg 6' d/l/latg yvvac^l 7topsvo[isvaLg avv 
^oScd xal xapa [isydXvi diXjayysXkai toXg [la- 

— 224 — 

dyitdlg dTtyivtyjcysv 6 'lyjaovg iv tri oSo xal 
eXeys' XatpfTf . Alhe n^ogeXBovcyai expdryjaav 
avrov tovg noSag xal Ttpogsxvvyjcyav avtq), 
Se ''lyjcyovg elnsv avtalg' M>7 ^oSelade' 
vTta/ysts xal OLTtayyeiXats tolg dSeX^olg fiov, 
Iva ank'kOciCtiv elg tyjv TaXiT^alav^ xolxeI [le 

Udvta raiira, tov T^iOov aTtoxExvXiaiievov, 
tov rd^ov xevov, tovg te osyye'^ovg <^ai^er<rag 
xal td avtolg slpyjfieva, rdv ""lyjaovv avtov 
o^devta xal rd avtalg vtC avtov eTtttaxOevta 
al yvvalxeg dxpc^cog dnyjyyeLXav rolg evSexa 
xal tolg f/,£t^ avtGiv, olh^ YiTtidtovv, xal td te 
tovtov pYi^ata xal nd trig Maptag Mayha^ 
Xyjv^g oygel ?.yjpog ev6^iC,ov. 

175. The Guards at the Sepulchre. 
Tiopsvo^evcdv he tc^v yvvacxcov, tcveg tyjg 
xoixyroSlag eSpa^ov eig trjv nokiv xal dTtYiy- 

— 225 — 

yeL?.av tolg dp^LSpsvacv anavta ta yevofisva. 

01 Se avvax^Evteg fiera r(dv npeaSvrepov 
cv[i(3ovXi6v re T^aSovrsg dpyvpia Ixava eSo- 
xav roig crrpaTfcoratg, Iva einoisv, on xoLfio- 
fievcav avt(^v, ol fiaOy^ral tov "lYjaov vvxtog 
IXOoi^Tfg x'Ke^eLav avtov, 

Ef 5' dxovaOelyj tovro vno rov YiyE^iovog, 
avtoi, €(paaav, tovtov [lev neudeiv, avrovg Se 
dfisplfivovg TtoiYiaeiv. 

Koct ^iriv, ol arpatLurai eXa^ov rd dpyvpta 
xal STtoiYjaav c5$ sSt^d^Oyjaav, 

176. Jesus A3')pears to Two of His Disciples 
on the Way to Emmaus, and to Peter. 

T'^ avrri n^epq Svo ix Tcor ^adrit&v ^aav 
Ttopsvo^svoL elg x6[iyjv dns^ovaav araSlovg 
i^rixovra dnd 'lepovaaTiYj^, yi ovo^a 'E^iiaovg' 
^l2x>vv Se npog d^/l37/loi;g nepl ndvrav rov 
Cv^^e/Brixorov rovrcoVy ore ^evog Ttg y^yyc^ev 
avroig av^nopevo^evog. 

— 226 — 

Tiveg ol Tuoyoi ovtoi, npora, ovg avti^dX- 
Xste Ttpog dX?i7^?.ovg azvdponol TtEpcTtarovvreg; 

Et$ avt6v, 0) ovo^a K/lf07tag, anExplOyj' ^v 
[lovog Ttapoixslg '^lepovaaXyjfi, xal oix eyvog ra 
iv avrrj yevo^ieva iv talg nftspaig tavtaig^ 
^H^slg rixo^^ovOyjciiafiev ^ly^aov tQ Na^apato, 
og eyevsto dvyjp npo^yitvig, Svvatog ev epyo 
xal 9i6yQ evavtiov tov Seov xal navtog tov 

?yaov» "HXnl^o^isv 8s, otc avtog eaifiv 6 ^e/tXcoi' 
Xvtpov(yOaL tov 'Icrpajy/l. 

'Nvv Se ri{idpro[Z8v andvtcdv. HapeScdxav 
^dp avtov ol dp^iEpelg xai ol dp^ovrsg n^c^v 
eig xplfia ^avdrtov, xal ictavpcdOfav avtov. 
Tpltyjv Yihri ri^Epav dyo^sv tavrriv d<J)' ov 
tavr^ iyevsro. 

'H dv6y]toi, einsv snl tovtcp 6 ^svog, xal 
/JpocSftg tYi xapSlq tov Tttatevscv inl naaiv 
olg 8?id?^yjaav ol Ttpo^yjtai. Kal dp^d^isvog and 
Movaeag xal dnd ndvtov rcSv TtpO'pyjrc^v iS^- 

— 227 — 

/lof avrolg, on TTatira ndvta eSec naOelv rdv 
Xptcrrdx^, xal ovrcdg elgsTuBelv eig tyjv So^av 

'Ev tovtQ Yiyyidav sig tyjv xcd^y^v^ xal 6 
^evog TtpogenoLelto noppcdtepGi nopevsaOac. 01 
Ss TtpogsfStdaavro avtov Xeyovi:eg' lAelvov 
l^ed^ n{^(dv, on npdg eanepav iarlv, xal xe- 
x'kixev rihri n nf^ipa. 

KataxTicOelg ovv [let^ avn^^Q^v 6 ^svog, xal 
Xa^Qv tov dptov, evXoyriae, xal xTidaag 
insSiSov avtolg. '^v rovtcd Sca^vsoj^Oyjaav oi 
b^Oa%iiol avtQv, xal insyvaxJav avrov, ot^, 
"lyjGovg ianv. Avtog ^' d<pavrog iyevero an' 

Kal dvac^rdv'tsg vnecytpe^'av eig 'lepovaa- 
Xyi^i Xsyovrsg npog d^/l)7Xofg* Ov^l ^ xapSla 
Yif^Qv xaio^ievYi yiv iv n^iv, d)g iXdXEL n^lv ev 
tYi oSo, xal og hiavecdyev nfuv rag ypaq)dg; 

'Ev 'lepovaa?^?]^ 5' e^Oa'aav airovg ol dV 

— 228 — 

Xoi ^adyjtal Xeyovteg' oti ^Hye^dv} 6 KvpLog 
ovtog xal 6(pOyi ^i^avi, Kat avrol i^yjyovvro 
rd iv rv} 6Sc5, xal 6g iyv^adyj avtolg iv 
tYi xXdaeL tov a^rov. 

177. Jesus Appears to All the Apostles 
and Institutes the Sacrament of Penance. 

Kat £T6 avifiSv T^aXovvtcdv, b^iag yjSyj yevo- 
fievYig ryjg avtYig rifi^poig ixslvyjg, xExXsLCffievov 
Si tidv ^vpi^v Sia rov ^66ov tiSv "lovSatcdv, 6 
'lyjoovg earyj iv fiecc) av^ov xal Xkyei avrolg" 
Wiprivyj vfuv. 

01 fiaByjtal ntoyjOevteg xal efi^oSot yevo- 
^evoi iSoxovv nvevfia ^eapelv. 

*0 Si 'IriGovg ^pavvov avrovg ineSei^sv av- 
tdig tag ;^eZpa$ xou tovg noSag xal tyjv TtXev- 
pdv, Ttapsl^EV iaxrtov '4^yjXa^yj(Tai airtolg, xal 
etc GLTtLarovvroyv avrCSv e^foyev €(i7tpoa$ev 
airuv o iniSiMcav avri^ lj(6vo^ onrov ^Epo$ 
xal luXioaE'tov xi^piov. 

— 229 — 

^apel<yLV ovv xal yjSyj ntate'vovafL tolg fia- 
dyitalg TcdXiv eXsyev 6 'Irjaovg' ^ipy^vyj v^lv, 
xal iieta raiSTra* KaOcog hnkancfXxk (ze 6 
natrjp, xdy(}> TtEfinoi v^idg. 

Tovr ELTtQv sv e^ixy yjae xal sXeyev avtolg' 
AdSste n^'eC'iaa ^'Aycov. 'Edv ttvov d^-^te 
rdg d[j.apriag, d(pLevraL avrolg' idv rivcov 
xparYii:e, XExpdryjvtat. 

178. Jesus Addresses Thomas. 

So^udg Se 6 Xsyoiievog AlSviiog ov Ttapyjv, 
ov8^ snlarsvae tolg d/l/lotg ^aOyjtalg ol e^ao'ai' 
icjipaxevac rov xvptov, iiaX^ov he xai:^e(3£(3a.L- 
ovi:'o ore' "Eidv ^yj ISco iv talg ^spulv avrov 
rov tvTtov Tc^v y]?iG)Vy xal (3d?.co tov hdx^vXov 
(J.OV elg tov n^viiov t(^v yjXcdv, xal ^dXo tyjv 
Xelpd ^ov elg tyjv nT^svpdv avrov, ov (lyj Ttc- 

'Ev ravrvj rvj dTtcarla eyxateXinev avrdv 

— 230 — 

6 'lyj(yovg Si' ni-tspccg 6xt6. Merd Se 'tavta^ 
Tag niiepag oxrcy TtdXiv elqriX^e npog rovg 
fiaOyjrdg, tc^v ^vp(^v xexXeKyiievcdv, xal atdg 
€lg TO iieaov elnev WipriVYi v^lv. 

Tij Se SGi[id, og vvv xal avtog napriv, 
elTtsv 6u(3Xe7tcdv' ^eps, Ocdiid, rov SdxtvXov 
cov a)8s, xal iSe Tag ;^ap(xg fiov' xal <p£p£ ti^v 
X^^^pd <yov, xal (3dXs elg rvjv n'ksvpdv fiov, 
xal fiyj yiyvQV dmatog, d'^T^d Ttiotog. 

"'ATtoxpiOelg dnsv 6 Ocd^dg' '0 xvpcog fj.ov 
xal 6 Ssog (lov. '0 he ^l'/i<3ovg' ^Qti t^paxdg 
fiSy 0G)^d, TteTtiCTEVxag. Maxdptot ol ^yj ISov- 
reg xal matevaavrsg. 

179. Jesus Appears at the Lake 

of Tiberias. 

^£lg7tsp sxe/iEvadyjaav, ol [laOy^tal inopEvOyj- 

aav Eig ryjv Ta'Xi'Xaiav. 'ETtTa i^ aiTcor, 

yjyovv Xi^cdv IleTpog xal ©o^dg 6 ^isyoiiEvog 

— 281 — 

AiSviiog, xal 'NaOavayj^j 6 and Kavd r^g 
TaTiiXalagj xal ol rov TisSeSalov xal d/lXot 
hvo Yi^LEVov trig vvxtog inl tijg ^aXdaayjg trig 
TiSe^idhog. Ilpota Yihrj eyevsto, xal inlaaav 
ovSeVy ot' elSov rov 'ly^aovv gcrrcora snl tov 
alyiaTuOv' ov [levrot riheaav oti ""lYidiovg sGnv. 
*0 Se ^lyi0ovg (laOov TCap' avi^iSv on ovhev ti 
7tpog<pdyL0v sl^ov exsT^svaev avtovg (3a?.£lv to 
Slxtvov sig td Ss^id [lepyi rov TtXolov. ''E/?a/loi^, 

xal and rot) n^^riOovg tuv l^dvcov ovx la^vaav 
iXxvaai to hixtvov. 

'ETtt tovtcd ekeyev 6 [ladyjryjg ixslvog, ov 
YiydTta 6 ^lyjCiovg, tq TletpQ' '0 xvptog iattv, 
xal Ttapa^p^fia 6piii^vro npog avrov, 6 [lev 
Uetpog paXciv iavtov sig tyjv ^d'?^a(y(yav, ol 
Se d/l/lot iv tCxi TcXoiapla xal avpovteg To Stx- 
tvov tisiv l^Ovcdv. 'E^ TTo Stxrvcfi nklevov 
tx^^ l^sydTiOvg ixatov TtsvtYixovta tpslg, 
KoX tiXJhOVTQv ovtcdv OVX ea^/^a'^Yi to Slxtvov, 

— 232 — 

'E7tt r-^g yyjg evpov dvOpaxtav rihri xeL^evyjv, 
zal o-ildpiov 87tLXEt{i6vov, xal dp'tov. Kal iv- 
syxavtsg and rc^v o-^cLpcGiV qv inlaaav dv- 
exEtvro dvv tO) 'Irjaov xal npidtYiaav. Oihelg 
he r&v ^aOyjTi^v etoX^a e^srdaai avrov Xv 
tig el] elhoteg otL 6 xvptog ianv. 

*0 he 'lyjaovg 7^aii6dvei tov dptov xal St- 
Scdatv avrolg, xal to o-^dpLOv oiiocQg. 

Tovro yjhyj tpltov i^av£p6^yj 6 'lyjaovg Totg 
[.ladyjtalg avtov iyepdelg ex vexpc^v, 

180. The Supreme Pastorship is 
Conferred upon Peter. 

Merd rd helnvov Xeyei tcxi Sl^cdVi TTerpQ 
6 'lyjCovg' Xl[i(x)v ^lodwov, dyandg [le n?^slov 
tovtav) 'Anexpl^yj 6 Uerpog' Nat, Kvpte, av 
olaQa oti ^t/lc5 eye. Kal 6 'lyjaovg' Boaxe, e<pyj, 
td dpvla fiov. 

'Kx hevrepov ndXiv Xeyei aiiTco 6 ^Yviaovg' 
Xi^icyp 'lodvvov, dyandg (j,e; '0 Uerpog — JSTai, 

— 233 — 

K'vpte, Gv olcfOa ott 4>t/l(5 as' xal 6 'IriGovg — 
Tioi^atvE rd npoSaifd fiov. 

*0 'lyjcyovg T^eyei to tpttov ^i^Cxiv ^Icidvvov, 
(piXslg [is; '0 Ss Hsrpog Std to tov ^lyjaovv ex 
rpi'tov ipcdrdv ryjv avtrjv ep6ry]aiv /ivrtyjOslg 
sins' KvpcSy Ttdvta av olaOa, ov ycyv^tyxsig ott 
<pL?i(^ as. Kal nd^iv slnsv 6 'lyjaovg' Boaxs 
rd TtpoSatd fzov. 

'ETtt rovtOLg 6 ''lyjaovg iayifiyjvsv avtc^ Ttolo) 
^avdrcfi So^dast tov ^sov "ksyc^v' ^A^riv, d^iYiv 
Xsycd aoc ots vs6tspog yjg, i^Qvvvsg asavrdv 
xal TtspcsTtdrsLg onov 'yjOs?^sg; orav Ss yyjpdaYig, 
extsvslg rag %«p(xg aov, xal d^uXog as ^6asL 
xal olasL oTtov ov ^sXstg. Kal tavt^ slncdv 
XeysL avto). 'AxoXovOst jxol. 

181. Other Apparitions of Jesus. 

Mera ravra TtoTO^dxig i^avspc^sv eavtov 
6 'lyjaovg rolg dTtoaroXoLg Sl 7\^sp(ov tsaaapd- 

— 234 — 

xovra Sia/ieyo^svog avrolg Tispl trig ^acftXelag 
tov Seov xal Stavolyov avTc^v tov vovv Toi» 
avvdvac Tag ypafpdg. 

Ovto (yvyyev6(xsv6g nor" avtolg eXsyev' 
Tlo'XXdxig eXoikYicia viilv, eti cdv avv v^lv, 
on Sel n^jyjpcdO^vat ndvta td yeypa^^isva 
iv tc} vofXGi McoDCfcog, kol npo^i^ratg, xal 
4'Oi'X^olg Ttepl s(iov, xal ovtcog eSsc TtaOslv 
tov XptCTTo^' xal dvaarrivai ex vexpCSv T'^ 
tpitYi ri^epa, xal xyjpv^O^vai snl Toj 6v6- 
(lati avtov fisrdvoiav xal d^eatv afiapnc^v 
slg Ttdvta td eOvT^, dp^di^evov and ^lepovaa- 
T^YilL. ^T^Ecg Ss iare ^dprvpeg tovrcdv, xdyo 
dnoare%%ui ryjv inayyeXlav tov natpog ^lov 
J^' viiag, 'Tfislg Se xaOi<yai:'6 ev tii TtoXeieidg. 
ov evhvaedde Svvaiitv i^ v^'ovg. 

"A/l^oTe Ttor' elnev avrolg' ''ESoOyj [lOi Tto- 
Ca e^ovala ev ovpavc) xal inl ryjg yvig. 
TlopevOkvreg ovv ^aOr^evaare Tcdvra td eOvrj^ 

— 235 — 

^aTtti^ovtec, avtovg elg to ovofxa tov Ttatpog^ 
xal tov vlov, xal tov aylov nvevixatog, 
StSdaxovtEg avtovg tyjpelv ndvra oaa ivs- 
recXdfzyiv v(uv, Kal iSov, iyc) (j,eO' v^Giv el^ii 

ndaag rdg ni^e pag, eag t^g Gvvte?.e tag rou 

'0 Ttcate'vG'ag xal ^aTtnaOelg acdOyjcysrai^ 
6 Ss dTtcGtyjcfag xataxpSriGetai. Xyj^islcc Se 
rolg mai: evaaai 'tavra TtapaxoXovOyjcysL' ^Ev 
TO) ovofiatl (lov Sai^ovta ex^akovot, y'kGiaaaig 
XaXYiCovat xacvalg, o^eig dpovCi, xdv ^avdac- 
(i6v n TtLGiGtv, ov (lyj avtovg (3?iU'\l/7}, inl 
dp pCxiCftovg j(^6lpag k7ti^ri(3ov0L, xal ;ca/lc5g 

" AXX! ov^l (lopov d^pooig £<pavep(o(yev iav- 
t6v toXg dnocJtoXoLg o ^lyi(3ovg, oc/l/ld xal 
edtiv olg axpOyj iSlcf. xad^ iavrovg, olov Sv^ 
T6) ^\ax(ji6(d, tQ Ilai)?.a) xal dX^ig 7to2,Xolg. 
'Ev opec rtvl trig VaXiTjavag 0)^6')^ Ttore sn- 

— 236 — 

dvo TtsvtaxocfiOLg aSsX^olg i^dna^, ol 7tpo$- 
ix'vvyjaav avtci), olc, xal YlavXoc, rolg Koptv- 
Oloig ypd^Qv tEx^y^pto) i^pyjaaro, 

182. Jesus Ascends into Heaven. 

To te/isvtalov e^avsp^Oyj 6 'lyjaovg rolg 
evSsxa iv 'Ispofcra/l^J^. 'Avsxsiro fier' avti^v 
xal napyiyyeL^^ev avtolg and '^IspoaoXviJ.cdv ^iyi 
^Qpi^eaOai, d/l/^wd nepiiieveiv ryjv enayyeXiav 
tov Ttatpog Yiv yjxovaav. Atorc, e^yj, 6 ^ev 
^IcddvvYig e^dnnaev vSarcy viislg Se (Sartrt- 
aOrjasaOs iv Ttvevfian ayicd ov [lerd noX- 
Xdg tai^TTag rdg ni^spag. 

Merd raCra i^yjyaysv avrovg e^o ryjg no- 
?^6Qg Tipog ByjOaviav Eig rd opog rc^v iXatc^v, 
01 avvs/iOovrEg inyjpQrov avrdv T^syovrsg' 
K{)piE, El iv ro) xpovci i:ovtG) dnoxataatyi- 
Csig rrjv ^aaiT^Eiav to ^lapariX', 'Ansxpidyi' 

— 237 — 

Or;^ vfx(^v sCfTft ^rcaj^at rovg j(^p6vovq yj tovg 
xatpovg ovg 6 natyjp e^sro sv rri iStq e^ovalq, 
d/l/la Ti^-^sads ^vva{iLV ineT^dovtog rov 'Aytov 
Ylvevftatog e^^ vfJ^oLg, xal eaeaOe fiov [zdprvpeg 
ev re ^lepovaaT^i^fj, xal Ttdavi rri "'lovSatq xal 
Xa^apelq xal ecog ia^dtov ryjg yyjg. 

Tavr^ dnoyv inijpe rag %etpag xal ei'/lo- 
yrjCev avrovg. 'Ev tcj evXoyelv avrovg hiearYi 
an avrcSv (3?^£7t6vr(dv, xal dve^epero sig rov 
ovpavov ov ixddiCev ex Se^tcdv Seov, rov 
Ilarpog, ^edg ^lev \aog ro) re TLarpl xal 
rd) ^Ayio Uvevjiart, dvdponog Se npc^rog 
re xal Ttavroxpdrop ev to ovpavQ xal inl 
r^g yvig. 'ExeZ vvv 6 Yivpiog *H^c5i^ ^Iviaovg 
XptcTTog fieairyig i^airelraL imep n^i^v 6g d-- 
SeX^oVy xal rdg evj(^dg y\(1(^v nporelvei rd) Tta- 
rpl Icog r9ig cwreXeiag rov aiwvog, ore ndXiv 
e'kev(5erai rov xplvai roig re '^{^vrag xal 
rovg vexpoig. 

— 238 — 

'Ne^s^yj Yihri vneXa^sv avrov and rcdv 
o^^aX^c^v, xal etc drevt^ovrsg yjGav ol cltco- 
atoXoi dg rov ovpavov, ots dvSpsg Svo nap- 
ei(Styir.£iCav avtolg iv eaQYiaed XevxaXg, ol 
xal elnov " Avhpeg Fa/lt/latot, Tt eatyixats /3/le- 
Ttovtsg elg tov ovpavov, Ovrog 6 'lyjaovg 6 
dva2,yj^0elg d(^' v^(S)v dg rdv ovpavov, ovtcdg 
kXEVOsrai ov tponov i^edcyaaOe avrov nopevo- 
[levov elg tov ovpavov. Ol Ss npogxvvYia avT eg 
avtov vnear pe^av elg "^lepovaaT^viii iierd ja- 
pag iieyaJkrig. 

YioXkd [lev ovv xal dX^^a (yyjiiela eTtolyjaev 

6 ""lyjaovg ivoTtiOv t(^v [laOyjtQV, a ol evayye- 
/Itcnrat ov ovveypa^ov, ov te ypa^evtav av- 
nbv ^eto 6 'Icddvvyjg tov xoa^iov ovx dv x^p^' 
(Tat td ypa^6[ieva (Si^Xla, Tavt a Se yey pa- 
Tttai, Iva 7tLatev€iQ[iev on 'lyjaovg ianv 6 
XptO'T'og, 6 vlog tov Seov, xal Iva Ttcorevovteg 
^QYjv e^Qiiev iv TQ bvo^a'ti avtov. 







183. Matthias is Chosen to Repla.ce Judas. 

'TTtoGrpe^^avreg elg '^lspovaaX'y]i.i ol evhsxa 
elgriXOov elg to vTtspojov xal npogsxaprBpovv 
tY} TtpogEV^Yi avv talg yvvac^l xal Maptcf. tri 
fiyjrpl rov 'lyjaov. 

'lEiV tdlg Yi^Epacg tavtaig di^acTTdg 6 Yiktpog 
iv fiiaQ rc^v dSsX^c^v, ol avX^yiohyiv yjaav ixoL- 
tov eixoatv elTtsv' ^AvSpsg d5e/l^ot, sSec nXyjpo- 
Qijvai tyjv ypad>yjv yiv Ttpoelne to Tlveviia to 
^Ayiov Sia arofiarog AavlS nepl ^lovSa, og 
xaifyjpiO[iEvog yjv iv ri^dv xal sXa^s rov xXyjpov 

— 242 — 

ryjg Staxoviag n[i(^v, iysvero Ss oSyjyog tolg 
dfvX'XaSovai tov ^Iriaovv xal ixtyiaaTo tov 
fiLoOov r^g ahixiag. 

TeypaTttai Se' Tyjv i7ti(yxo7tyjv avtov "kaSetc^ 

Ite^og. Asl oi)v rc^v avve'^Oovtcdv n^lv avh^iSv 
fidptvpa t^g 'tov ^lyjaov dvaatdasQg dvv 71[mv 
ysvec^ai eva tovtov. 

'ETtt tovro vvv eatyjaav S{)0, ^lacfyj^p xal 
Mardlav, xal 7tpogev^d[,i6VOL eScoxav xTiYjpovg. 
*0 Se x'Xyjpog eneGfev hnl MarOlav, og To and 
rovSe avyxats'^yi(pL(ydyj (letd ttcoi^ £i^58;ca 

184. The Descent of The Holy Ghost. 

'H^afpa tYi Ttevtyjxoar^ [letd ro Uda^a, 
[istd Se tyjv dvdataocv rri Ssxdrr}, eyeveto sv 
^lepovcfaXyj^ n iopryj tc^v ^^^SoiidScdv xal rov 
SEpi(y[ioVy XxYivoTiYiyia xaXoviievyj, yj xal a- 
7t/lc5g UsvtyjxoGryi. 

— 243 — 

Efg tavHYiv noXiv kuXyiGdvi n TtoT^cg "lovSai- 
Qv, avSpc^v evXaSuv oiTtd navtog edvovg t(dv 

vTto nbv ov^QfJvov^ G>v xal 6 T'dg Ttpd^Ecg ypd^l^ag 
dvapid[iel intaxalSsxa, 

^'Oao TtXjSiov iysveto to nT^yjOog, 'toaovtQ 
fxdX^ov £(ivyiady](yav ol (ladyjtal r6v Sid tov 
Uda^a iv t'^ noku cfvii^dvrQv Ssi^idtQv, xal 
(po^yjOivreg yjcfav ndvteg o^ov inl to avro. 

'Ei^ TO) (Sv^TCkYipovcOai tavtriv tyjv nfiepav 
tYJg TievtYixoatYig eyevsto d^vo ex tov ovpavoi) 
Yixog Qgnep ^epo^ev^g nvoyjg (Stalag xal krCky]- 
pcdCfsv o'kov tov olxov ov yjaav xaOiq^evoi, 'Ei' 
tovrcd &<pdyf(yav ndai Siafiepi^ofisvai yXcdaaac 
ogd 7tvp6gy ^v [xla ixddi<yev £<|)' eva exactov 
avtisiv, xal knXyicOyiCav ndyteg Tlvevizarog 
^Aylov xal yjp^avto XaT^elv irepatg yTL^aaacg 
;ca6co$ TO nvevfxa ehihov dno^Qeyy ec^at avtolg. 

TevoiiEvy^g Se tyjg ^ov^g tavtrig GwriTSe to 
TtTuyjOog^ xal dxovCavteg exactog T'^ ibia 5/a/le- 

— 244 — 

xtQ 2.a?iOvvtQV avtCdv s^latavro ndvtsg xa\ 
i^avfia^ov, d/l/log Ttpog aXkov Tieyovreg' O^j^fc 
Ttdvrsg ovtot ol Tyokovvi^eq eldi VaXikaioi', Yidq 
o'^v rifislg axo{)Ofiev exaGtog tt? fStqc StaXExtQ 
Yi^i^v iv ri iyevvyjOyjiisv; Ti ^i/lft tovro elvac; 
^ErepOL Se SLa^Xevd^ovrsg sT^syov otc VKev- 
xovg (XE[z£<yrQfievoi eialv. 

'ETtt rovtQ dvearyj 6 Herpog, dT^TJ ovxsti 
6 rierpog ixelvog ov icdpdxafcev xadsvSovi^a iv 
tQ xYiTtcd xal tov xvpLov avXXYi^Oevtog <psv- 
yovra, ovxen 6 JJsrpog ixelvog ov iapdxaixsv 
iv rii rov dp^cspecdg avXr] E[i7tpoaO€v dvoyjrov 
tivog TtathlaxYig ala^vvOevra xal tov xvpiov 
avtov xarapvovfiEvov d/l/l' 6 Hsrpog 6 vvv 
ilinXyjaOElg tov 'Aytov UvEv^atog xal 6 He- 
tpog 6 vvv aryjpL^delg avtog xal "tovg dSs?i^ovg 
cryjpl^Giv, — ovtog 6 Ilerpog ^appc^v i^'^T^de 
xal EfinpoaBsv rovrov rov nXridovg rov dv- 
apid^Yitov inyjpE ryjv (pcdvyjv xal dnEipOEy^aTo 

— 245 — 

avtolg' ''AvSpsg 'lovSaloi, e^yj, xal ol xatOL- 
xovvtsg 'Ispovda/iyjfi anavrsg, ovj^l iisOvovOcv 
ovtoL, 6g vfislg vTtoXaizS avers, ean yap (Spa 
rptryj rvjg nu^pag' a2./id "lyjaovg 6 'Na^apalog^ 
ov vfielg ^ev dvslXets Gtavp6aavteg, avhpa 
anohshstyiiEvov ano rov Osov elg vfidg 8v- 
vdiiedi xal tepaoi xal ayj^stoLg, 6 Ss Seog 
xatd rd to) AavlS elpyjfceva dvEaryjasv, ov 
ndvrsg ri^eig ia^isv fidprvpsg, — ovrog 6 ^lyj- 
aovg tyjv knayyeTiiav rov '^Aylov Uvsv^aTog 
T^aSdiV Ttapd rov Ttarpog e^ex^^ nfovto c5g ij- 
^elg ^Xensts xal dxovere. 

ToCtt' eart to elpyj^ivov Scd rod npo^rirov 
'I6)>7/1 ore 'El* ralg ea^dracg ri^epatg ix^sc^ 
and rov nvsv^iarog [lov enl ndaav adpxa, 
xal nag og dv enixaXeaYirai ro ovo^a rov 
xvpiov OGOriGcrat. 
'Ac^aXcog ovv ytyvcdaxsro nag olxog 'Icfpayj?,, 

on xal xvpiov xal ^^tarov 6 0f6g inolyjoe 
rovrov rov 'IriOovv, ov h^Elg iaravpoaars. 

— 246 — 

"^ Axoixyavneg he xatsvvyyjcyav t'^ xapSlq. xcd 
slnov' Tl 7toiyjao[isv, dvSpsg dhsX^ol; *0 5i 
Hsrpog' MsravoYiaate, e<pyi, ocal (SantLGS^to 
exaarog v^dv inl rdj 6v6(iaTL ^lyjaov Xptcnroi; 
elg a<psatv a[.iaprL(JV, xal Tiyj-^^ade tYiv 80- 
pedv rov ^Aylov Uvsviiarog. 

01 fiev ovv dnohe^diisvoi tov Xoyov tovtov 
i^aTtrlaOyjcyav, xal npogErsOyjaav t^ niiepq. 
ixetvYi '\)^v^al ogel Tptg;^t/ltat. 

Oi;TG)g ovv xateotri n exxT^r^aia n xado%ixYi^ 
xal evOev dyec rd ysvidXta. Ovrco xai, xa'td 
^ladvvyjv rov BantKy^rjVy e(3a7tri(ydyj(yav ol 
aTtoatoXoi iv Uvsviian ^AyiQ xal nvpL Td 
he 1^6) ^aT^erTa ^ecpoheLXta yjpiio^e talg evhov 
ivyjpyyj[ievaig hvvd^ediv. ^£Lgnep ydp ro nvp 
^cdrl^et te xal ^ep[ialvei, ovto xal to Tivev- 
[la to ^Ayiov elge^eev elg tovg d7toat62.ovg 
ro re trig d^uyjOelag ^c5g xal fyjv ryjg dyduYig 
efiTtvpov hvva^iv. Ol ^Xcocrcogtfeg ^Xoyeg khYi- 

— 247 — 

?.ovv tYiv hcd^eav ryjv Tc5i^ StaXextov xal tyjg 
npo^yjtelag, 6 yjx^g '^yjv (yory^pcov exnTiyj^tv 
xal n 2aal?ia4' 'tyiv npoppc^ov fieta(3o?^yjv ryjv 
Sia tYiv tidv anoGtoT^idv hiha^yi''^ 'tri olxov^svyi 
yevyjaofzevyjv. ^Anav Ss to ysvo^evov vo^Lateov 
'^av^ia to Ttpc^rov ri^v vno tov 'Aylov Uvsv- 
[zatog iv tri ixxXyjalq 7tOLyjOyj(yo[i6P(x)V. 

185. The Organ of the Holy Ghost, 

The Church. 
*Ilg ovv xarejByj inl tovg dnoatoXovg to 
^Ayiov UvEv^a to rov ^lyjaov epyov SiareXeaov 
xal iisra trig exxT^yjalag avtov [isvovv slg 
rovg aldvag slpyjrai' ol Se Sea to npcdtov rov 
Ui'tpov xyjpvyfxa [istavoovvreg, ol Ttpcdtoys- 
velg r^g ^aatXelag rov Seov, yjcyav npog- 
xaptepovvteg tii StSa;^'^ tc^v d7toar6?iGiv, tri 
xoiVQviq. TT'j? ryjg xXdcsog tov dptov xal talg 
Ttpogevj^alg. UdvtEg yjaav inl ro avro xal 


si^ov anavra xoiva, rd rs xryjaata xal rag 
VTcdp^stg TCiTtpdaxovreg xal Siafispl^ov-reg na(3i 
xaOon dv rig ^pelav sl^^sv. KaO' rif-ikpav 
Ttpogexaprepovv 6[io^vfia8dv iv tQ Upo), xal 
xar^ olxov dprov xXdvrsg usre'kd^6avov tpo- 
^yjg iv dya?^?udaeL xal d^sXoryjrt ;cap^tag. 
''Hlvovv tov Seov xal xdptv el^ov npog oXov 
TOP Xaov. 

'0 Ss xvpiog TtpogsrWsi tri sxT^'Xyjaiq xa6^ 
Yiuepav rovg aoi^ofLevovg, xal ndari '^I'V^ri 
eyevsro <p6§og StotL no2.?.d rspara xal ayjiiela 
iycyvsro Sid rcdv dnoaroXov. 

*H laCig dvSpog ttvog ov eTtsyiyvQaxov 
Ttdvrsg ^oXov ex xoiXiag [lyjrpog xal Ttpog tyjv 
iXeyiiioovvYiv xaOyjfzevov inl rii Qpala TCvkvi 
tov lepov, todovrov, oXiyov Selv, enXyjCie tov 
"kaov ^d^iSovg xal ixardascog oayjg n Tlevryj- 
xoarrj, xal xyjpvaaGvrog rov Uetpov tov 
'lyjaodv dp^yjyov ryjg ^oyjg ts xal datYipa rov 

— 249 — 

xooffiov 87tl TO 7io2.v cdgTtEp xol toL vvv la'tpov 
tovtov tov ^GiXov, eysveto 6 dpLOfiog tiSv 
avhpisiv tOiv slg Xptcnroj^ TtLarEvovrcov %tX/t- 
dSsg Ttevrs. 

'OpyiG'dsvifsg Std TTai^ra ol Ispslg xal ol 
Xa^Sovxaloi avtol rcj atpatviyqi tov lepoi) 
e^evto rovg d7toar6?.ovg elg r^^pyjatv. Tri Se 
avptov dneXvaav avrovg xsTievovteg xal dTtei- 
Xovvrsg aiVotg, [ly^xen ertl to Ttkelov to 
xaOoXov ^.a/ielv inl to ovoiian rov 'lyjc^ov 
[lyjSsvl dvOpQTtQV. ol Ss ^riSev rovtcov svtpa- 
Ttevteg ndT^iv k^7\jYi^ri(Sav slg to Seaiicory^piov 
xal ehdpriaav. ^OcTco he nXelov xatyi^L60y]Gav 
vTtep tov bvofiatog tov ^ptCtov ^lyjaov dn- 
{laodyjvaL^ toaovto) nXBlov ^alpovreg inopsv- 
ovro dno 7toog6nov tov GvvsSplov xal toaovtqi 
^ahpa%e(j)repov ehihaaxov te xal evayyeXi- 
^ovTo avtov. 

JlpogBtiQsvto he Tttarevovteg Tc5 Kvpio) nXyj- 

— 250 — 

Byj dvSpi^v rs xal yvvaixc^v, ov ^ovov ev t^ 
^lepov(ya?.yjfi aX/id xal iv talg Ttspc^ noXeaiv. 
Toaovto iysvsro to nXyjOog Gxyts avayxaaOvj- 
vat tovg anoa^toXovq ^yitelv cvvepyovg olg 
fiepog n ryjg Scaxoviag avt(^v STtcrpdnoisv. 
^^TtXriaOYiaav ovtoi ol dvhpsg tov avtov, oi 
ol dnSa'toXoiy Hvsvfiarog '^Aylov, div elg, ^re- 
^avog ovoizarc, Ttporog r^^i^Bri vnep ryjg elg 
Xptcrrox^ TttcTTfCjg i:6v ^dvarov v7to[j.evsLV, 

'H dvalpscfig tovtov tov 7tp6rov (idprvpog 
syevvyjas [lev i"^ exxTiyjalcf. rov evepyotatov 
anoatoT^oVy enriyaye he inl toi)g sv 'Ispoao/iv- 
[lotg ^piGtcavovg Stoyiidv dypiov ts xal xado- 
kixov. Ol [16V dnoaroXoL ov naps^^pyjaav, 
ol he nXelotoi rQ>v [ladviTi^v ScsOTtdpyjc^av xatd 
tdg ^copag tyjg "lovSalag xal Xaiiapeiag, nav- 
ta'xpv evayyeTii^ofievoi tov "koyov Hov Seov. 
^v ^pa^el ol tyjg niateag [idprvpeg iv Aa- 
^aaxQ evpovtacj tii tyjg l^vplag iivirponoT^ei, ov 

— 251 — 

xal XavXog, 6 eneira TlaCPuog kneat^s'^s, to 
and tovSs ndaav a^o?^y]v jtpdg ra tov ^pLCftov 
noLyja6[ievog. 'HvayxdaOyj Se ratg rC^v 'lovSai- 
ov STti^ovXalg ecxstv xal oiTtyjT^Os Std ryjg Kai- 
Capeiag elg TapGov trig Yi.i'^ixLag oOev e<pv. 

Msrd tavta n exxXYicia xad^ oXrig trig 'lou- 
haiag xal TaXiXaiag xal l^aiiapelag sl^ev 
eipy^vy^v oixoSofzov^evyj xal Ttopsvoiievyj to) ^6- 
6q tov Kvploh, xal t'^ TtapaxT^Yidei tov ^Aytov 
Uvevfiarog inXyjOvvsto. Tavrri tii slpy;vYi 
XpYidd^evog SiyjXOev 6 TlfTpog, "Tag Ttavtaxpv 
dvaPXaatavovaag sxxT^yjaiag smaxoTtQv, xal 
*tdv ixarovtdp^yjv KopvyjTiLOV xal rovg dvv 
avtQ iv KatGapslq ^aTtti^ov yjp^ato xal tovg 
^EX2,yjvag elg ryjv ixxT^yjolav eigSe^sa^ai. 

01 Se SiaaTtapsvreg and r^g ^'Xt-J^ecog t^g 
yevofiivYjg snl Xtstpdvov Si^^Oov eog ^oivlxyjg 
xal Kvnpov xal "'Avtio^slag, xyjpvaaovreg tov 
Kvpcov ^lyjaovv npCitov (lev tolg ^lovSaloig, 


€7teita hs Tcal tolg ^'E?.Xy;(ytv. 'H ^slp rod Kv- 
plov yjv ^isr avr^v xal noTyVg dpiOfiog Tuarsv- 
(Tag iTtsorps^'Sv enl rov Kvptov. 01 sv 'Awlo- 
;^eta fiaOo^tal TtpcoTot ^LpiGfrtavol Gvoi^d^ovro, 
'E;^ tyjg ""Avno^slag ta^ecog SiEandpyiaav 
dvd ryjv xdtQ "'Aalav. 

Msrd rovro "Kp6Syjg 'Ayplnnag itdXiv iv- 
€^eLpyjGs rov ILpiat tavia^ov hioTiov d^avl- 
^etv. " AveO^s "IdxaSov rov npecovrepov^ i:6v 
dhO^^ov 'Icodi^roi;, %oX npogk'^EHo avXkoMuv 
xal JJetpov d)g dvatpyjacxiv. Tdv Ss Hetpov s^- 
elXero 6 Kvpiog ex r^g <pv7Laxyjg, xal 6 *Hpco§>7g 
ctO/ltcog dne^avev axoXyjxo^pcdtog yevofisvog, 

"HS?? to Ttporspov Stsxpivovro ol ix trig 
Ttepirouyjg [ladyjral npog rov Iletpov, on xal 
^EX?^y]vag elg tyjv ixxXyjalav eoe^ato, vvv Ss 
^dXtcrr' Ti^lovv rovrovg nsptr^yireovg slvac xal 
tdv vo^ov tbv McjL'cr^Gjg rvipslv. Tcoi' §s i&vGtv 
del 7t?^ei6v(ov npoge?^06vrGiv ts xal ^anttoQkv" 

— 253 — 

rov eSsL TO d[.i^igl3yjryj[.ia Tiveiv hiapp'/ihriv. 
Alcl rovro ol dnoaroXoc tcoJKiv avvYi^x^dricyav 
elg Tyjv '^lepovaa/iyjfi ov Syj eSo^s tcd '^Ayio 
Tlvsv^iaTi xal ttq Herpcj xal tolg ot/l/lotg 
aTtocTTo/lotg xal TtpeaSvrepoig dSe/i<polg, ^lYihev 
Ttkkov avrolg eniTidsaOai (3dpog tO.yiv tov 
anej^eadai siSqXo^vtqv, xal alftarog, xal 
nvLxtov xal nopvelag. Totf xal to trig nict eoig 
(yv^[3oXov avvs^yjxav, xal ro and tovSs an- 
Yipav and trig 'lepovaa?^yj[i rov 'IdxcoSov toy 
vediTspov inlGxonov ryjg TtoXscog ciTto/iLTtovrsg. 
'0 ^lcx)dvvyjg ^^ero elg ryjv xdta^ xal o 
^l^jCTtTtog elg f/jv dvo 'Aclav. '0 'AvSpsag 
Ttpog (Sopsav STtopsvsro elg rovg 2^i30ag, xal 
6 0c5/wag elg tovg UdpOovg icog r^g 'HSlag, 
'0 BapOo?iOfialog npslto ryjv 'Apfievlav, 6 2t- 
fiQv xal 6 Sa^Salog ryjv TlepalSa xal tyjv At- 
yvTtrov. '0 MatOcag eva.yye%i^ei:o triv AldiO^ 
Ttiav onoi xal o evayyeT^iov iSpaicSTl fypa'>i/ev 

— 254 — 

6 MarOalog zyjQv^cdv 6^6psi, *0 Se UavT^og 
e(peps TO 6vo[ia rov XptCToi; ^lyjaov elg nfyjv 
^E/iXdSa xal eig tyjv bXKriv EijpcoTt;?!^. 

'0 nirpog Ttpcoroz^ iizv svayye^il^Eto tovg 
iv ro) Uovro, tri TaTiarlq, tt-^ ILannahoxiq, 
rri "Aalq xal rii BlOvvlcl ivoLxovvrag, ensira Se 
^erripev elg ^F^iiyjv, ov Syj ryjg av^zTtdayjg ix- 
xXyiaiag eryj eixoai nevts npoardryjg xaOe^sro, 
Yiv ^vasSiog 6 dvyypa^evg xoX^yiv svepyeciav 
ixdTisae tyjg npovolag roi5 Ssov. 

^H Si Tco^a^? n idvixyi tyjv TtpoQpKJiiEvyjv av- 
TYi ^pslav SisreTiEaev. "^Hv yap TCavroxpato- 
piav £Cdg to-vSe ^i<psi TO) aiSyjpo) ixpdrvvsv, 
ravtriv vvv ivs^EcpKys tq dnopovvtL ol^leI tcj 
ex ryjg TaXiXaiag. 'H pdShog n noiitevixY}, to 
Ttpdiitov [lev oTilyyj xal d^av^g, ofiag Se tod 
tiSiV l^aiadpcdv ^c^ovg nepteyeveto, xal Sid Ta- 
X^^^T^ ^0^^ '^0^1 Ps6ai(xi trig rod xocffiov navto- 
xpatopiag e^YiTtrero. 

— 255 — 

cTTat ovte ol tc^v 'Nepovcov htay^ol ol <povir 
xQtatOL xcdXvecv Icf^vaav tyjv exxXyialav tov 
^Yi elg y\^epav av^dvea^ai xal ^d2,?iOvaav ryjg 
oixovfievYjg iTtixpar^aat. ''HSyj xat^ eOvvi d- 
pidfiovaiv ol oLTtoaroXoL tovg fcaOyj^tdg, ypd- 
^ovcSi §6 og oT^o^vXoLg eOveOi tolg FaXdratg 
xal tolg ^E^iatOLg xal tdlg Y^oXooOvivolg xal 
tolg 'E^poctotg xal tolg 'Fuiialoig xal tolg Ko- 
pivOiOig xal d/l/lotg no/iXolg. 

Ovxer ank^Yi ri 'Hpotyj exa'tovtaE'tyjpLg, xal 
STtYiyyeikB rco Tpalaviii 6 UT^lvLog ex tyjg BlOv- 
vlag ypd^cov on' Kevd td rc^v slS^Xov Upd, 
ov8' evpi<yxsraL oang dv td elg ryjv ^valav 
xpea 7tpiaaQa.L '^eTiri. 

''A'kXoi fiev Sid tihv ai6vG)v dveatYidav t'^ 
kxxT^Yiaiq. ^lovSat 'liJxapLCdrai td egodsv, dX2,0L 
l^spcdvsg rd e^odsv 6 Ss xriaag avtyjv i^ dp- 
^'^g 0)xoS6[zyja£v avtyjv enl nstpci., eitsii^'sv 


avrri napdx?\.yjrov to ^Aytov TLvevfiof. xal vn- 
ecy^sro otc At nvXaa tov '^ Aihov ov xa^iayy- 
covaiv avTYJg xal on' 'E^co /^eO' vftc^v sl^it Ttd- 
Oaq Tag nf^spag ecog rrjg avvreXslag tov ali^vog. 
Ovtcdg elSsv avryjv 6 ^Icddvvyjg iv rri Udr^io), 
del (isv TtoTiS^yjOdaav, dsl Se tov Spdxovrog 
KaX?^ivixov. To tsXsvTalov elSs rov [lev aa- 
tavdv xal tovg (isr' avrov xata(3yiy]0£vrag 
eig tyjv Xifivyjv Tov nvpog, tyjv Se exxT^Yiaiav, 
xaivov tov ovpavov xal xacv^g trig yrig, tyjv 
Ttokiv tYiv aylav, 'lepovaa?^yj[i, ryjv xaivviv 
xaTa(3aLvov(yav ex rov ovpavov and tov Seov 
YitOLiiacfiievyjv og vviJ.^yjv xsxoa^yj^svyjv tq dv- 
Spl avtyjgy ryjv axvjvyjv rov Ssov fistd tc^v 
dvOp^TtcoVj iv '^ (JxyjvQGSL fist^ avruv, xal av- 
tol Xaog avT:'ov eaovrat, xal avTog 6 0f6g 
liet^ avt(SiV eatai 6 Gsog avrc^v xal i^aTiSi^^eL 
ndv Sdxpvov and ruv 6^0aX[i(^v avtov. 

To ri/log. 



In the vocabulary the principal parts of all irregular 
verbs will be given. In compound irregular verbs, how- 
ever, the parts of the verb proper will not be repeated; 
an asterisk will indicate that the latter part of the 
compound is to be looked for. A sjmopsis of regular 
verbs is here appended, and all verbs that have no parts 
given are to be inflected according to these models in 
all the tenses which their meaning permits. In nouns 
the genitive case and the gender will be indicated, and 
in adjectives the three or two forms for the different 
genders will be given. Other parts of speech will be 
briefly specified as adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions, 
etc. respectively. Reference will be mad© in the case of a 
few difficult forms occurring in the first part of the book. 

Principal Parts of Regular Verbs. 

1. Pure Verbs, ending in a pure, a impure, €, o, v and u 
ireipdu), ireLpd<T(j}, i-Kelpaaa TreireipaKa, ireTreipapiat, iireipdOrjv, 
TLfJidia, TLfj^T^crco, iTifj.r](xa, TeTtfxrjKa, TerifXTj/jLai, irifi'rjOrjv. 
(ptXiuj, <I)lKi)<X(3}, €(pi\7j(ra, TrecpiXrjKa, 7r€(pi\r]fJiai, i<pL\'^d7]v. 
8T]\6(a, drfKibcbjf id-^Xwca, SedifjXwKa, SedriXwfiai, idrjXibdrjv. 
XtHo}, Xi5(ra;, ^Xv(ra, XiXvKa, X^Xvfiai, iXidrjv. 
Xplo), XP^<^^, e'xptcra, KexpcKa,, ^Xpf(<r)^i7J». 

2. Mute Verbs, ending in k, 7, x> o'o" or tt. 

irXiKW, ttX^^w, hrXe^a, iriirXexO; iriirXeyixai, iirXix^V^* 
rdtTirw, rd^o}, era^a, r^raxa, reTay/xai,, irdx^viK 

— 260 

3. Mute Verbs, ending in ir, p, 4> and itt. 
ypdipca, 'ypd\j/o}, eypa^a, y^ypacpa, yiypafi/xai, 
TJJffTO), Ti/^w, eTV\J/a, T4TV<f)a, Tirvfi/Mai, 

4. Mute Verbs, ending in t, 8, and J. 
^eidbf, xpeiffca, ^\pev<ra, eyJ/evKa, erpevcfmiy 
vofxli^uf, vofitff(aj iydfjiiaaf vevbiUKa^ vevdiXKriMiy 

5. Liquid Verbs, ending in \, jj,, v, p. 

crcpdWo), acpaXCj, €(r<pr}\a, e<r0aXKa, ecrcpaXiiatf 

dyy4Wo}, dyyeXQ), ijyyeLXa, ijyye\Ka, 

tIWw, TiKQ, eViXa, T€Tl\k(i, 

(TT^Wu, areXC}, UreCKa, '^(xraXKa, 

evetfxa, vev^firjKa, 

e(p'qva, irecpayKa, 

^pa, ^pKa, 

BO-rreipa, ecnrapKa, 

ecrvpa^ cr^crvpKa, 





























*APpad|ji, 6, Abraham. 
&yad6s, ij, 6v, good, brave. 
d^aOoTrcie'fc), to do good. 
d-yaXXCao-is, ews, 17, a joy. 
d-yaXXid(s), to rejoice. 
d-ydXXcs), to glorify, to exalt. 

Pass., to glory, to exult. 
d-yavaKT^w, to be vexed, to 

be displeased. 
d^airdw) to love. 

d-Ydiri^, 17s, 7], love. 
d'yairTjTos, i^, 6v, beloved, 
d-y-yapevb), to force, compeL 
d-yyeiov, ov, t6, a pail, vessel. 
ayyekia, as, i}, a message, a 

precept, a promise. 
d^^eXXw, to announce. 
d-yyeXos, ov, 6, a messenger, 

an angel. 
d-yeXi], 17s, 7], a herd, a drove. 

— 261 — 

Ay^v^S} ^j, ignoble, base. 

a-yidtw, to hallow, sanctify. 

d.-yiao'iJidS) ov, 6,sanctification. 

a^ios, a, ov, holy. 

d7Kd\T], rjs, 7], the arm. 

a^KwrTpov, ov t6, a hook. 

d.'YV(o{x(ov, ov, ungrateful. 

d-yopd, as, i], a market-place. 

d-yopd^w, to buy. 

a-ypa, as, i], a draught, a cap- 

aypivca, to catch. 

a^pios, a, ov, wild, fierce. 

'A-ypCinras, ov, a, 6, Agrippas. 

d'Ypos; ov, 6, a field. 

d-ypvirvew, to watch. 

aya, 2 aor., ijyayov, to lead, 
to bring, to go, to spend. 

d-ywyCa, as, i], an agony. 

d8«\c})i^, -^s, i], a sister. 

d8€\(|>6s,ij, 6v, brotherly, akin. 

d8€\<j>6s, ov, 6, a brother, a 
near relative. 

dSiiixov^w, to be troubled. 

48i]S) ov, 6, hell. 

dSiK^w, to injure. 

d8CKT]fi.a, aros, t6, an injustice. 

dSiKta, as, i], an injustice. 

&81KOS, ov, unjust. 

d8vvaT€«, to be unable, to 

be impossible. 

dSwvaTos, ov, powerless, im- 

ad, adv., always, at any time. 

d^vjjia, wv, rd, the feast of 
unleavened bread. 

atvjxos, ov, unleavened. 

dOgreo), to set aside, despise. 

dOXios, a, ov, miserable, un- 
fortunate, wretched. 

d0\(«os, adv., wretchedly. 

d9p6os, a, ov, assembled. 

d9«os, ov, innocent. 

al-yiaXos, ov, 6, the shore. 

Al'^viTTos, ov, i], Egypt. 

AlOioiria, as, i], Ethiopia. 

alfxa, aros, t6, blood. 

aifioppoe'co, to have an issue 
of blood. 

oXvita, aiviaia, etc., to praise. 

atvos, ov, 6, praise. 

alvovvTwv, see alv^cj. 

al'peo-is, ecos, i], a choice. 

alpeo), aip'^(Tca,. elXov, yprjKa, ^- 
pyjixai., ypidijv, to take. 

a\Jp«, to take up, to raise. 

al(r6dvo[JLai, aladi^cro/MaL, rjffdS- 
/jLTjv, •^(Tdrj/xai, to perceive. 

— 262 — 

aiI<r0T]<ris, ecos, i}, a perception, 
a feeling. 

ai(rxp6s, d, 6v, shameful. 

ai<r\vvr\f 7]$, 7], shame. 

alcxiivw, al<TxvvM} , ya-xwa, y- 
o-XU7/ca, rjaxvfJi'a.i', ■fj<xx^vdr]v, 
to put to shame, disfigure. 

alreto, to ask for. 

al'TT]{xa, arcs, t6, a request. 

aiTia, as, 17, a cause, a fault. 

alridojiiai, to accuse. 

al'Tios, OL, ov, guilty. 

alxjAciXtoTi^a), to capture. 

oXtiiv, dvos, 6, the age, world. 

aiiovios, OP, and a, ov, ever- 
lasting, eternal. 

GLKdOapros, ov, unclean. 

aKavGa, 175, 17, a thorn. 

cLKavGivoS) V, ov, of thorns. 

dK6paios, ov, simple. 

dKc^, ^s, 7], a hearing, fame, 
Plur., the ears. 

dKoXov6€(i>, to follow. 

dKOxio-avTes, see d/coiJw. 

dKovo), (XKoiJcrofiai, iJKovaa, clki^- 
Koa, iJKOV(, ^Ko^crdrjv, to 

dKpCpgta, as, ^7, accuracy. 

dKpt^^s, ^s, accurate. 

dKpiP«s, adv., accurately. 

dKpCs, idos, 7j, a locust. 

oLKpov, ov, TO, the extremity. 

aKpos, a,ov, highest, furthest. 

uKvpos, ov, without right or 
authority, unable. 

dXdpacTTpov, ov, to, an ala- 
baster vase. 

aXaXos, ov, dumb. 

aXas, aros, t6, salt. 

dXci^^A), a\d\pii}, rfKei-^a, ohrffKi- 
4>a, oX', rjXeicpdTjv or 
i)\L^7}v, to anoint. 

dXcKTcop, 0/30S, 6, a cock. 

aXevpov, ov, t6, flour. 

dXil]9eia, as, i], truth. 

dXriGrjs, ^s, true. 

dXi^Qivos, 17, 6v, true, real, 

dX-qGws, adv., truly; ws dXr]- 
6C0S, in truth, in fact. 

dXi€vs, ^ws, 6, a fisherman. 

dXievft), to fish, to catch. 

dXi^w, to salt. 

dXXd, conj., but. — dXXa ^lyy, 
and yet. dXXc£ 7^, but at 
least. dXkdydp, but indeed. 

dXXd<r<r(D, or ttw, to change. 

dXXiqXwv, of one another. 

dXXo'YCV'^s, es, foreign. 

— 263 — 

dXXoios, a, OP, different. 

aWojjiat, to leap, to jump. 

aWos, v, o> another, other. 
6 dXXos, the other, the rest. 

a\\oT€, at another time. 

dWorpios, a, ov, strange. 

aXXcds, adv., otherwise. 

aXot], 77s, 7], the aloe, aloes. 

&Xs, dXos, t6, salt. 

*AX<j>aiosv ov, 6, Alpheus. 

aXcov, wws, 7], a threshing- 

dXwTTT]!, TTCKOS, 7], & fOX. 

aX(i)(ris, ews, 17, a capture. 

fifia, adv., at the same time 
with. &/Ma Trpcj't, early in the 
morning, dfia evpova-a, no 
sooner did she find, when 
she — 

d|j.apTdv(i>, afiapTi^crofjiai, rjfiap- 
Tov, i]ixdpTr]Ka, i]p,dpT7]ixat, rj- 
[lapTTjd'qv, to err, sin, miss. 

d)j,dpTT]|jia, aros, rb, a sin. 

dfiapria, as, rj, a sin, an error. 

dfiaprcoXoS) ov, 6, a sinner. 

d|X6X£CD, to disregard. 

d[jLcpi|jivos, ov, free from care. 

d|j,i^v, adv., amen, verily. 

djiydS) oO, 6, i], a lamb. 

d|xoi|3V], rjs, 7], a retribution. 

aixirsXos, ov, t], a vine. 

dixireXovp-yos, ov, 6, a vine- 
dresser, a laborer in a 

dixireXcov, Qvos, 6, a vineyard. 

d)j,vv6€Cs, eTaaa, iv, protected. 

d}j.vva>, to ward off. 

d|x4>£, prep. gov. gen., dat. & 
ace. around, on both sides. 

d|ji,<|>i-PttXXc«),* to cast about. 

d|i<{>ipXT|(rTpov, ov, rb, a net. 

d|Ji4>i'SPi^Tt][j,a, aro'i, rb, a ques- 
tion, a point in dispute. 

d|X({>6TEpos, a, ov, both. 

av, from el and &v. see both. 

dv, conditional particle. It 
has no exact equivalent in 
English. With a relative 
or any other conjunction 
it forms a compound that 
is invariably followed by 
the subjunctive mood. 
To relatives it gives the 
force of the latin -cunque. 
Its meaning in condition- 
al sentences is learned 
best from the following 
four cases: 

— 264 — 

1. El 0€6s €<rTi, <ro({>6s Iittiv. 
If there is a God, (there 
is) he is wise. 

2. El lATj r[yairr\<riv T||ids 6 
0€6s,°ovK av l\vTpw<raTO. If 
God had not loved us, 
(but he did) he would 
not have redeemed us. 

3. *Edv (ro(]>6s Ye'vTj, w irai, 
irdvTSS <roi (|>(Xoi eo-ovrat. 
If you become wise, my 
boy, (I am doubtful about 
it) all will be your friends, 

4. Et <r6 XttKTi^oi T]}i.i6voS) 
KaTa-yeXao-TOs civ €ir\s. If a 
mule were to kick you, 
(worse things have hap- 
pened) you would be an 
object of ridicule. 

To an infinitive or parti- 
ciple av gives the same 
force that it would give to 
the corresponding finite 

dvd, prep. gov. ace, over, 
throughout, back, dva dijo, 
tv/O by two. dva brjvdpLov, 
a penny apiece. 

dvo-PaCvw,* to go up, ascend. 

dva-(3i6(i}, ^aba-Ofiai, ijSicaaa or 
i^icjv, ^ejSiwKa, to return to 
^ life. 

dva-PicSo-KOjitti, ^nba-ofxai, to 
bring to life again. 

dva-(3Xao'Tdv6), ^XaaT-^a-u}, H- 
jSXao-Toz/, /3ej8Xd(rr?7/ca, to bud, 
to grow up, to spring up. 

dva-pXcTTw, to look up, to re- 
cover sight. 

dva-7iYV(oo-K«,* to read. 

dva-yKd^w, to compel. 

dva-yKatos, a, op, necessary. 

dvd-yKTj, Tjs, i], necessity, need. 

dva-yvcDpi^o), to recognise. 

dv-d7w,* to carry or take up. 

dva-8€iKvv|jLi,* to appoint. 

dva-|d«, to return to life. 

dvaGcjjiaTi^co, to curse. 

dvaiSeia, as, i], shamelessness. 

dvaipEcris, ews, i], a destroying. 

dv-atpe'w,* to take off, to de- 
stroy, to kill. 

dvaiTios, ov, guiltless, blame- 
dva-Ka8i5«, to set up, sit up. 
dya-KaXvTTTw, to reveal. 
dva-KdjiTTTo), to return. 

dvd-K€tjAai,* to recline, to be 
a guest. 

— 265 — 

dva-K\Cvci),* to lay down. 

dva-Kpa^w, ^ofxac, to cry out. 

dva-KpCvft),* to examine well. 

dvdKpio-iS) ews, i], an exami- 
nation, an investigation. 

dva-KviTTw, to raise the head. 

dva-Xap-Pdyw,* to take up. 

dva|xdpTT]TOs, ov, without sin, 
faultless, guiltless. 

dva-n^vco,* to await, expect. 

dva-iiiiAv/ja-Kti),* to remind. 

dvd|xvT](ris, ewy, 17, a commem- 
oration, remembrance. 

dva-|aCvw, to tear open, to 
irritate afresh. 

dva-iravo), to stop. M., to rest. 

dvdireipos, ov, or dvdTrt]pos, of, 
feeble, maimed, crippled. 

dva-TTitrTft),* to fall again, to 
recline at table. 

dv-api9|j.^(i>, to enumerate. 

dvapi6(iTjTos, ov, countless. 

ava-crd(a, to stir up. 

dva-trrds, see dv-iarrifii. 

dvdcTTao-ts, ecos, i], ascension, 

the resurrection. 
dva-T€\X«, to cause to rise. 

to rise, to spring up. 
dvaToXi], rjs, -17, a rising, the 

place of rising, the east. 

dva-<|>aCva),* to point out, to 
show up. Mid., to appear. 

dva-<|>€p">* to lead up, relate. 

dva-4>ft)v€'a), to exclaim. 

dva-x«p€<o, to return, retire. 

'AvSpe'as, ov, 6, Andrew. 

dv-€7vwT€, see dva-ycyvJxxKOj. 

dvcKTos, "i^, 6v, bearable. 

dv-eK\ivev,see dva-KXlvca. 

dv€|xos, 01;, 6, wind. 

dv-€'pxo(,* to go up. 

dv6v, adv., without. 

dv-£<|>wvTj<r6V, see dva-(f)0)vi(a. 

dv-exoH'**''** to endure. 

dv-£X'^P'no"av, see dm-xwp^w. 

dv-^w-ya, see dv-olywfit. 

dv-£«'x0Ti, see dv-olyw/xL. 

dv-Tj-ya-yov, see dv-dyu. 

dviip, dvdpSs, 6, a man, 

dvS-ioTT'qp.i,* to oppose. 

dvGos, ovs, t6, a flower. 

dvGpaKtd, as, i], live coals. 

dvOpwiros, ov, 6, a man. 

dv-icrTTj}ji,i,* to raise up. P., 
to stand up, to arise. 

"Avvas, a, 6, Annas. 

dvdriTOs, ov, foolish, silly. 

dv-oi-Ywixi and dv-oi-yw, dvol- 
^w, dv^cf^a, dvi(fx^) dvit^yiuu^ 

— 266 — 

ivecJx^V^t to open. Avic^ya, 
to be open, to stand open. 

avo|jiia, as, 17, lawlessness. 

avo|jLos, ov, lawless, wicked. 

dv6o-ios, oy, unholy. 

dvT-aSiK€«, to return an in- 

avTaXXa-yjAtt, aros, t6, an ex- 
change, a ransom. 

dvT-e'xw,* to insist, to hold 

out against, to cling to. 
&VTI, upt' , dv^', prep. gov. gen, 

instead of, in return for. 

against. dv6^ &v, because. 
dvTi-j3d\X«,* to throw back 

again, \6yovs avTi^dWetv, 

to exchange words. 
dvTiSiKos, ou, 6, an opponent. 
dvTiSocris, ews, i], retribution. 
dvTiKpv, adv., over against. 
dvTi-Xe'Yw,* to contradict. 
dvTi-[X6Tp6'«, to measure out 

in turn, to measure back. 
*AvTi6x€ia, as, 17, Antiochia. 
dvTi-Trap-epxojAai, * to pass 

by on the opposite side. 
dvTXe'o;, to draw water. 
av«, adv., up, to heaven. 
dv(&76(ov, w, t6, an upper 

chamber, an upper room. 

avwOev, adv., from above. d7r* 
avwdev ^ws Kdroj, from tho 

top to the bottom. 
d^ivT], 97s, i], an axe. 
a^ios, a, ov, worthy. 
d|i6co, to deem worthy, or 

fit, to demand, to desire. 
dir-a-yyeXXw, to relate, to tell. 
OLTr-ayxb), to strangle, hang. 
dir-dYCD,* to lead away. 
dir-aipo), to take away. 
dir-aiTeo), to ask for, demand. 
dfr-aXXdo-o-w, to dismiss, free, 
dir-avrdo), to meet. 
dirdvTTio-is, ews, i], a meeting, 
dira^, adv., once, once for all. 
dir-apv€OfjLai) to deny. 
ttTrdpTi, adv., henceforth, 
airas, diraaa, dirav, all, whole. 
dirardw, to deceive, seduce. 
dTreiGe'co, to disbelieve. 
direiXeo), to threaten. 
direiXi^, ^s, i], a threatening. 
dir-€(|xi, {elfii*) to be away, 

to be far from. 
dir-6iji,i, (eT/Ai*) to go away, to 

dir-CKpivaTO, see dtroKpivoixan,, 

direvavTi, adv., over against, 

direpavTOs, ov, endless. 

267 — 

dir-e'pxonai,* to go away. 
direo-TaXT], see d-rroaT^Ww. 
dTr-€'<j>'t]V€, see diro-cpalvoj. 
dTr-s'xo),* to be away. Mid., 

to abstain. 
dir-fiXOg, see diripxojJ'.ai.. 
dTrio-Tew, to disbelieve. 
dirio-Tia, as, t], disbelief. 
airio-Tos, ov, unbelieving, 
dir-iwv, -lovaa, -ibv, going a- 

way, departing, see direL/jLL. 
dirXoos, v, ov, simple. 
d-irXtDs, adv., simply. 
diro, ttTr' d0' prep. gov. gen., 

away, from, since, dirb rov- 

5e, t6 dirb rovde, hereafter. 
airo-paivw,* to go, pass away. 
diro-Ypd<f>ci), to enrol. 
diro-SeiKvviJLi,* to appoint. 
diro-ScKaT^o), to give tithe of. 
diro-Sfixofxai, to receive. 
diro-8r||ji€(i>, to be away from 

home, to go abroad. 
diro-8i8(o[ji.i,'<^ to pay, render, 

reward, to redeem. 
diro8oKi(ia(ria, as, i], rejection. 

diroGi^KTj, 77s, 7}, a storehouse, 

a barn. 
diro-GyTJo-KO), -Oavovfiac, 'iOavov, 

T4dv7)Ka, to die. 

diro-KaO-Corrqixi,* to restore. 
diro-KaX^jiTTO), to reveal. 
diroKdXv\(/is, ews, T7,revelation. 
dTr6-K€i|xai,* to lie apart, to 

be stored away. 
d'n-o-K€<{>aXi^o), to behead. 
diro-KOTTTw, to cut off. 
diro-Kpivoiiai,* to answer. 
dTTO-Kpivwj* to separate. 
diroKpio-is, eojs, t], an answer. 
dTTO-KpvirTw, to conceal. 
diro-KTavO'qvai see diroKTeipca, 
diro-KTeivw,* to kill. 

d'Tro-KvXiv8ft), -Kv\l(T(j}, iK^Xiaa, 
Ke/ci/Xi/ca, KeK^XicrixaL, eKvXt- 
(xdrjv, to roll away. 

diro-Xaiipdvto,* to receive. 

diroXaucris, ews, ij, enjoyment. 
diro-XeCTrw,* to leave behind. 
diro-XcCx", to lick off. 
dTr-6XXv|xt,* to destroy. 
diro-Xt)«, to dismiss, release, 
diro-vevft), to refuse. 
diro-viiTTft), to wash, 
diro-irefji'irft),* to send away, 
dTTo-TrXeo),* to sail off. „^ 
dTro-Trvi-ywj to choke. ' 
diropia, as, r}, want, doubt, 

uncertainty, perplexity. 
diropEw, to be at a loss. 

— 268 — 

dirop-pifj'YvvjAi,* to tear off. 

dirocTTda-iov, ou, rb, a divorce. 

diro-o-TeWw,* to send forth. 

diroo-ToXos, ou, 6, an apostle. 

dTro-<rTp€<j>ti),* to turn back, 
to return, to disturb. 

diro-rpeiro),* to turn away, 
to dissuade, to avoid. 

diro-4>a{v<o,* to prove, reveal. 

diro-^Oe'-y-yoixai, to speak. 

diTo-^epw,* to carry off. 

diro-xtops'W) to depart. 

diro-tj/vxw, to expire, to die. 

aiTTft), to join. Mid.,to toucli. 

dirwXcia, as, ^, destruction. 

apa, conj., then, therefore. 

apa, interrogative particle, 
a/oa alone leaves the an- 
swer undecided, apo. ou de- 
mands an affirmative, and 
apa A117 a negative answer. 

apas, see al'pw. 

dp-yos, '^, 6^, idle, inactive. 

dp'yvpiov, ou, To^ money. 

dp6(oo-iv, aor.pass.subj. of al'pw 

dpiBjjLosj ov, 6, a number. 
*Api|xa0a(a, as, i], Arimathea. 
dpio-rdft), to breakfast. 
dpi<rT€p6s, d, 6v, left, i], dpt- 
arepd (x^ip), the left hand. 
'App.€vCa, as, i], Armenia 

ap\}.6l<af to fit, to correspond. 
dpvEO(xai, to deny. 
dpviov, ov, r6, a little lamb, 
(apvs) dpvos, dpvi, dpva etc., 

6, 7], a lamb. 
dp^djjievos, 77, ov, from dpxop^cn, 

beginning with. 
dpov, aor. imperat. of atpco. 
ctpoTpov, ov, t6, a plough, 
dpird'^co, to seize, to rob. 
apwal, a7os, 6, an extortioner. 
appa<f>0S} ov, seamless. 
dppwcTTos, ov, weak, sick. 
dp<rT]v, €v, male. 
dpTi, adv., just now. ott' dpri, 

from this on, henceforth. 
dpTos, ov, 6, bread, a loave. 
dpxaioS} a, ov, old, ancient. 
dpx'^) ^s, 7], a beginning, rrjv 

dpx'n^, with a neg., at all. 
dpxiivos, ov, 6, chief, author. 
dpxi^pevs, ews, 6, high priest. 
upxiTcXc&vT]?, ov, 6, a chief 

dpxtTpiKXivos, ov, 6, a master 

of a feast. 
dpxo(, to beginn. 

dpx«v, ovTos, 6, a ruler. 

dpcDfjia, aros, t6, aroma, spices. 

do-pe'o-Tos, ov, unqenchable. 

dcreP'^s, ^s, impious. 

— 269 — 

do-6ev£(a, os, rj, infirmity. 
ao-Oeveca, to be sick, or infirm. 
d(r8€VT|s, h, weak, infirm. 
'Ao-ia, as, i], Asia, 
do-irdtofxai, to salute. 
d(nracr(A6s, ov, 6, a salutation, 
aa-rr\p, aaripos, 6. a star. 
do-TpaiT'/i, i}s, 7], lightning. 
d(r4>oi\€Ca, as, i], safety. 
do-4>aXi^s, ^s, safe, secure. 
acr^aXilb), to secure. 
d<r<j>a\ws, adv., safely. 
do-«T«s, adv., riotously, 
drcvi^w, to gaze intently. 
arcp, adv., without. 
drexvi^Si ^s, simple. 
dT€xv<as, adv., simply. 
driji^d^t*), dishonor, ill treat. 
droTros, ov, out of place. 
Av-yovo-ra, tjj, r/, Augusta. 

Ay7oi;crTa Tpc^cpCiy, Treves. 
Avyova-ros, ov, 6, Augustus. 
avGdSi^s, es, stubborn. 
avGaSia, ay, rj, stubbornness, 

avGis, adv., again. 
avXVj, rjs, 7], a palace, a fold, 

a court yard. 
avXi]Tf]s, ov, 6, a flute-player. 
avXi^ofxai, to lodge at night. 

av|di'w, ai^'f}<T(i}, rj^^rja'a, rjij^rjKaf 
Tjij^rj/JLaL, Tjv^Tjdrjv, to grow. 

aupiov, adv., to-morrow. 

avTT], see oSros. 

avTiKa, adv., suddenly. 

avTOKpartop, opos, 6, emperor. 

avTos, '>?, 6, 1. As attributive 
adj., the same; 2. as pre- 
dicative adj., -self, very; 
3. as pron., in its oblique 
cases, of him, of her, of it 
etc. 4. with dative, to- 
gether with. iTrl t6 airS^ 
adv., in the same place. 

avTov, adv., here, there. 

a^iToveip, OS, self-handed. 

avT64>wpos, ov, caught in the 
act. iir' aiTO(j)(i>p(^ Xafi^d- 
veiv, to catch in the act. 

d4>-aipew,* to take away. 

dejjavi^w, to cause to disap- 
pear, to consume. 

d<}>avf,s, es, unknown, 

dc^avTcs, OV, unseen, invisi- 
ble. d(pavrov yiyveaBai, to 

di^sXdTrjS, rriTGs, i), sincei^ity, 

dotcris, cws, 7], a remission. 

d<|)€6'<]cr€Tai f ut.pass. of dcplrjfu 
d(|>f]Ke, see d0t7//xt. 

— 270 — 

A^-(T|[i,t,* to send forth, to 

dismiss, to leave. 
d(j)-iKV€OfAai, -l^ofxaL, -lk6/j.7]v, 

-ly/jiaif to come, to arrive. 

&<J>i|is, ews, 9), an arrival, a 

d4>-to"T'nH-i,* to withdraw. 
d<J>-opC^«, to separate. 
d()>opp.ifj, ^s, 77, opportunity. 
d<J>v«, adv., suddenly. 
qL^po(rvvr\, r}s, ij, foolishness. 
d<})p(«>v, ov, foolish, simple. 
ti,<j>«vos, ov, dumb, mute. 
dxdpio-Tos, ov, ungrateful. 
dx^ipoiroiTiTosj ov, not made 

by hands, 
dxpi, adv., as far as. 
axupov, ov, t6, chaff. 
dxj/vxos, ov, lifeless, 


pdGos, ovs, TO, the depth. 

Pa0vs, eta, i, deep. 

Paivft), ^-^(To/jiac, e^Tjv, ^^^yjKa, 

^^^ajxai, e^dOrjv, to go. 
Patov, 01^, TO, a palm-branch. 
PaKTTjpia, as, 97, a staff. 
PaXdvTiov, ov, rd, a purse, 
PdWto, l3a\Co, e^akov, /S^/SXt;- 

Ka, j3^l3\rj/xai., i^X-^drjv, to 

throw, to cast. 

PairTC^w, to baptiziB. 
pdirTiOTfjia, aros, ro, baptism. 

Ba-n-Tio-TTis, ov, 6, the Baptist. 

pdiTTco, to dip. 

Bapappds, a, 6, Barabbas. 

Papectfs, adv., heavily. jSap^ws 
(p^peLv, to take in bad part. 

Bap0o\o|j.aios, ov, 6, Bartho- 

pdpos,ous, t6, weight, burden. 

(Bapvs, e?a, tj, heavy, sever©. 
papvTifjios, ov, very precious. 
Pa<ravi£w, to torture. 
^aa-avia-T'fiS) ov, 6, a torturer, 
pdcravos; ov, 6, a torture. 
Pao-iXeia, as, 17, a kingdom, 
Pao-iXiKos, V, ^v, royal, noble, 
PacriXio-cra, 7?s, 77, a queen. 
pao-iXevS) ^ws, 6, a king. 
Pao-iXeiico, to rule, to be king. 

pacTTd^co, to take or pick up. 
pe'Paios, a, ov, firm, fast. 
Bt^Gavia, as, rj, Bethany. 
B-qSeo-Sd, as, -Q, Bethesda. 
BT^GXee'iJi,, rb, Bethlehem. 
B-ii6<i>a7Ti, t6, Bethphage. 
Pi]p,a, aroi, t6, a step, a tri- 
bunal, a judgment-seat, 
pCa, as, v, force, violence 
pCaioS) a, ov, violent. 

271 — 

PipXCov, ov, t6, a little book. 
Pi;3Xos, ov, 77, a book. 
BiSvvia, as, v, Bithynia. 
Pios, ov, 6, life, a living. 
pXdTTTft), to hurt,, to injure. 
pXao'ToLvca, p\aaTi)jci}, €^\a- 

(TTov, ^e^\daT7]Ka, to grow, 
to sprout. " ^■ 

p\ac-4>'']ji€'w, to blaspheme. 

pXao-4»T>jxia, as, tj, blasphemy. 

pXeiro), to look. 

pXTfOfivai, see ^dW(o. 

podo), to cry out, to exclaim. 
|3oT]0ea>, to help, aid, succor. 
j3d0vvos, ov, 6, a pit. 
Popc'as, a, 6, the north. 
poo-Ko), ^oa-Krjaco etc., to feed. 

Pass., to graze. 
PovXevTtjs, ov, 6, a counsellor. 
^ovkivbif to advise. Mid, .to 

PovX-q, •^s, 7], a counsel, plan. 
PovXofJiai, ^ovX^/icrofiai, /3e/Soi^- 

"'Xijjaai, i^ovXa^Orju, to wish. 
Povvos, ov, 6, a hill, a mound. 
Povs, ]So6s, 6, 97, an ox, a cow. 
PpaSlos, adv., slowly. 
ppaS^S) e«i, i5, slow. 
Ppav V, adv., a little while, 

a short distance, fierd ^pa- 

X«J, after a little while. 

Ppax.vs, eia, i;, short, brief. 

e:' ^paxei:, in a short time. 
,8pe-:i;-os, ovs, t6, an infant. 
Ppe'xfc), to wet, to moisten. 
ppu7[x6s, ov, 6, gnashing of 

teeth, a grating. 
Ppcojxa, aros, t6, food. 
Ppaicris, ews, 1), an eating, 

meat, food, rust. 
pyGi^to, to sink, to drown. 
Pi3a-o-os, ov, 6, fine linen. 


Fappard, tj, Gabbatha. 
Tappi'siX, 6, Gabriel. 
"ya|oif>ijXdKiov, ov, r6,treasury, 
raXdrrjs, ov, 6, a Galatian. 
FaXaria, as, ^, Galatia. 
■yaX-sivT], 77s, 97, a calm. 
TaXiXaia, as, 1), Galilee. 
FaXiXaiosj a, oz', Galilean. 
FaXXCa, as, 97, France. 

ya[i.4(a, yafiw or yafxi^a-co and 
yafxeait}, eyriixa, yey dfMTjKa, ye- 

ydiJ,7][xai., iyaixr]Or}v,tom.aVT'y, 

"^'djjLos, ov, 6, a marriage. 

•ydp, conj., for, because. 

-yacTTi^p fy a<TTp6s, 9), the womb 

yif enclitic particle, at least. 

at any rate. 

— 272 — 

Y^Yovo, see ylyvoixai. 

Tkvvaf 7]s, 7), Gehenna, hell. 

r€0<rT)|xavTi, t6, Gethsemany. 

■yciTCDv, ovos, 6, ri, a neighbor. 

YcXdw, yekdao/mi, ey4\aaa, e- 

yeXdaOriv, to laugh. 

Y^Xcas, wros, 6, laughter. 

y€[,<a, to fill. 

•ye'no), to be full of , team with. 

■ysved, as, •>?, a generation. 

Y6V€'0\ios, a, ov, natal, ra ye- 
vidXia, a birth day feast. 
Tck yev^dXia Hyeiv, to cele- 
brate one's birth day. 

Y€V€o-ios, same as yevidXios. 

Ye'veo-is, ews, 17, birth, nativity. 

"ycver^, -^s, 17, birth, nativity. 

Ycv^o-erai, see ylyvoixai. 

■Ycvvdw, to beget. 

Y^vvqixa, aros, rb, offspring, 

revvTio-apeT, t(>, Gennesaret. 

Y€vvt]t6s, ri, 6v, born. 

•ylvos, ous, rb, a race, family. 

Y€pai6s, a, oj', old. 

repao-iivoC, cDv, ot, Gerasens. 

Ycpiov, ovTo$, 6, an old man. 

y€vo), to give a taste, to taste. 

YecopY^S) oO, 6, husbandman. 

7f|, yrjs, 77, the earth, land. 
YTipas, yvp'jjs, t6, old age. 
YTjpctc-Kft), yrjpdait}, iyrjpaaa, ye- 

yvpaKa, to become old. 
yiyv^P'^h y^vTjcrofiai, iyevofxrjp, 

yeyivriixai, to become, to 

come to pass. 2nd perf., 

y4yova, I am. 
YiYV(t»crK«, yvctxxofiai. eyvojp, e- 

yvcoKa, iyvoocrfxai, iyvibadrjv, 

to perceive, to know. 
^XevKos, ous, TO, sweet wine. 
yXvkus, eta, i5, sweet. 
■yXctfo-o-aj 975, -;7, a tongue. 
"yXcj(ro-o£iS7]s, h, like tongties, 

YXaxrcroKop-ov, of, t6, a purse. 
Yvwiit], 77s, 77, mind, opinion. 
Yvwpi^ft), to make known. 
Yvwo-Tos, 7^, 6?', known. 
YOYYi'lwj to murmur. 
YOYY^o'JJi'OS, ou, 6, murmuring. 
roXYo8d, rb, Golgotha. 
r6|jioppa, wz/, rd, Gomorrha. 
Y0V6VS, ^ws, 6, a parent. 
Yovv, aros, rb, a knee. 
YovvireTeco, to fall on one's 

knee, to kneel. , 

Ypdjjifia, aros, t6, a letter. 

— 273 — 

Ypa(i|iaT€vs, ^wj, 5, a scribe. 
Ypa<j>^, rjs, 7], the scripture. 
YpatfxD, to write. 
YPTYope'o), to watch. 
•yvjivos, V, ^^, naked, bare. 
yvvT], yvvaLKds, 17, a woman. 
y<aviaf as, 77, a corner. 


AapiS, and AavC8, 6, David. 
8ai|xov£^, to be possessed 

by a devil. 
8ai|JL6viov, ou, t6, a denion. 
SaCfjKov, opos, 6, a denon, devil. 
8dKpv, vos, t6, a tear. 
SaKpvov, ov, t6, a tear. 
8aKTv\iov, ou, t6, finger-ring. 
8dKTv\oS} ov, 6, a finger. 
Aa|xa<rK6s> ov, i], Damascus. 
8dv6iov. ov, t6, a loan, 
8a7ravd6>) to spend. 
Se, coDJ.,and,but, moreover, 

yet,on the other hand,for. 
848(1) Ka, see didcj/xi. 
86T]<riS) ews, i], a request. 
8€i, see 8^oj. 

8€iKvx)(ii, del^co etc., to show. 
86iX6s, ^, ^v, afraid, cowardly. 
86i|jLa, aros rb, terror, horror. 
Seivds, 'fj, f>v, terrible, clever. 

Sctvws, adv., terribly, 
^8«tirvov, ov, TO, a banquet. 

8eKa, ten. 

AcKaTToXis, ews, i}, Decapolis. 
8€KaTos, T?, ov, the tenth. 
8£kt6s, 'fi, bv, acceptable. 
Se'vSpoV) ov, TO, a tree. 

Se^ios, (£. bv, right, ij de^id, the 

right hand. 
Seofjiai, to ask. 
Se'os, deovs, rd, fear. 
Sepfidrivos, tj, ou, leathern. 
8cp&), SepcD, edetpa, dedapKa, d^- 
"^dapfiai, iddpr)v. to SCOUrgG. 
8€cr|j,6s, ov, 6, a fetter, string. 
8€(r|JLWT'qpiov, ov, rb, a prison. 
8£(nr6TT]s, ov, 6, lord, master. 
8€iipo, adv., hither, this way. 
Sivn, plur. of devpo. 
8€riT£pos, a, ov, the second, rd 

8eiJT€pov, iK Sevripov, for the 

second time. 
86xo|xai, to receive. 
8ea), OT^ffco, edrjcra, dideKa, diSe- 

ixat, iSidrjv. to bind. 
Bioi, oerjcro), id^rjaa, SedirjKa, Se- 

beVijxaL, iderjdrjv, to want, to 

need, lack. 8ei, de-^aei etc., 
impers., it is necessary. 
oXiyov deiv, adv., almost. 

— 274 

B'^, adv., now, so then, in- 
deed, accordingly, namely. 

8f)XoS) V) oJ'j evident, clear. 

8t]\6ci>i to show. 

SfifAos, ov, 6, the people. 

8t)|jl6o'ios, a, ov, public. 

8T]p.6<rioS} ov, 6, a public ofB.- 
cer, an executioner. 

8T]vdpiov, ov, TO, a denarium. 

S-^irov, adv., perhaps, it may 
be, doubtless, I suppose. 

Sid, prep, gov. gen. and ace, 
with gen., througn, oy, 
during, by means of with 
ace, duringjOn account of. 

8ia-paCv<o,* to go through. 

8idpoXos, ov, 6, the devil. 

8i-a7"y€'XXco, to announce far 
and wide. 

8ia-'Yi'yvo|xai,*to pass, elapse. 

8ta-'yi*yv«crKci),* to discern, to 

8ia-'Yv»p(t«, to make known. 

SiaYo-y-yv^o), to murmur. 

Si-d-yw,* to lead through, to 
go through, to spend 
one's time, to live. 

SidSocris, ews, i], tradition. 

SiaO-^Kti, ?/s, 7), a testament. 

8ia-Ka0apC^(o, to cleanse. 

8iaKov4(o, to serve, minister. 

8iaKovia, as, t), a serving. 

SidKovos, ov, 6, a servant. 

8ia-Kpiv<o,* to discern. Pass., 
hesitate, doubt, contend. 

8ia-K«Xv<o, to prvent, hindert 

8ia-X€-yo|jiav, to converse. 

SidXcKTos, ov, 77, a dialect. 

8iaXo"yi5o|ji,ai, to ponder. 

8ia-(i,e'v«,* remain, continue. 

8ia-|ji.£p£tw» to divide among. 

8idvoia, as, ij, the mind. 

Si-av-oi-yw,* to open. 

8ia-Trope'w, to be perplexed, 

Siap-pTJ-yvvjii,* tear asunder. 

Siapp-qS-qv, adv., definitely. 

Sitt-o-KopirCtwj to disperse. 

8ia-(nr6£pw, to disperse. 

8ia-{rTp^<|>w,* to pervert. 

8ia-T£Xe'a),* to accom.plish, to 
continue, to finish. 

8ia-TpiP(d, to delay, remain. 

8ia-<}>€p<»>>* to carry through, 
i to differ, to surpass. 

8ia-^T]jji.i^w,to spread abroad. 

8ia-xX€udS«, to mock, scoff. 

8i8do-KaXos, ov, 6, a teacher, 
! a master. 

SiSdcKO), didd^ca, to teach. 

— 275 — 

6i8axirj, v^, ^, a teaching. 
SCSpaxK-oV) ov, t6, a double 

A(8vjj.os, ov, 6, Didymus. 
6i8(i)|xi, dibcTii}, edwKa, d^dcoKa, 

8^5ofMai, idodrjv, to give. 
8i-^PX0}xai,* to go through. 
8ieTif}s, h, two years old. 
8t-C<rTT]fi,i,* to put apart, to 

stand apart. 
8£Kaios, o, OP, just. 
8iKaioo-iiv-r], rjs, i], justice. 
SiKaiocD, to justify. 
BiKaicofia, aros, t6, ordinance. 
BiKttiws, adv., justly. 
SiKTvov, ov, t6, a net. 
8i6, [dta 6,) conj., wherefore. 
SioXov, adv., altogether. 
8i-opit«>) to define, explain. 
8i-opv<rorw,to break through. 
SioTi, conj., because. 
8is, adv., twice. 
Sio-Td^o), to be in doubt, to 

8isxi^ioi'> at, a, two thousand. 
8i\{;d(d, to thirst. 
Bio-yfxos, ov, 6, a persecution. 
8ic6k6), to pursue. 
Biwgis, ews, ?j, a purauit,snare. 

86'Y|j.a, aros, t6, a decree. 
80K6C1), 86^(d or doKrjaa) etc., to 

seem, to think. 5ok€c fioi, it 
seems to me, I determine. 
86\os, ov, 6, craft, treachery. 
SovTa, see didco/xi. 
86|a, 77s, 7], glory. 
8o|d^<i), to praise. 
8ovXt], 7?s, ?7, a hand-maid. 
8ovXos, ov, 6, servant, slave. 
Sox^j ^s, V, reception, feast. 
Spaxfi^iq, -^s, V, a drachm. 
8pdK0)v, ovTos, 6, a dragon. 
8vva{, 5vvi]croiiai, dedijprjfiaL, 

idvv/jdrjv, to be able, I can. 
8vva[> ews, »), power. 
8vvaT6s, 17, 6p, able, possible. 
8vv(i>, dijoro}, etc., 2 aor., Hdw, 

to cause to enter, to enter. 
8vo, dvocp, two. dva 5io, two 

by two. 
SvsKoXos, ov, hard, difficult. 
8vsk6X«s, adv., hardly. 
Zvio, the same as diivca. 
SwSeKa, twelve. 
8(op€d, as, 17, a gift, dbjpedv, 

adv., as a gift, freely. 
8wp€«, to offer gifts, donate. 
Stacb), see didojfu. 

— 276 — 


Idv, conj., if, see dv. 

lavTov, ijs, ov, reSex. pron., 
of himself, etc., also re- 
flex, pron. for first and 
second persons. 

6{3So}j,dS) doos, 7}, a week. 

k^%o^i\Kovro., seventy. 

ipSojAT^KovTaKis, adv., seventy 

*EPpaios, a, ov, Hebrew. 

ippatcTTi, adv., in Hebrew. 

l-yyCt"* to draw near, to be 
at hand. 

l"ylv€TO, see yiyvo/xai. 

ky-yp6.^(o, to inscribe. 

l-yyus, adv., near, 

ydpio, iyepw, TJyetpa, eyrjyepKa, 
iyrjyepfMai., rjy^pd-qv, to raise, 

to arouse. Pass., to arise. 

iyp-rjyopa^ I am awake. 
l-yKaivia, uv, rd, the encenia. 
€-y-KaK6'<o, to lose courage. 
l-y-KaTa-Xet-n-o),* to leave. 
€"y-KpvirT(o, to hide in. 
l-yvteKetTe, see yiyvdxTKiij. 
l-yvwpicrev, see yvcopi^oj. 
tyv<aa-!xVf see yiyvdxxKU}. 

i>i'\iipi<ai to take in hand. 
cv-xetptt<«), to hand over. 

lyto, e/xo'j or fiov, I. 
e-ycDYe, I, for my part. 
ISacfji^co, to level with the 

ground, to raze, destroy. 
llTfJTouv, see ^r]T^ca. 
kQi\<a, edeXifjad}, '^O^Xrjaa, ijdiKti- 

Ka, to wish, to desire. 
€01^(1), idiau}, eWiaa, ddcKa, eidt- 

(Xfiai, eWlaGrjv, to accustom. 

etuOa, I am accustomed. 
IGviKos, 17, 6v, heathen. 
€Ovos, ovs, t6, a nation, ri 

edpT], the nations, Gentiles. 

€0os, ovs, TO, a custom. 
€1, conj., if, see au. 
d, thou art. see €(>/ 

etr], see elp-L. 
€\!8op,sv, elSov, see opdia. 
elSos, ovs, t6, a form. 
elSwXoGvTov, ov, t6, a thing 

sacrificed to an idol. 
el'Koo-t, twenty. 
tl'Kw, to yield. 
cIkwv, 6yos, 7), a likeness. 
€ip.i, I am. see grammar. 
ctiAi, to go. see grammar. 
tliran, see (pr]fji.l. 

— 277 — 

tXreoVf see (f>rifxl. 

elprjvi], Tjs, Tj, peace. 

€lpT]voiroi6s, ov, 6. a peace- 

€ls, prep., ace, into, among. 

elsf fji-ia, ^v, one. 

cls-dYo),* to lead in. 

cls-aKova),"^ to hear. 

cls-86xo|xai, receive, admit. 

€l<r€ve-yKTjs, see el(x4>€poj. 

cls-€\@wv, see els-^pxofJLai. 

€ls-ip\oii(xi,* to go in, enter. 

eis-TlKovo-Gi], see e/s-a/coi/w. 

€ls-<|>£'p<o,* to bring in. 

6ls-x€»>* to pour in. 

etra, adv., then, afterwards. 

d\i, imperfect tense of e'xw. 

6£a)6a, 2 pf . of idi^o). Kara to 
eludos, according to one's 

Ik, i^, prep., gen., out of, af- 
ter, iic ToiTov, after, in con- 
sequene of this, e/c Se^tas, 
on the right, i^ Uov, equal- 
ly. iK devT^pov, for the sec- 
ond time, again. 

^Kao-Tos, 7), ov, each, every. 

lKdo-TOT€, adv., each time, 
at any time. 

iKttTov, one hundred. 

lKaTovTa€TT]p£s, ^5os, ^, a peri- 
od of iOO years, a century. 

CKaTOVTairXao'Cwv, ov, ovos, a 

iKaTovTiipx.'ns, ov, 6, and 

iKttTovTapxos, ovy 6, a cen- 

CK-Paivo),* to go out. 

iK-PdXXcD,* to cast out, to 
send forth. 

lK-SiK€a>, to avenge. 
IkSikt^o-is, eojs, i], an avenging. 
^K-8vw,* to strip. 
€K€i, adv., there. 
€K(£i06v, adv., thence. 
cKeivos, v, 0, dem. pron., that. 
Iksicts, adv., thither. 
eK-Gaji^e'to, to amaze. 
cKKXi^cria, as, i), the church. 
iK-KXivft),"*^ to deviate. 
cK-Kosii^w, to bring out. 
Ik-kotttw, to cut out. 
CK-Xajjurw, to shine forth. 
iK-Xe'-yw,* to pick out, select. 
iK-XeCirw,* to leave out, fail. 
ckXcktos, iri, 6v, chosen. 
IkX^^Gt], see KaXe'w. 
€K-p,d(r(ra), to wipe off. 
eK-TTCipd^Wy to tempt. 
eK-irCiTTw,* to be banished. 


IkitXi^Iis, ws, ^, a conster* 

Ik-ttX-^o-o-©, to knock out, to 

amaze, to astonish. 
Ik'Ttv^w,* to expire. 
lK-trop€iics>, to bring or take 

out. Mid., to go, walk oufc. 

iKpvPt], see Kp{iirrtj}. 

€KorTa<n$j cws, ^, an ecstasy, 
astonishment, distraetion. 

Ik»t<(v<d,* to stretch forth. 

4kt€v^s, 6, intense, fervent. 

iK-ttvdo-cr©, to shake off. 

*fKTos, n, 01', the sixth. 

iK-i^C^o),* Ifc-x^vw,* and 4k- 
X.VW, to pour forth. 

iKrxwp^w ,to go out, depart. 

IXftCa, a?, ^, an olive-tree. 

I'Xtiiov, oy, r6, oil, an olive. 

IXarf <Jw, to lessen. 

IXdxio'Tosi % OP, smallest, see 

IXIyX^j A^7|ctf, ^€t|ct, — #X^- 

X€7/Aat, '^MyxOnv, to refute. 
IXc^w, to pity, to have mercy. 
«X€t)|jiofl-uvt], •>??, ^, pity, alms. 
iXe^wv, ov, ofos, merciful. 
iXcos, ov, 6, and iXsos, eouj, r6, 

pity, mercy, compassion. 

IXcv0€pos, «, ov, free. 
€X0wji€v, see ^pxofj-at, 
'EXi«rdp€T, r/, Elizabeth. 
^Xkos, ovs, t6, a wound, sore. 
IXkow, to wound sorely. 
'^Xkwj^X^w and i\K\j(T(u, dXKvaa, 

to draw, drag, force along. 
*EXXds, ados, rj, Greece. 
; "EXXtjv, ^jws, 6, a Greek, oi 

''EXX97MS, the Gentiles. 
*EXXiivi$, fSos, 4 a Greek oi- 

a Pagan woman. 
IXXiivi<rT(, adv., in Greek. 
IXirC^w, to hope, to expect. 
iXwt, interj., my God! 
4|ji.{3a£vw,* to go in, to enter. 
Ijt^pditTw, to dip in. 
llji-pXeiro), to look upon. 
Ijjt'ppijjtdojiai, to groan. 
*E|jinaovs, oSvros, d, Emmaus. 
€)A»jJi.civc, see iixfiiuo}. 
Iji-jilvw,* to abide by. 

l^vrjcrO-qCTttv, see ix^iiv^dKO), 
.€)iV'»]<rTC'60r], see fxpr](TT€^(a. 
I|x6s, "^, Of, my, mine. 
I|i,»ira(tw, ?w, to mock. 
€|A-tr£(r«, see 4(xtriirr<a. 
IjA-wCiTTw,* to fall in, among. 

._279 — 

S|xirXcci)S| wi', full of. 

cfiiropiov, ov, t6, a market- 
place, an emporium. 

Sftiropos, ov, 0, a merchant. 

c)j,7rpo(r9€v, adv., before. 

Ijji-irTvco,* to spit upon. 

ejiirvpos, ov, fiery. 

I(ji,-<|>avitft), to manifest. 

c(j.({>oPo$, ov, frightened. 

e|j,-(]}V(rdci>, to breath upon. 

ev, prep., dat., in, among. 

€v-a-yKaXi^ojiai, to take into 
one's arms. 

evavriov, adv., before, oppo- 
site, against. , 

IvavTios, a, ov, contrary. 

^v8€Ka, eleven. 

IvScKaros, rj, ov, the eleventh. 

Iv-SiSvo-Kw, same as iv-8ij(a, 

€v8ov, adv., within. 

IvSvfia, aros, t6, raiment. 

Iv-5vci),* to put on, to clothe. 

IvcKtt, or €veKev, adv., for the 
sake of. i ; 

Ivevi^Kovra, ninety. 

kv-tpyibi and Iv-ep'y^ofj.aii to 
Vv^ork, act, accomplish. 

Ivcp^cs, 6v, active. 

lv-€T€iXd(j,i]v, see iv-TiWofiai, 

(IvQiv, adv., hence. 
Ev-6v[X60|jiai, to think of. 
eviavo-ios, a, ov, one year old. 
cviavToSf ov, 6, a year, ivtavrbp 

Kar^ ivcavrSv, year by year. 
€vioi, at, a, some persons. 
€v£oT€, adv., at times. 
Iv-io-xtiw, to strengthen. 
evvaros, 77, ov, the ninth. 
Ivve'a, nine. 
€v-vo«w, to think of. 
lv-oiK6b>, to inhabit. 
k'voxos, ov, liable, guilty. 
ev-Ta<j)idt<o, to bury. 
lvTa4>iaor}j,6s, ov, 6, a burial. 
lvTav0a, adv., here. 
ev-T€'\\onai, to command. 
lvTev0€v, adv., hence. 
cvToX-rj, rjs, i], commandment. 
ev-Tpe'iTft),* to turn in, to put 

to shame. P., to care for. 
lv-TvXicro-«, to wrap up. 
IvtoTTiov, in the presence of. 
€^, six. 
1^, see iK. 

6|-d7«,* to lead out. 
l^-aip€«,* to rescue. 
l^-aiT€«, to beg off, demand. 
l|ai<{jvTis, adv., suddenly. 

— 280 — 

l|-aX€£4>»>* to wipe off. 

l^-a-iTaTdw, to deceive. 

l|-apK€'w, to suffice. 

i|-apv€0(xai, to deny, refuse. 

l|-E(3aX€, see ^/c-jSdXXw. 

l^-eXc, see i^-aipeot}. 

l|-eX€-Yx«,* to convince. 

egecTTi, it is allowed, possible. 

l|sTa^<ii), question, examine. 

4|-€'pX0H'^''>* to come out. 

€|-T]"y€0|iai, to relate, explain. 

l|-fjX0€, see i^-4pxofj-aL. 

41'^s, adv., in order, next. 

IItIYt^otis, eojs, 7], explanation. 

l^iriKovTa, sixty. 

e^-io-TTjfjLt,* to amaze. 

ll-onoXcyco), — ^ofiai, confess. 

c^-opKC^b>, to conjure. 

€|-ov8€v€»,or k^-ovZiviX^Of or l|- 
ovSevoo), and ll-ovGevew, to 
set at naught, to scorn. 

l|ovo-ia, as, i], power. 

?^«, adv., outside. 

l|(OT£pos, a, ovf outer. 

lopriQ, rjs, 7], a feast. 

lira-yY^XCa, as, ^, a promise. 

iTT-a-y^eXXco, to announce. 

lir-dYO),* to bring on. 

iir-aive'«,* praise, commend. 

€ir-aCp6), to lift up. 

Iir-av-d-yw,* to come back a- 
gain, to launch forth. 

Iir-av-e'px.onat,* to return. 

Iir-ava-iravofjiai, to rest. 

eirdvcD, adv., above. 

eir-dpavTes, see iir-aipb}. 

eiratipiov, adv., to morrow. 
TTj irraTjpLov, on the follow- 
ing day. 

€ir€i, conj., since. 

lireiSi^, conj., when. 

eir€iTa, adv., afterwards. 

lir-e'pxoiJiai,* to come upon, 

iTT-epwrdoj, to ask, question. 

6Tr-£<rK€^aT0, see iTnaK^TrTop-at. 

eTrecrov, see tt^tttw. 

kiT'ira^iv, see iTTL-rdcrcco. 

Iiri, prep., gen., dat., ace. 1. of 
persons: eirl rov, in that 
person's life time; eTri t^, 
in that person's power; 
ixl t6p, againt. 2. of things: 
iirl rod, on; eirl t^, at; i-jrl 
t6v, unto. 

liri-PaCvco,* to mount. 

€7rt-pdXXa),* to throw to. to 
fall to. t6 i7rij3o.\oPf oyros, 
one "3 share. 


Im-^iSd^w, to put upon. 
liri-pXe'iro), to look upon. 
liripovXii], Tjs. V, a plot. 
eiri-'yi^vcoo-Kft),* to recognize. 
kiriypa^i], ijs, ij, inscription. 
liri-SeiKvvfj.i,* to show. 
eiri-SiScojAi,* to give to. 
e-jTi-t^Teo), to look for, require. 
Iiri-Oufico), to desire. 
6Tri0u|iia, as, r/, a desire. 
liri-KaXe'co,* to call upon.,* to sit on, insist. 
liri-KpaTc'o), to conquer. 
l-iri-KpLyto,* to adjudicate. 
liri-Xe'-yw,* to say in addition, 

to surname. 
iTn-jxsXc'oiiai, to take care of. 
iTTi-iie'vco,-'' to remain at,insist. 
liri-opKe'ft), to forswear one's 

liriov<rios, a, ov, daily. 
irt-irnrTO),* to fall upon. 
ciri-o-Kid^cs), to overshadow. 
CTri-a-Kc'irTOfiai, to regard. 
iTri-o-icoire'to, to oversee. 
liricTiccir'q, ^s, i), a visitation, 

oxHce of overseer, or of 

iiricKOTTOs, ov, 6, a bishop. 
liri-o-iTcia), to draw to. 

eirvCT-Tajiat, ^7rtcrT773'o/xat, ijiri- 
a-TTidrju, to understand. 

liTicTTdT'i^s, OV, 6, lord, master. 

eTTi-o-Tpc'<|ja),* turn, convert. 

eiri-o-w-d-yft),* to gather. 

€Tr-i(rxv«, to insist. 

liri-Tdo-o-o), to order, to com- 

liriTiiSeios, a, o?', useful. 

liri-TiSTiiAi,* to impose, add. 

eTri-Tiixdo), to rebuke. 

Iiri-Tpfi'irci),* to entrust, allow. 

lin-cj)wcrK«, to dawn. 

eiri-xc'co,* to pour on. 

lirXtjo-Oti, see irifjLirXrjfMi. 

eiroC-qo-as, see tol^oo. 

eirOjJLai, etf/ofxat. ecnrd/Ji.rjy, to 

6ir6|X€vos, 77, oj/, following. 
lirpaGt], see 7rt7rpdcr/cw. 

67rpdx0T]v, see irpdTTCi). 
l-n-rd, seven. 
€TrTaKai5sKa, seventeen. 
cTTTdKis, adv., seven times. 
Ep-yd^ofxai, augm., ei, to w^ork, 
ip^ttxrjs, ov, 6, a workman. 
ipyov, ov, TO, a work, deed. 
lp7),aos, ov, solitary, desolate. 
^p'»]p,os, ov, 7), a desert. 
ipv^\x6(si, to lay waste. 

282 — 

Ipi^ixocris, ews, i], devastation. 

tpL^ioVf ov, t6, a little goat. 

Spi(]>oS) ov, 6, a goat. 

cp|jiT]veva), to interpret. 

lpo|xai, iprjaofiat, Tjpdfxrjv, ask. 

ippiQr]v, €ppi^0T]v, see ^rjixi. 

Ipurdb), to ask, to request. 

lp«TTj<ris, ews, 17, a question. 

€pxo|xai, iXe^xrofiai, ifKdov, iX-^- 
Xtr^ctrto-goTto come. 

l(r|36or{xevas, see a-^^uvv/nL. 

€<r0V]s, 7]Tos, ■}}, a garment. 

€o-0ii(ris, ews, 7j, raiment. 

10*61(1), edofxai, ecpayou, idi^doKa, 
idrjdea-fxai, rjdiadrjv, to eat. 

Icnre'pa, a?, ij, evening. 

ciTTai, future of el/xi. 

€<rTi, see ei'/^^. eVrtv 01, at, a, 
there are some, who,- ecmv 
oB, somewhere; eVrtv t), in 
some way; eVrtj/ 6'7rajs in 
some manner; eanv vwo- 
\aj3ecv, we may suppose. 

€(rT«s> earCja-a, earbs or ecrrcbs, 
iaruTos, ecmbarjSy icTioTos, 
P. part, of tW'>7/>ii,standing. 

€(rxaTos, r;, ov, last, extreme. 

Iraipos, ou, 6, a companion, 

^Tcpos, a, ov, the other. 

6T1, adv., still, yet. 

€Toi|Ad^a), to prepare. 

?Toip,os, V, 0^, ready. 

eVos, ovs, TO, a year. 

cva-y-yeXi^o), or -o^ai, to an- 
nounce good tidings, to e- 
vangelize, to preach the 

evcu-y-yeXtov, ov, t6, the gospel. 

eva-yyeXio-Ti^s, ov, 6, an evan- 

ev-yevt^s, h, noble. 

tvyvbio-ToSf ov. well-known. 

€v8oK€'w, to be well pleased. 

cvSoKia, as, i], good-will. 

cvep-yscria, as, i], a benefit. 

evOe'cDS, adv., immediately. 

evQvs, adv., immediately. 

ewBvs, e?a, i/, straight, i] e^udeXa, 
the straight way. 

cvKttipia, as, i], opportunity. 

€vKaipos, ov, favorable. 

£vKoXoS) ov, quiet, peaceable. 

evKoirosi oi', easy. 

evXaPi^s, ^s, pious. 

ivXoyio), to bless, to praise. 

€vXo"yT]T6s, 17, 6v, blessed. 

6ti|j.€VT)s, ^s, well disposed. 

€u}j,6v«s, adv., kindly. 

— 283 — 

cvpKTKco, evprjcroj, evpov, e'vpTjxa, 
€vpr]/.(.ai, evpidrjv, to find, 

EvpwTTT], 7;s, ij, Europe. 

evo-elSs^a, as, 17, piety. 

cvo-ePTJs, ^s, pious. 

Ev(rc'[3ios, ov, 6, Eusebius. 

evo-g^ws, adv., piously. 

6vo-x,'n|J.o)v, Of, noble, honor- 

eiiroXfjLOs, ov, brave. 

evTovtos, adv., incessantly. 

€v-<j>paiv(o, to cheer, rejoice. 

6vcj>po<rvvi], 7JS, 7}, gladness. 

evxapwrreft), to give thanks. 

Evxapio-rCa, as, 17, Eucharist. 

ivxi\f ^s, rj, a wish, a prayer. 

6vxo|iat, to pray. 

ewwvvfios, ov, left. 

l<|>aYOv see etr^/w. 

€<|)dv'r], see ^aivco. 

e<|>dira|, adv., at once. 

l<|)-d'irTO|jiai, to lay hold of. 

*E<|>io-ios, a, oz/, Ephesian. 

€<|)T], see 077/i/. inserted in di- 
rect discourse, says he. 

*E<|>pa£[x, 6, Ephriam. 

6(f>4>a6d, be thou opened. 

eX®pos> "-, ^^j hostile. 

€x0pos, ov, 6, an enemy. 

c'xiSvTi, rjs, 7), a serpent, viper. 

€x«> ^^<w and <xx'^<^<^, '^<^X^^f 
HcrxVKOL, lVx77/xai, iax^^V^t to 
have, with adverbs, to be. 
exoAcaf rtvos, to cling to. 
exajv with Pres. Indicative 
adds a notion of duration, 
as (pXvapels e'xwj', you keep 
chattering; fMi^ fMov dirrov 
'^xovaa, dont stay at my 
feet, dont keep touching 

€«s, adv., until, as far as. 

ecos, conj., while, until. 


ZaKx OLIOS, ov, 6, Zaccheus. 
ZaxapCas, ov, 6, Zachary. 
^dw, fiytrw or ^rjaofxai, to live. 
ZcPeSaios, ov, 6, Zebedee. 

e^evyfxai., i^e^x^ijv, or ii^yqv, 

to join. 
t'H^^os, ou, 6, zeal, 
^-qpow, to injure, to harm. 
Iryriaf to seek. 
^t^dviov,, ov t6, cockle. 
^vfjLT], 77s, '^, a leaven. 
Iv\i6(a, to leaven. 
tft>7p€«, to take alive, catch. 

284 — 

W» Vi, V, life. 
^«v, ftDcra, fwj/, see ^dca. 
l<avi], rjs, 7], a girdle. 
^<ovvvp.i, ^(xxrco, e^wcra, e^ojKa, 

i^(j3<rfiai., e^vjadrjv^ to gird. 
^(ovvvd), to gird. 
5«oTroi€a), to make alive, to 



TJ, conj., 1. disjunctive, or. 
11 11 , either, or. 

2. interrogative, whether. 
11 . . , 11 . . , whether . . . , or. 

3. comparative, — than. 
HeirovdevaL fJ-ei^oo r\ Kara dd- 
Kpva, to have suffered af- 
flictions too great for tears 
"NeJiTepoi elaiv y\ «(rT€ eldivai, 
they are too young to 
know, '^oo'ijiia jjLei^ov r\ <pi- 
peiv, an affliction too great 
to bear. 

r\f adv., 1. confirmative, tru- 
ly, verily. 2. interrogative, 
what?, pray?, can it be? 

4\f see 6, 7]y t6, 

rj, see 6s, ij, 6. 

^f subj. of elfjii. 

1], dat. fem. of Vi, ^, 5. also 
adv., in which way, how, 
rj fjudXicrra bvvarbv, as much 
as possible. 

■»l"ya-yov, see ^70;. 

TiYaXXiace, see dyaXKiddn, 

ij-y^iKc, see iyyi^w, 

T|"Y€iAovia, OS, 7], a reign. 

T|"y€nov6va), to be governor. 

Tj-ysiAoov, 6vos, 6, a governor. 

Tj-y€0|j,ai, to lead, to believe, 
to think. 

ij-yovv, conj., namely, that is. 

T|'5£iT6, see ol8a. 

f|8eci)s, adv., gladly. 

tjSti, adv., now, already. 

tjSkttos, superlative of tJSiJj. 

T|Stis, eca, i5, sweet, agreable. 

tikovo-Gt], see d/coi/w. 

-qKco, to come, to be present. 

r\kQ6, see epxofJ-ai. 
'HXias, ov, 6, Elias. 
TjXiKia, as, 1;, age, size. 
•qXios, ov, 6, the sun. 
■^Xos, ov, 6, a nail. 
r\\i.ipa.t as, ?;, a day. Kad^ ^/ji.4'- 
pav, daily, els rj/x^pav, from 
day to day. 
fjniOavifis, ^s, lialf-dead. 

— 285 — 

Tijjiiv, see iyct). 

liptKTv, ovs, t6, a half. 

Ti|ii<rvs, eta, v, half. 

r{v, see elfjii, I am. 

TJv, from €1, if, and dv. see dv. 

■Hpav, aor. ind. of ai'poj. 

TlpG-n, see ai'pu}, to lift up. 

*Hpa>5t]s, ov, 6, Herod. 

'EpoSiavof, Qv, oi, the He- 

*Hpa)Sids, ados, 77, Herodias. 

'Htratas, ov, 6, Isaias. 
^(rav, see elfil. 
i\crir6.a-aTQ, see acnra^oiiai. 
Tjoro-dojiai, to be defeated. 
■fjorcrwv or t]TT«v, of, comp. of 


t]4)-LQv, imperfect of acp-l-qjii. 

T|X^> ^5, 97, and ^xo%, ov, 6, or 

•nX^s, ovs, t6, and ?]X"> o^^^j V, 

a noise, a sound, a roar. 


©aSSatos, ou, 6, Thaddeus. 
6dXao-(ra, 17s 77, the sea. 
ddWco, 6a\Q), edaXov, TidrjXa, 

to bloom, to flourish. 
Qa\i^i(a, to amaze, astonish. 
0dp.pos, ovs, TO, amazement. 
6avdo-i|iQs, 7], ov, deadly. 

OdvttTos, 01;, 6, death. 

©avardo), to put to death. 

GdiTTco, dd\f/(o, edaipa, T^Tatpa, 
r^Oafx/i'Mt, irdipyjv, to bury. 

6appa\€'osj a, ov, bold. 

Gappe'w or Qaparita, to be bold. 

Oappvvw and Gapjrvvw, to en- 

GaSjjia, aros, t6, a wonder. 

6au|xd|w, to admire. 

6ay[i,do-ios, a, ov, wonderful. 

Gavfiao-Tos, i^, 6v, admirable. 

Geapta, aros, t6, a spectacle., to see, to view. 

GsXTjfJia, aros, r6, a will. 

GeXco, dek'qa-a, e6e\7}(Ta, to wish, 

Gspa-n-evft), to heal, to cure, 

0ecs, ov, 6, God. 

Geoo-sP^s, ^s, devout. 

Gepairsvft), to serve, assist. 

Gepitw, to harvest, to reap. 

GsptorjAos, oO, 6, a harvest. 

Gepio-Tiqs, oO, 6, a harvester. 

6ep|i.a£yw, to warm. 

Gewpeo), to see, to view. 

Gcopia, a?, 7?, a sight. 

0fY*v'dvM, di^o/, idiyov, touch* 

6T|Krj, rjs, r}, a scabbard. 

Gfjs, O-qros, 6, a hired laborer. 

— 286 — 

6T](ravpC|w, to heap up trea- 

©t^cravpds, ov, 6, a treasure. 

6T]Tev<o, to serve for hire. 

0\i^is, ews, 17, an affliction. 

Bvf\arK<i)f daviofxai, idavov, ri- 
6vr]Ka, to die. 

Oopvpd^M, same as dopv^io). 

GopvPe'ft), to trouble, disturb. 

GdpvPos, ov, 6, noise, tumult. 

6pT]v€«, to wail. 

6pi|, rptx^s, 97, a hair. 

0p6ji,pos, ov, 6, a drop. 

9p6vos, ov, 6, a throne. 

Qvyarrip, rpds, tj, a daughter. 

6y}ji6s, ov, 6, anger, rage. 

6u{x6«, to enrage. 

Giipa, as, 17, a door. 

Gvo-ia, as, 17, a sacrifice. 

Guto, to sacrifice, to kill. 

©(d|i.d5| a, 6, Thomas. 


'Idcipos, ou, 6, Jairus. 
*IaKto|3, 6, Jacob. 
'laKcoPos, ov, 6, James. 
Idofxai, to heal, to cure, 
i'ao-is, ews, 17, a healing, cure, 
tarpos, ov, b, a physician. 

ISe, l'8€, ISoi;, and l8ov, interj., 
lo!, behold! Compare with 
2 aor, imp. of Mov, eldS/xrjv. 

ISe'a, as, 77, appearance, face. 

I'Sios, a, ov, private, personel. 
/car' tdiop, apart. 

I8pws, cDros, 6, sweat. 

i8<ap,6v, see opdo). 

ISwv, ov(ra, ov, see opdio. 

Uparevu, to sacrifice. 

'lepcfLias, ov, 6, Jeremias. 

i£p6vs, <?ws, 6, a priest. 

'lepixw, 17, Jericho. 

Upov, ov, t6, a temple. 

Upos, d, 6v, holy. 

'lepoo-oXvjxa, t6, Jerusalem. 

*l€poo-6Xv|xa, lov, rd, " 

'lepoucraXtip,, t6, " 

*l€pocroXv|j,iTT]s, ov, 6, a man 
of Jerusalem. 

iT][xi, r/croj, •^/ca, ef/ca, et/xat, ^dr]v 
and ei'^77?/, to send. 

*Ii]<roSs, ov, 0, Jesus. 

iKavos, 15, 6v, sufficient, able. 
iKavbv iroirjaai, to please. 

iXapds, d, 6v, propitious. 

IXdo-KOjiai, iKdcofxai, IXaadfxrjv, 
IXdcrdrjv, to propitiate, l\a- 
cr6Tf]Ti, be thou propitious. 

— 287 — 

t\£0)s, iov, gracious. iXecbs ctol, 
God be propitious to thee. 
Ifjids, dvTos, 6, a strap, latchet. 
IfxciTiov, ov, t6, a garment. 
ip,aTi(r(jt.6s} od, 6, a garment. 
Iva, conj., in order that. 
I'va, adv., where, ha rl; why? 

*Iv8ia, as, ^^, India. 

'Iop8dvT]s, ov, 6, the Jordan. 

'lovSaia, as, t;, Judea. 

'lovSatos, ov, 6, a Jew. 

'loiiSas, a, 6, Judas. 
tir-rros, ov, 6, a horse. 

*Io-Kapi«Tt]s, ov, 6, Iscariot. 
to-os or to-os, V, ov, equal, i^ 
iaov, equally. 

'lo-pa-ZiX, t6, Israel. 

toTTT^jAi, <TT'r](TU}, icTT'qffa, ^ffrrjv, 
i(TTT]Ka, ^araf^ai, iarTadrjy, to 
place. iaTfjv and 'iar-qKo., to 

I(rxvp68, c£, bv, strong, sever©. 

lo-xvs, <!0i, i), strength. 

l<rx^w, to be strong, able, to 

l\Qvi, ^os, 6, a fish. 

l^vos, ovs, r6, a footstep. 

*Iwdvvi]s, ov, 6, John. 

'I<a-{\\f 6, Joel. 

iwv, lovaa, ibv, see ef/it, to gO, 
'Icovds, a, b, Jonas. 

'Iw<rVi<|), 6, Joseph, 


KttYw, from /cat ^70;, and I. 

Ka0' see /card. 


KaO-aipeo),* to take down. 

KaOapi^ci), to clean, cleanse. 

Ka6apicr[i,6s; ov, 6, a purifi- 
cation, a cleaning. 

KaGapos, d, bv, clean, pure. 

Kade'Spa, as, rj, a seat, chair. 

KaSe^Ofiai, Kadeheofxai,, ^Kadi- 
Gdrjv, to sit down. 

KaOevSd)) Kadev5r](xw, iKade^drf- 
aa, K€Kad€^5r]Ka, to sleep. 

Kd0-T), eKad'^firjv, to sit. 

KaOi^d), KadcQ, eKdOiaa, to sit 

KaO-Co-TtiiJLi,* to constitute. 

KaOoXiKoS) 17, <Si', catholic. 

KaGoXov, adv., altogether. 

KaOoTi, adv., even as. 

KaOws, adv., just as. 

Kai, conj., and, also. /cal..,Kal, 
both..., and. Kai ye, and in- 
deed; Kal ydp, for. 

Kaid(}>a$, a, 6, Caiaphas. 

— 288 

Kaivos, ri, ov, new. 
Kaipos, ov, 6, time, moment. 
Kaio-ap, apos, 6, Csssar. 
Kai(rdp€ia, as, i], Csesarea, 
Katft), Ka(/ir<jj, etc., to burn. 
KOLKei, from /cat e/ce?,and t;a3re 
KaKgu-'Os, from Kal iKeTvos. 
KaKOTToieto, to do evil. 
KaKOTTOiosj ov, evil-doing. 
KaKos, f), ov, bad. to icuKdv, evil. 
KaKovpYos, ov, 6, a malefactor. 
KaKws, adv., badly. 
KaXajjios, ov, 6, a reed. 
KaXeco, KaX^cTio, e/cdXecra, k^kXt]- 

Ka, K^K\7]fiai, eKXrjOrjv, to call. 
>iaX\CviKos, ov, triumphant. 
KaXos, 71, 6v, beautiful, good. 
KaXviTTw, to hide, conceal. 
KaXfeis, adv., well. 
Kd}jLT|XoS) 01^, 6 or •^, a camel. 
Kd[jiivos, ov, 6, oven, furnace. 
Kav, for Kal el &v. 
Kavd, 7], Cana. 
Kavavaios, ov, 6, a Canaanite. 
KavaviTTjf , ov, 6, a Canaanite. 
Ka7r€pvaov[jL, rj, Capernaum. 
Kair-n-aSoKia, as, i], Cappado- 

KapSia, as, rj, the heart. 
KapTTos, ov, 6, the fruit. 

Kara, Kar', Ka9', prep. 1. gen., 
down from, against, be- 
low. 2. ace, by, at, ac- 
cording to, in, as to, a- 
bout. /ca^' rjixipav, day by 
day, daily, eh Kad' els, one 
by one; Kad' iv cKaarov, one 
by one; /car' edvr], by na- 

Kara-jSafvo),* to descend. 

Kara-pdXXio,* to throw down. 

KaTa-P€|3ai6o}AaL, to afSrm. 

KarapoXi^, ^s, rj, foundation. 

KaTa-"yeXda),* to laugh at, to 

Kar-d-yvvfii, d^w, ea^a, to break 
to pieces. ea7a, and edyrjv, 
to be broken. 

KaTa-'ypd4>ft), to vv^rite down. 

KaT-d-yw,"*' to bring down. 

Kara-Secs),* to bind or tie up. 

Kaxa-SiKd^ft), to condemn. 

KaTa-oiK>Kc«), to persecute. 

Kara-Kaici),* to burn down, 
to consume. 

Kara-KaXew,* to call down. 

KaTd-K€i[j.a»,* to lie down. 

Kara-KXivw,* to lay down. P., 
to sit down, esp., at table. 

— 289 

KaTa-KprtjivC^a), to liiirl down. 

Kara-Kpivca,* to condemn. 

KaraKpLcris, ews, i), a condem- 

Kara-KvirTft), to stoop down. 

Kara-Xsiirco,* to leave behind, 

KaTd>>.vp,a, aros, to, an inn. 

Kara-Xvco, to destroy, to take 
up quarters. 

Kara-ixapTvpeo), to bear wit- 
ess against. 

Kara-vevco, to nod, beckon. 

<aTa-vv(rcrto, aor. pass., iv^- 
yrjv, to prick, to give com- 

KaT-a|i6(«), to deem worthy. 

KaTaiT£'Tao-|xa, aros, rb, a veil. 

Kara-iri'irTio,* to fall down. 

KaTa-7rovTi|w, to drown into 
the sea. 

KaT-apdo[xai, to curse. 

Kar-ap-yew, to render idle, to 

KaT-api0}ji€'a>, to count among. 

KaT-apv€Ojxai, to deny. 

KaT-aprr^o), to repair. 

KaTa-crKairTco, to raze. 

Kaxa-o-Kevd^^o), to prepare. 

KaTa-<rKT]vcw, to dwell. 

KaTao-Ki]ywcris, ews, rj, a nest, 

a resting place. 
KaTa-o-K-^TTTw, to jeer, jest. 
KaTa-crTp£'<j>o,* to overthrow. 
KaTa-cr(j)d5<!) or KaTa-<r(j)dTTW, 

^w, to kill. 
KaTa-TiGtip-i,* to put down. 
Kara-^siXew, to kiss fondly. 
KaTa-(|>pov€'«, to despise. 
KaTa-ve'co, to pour down. 
KaTa-4fvxw, to cool, refresh. 
Kare'vavTi, adv., right over 

KaT-eTrejTCV, see /cara-TriTrraj. 
KaT-€o-0i&),* to eat up, devour. 
KaT-svXo-ye'co, to bless. 
KaT-£<|>a'YOv, see Kar-ecrdio}. 
KaT-€',* to lay hold of, to 

seize, to occupy. 
KaTTj-yopeft), to accuse. 
KaTTi-yopCa, as, ^, accusation. 
KaTi]^opos, ov, 6, an accuser. 
KaT'q<|>'^s, «, downcast. 
KaT-tcr);^v«, to prevail. 
Kar-oiKeto, to inhabit. 
Kdrco, adv., down, below. 
Ka-cpapvaovjj!,,T/, CaT)harnaiim 
KtSp^v, 6, Cedron. 
Kfit, b€e Kdl el, and if, even if. 

— 290 — 

Ket|xai, iKet/xTjv, Kciao/xai, to lie. 
K€ipCa, as Tj, a band, a cord, 

the grave-clothes. 
KcXevft), to order, command. 
Kevos, v, ^v, empty. 
Kepajicvs, e'ws, 6, a potter. 
K£pdp.iov, ov, TO, a pitcher, 
K€paTiov, TO, the husk. 
KcpSaivo), KepdavQ), eKepdava, 

to gain. 
K6p}j,aTi^(o, to change money. 
K€<j)a\i^, Tjs, 7}, a head. 

KexapiTwue'vos, v, ov, Perfect 
Part, of xaptrow, (to show 
favor to.) Blessed. 

Kfj-n-os, ov, 6, a garden. 

KT^TToupos, ov, 6, a gardner. 

KTjpiov, ov, t6, a honey comb. 

K-qpu^jjia, aros, t6, preaching. 

KT]pv<r(rw, proclaim, preach. 

KTiTos, ovs, t6, a whale. 

KT)(}>ds, a, 6, Cephas. 

Kiveo), to move, to shake. 

kXcLSos, ov, 6, a branch. 

KXaito, KKaiaofxai, HK\av<ra, Ki- 
KXavfxai, to weep, to weep 
over. KeKKav/xepos, 7}, ov, ba- 
thed in tears. 

k\olo-is, ews, 77, a breaking. 
KXdo-p,a, aros, t6, a fragment. 
KXav6|x6s, ov, 6, a wailing. 
KXdo), KKd<T(jt}, eK\acra, K^KKuKa, 

KCKXacrfMaL, eKXdcrdrjv, break. 
KXeis, KXecdos, rj, a key. 
kX€is, acc. plur. for Kkecbas. 
kXciw, KXeicrio, eKkeia-a, k^k\€l- 

Cfxai, iKXeiadrjv, to shut, 
KXIfTTtis, ov, 6, a thief. 
KXe-TTTco, /cX^i/'w, eKKexpa, /ce/cXo- 

(pa, KeKXe/xfxai,, eKXecpdrjv and 

eKXdirrjv, to steal. 
KXsoirds, a, and KXewtras, a, 

6, Cleopas, or Cleophas. 
KXi^fxa, aros, t6, a branch. 
kXtipovo|js.€(o, inherit, obtain. 
KXi]povo)ji,ia, as, ?j, an inherit- 
KX-qpovofios, ov, 6, an heir. 
kXt]pos, ov, 6, a lot. 
KX-qTos, T^, 6v, called. 
kXCvt], 7]$, 1], a couch, a bed. 
kXivw, kXlvu), eKXiva, K^XiKa, 

KeKXifiai, iKXidriv, to bend. 

to incline. 
KoiXia, as, 97, the womb. 
Koi|j.d<o, to put to sleep. 
Koivos, tJ, 6v, commion. 

— 291 

KoivcovCa, as, ?), communion. 

KOKKivos, V, ov, scarlet. 

KOKKos, ov, 6, a grain, seed. 

KoXacris, ews, 77, punishment. 

KoXa({>i5«o, to buffet, to cuff. 

KoXXu^tcTTTJs, ov, 6, a, money- 

KoXoo-o-t^vds, ri, ^v, Colossian. 

koXttos, ov, 6, a bosom. 

KoXv[ApTQ0pa., ay, ij, a pool. 

KOfii'^ft), to bring. 

KoviopTos, ov, 6, dust. 

Koird'^o), to toil, abate, cease. 

Ko-TTidco, to toil, to labor. 

Ko-n-os, ov, 6, toil, trouble. 

Koirpiov, ov, TO, manure. 

KOTTTto, to beat one's breast, 
to weep. 

Kopdo-iov, ov, t6, a maiden. 

Koppdv, t6, and Koppavds, ov, 
6, a gift, an offering, also, 
the treasury in the temple. 

Kopu'0ios, a, ov, Corinthian. 

Kopv^Xtos, ov, 0, Cornelius. 

KC(r|jL€ci), to adorn. 

k6o-|jlos, ov, 6, order, orna- 
ment, the world. 

Kovo-Ta)8ia, as, v, a guard. 

k6jJ>ivos, ov, 6, a basket. 

KpdjSpttTos, ov, 6, couch, bed. 
Kpd^fc), Kpd^o), eKpa^a and e/c/oa- 

yov, K€Kpaya, to shout, to 

Kpaviov, ov, t6, a skull. 
KpdtnreSov, ov, to, the hem. 
Kpare'co, to seize, lay hold of. 
Kparvvco,to strengthen, rule, 

govern, hold sway. 
KpavyaX,(a, to cry out. 
Kpau-yrj, •^s, ??, a shout, a cry. 
Kpeas, Kpiojs, to, fiesh, meat. 
Kp£jJ.dvvvp,i, Kpeixdauj or KpcjxQ, 

iKp€ij.a<ra, eKpepAadrjv, hang. 
Kp-qjAvos, ov, 6, a cliff. 
Kpr^vr\, tjs, 77, fountain, spring. 
Kpiji-a, aros, to, a judgment. 

a condemnation. 

KpiVW, KpCvG), ^KpiVa, K€KplKa, 

K^KpcfxaL, eKpidrjv, to judge. 
Kpicns, ews, ri, a judgment. 
KptTT^s, ov, 6, a judge. 
Kpovoi, to knock. 
scpviTTos, "jj, OP, hidden. ivKpv- 

TTTip, in secret. 
KpvTTTo), 2. aor. pass., eKp^^rju, 
to hide, to conceal. 
Kpv4>aios, 77, OV, secret. 
KTdo|, to acquire, possess. 

— 292 

KT€ivw, kt€pS), eKTeiva and e- 

KTavov, dir-^KTOva, iKTcivdrjv, 

to kill. 
KTf]|xa, aros, to, a possession. 
KTf]vos, ovs, rb, a beast of 

ktC^cd, to build, to found. 
kvkXos, ov, 6, a circle. KiJ/cXy, 

around about. 
kvkXow, encircle, surround. 
KvXXds, 1^, 6v, crippled. 
Kvixa, aros, t6, a Wave, billow. 
Kvvdpiov, ov, t6, a little dog. 
Kvirpos, ov, 7], Cyprus. 
Kv-n-Tw, to stoop. 
Kvpios, a, ov, supreme. 
Kvpios, ov, 6, a lord, master. 
Kvpt^vciios, ov, 6, a Cyrenean. 
KvcDv, Kvvos, 6, 7), a dog. 
K«Xv«, to hinder, to prevent. 
Kto(XT], T7S, Tj, a village. 
KO)^ds, -fi, 6v, deaf, dumb, 


Xa-yxolvw, Xiy^o^ai, eXaxo^, «?- 
Xrjxo., dXriyfxai, eX-^x^^v, to 
obtain by lot. 

Aa^apos, ov, 6, Lazarus. 

XaiXax];, airos, i], a storm. 

XttKlw, to crack, to burst. 
XaXECD, to talk, to prate. 
XaXid, as, i), a talk, speach. 
Xajj-Pdvci), Xi^^ofiai, ^\a(3ov, ef- 

\7}(pa, e'i\7)/xfiai, iXi^tpdrjv, to 

take, to catch, to receive. 
Xa|j,{ji,d, hebrew adv., why? 
Xajxirds, ddos, i], lamp, torch. 
XajXTrp6s, d, dp, white, bright. 
XajjiirpoTTjs, rrjTos, rj, splendor. 
Xaixirpws, adv., splendidly. 
Xd{i,'ir(0, to shine. 
Xav6dv(o, Xijcrw, '4\a6ov, 'K^Xrjda, 

\4\r}(yfj,ai, to escape notice. 
XadS) ov, 6, a people. 
XaTO|i,€<o, to hue, to quarry. 
Xe-yewv, Qvos, 6, a legion. 
Xe-yw, X^^w, eXe^a, efXoxa, ef- 

Xeyfiai or XiXejixai, eX^x^iyv, 

to say, to gather, choose. 
XeCirw, Xeixpcj, eXnrov, X^Xolttu, 

XiKeLfi/Jiai. eXei'p9-)]v, to leave. 
XlvTiov, ovf t6, a linen cloth, 

a towel. 
Xe'irpa, as, i], leprosy. 
XgTrpos, d, bv, leprous. 
XeiTTov, ov, rb, a lepton, a 

small coin. 
XeiTTos, ij, bv, thin. 

— 293 

Acv'Ctiis, ov, 6, a Levite. 

\cvk6s, ^, 6p, white. 

\'{lpos, ov, 6, silly talk. 

\T|orT^S| ov, 6, a robber. 

\Cav, adv., extremely. 

XCpavos, ov, 6, frankincense. 

\i0dt«, to stone. 

XCGivosi rji oj', of stone. 

XCOos; ov, 6, a stone. 

Ai06<rTp«Tov, ov, t6, Litho- 

Xi06<rTpcoTos> ov, paved. 

\i^vr\, rjs, 7), a lake. 

Xi|i.ds, ov, 6, hunger, famine. 

XCrpa, as, 17, a pound. 

Xo-yC^oixai, to reason. 

Xo'Yi(r)j.6s, ov, 6, a reasoning. 

Xo-yos, ov, 6, a word, a reason. 

Xo-yxT), 7}$, 7], a spear, lance. 

Xoi|ji,dS} ov, b, a plague. 

Xoiirds, "f), i>v, remaining, left. 
rb \017r6v, henceforth. 

XoiOa}, to wash. 

XiOkos, ov, 6, a wolf. 

Xv)JiaCvO(, \vfxav^o{xai, iXvfir}- 
pdfjiTjv, iXvfidvdrjp, to out- 
rage, to maltreat. 

Xtiir^o), to grieve. 

\<>vi\f i]s, ^, grief. 

Xurpow, to ransom, redeem. 
XvTpwo-iSi ews, 7), redemption. 
Xvx.vCa, as, 77, a lamp-stand. 
Xi)x.vos, ov, 6, a lamp, a light. 
Xv«, to loosen, to break. 


Md-Yos, ov, b, a Magian, one 

of the wise men. 
|xa6T]T€vci>, to be a disciple. 
(j,a9T]Tirjs, ov, b, a disciple. 
[xaKapi^w, to call blessed. 
liiaKapios, a, ov, blessed. 
(jiaKpdv, adv., far. 
|AaKpd6€V, and drrb ixaKpbdev^ 

adv., from afar. 
|j,aKp6§, d, 6v, long, distant. 
(jidXa, adv., very, very much, 
[laXaKCa, as, 7), an infirmity. 
[iaXttKito), to soften, move. 
[jLaXaKos, ij, 6v, soft, delicate, 
|i,aXdo-(ra), to soften. 
jjiaXXov, adv., rather, more. 
MdXxos, ov, 6, Malchus. 
|jia{jL(i)vds, a, 6, mammon. 
(xavOdvci), fiaOTiaofxai, ifiadov, /te* 

fjidd7]Ka. to learn. 
|j.dvva| t6, manna. 
^l,ap^^apirr[s^ ov, 6, a pearl. 

— 294 — 

Mdp0a, rjs, 7], Martha. 
Mapia, as, 77, Mary. 
fjLapTvp£(o, to bear witness. 
(jLuprvpia, as, ??, a testimony. 
fjiapTupiov, oil, t6, testimony. 
[idpTvs, f-idpTvpos, 6, a witness, 

a martyr. 
Macro-aXia, as, v, Marseilles. 
jiac-Ti-ydo), to scourge. 
['ytoo-is, ews, 7), scourging. 
(jido-Til, t7os, 77, a scourge. 
jjiao-Tos, ov, 6, a breast, pap. 
(jLCLTaios; a, ov, vain, foolish. 
\t.6iTr\v, adv., in vain. 
MaxBatos, ov, 6, Matthew. 
MarBtas, a, 6, Matthias. 
[id,x.a.ipa, as, 77, a sword. 
|ji,d)(0}j,ai, jmax^ofiai, e/x,axecrd- 

/arjv, ^e^a^T^fiat, to fight. 
(jLC-ya, adv., greatly. 
jic-yaXvvo), to magnify. 
\i4yoi<5, /xeydXr), fj.eya, great. 
Hg-yio-rdves, oov, ol, the nobles. 
jjt€0-€p}jt7]vev&), to interpret. 
|x€0-io-TTj|xi,* to change, to 

jxcBuo-Kft), /xeOvao}, to inebriate. 
|A£0u&), to be drunk. 
[i.d'C,(av, ov, greater. 

fJieXei, ix€\irj<rec, ifiiXtjae, fiefxiXr]- 

K€, it is a care, it concerns. 

fM^Xei fxoL To^Tovy I care for 

[kiXi, fx^XiTos, TO, honey. 
jxeXCcrcreios, and jieXioro-ios, a, 

ov, of bees. Krjpiov fieXicrffiov, 

a honeycomb. 
Ixe'XXw, /jieXXrjau, ifxiXXTjaa, to 

be about, 
fjLcXos, ovs, t6, limb, member. 
(jis'v, conj., truly, indeed, /xev^ 

5e...,indeed. . .,but; on the 

one hand . . , on the other. 

ofji^v. .,6 8e. ., this. ., that; 

the one . . , the other, plur., 

some . . , others, fj-^v odv ye, 

yea rather. 
p,€'vToi, adv., certainly, now, 

yet, however, still. 
|X€V(o, jxevCo, e/j.€iva, /jLefievTjKa, 

to remain. 
[xepito), to divide, distribute. 
jjL6'pi|xva, 77s, 77, care, anxiety. 
jj,€pifivd(o, to be anxious. 
[i€pis, ioos, 77, a share. 
fie'pos, ovs, TO, a part. 
|A€crTj|j,Ppia, as, 77, noon. 
|A6o-iTiis, ov, 6, a mediator. 

— 295 — 

(jLtVov, ov, t6, the middle. 

|i.€(roS) 77, ov, middle. 

fAco-oo), to be in the middle. 

Mecro-ias, ov, 6, the Messias. 

fico-Toco, to fill. 

[iCTo,, prep. 1. gen., with, in 

company with, among. 2. 

with ace, after. 
(jiCTa-Paivft),* to go away. 
lierajBoX'^i, rjSf ij, a change. 
|i,€T-aipco, to depart. 
fi,€Ta-\a|jipdvctf,* to partake. 
|j.6Ta-|X6'Xo|JLai, fM€Ta-fJi,€\i^<ToiJiaif 

fi€Ta-jj.eiii^X7]ixai, fjt,€T-€,a€K'^6r]v, 

to change one's intention, 

to repent. 
(i,6Ta-|Aop{|>6«, to change. 
HCTa-voew, to change one's 

mind, to repent. 
|ji€Tdvoia, as, rj, repentance, 
fieTa^v, adv., between. 
lACTa-Troieo), to change. 
}jieT-e'x»,* to share in, 
(ACTTipev, see fj-eraipcj. 
[jie'Toxos, ov, partaking of. 
{jieToxos, ov, 6, a partner. 
|x€Tpe'w, to measure, 
jxeVpios, a, ov, moderate. 
ixerpov, ov, to, a measure. 

fj.c'xpi' and fJi€'xP''S> adv., until, 
as far as. jw^xpt rovde, up to 
this day. also conj., until. 

[XT], adv., not. negative used 
in all conditional, impera- 
tive and final clauses, also 
with infinitive and part. 

[i.'q, conj., that not, lest. 

[li], interrog. particle, de- 
mands a negative answer. 

|jLT]8a}xov, adv., nowhere. 

[jLT]8a|jL&s, adv., in no way. 

[t.r\Bi, adv. and conj., and not, 
nor. iJ.T}8^ . . . , fi-qde . . . , nei- 
ther . . , nor. 

(JITiSeCs, fiTjdefiia, iJ.r]dev, nobody. 

fjn]8€iroT6, adv., never. 

|xt]kc'ti, adv., no longer. 

(XTJv, intensive particle, in- 
deed, verily. 

fiiqv, fi7}v6sj 6, a month. 

jjnrjiroTc, adv. and conj., never, 
lest perhaps. 

(xiqT6, and not. jUTyre . . , jUiyre, 
neither . . . , nor. 

ii'-f\Tii\p, ix7]Tp6s, 7}, a mother. 

Y.'i\ Ti, lest perhaps. 

jATiTpdiroXis, ews, ij, a mother- 
city, a metropolis. 

296 — 

{jLiaivco, fxtavQy ifxiava, fxe/xia- 
crfMai, €/xidv6r)v, to stain, to 

|xi-Yp.a, aros, to, a mixture. 

eixlxOrjv or ifxiyrju, to mix. 
{jiiKpdv, adv., a little while, 

a little distance. 
fLiKpos, d, 6v, little, small. 

fiv7]fiai, ifxv^a-drjv, to remind. 
Pass., to remember. 

|jiio-€(i>, to hate. 

|jLi(r9ioS} ct, ov, hired. 

|xi<r66s, ov, 6, a reward, hire. 

|'66a>, to hire. 

jAio-GcoTos, V, ov, hired. 

jiio-GcoTos, ov, 6, a hireling. 

jivd, ixvas, 7], a mina. 

ixvfiixa, aros, t6, a monument, 
a tomb. 

|xvT]}j!.€iov, OV, t6, a monument, 
a tomb. 

IxvqfAoo-vvov, OV, t6, a remem- 

(ivTjCTTevo), to betroth. 

(jLO-^iXclXos, ov, stammering. 

|x6"yis, adv., with difficulty. 

fioSios, ov, 6, a bushel. 

}AoixaXis, iSos, 7], an adulter- 
ess, as adj., adulterous. 

ixoixaofxai, to commit adul- 

ixoixeioi, as, i], adultery. 

[101X6V0), to commit adultery. 

[jLoixos, ov, 0, an adulterer. 

[xov/j, 77s, 7], a mansion. 

lx,ovoyivi]s, h, only-begotten. 

|ji6vov, adv., only, ov jxovov. ., 
dXXd Kdl, not only, but also. 

(jLovGs, 17, ov, alone, only. 

(jLovoqsSaXji.osjOj', one-eyed. 

[jLovow, to single out, leave 

|j,op({>ir|, ^s, 7], a form, shape. 

jxdcrxos, ov, 6, a calf. 

jjivXiKos, 7j, ^^, of a mill, \l6os 
fjivXiKos, a millstone. 

jxvXos, 01;, 6, a mill. /x,i/Xos dvi' 
Kos, a millstone. 

\ivpil<a, to anoint. 

[ivpioi, at, a, ten thousand. 

jivpios, a, ov, countless, num- 
berless, thousands of. 

(xvpov, ov, TO, myrrh, a pre- 
cious ointment. 

jAvcTTifiptov, ou, TO, a mystery, 
a sacrament. 

— 297 — 

|jL(opaiva), fiwpavC}, ifxdopapa, to 
make foolish. Pass., to be- 
come insipid, lose savor. 

fjLcopos, d, 6u, foolish. 

JV[ft)<rf)s, ^ws, 6, Moses. 

Mtoiio-ns, ^ws, 6, Moses. 


i^Ta^apaios, a, ov, of Nazareth. 

Natape'9 or Na^apeT, t6, Na- 

Na^aptivos, ^, 6v, of Nazareth. 

Na0avaiq\, 6, Nathanael. 

vai, adv., yes. 

Natv, 17, Nairn. 

vaos, ov, 6, a temple. 

vavS; I'ecos, j'l^f, j'auj', vav, vrje, 
veoiv, j/'^es, I'ew;', vavcri, pads, 
7], a ship, 

v€avias, ov, 6, a young man. 

vcavio-Kos, ou, 6, a youth. 

v€Kp6s, ov, 6, a dead man. 

ve'os, a, oj/, young, new. 

v€6tt]s, TrjTos, v, youth, 

Ne'ptov, oopos, 6, Nero. 

vecpg'Xt^, ijs, 7}, a clowd. 

ve«T€pos, a, ov, see veos. 

virjirtos, a, ov, foolish. 

n^TTios, ov, 6, an infant. 

vTjo-TfCa, as, tj, a fasting. 
vT](rT«vw, to fast. 
NiK68-q|xos, ov, 6, Nicodemus. 
NivEviTi]?, ov, 6, a Ninevite. 
viirTTip, rjpos, 6, a basin. 
vCiTTw, to wash. 
vofii^co, to consider. 
vofiiKos, V, 6p, of the laws. 
vofiiKos, ov, 6, a lawyer. 
vofiiiios, V, ov, customary. 
vojiicTLta, aros, to, a coin. 
vc{Ao5i8d(rKa\os, ov, 6, a doc- 
tor of the law. 
vofxos, ov, 6, a law. 
vdos, poov, contr., voOs, vov, 6, 

the mind, irap^x^'-^ "^^v vovv, 

to pay attention. 
vdo-os, ov, 7], a sickness, 

voTos, ov, 0, the south wind, 

the south. 
vov06T€'w, to warn, advise, 
vv|ji<|>Ti, r]s,r], a bride, a young 

vvjx<{>ios, ov, 6, a bridegroom, 
viiv, adv., now. rd vvv, now, 

the present. 


vv|, vvkt6s, 7], night, ttjs w- 

KTos, by night. 
vucro-w, to prick, to pierce. 
wa-rat,(a, aoj and ^co, to be 

sleepy, to be drowsy. 


llvos, ov, 6, a stranger. 
|T]patvcD, ^T^pavQ, i^ripapa, e^rj- 
pa/A/xat, i^rjpdvdjjp, to dry up. 
|Tip6s, d, oj', dry, withered. 
|i<})os,, ovs, TO, a sword. 
|vXov, ov, TO, wood, a club. 

6, ??, t6, definite article, the. 

1. 6 /jLev . . , 6 8e. . j.the one . . , 
the other. 

2. ol fieu . . , ol 8e. ., some . . , 

3. TO fiev. ., TO d^. ,, partly, 

4. 6 8e, and he, but he. 

5. 6 i/j-bs TTiXos or 6 TriXos 6 
e^tos, my hat. 6 ircXos e/x6s or 
^;u6s 6 TTtXos, the hat is mine. 

6. 6 'I7;cro0s, Jesus. 

7. 77 ap€T'q, virtue. 

8. 6 d7a^6s, the good man. 

ol (pp6vLfj.0L, the wise. 

9. TO ypdcpetv, the writing. 
ev T(^ Tov 'l7](xodv XaKrjcrai, 
when Jesus v/as speaking. 

10. e^rjXde tov aireipecv, he 
went forth to sow. 

11. 'Id/cw;Sos 6 ToO 'AXcpaiov, 
James the son of Alpheus. 

12. 6 ypd(pwv,]ie who writes. 
ot T-^v kiTLcrToX'^v [17] ypd^pav- 
T€s, those who did not 
write the letter. 

13. TO, VVV, now. TO Tphov, 

for the third time, to dirb 
Tovde, hereafter. 

14. ot /xer' avTov, those with 
him. Tci Trpbs TT}v elp'f}vr]v, 
what is for peace. 

15. Th TOV Qeov, what be- 
longs to God. 

16. Tb TTcDs KpaT7}<xw(nv avrbv, 
the question as to how 
they shall seize him. 

17. Tb ov <pove6(T6is, the com- 
mandment: Thou shalt 
not kill. 

18. xciipe, 6 /3acriXei;s, hail, 

— 299 — 

19. rb ix-fjTyjp, the word 

o-ySoos, 07?, oov, the eighth. 
o8€, ^de, t65€, dem. pron.,this, 

the following. 
68T|"y6sj ov, 6, a leader. 
oSsvw, to journey, to travel. 
68o'!rop£v(o, to journey. 
686s, ov, ?7, a road, a way. 
oSovs, oddpTos, 6, a tooth. 
oSvvdo), to pain, to grieve. 
6Svp|i.ds, ov, 6, a lamentation, 
o^w, d^rjau), di^'iiaa, 65aj5a, to 

o9€v, adv., whence. 
606viov, ov, t6, a linen cloth. 
otSa, perf., I know. 
oIk6<o, to inhabit. 
olKia, as, 7], a house. 
oiKoSeo-rroT'qs, ov, 6, a master 

of the household. 
olKoSojxe'w, to build. 
otKoSojxi^, 175, 77, a building. 
olKovo[j,Ca, as, 7), stewardship. 
oiKov6|ji.os, ov, 6, a steward. 
oIkos, ov, 6, a house, family. 
olKov(j,6vif], 77s, 77, the world. 
otvos, ov, 6, wine. 
oio^, ol'/ja-o/xai, (^I'fjd'qv, think. 

olov, adv., for instance. oXov 

ore, as when. 
oios, a, ov, rel. pron., (such) 

as, of which kind, otos re 

elfii, I am able, olov re iarlu, 

it is possible. 

ol'o"€i, f ut. of (pepoj. 

ol'x.o[xai, oixvo', otx(^KO- or 

yx^'^'^^ctj to be gone. 
6kvt]p6s> a, OP, slothful. 
QKr6, eight. 
cXi-yov, adv., a little. 
oXi-ydino-Tos, ov, of little faith. 
oXi"yo9, V, ov, little, small. 
oX\v|JLi, 6X^07, wXecra, oXc^Xe/ca, 

to destroy. 2. perf., 6Xoj\a, 

2. aor., (hXofiTjv, to perish. 
oXos, 77, ov, whole, entire. 
oXocjjuXos, ov, entire. 
oXcos, adv., altogether, with 

a negative, not at all. 
ojAiXe'ft), to converse. 
ofLVVjxi, ofiio/xat,, lOfxoaa, ofxdfxo- 

Ka, 6ix(j3jji.o<Tp.aL, <hfx6dr]v and 

(h/jLcxrdTjv, to swear. 
6{AoGv}jLa5dv, unanimously. 
ojAoios, a, ov, like, similar. 
ojAoioco, to liken. 
6ji.oCws, adv., in like manner. 

— 300 

ojioXo-yeci), to confess. 
ofjiov, adv., together. 
ojAws, adv., nevertheless. 
ovap, rb, a dream, a vision. 
6v€i8it«, to reproach. 
oviKos, 7], 6v, of an ass. fiOXos 

dviKos, a millstone. 
ovo{ia, aros, to, a name. 
ovofid^o), to name, to call. 
ovos, ov, 6, 7], an ass. 
ovTws, adv., verily, indeed. 
6|os, ovs, TO, vinegar. 
bini,adv., where, which way. 
oirio-Gcv, adv., from behind. 
oirCo-Wjadv., after, behind, els 

Th diria-ca, backwards. 
oirXov, ov, TO, a weapon. 
oirov, adv., where. 
oTTTos, '^, OP, baked, broiled. 
oirws, adv., in what manner. 
OTTws, conj., in order that. 
6pd(i>, '6\j/oixaL, eldov, edipaKa, ec6- 

pajxai, u}(p6r}v, to see. 
op^T], ijs, 7], anger, wrath. 
opYi^w, to enrage. 
6p96s, -n, 6v, straight, right. 
6p06w, to straighten, to set 

6'p0pos, ov, 6, dawn, morning. 

6p6<Ss, adv., rightly. 

opiov, ov, TO, connnes,country . 

opKos, ov, 6, an oath. 

6pp.db), to rush. 

opfjL-i], Tjs, ■??, an attack, onsets 

opos, ovs, TO, a mountain. 

6p<|;av6s, rj, op, bereaved, an 

6pxecp,ai, to dance. 
OS, i], 0, relative pron., who, 

which, that. 
oo-aKis, adv., as often as. 
6(r}iiq, ■^s, 7], a smel], an odor. 
ocTos, 7], ov, as much as. o<r(fi 

irXecov, to(To{)T(^ /xdWov, the 

more, so much the more. 

6<rT€0V, OCTTOVV, OV, TO, 3, bonO. 

oo-Tis, vTis, o,Tt,rel. pron.,who. 

co-^i3s, i^os, 7], the hip. 

orav, for otb dv. 

oTs, conj., when, since. 

oTi, conj., because, that. Be- 
fore direct discourse it 
holds the place of the eng- 
lish quotation marks. 

OTOv, for ovTLvos. 'iois 5rou, until. 

ov, ovK, 0^X5 oix^, adv., not. 

oil, adv., no. 

ov, genitive case of its. 

— £^01 

ov, adv., where. 

ovaC, inter j., woe. 

ovSajjLws, adv., in no wise. 

ovSc, and not, but not, nor. 

ovSeCs, ovdefxia, oibiv, no one. 

ovSe'v, adv., as to nothing. 
ovUv TJTTov, none the less. 

ov8e'iTOT6, adv., never. 

ovSe'irw, adv., not yet. 

OuCevva, 77s, 17, Vienna. 

ovK€Ti, adv., no longer. 

ov |XTi, with subj., strengthens 
the simple negative, ov 
{(po^os) /XT) 0d7«, I shall 
not eat. 

ovv, adv., then, therefore. 

oviroT€, adv., never. 

ovirw, adv., not yet. 

ovpdvtos, a, ov, heavenly. 

ovpavosj ov, 6, heaven. 

ovSj wTos, TO, an ear. 

ovcia, as, ij, substance, prop- 

0VT6, and not, nor. ovre. . , cu- 
re, neither . . , nor. 

ovTos, avTT], TovTo, deui. pron., 
this. oBros 6 ttZXos or 6 TrtXos 
odros, this hat. oStos ttiXos 
or TTthos odTos, this is a hat. 

ovTO) and ovT«s, adv., thus. 

6cj)€i\^Tr]s, ov, 6, a debtor. 

6<|)€i\'<], 17s, 7}, a debt. 

6(|>€i\T]|ji,a, aros, to, a debt. 

o^iiKoi, 6(f>eCKi)aw, (hcpe'CK-qcra, (b- 
(peiXrjKa, (^(peikrjdrjv, to owe. 
2. aor. &<pe\ov is used to 
express a wish, o that! rb 
6(p€L\6fjL€vov, the debt. 

6t}>9a\}i.6s, ov, 6, the eye. 

o<bLs, ews, 6, a snake, serpent. 

6<{)pvs, I/O?, 6, a brow, a ridge. 

bxkicif to disturb, to vex. 

o'xX-os, ou, 6, a crowd. 

6\{/dpiov, ou, TO, a little fish. 

6\|/e', adv., late. 

6\|/(a, as, ^, (&pa) evening. 

6\j/ios, a, oj', late. 

oxi/is, ews, 17, appearance, face. 

ox};ojj,ai, see opdoj. 


ira-yiSsvo), to entrap, ensnare. 
iraiSevw, to train, to correct. 
Traio), iralcTb}, eiraicra, iriiraLKa, 
ireiraKXixaL, iTraiadrjv, strike. 
iraiSiov, ov, to, a little child. 
iraiSio-KT], rjs, rj, a maiden. 
irais> TTULdoSf 6, 97, a boy, girl. 

— 302 — 

va\\yy€vifriaf os, ij, a regen- 

irdXiv, adv., again, back a- 

•irap.TrX'qGeC, adv., with the 
whole multitude,to a man. 

iravSoxeiov, ov, ro, an inn. 

iravSoxcvs, ^ws, 6, a host, an 

iravraxov, adv., everywhere. 

TravToSairds, •»J, 6v, of every 

irdvToGev, adv., from every 

iravTOKparopia, as, 7;, the su- 
preme power. 

iravTOKpoLTcop, opos, almighty. 

ardvTOTS, adv., always. 

irdvv, adv., very much. 6 Tra- 
pv, famous, 'lovdas ijfxiTepos 
6 irdvv, our brave Judas. 

irapd, prep. 1. with gen., by, 
from, from beside. 2. with 
dat., beside, alongside of, 
by, with, near. 3. with 
ace, towards, along, du- 
ring, contrary to, beyond. 

irapajSoXiq, ijs, ij, a parable. 

Trap-tt'Y'yeXX.w, to order. 

'n'apa-7tYvoji,ai,*to come. 

irap-ayb),* to lead, or pass by. 

TrapdSeio-os, ov, 6, a park, Pa- 

Trapa-Sexop-ai, to accept. 

irapa-SiSwjjLi,* to hand over, 
to throw into prison, to 

irap-aive'co,* to advise. 

Trap-aiTs'oiJLaL, to beg off. 

irapa-KaGi^w, to sit beside. 

Trapa-KaXe'ft), to call upon, to 
console, to entreat. 

iropaKXriGfivai, aor. pass. inf. 
of TrapaicaXeoj. 

7raptiK\r\a-iSf ews, 1), a conso- 

irapaKXr^TOs, ov, 6, the com- 
forter, the Paraclete. 

irap-aKoXovGe'co, to follow. 

Trap-aKovw,* to disregard, to 

Trapa-KVTrTw, to stoop aside, 
to look in. 

irapa-XaixjSdvw,* to take to 
one's self, to take. 

irapdXios, ov, near the sea. 

irapaXvTiKos, V) ^f, paralytic. 

•irapa-}A€vw,* to remain about. 

7rapa-)xvG£0[i,ai, to encourage. 


irapa-iropevoiiai, to pass by. 

orapdiTTwiJia, aros, rb, a sin, a 

irapa-o-K€vd^co, to prepare. 

irapao-K€VT], tjs, 17, a prepara- 
tion, the day of — 

Trapa-o'TTio'ai, see irap-icrTrjfJLc, 

irapa-TTipew, to watch closely. 

irapa-TiOTiixij^to place before. 

irapavTiKa, immediately. 

irapaxp'HfJi.a, adv., suddenly. 

Trapa-xbipittif to retire. 

irap-eSoO"!], see Trapa-8l8co(xt, 

irdp-etjii,* to be present. 

irapcKTos, adv., except. 

irap-e'pxofjiai,* to pass by. 

irap-e'xw,* to afford, present. 

irapSfivos, ov, r}, a virgin. 

ndpOoi, wj', ot, the Parthians. 

irap-iorTTjjxi,* to present. 

Trap-oiK€w, to be a stranger. 

irdpoiKos, ov, 6, a stranger. 

Trapprjcria, as, 17, freedom of 
speech, wapprjcria, adv., in 
public, freely, boldly. 

Trapovo-ia, as, 17, a presence. 

iras, Trao-a, ttoLv, every, each, 
all. TO irav, everything; bth 
irdvros, always. '^ 

ndcrxa, t(5, the Pasch, the 
Passover, Easter; also the 
eating of the Paschal 
Lamb; the Paschal Lamb. 

irdcrxw, Treicro/nai., eiradov, iri- 
irovda, to suffer. 

TraTdcro-w, to strike. 

iraTcw, to walk, to trample 

iraTiqp, irarpds, 6, a father. 

ITdrfios, ov, i], Patmus. 

irarpid, as, ij, descent. 

iraTpis, idos, rj, native land. 
IlavXos, ov, 6, Paul. 
Travojiai, to stop, to cease. 
iravw, to cause to cease, to 

ireSivos, 1^, i>v, flat, level, even. 
176100), to persuade. Pass., to 

obey. 2 pf . Teirotda, I trust, 
ireivdw, to be hungry, 
TTcipd^co, to tempt. 
TTdpao-fjios, ov, 6, a temptation, 
TTcXa-yos, 01*5, t6, the deep. 
ireXd^w, to approach. 
ire'Xas, adv., near. 
ir6jj.irci), pf., Tr^irofM<pa, to send, 
irevOepd, as, ij, mother-in-law. 
TTcvOepos, ov, 6, father-in-law. 

— 304 

ir6v9^«, to grieve, to mourn. 

ire'vOos, ous, r6, mourning. 

ir6VTaKisx^^''0''» '''j <^> five 

orevTaKocrioi, at, a, five hun- 

ircvTc, five. 

wevTCKaiScKaTOs, ?;, ov, the 

ircvTi^KovTa, fifty. 

IlevTrjKoo-Ti^, ijs, ij, Pentecost. 

•ir€VTT)K0<rT6s, ■j^, 6v, fiftieth. 

W6irT)p(i)(i^voSi ^, ov, see irrjpdco. 

irEpairepo), adv., further. 

iripav, adv., beyond, to iripap 
the country beyond. 

vepas, aros, t6, the end. 

ircpC, prep. 1. genit., about, 
concerning. 2. dat., about, 
close to. 3. ace, about, in 
reference to. 

ircpi-d^w,* to lead about, to 
go about. 

ircpL-pdXXw,* to throw about. 

trepi-yiyvoikai,* to overcome. 

irepi-Seo),* to bind around. 

irepi-ccTTtos, see irepi-la-Trjfxi,. 

"TTcpi-exco,* to surround. 

Trepi-Swvvvjjii,*to gird around. 

7r£pi-£<rTT]|xi,* to place, or to 
stand around. 

irept-KaXiiTrTCi), to cover. 

ir€p(-K6i|jLai, to lie around. 

irepiKciiievos, v, ov, surround- 

•n-epi-KpvirTWjtohide, conceal. 

Trcpt-KVKXoco, to encompass 
on every side, to encircle. 

ircpiXviroS} op, sorrowful. 

Trepi-jjL^vw,* to remain about. 

ire'pil, adv., round about. 

ir€pi-o8£va>, to travel about. 

TTcpioiKos, ov, living around. 

irepCoiKos, ov, 6, a neighbor. 

TTCpi-TraTeo), to walk about. 

ircpi-iriTrTw,* to fall around, 
to fall into. 

irepi-cnrdco,* to distract. 

irepio-o-cvw, to be over and 
above, to abound, exceed. 

ircpwro-os, ^, 6v, excessive. iK 
irepLcra-ov, exceedingly. 

ircpio-o-cSs, adv., exceedingly. 

ircpiOTTspd, as, i], a dove. 

irepi-Te'fivci),* to circumcise. 

•ir€pi-TC0r](ji,i,* to place around. 

TTcpiToixT^, ^s, i], circumcision. 

irepixapTis, ^5, over-joyed. 

305 — 

v€pCx<*>poSi ov, round about a 
place, ol ireplxf^poi., neigh- 
bors. 7} veplxc^pos, (yrj) the 
neighboring country. 

Il€p<rCs, iSos, i), Persia. 

vereivd, Qv, rd, birds, fowls. 

ir€T€iv6s, ij, 6u, winged. 

ir^rpa, as, ij, a rock. 

n^Tpos, ov, 6, Peter. 

ir€TpwST]s, es, stony, rocky, rb 
werpCodes, ovs, stony ground. 

'"I'Y^j V^i V, a fountain, well. 

iHiywikif TT^fw, eTTT^^a, ir^irrjxO', 
rriinjyfxai, irr-^x^V^t to fix. 
2 pf . ir^irrjya, 2 aor. iirdyrjv, 
to be fixed, to be stiff. 

irqXds, ov, 6, mud, clay. 

ir^pa, as, i], a scrip. 

^p(5S) 4, 6v, maimed. 

irT|pda>, to maime, mutilate. 

iridjw, to catch, to seize. 

viKpos, (£, 6p, bitter. 

wiKpws, adv., bitterly. 

HiXdros, ov, 6, Pilate. 

irC)i'ir\T]|ii, irXi^aoj, ^TrXrjcra, iri- 
irXriKa, Tr^TrXi^cr/iat, iirX'fjffdriv, 
to fill. 

vtvaKCSiov, ov, r5, a little 

irCva|, a/fos, b, a plank, dish, 
irCvb), Triofxai, €Tiov, 7r^7rw/ca, 
iirbd'nv, to drink. 

vTooKa, to fall. 
iriirpdo'Ka), irepdabj, ^TT^pacra, 

iriirpaKa, ir^wpafiai, iirpddrjVf 

to sell. 
irio-Tcvw, to believe. 
irfcTTis, ews, 17, faith. irliTTiv 

exeij/, to give credence. 
irio-Tds, ■^, <5j', believing, true, 

TrXavdo), lead astray, deceive. 
irXdvi], 17s, t), an error, fraud. 
irXdvos, ov, leading astray. 
irXdvos, ov, 6, a deceiver. 
^XaTEia, as, ij, a broad road, 

a high-way. 
irXetov, adv., more. 
irXeio-TOs, 7j, ov, most. 
irXcCwv, comparat. of TroMt. 
irX^Ko>, to weave. 
irX€vpd, as, 17, a side. 
irXew, Tr\ei<TOfxai, ewXeva'a, iri' 

TrXeu/ca, Tr^TrXei/o'/Aat, ^ttXcjJ- 

(TdT)v, to sail. ^ 

'ir\y\y{\y ^s, 77, a blow. 
irXfjeos, ous, r6, a multitude. 

— 306 — 

'ir\y]Qvv(»), ir\7jdvvQ}, eirX'fjdvva, 
• ireTrXrjdvyKa, to increase, 
irXfjv, adv., but, except. irX^v 

dXXd, but then. 
irXiipT]?, ej, full. 
irXiipow, to fulfill. 
irXtitrOcis, see 7rifX7r\rjfii. 
•n"\T](riov, adv., near. 6 ir\y}<xl- 

oz/, a neighbor. 
•n-X-^o-o-w, to strike. 
nXivios, ou, 6, Plinius. 
irXoidpiov, ov, t6, little vessel. 
irXoiov, ov, t6, a vessel, boat. 
irXoticrios, a, ov, rich. 
irv€V{ia, aros, t6, a breath, ro 

"Ayiov Hvevfia, the Holy 

wcvjJiaTiKos, '^, oV, spiritual, 
irveco, TTveiffofxai, eirvevaa, iri- 

irvevKa, to breathe. 
<irviY«, 2 aor. ewvlyrjv, choke. 
irviKTos, ij, 6v, suffocated. 
wvo^, ^s, ij, a wind. 
iroSev, adv., whence? 
iroie'w, to do, to make. /caXws 

TTotw or eS TTOicD, to do good 

to, to benefit ; /ca/cws ttolQ, 

to wrong, to harm. 
TTOtjiaCvw, to herd, to pasture. 

TToijicviKos, 'n, ^v, belonging 
to a shepherd. 

iroijiViv, ^pos, 6, a shepherd. 

iroijAvif], 77s, 7;, a flock. 

iroCixviov, ou, t6, a little flock. 

irotos, a, oj', of what kind? 

TToios, d, 6j', of a certain kind. 

TToXefieo), to make war upon. 

iroXefxos ov, 6, war. 

iroXis, ews, if, a city. 

TToXiTTis, ov, 6, a citizen. 

iroXXttKis, adv., often. 

iroXXairXdorios, a, ov, many- 

iroXvs, ttoXXt), TToXiJ, much, 
great, large. ttoXj^, rb ttoXiJ, 
TToXXd, ret TToXXd, adverbial 
expressions, much, great- 
ly, irrl TO iroXi, in generaL 

iroXvTijxos, ov, very precious. 

irovT]pCa, as, 17, wickedness. 

•7rovt]p6s, d, 6v, wicked, bad. 

IIovTios, ov, 6, Pontius. 

IldvTOs, ov, 6, Pontus. 

TTopevw, to cause to go. Pass., 
to go, to walk. 

iropv£ia, as, 97, fornication, 

iroppw, adv., afar. ^ 

■n-ippcoOev, adv., from afar. 

307 — 

iro^^oT^po), adv., farther. 

irop<j>vpa, as, ^, purple. 

ffop({)vp603, a, ov, (oOs, a, oOp,) 

woorcKis, how many times? 

w6cros, rj, op, how great, how 
much? plur,, how many? 

iroTttfjios, oO, 6, a river. 

woTttiros, 17, 6v, from ttoO Stto, 
from what country? 

•irdT€, adv., when? 

irori, adr., at some time, to 
interrogatives it addg in- 
definitness. as wQs irore, 
how in the world? 

irorepos, a, ov, which one of 
the two? Trbrepov or TrdrepQ,. 
^ introduces direct double 
questions, as, irbrepov 4>ys, 
^ ci); do you say so or not? 
In indirect double ques- 
tions, whether, or. 

iroTi^piov, ft, r6, cup, chalice 

iroTitw, tc give drink. 

irov, adv., where? 

TTov. adv., somewhere. 

irovs, TTodos, b, a foot, iro^l jSe- 
^aiu), with firm step, reso- 

irpolY|xa) aro^, rb, an affair, a 
matter, irpdyfiara rrapix^ip, 
to give trouble. 

irpa-yfJiaTeCa) as, ij, business, 
affair, transaction. 

irpaY[j.aTevop,ai, to be busy, 
to take pains. 

irpaiTcSpiov, ov, rb, pretorium, 

7rpd|is, ews, i], a doing, trea- 
tise, the Acts. 

Trpaos, ov, mild, gentle. ' 

irpaoTTjS) rrjTos, r}, nvlldneSS. 

irpdcro-o), to do, to act. 

irpati's, eict, "u, mild, gentle. 

irpdtos, adv., meekly, mildly. 

•n-peo-peCa, as, '^, an ambassy. 

irpe'crPvsj ews, 6, an old man. 

irpeo-pvTcpos, a, ov, older. 61 
Trpea^lJTepoi, the elfttors. 

irpeo-pvT'qs, ov, 6, an old man, 

irpTivTrjs, ^s, headlong, irprjv^s 
yevb/xevos, being hanged. 

(irpia-) see (hvio/xai, to buy. 

irpCv, adv., before, formerly. 

trpCv, conj., before that, t 

irpd, prep. gov. genitive case, 
before, in behalf of, for. 

irpo-d-ya),* to lead forward, 
to go before, to precede. 

— 308 — 

irpoaCpeo-is, eo;;, ij, a choice, 
irpd^arov, ov, t6, a sheep. 
irpo-8C8a>)ii,* to betray. 
irpoSiTtis, ov, 6, a traitor. 
Trpo-epxojjiai,* to go forward. 
irpdOeo-is, ews, i], proposition. 
7rpo6v|xia, as, i], zeal. 
■n-poGvixos, ov, willing, ready. 

irpoKoirTO), to advance. 

irpo-Xap-Pdvo,* to take be- 
forehand. With infinitive, 
to be ahead in doing. 

irpovoia, as, i], providence. 

irpo-opCSw, to destine. 

irpdp^itos, ov, radical. 

irpos, prep. 1. with gen., be- 
fore, from the side of, by. 
2. with dat., near by, on, 
at, in addition to. 3. ace, 
towards, to, against, in 
comparison with. 7rp6s 6e- 
u>v, for heaven's sake. 

irpos-avw,* to lead on, tc 
come on. 

irpos-aire'cD, to ask earnest!}'. 

irpos-Pidlojiai, to compel. 

irpos-SaTraydo), to spend ir; 
addition, over and above 

irpos-St', to expect, to 
await, to receive. 

arpos-SoKoLci), to expect. 

TrposSoKCa, as, i], expectation, 

irpos-cXBwv, see irposipxofJi^f', 

irpos-cralc, see 7r/3osr(£(rcra>. 

TTpos-epxoP'ai,* to approach, 

irposevxi^, ^s, rj, a prayer. 

irpos-6vxo|xai, to pray. 

irpos-^X"»* to afford. Trpo?- 
^xeiy Tov vovv, pay attention 
TTpoa-^x^Lv diro, to beware of. 

irpos-TjXow, to nail to. 

irpo-o-Tiixafvo),* to foretell. 

•n-p6(r0€v, adv., before. 

irpos-KaXe'to,* to call, invite. 

irpos-KapTcpew, to persevere. 

Trpos-KuXiw, {Kv\lv8(a) passive 
with a, to roll to. 

Trpos-Kvv€(i>, to adore. 

Trpos-|i.€'vco,* to remain near. 

irpos-iriirTw,* to fall down 
before. ■ 

<irpos-iroi€0|i,ai, to pretend. 

irpos-TcLcro-w, to command. 

•irpos-Ti0T](jLt,* to add. irpoTlde- 
jxai before an infinitive, or 
Trposdeis, before a finita 
verb denote continuation 
or repetition and may ba 
rendered adverbially by 
again, moreover, further, 

— 309 

irpos-Tplx«>»* to run up to. 

•n'pos<f>a-Yiov, ov, r6, some- 
thing to eat, meat, food. 

irpos-*!)*?**** to bring to, offer. 

•7rpos(j>opd, a^, i), an offering, 
an oblation, a sacrifice. 

•irpos-c|>a>ve(d, to address. 

orposwirov, ov, t6, a face. 

irpo-Tcivft),* to present. 

irpoTcpov, and to irpdrcpov, 
adv., before. 

irpoTcpos, a, ov, former. 

irpo-TiOTifii,* to place before. 

irpo-Tpe'xft),* to run ahead. 

Trpo-vTT-dpx.a), to be before. 

irpo-cpTjixi,* to foretell. 

irpojpTjTcCa, as, 17, a prophecy. 

Trpo(|>iiT€vw, to prophesy. 

'!rpo4>'!iTir]s, ov, 6, a prophet. 

irpo-^Sdvo),* to be before- 
hand with, to anticipate. 

irpo-xcopeoj, to advance. 

Tpojt, adv., early, at morn. 

7rp<»T07€VTis, is, first-born. 

irp'jiTos, ■>?, ov, first. 

trrrivov, ov, t6, a bird, a fowl. 

TTToew, to scare, to terrify. 

iTTvov, ov, t6, a fan, a win- 
nowing shovel. ' 

TTTvo-iJia, arcs, t6, spittle. 
iTTvo-o-ft), to roll up, to fold. 
•n-Tvft), pass, with <r, to spit. 
TTTcoxos, "^y 6v, poor. 
irvXt], 17s, i}, a gate. 
irvXdiVj Givos, 6, a gateway. 
irvvOdvofJiai, ve^ffo/xai, iirvdS- 

firjv, iriirvaiiaL, to ask, to 

inquire, to learn. 
irvp, TTvpoSf TO, fire, 
irvp^os, 01;, 6, a tower, 
irvpe'o-o-w, to be in a fever, 
irvp€T6s» ov, 6, fever. 
ircoXecD, to sell. 

TTwXos, ov, 6, i], a foal, a colt, 
ircos, adv., how? 
irws, adv., in some way. 

'PappC, 6, Rabbi, master. 
Tapj3ovvC, 6, Rabboni, ". 
pdpSos, ov, 7), a rod, a staff. 
pdSios, a, ov, easy. 
paSCctfs, adv., easily. 
paKd, t6, Raca, vile, worth- 
'Paixd, 17, Rama. ^ 
^airCtwj to beat, to strike. 
pdiri(r|ia) aTtfy, t6, a blow. 

310 — 

*Paxif|X-, V, Rachel, 
pfl-yfjia, aros, to, a breakage. 
pi^-Yvv{j,i, prj^C)}, etc., to break. 
pT]6€is, see (prjfxi. 
pi]|xa, aros, t6, a word, 
pi^a, rjs, 7], a root. 
pCiTTw, to throw, to cast. 
pv[i.r\, 7js, 7), a street. 
p{io|xai, to deliver, to defend. 
pv<rts, ews, ?), a flow, an issue. 
*Pa){jiaios, a, op, Roman. 
pu>[i.a'i<rrif adv., in Latin. 
*P<&fjn], 7?s, 97, Rome. 

iraj3ax6av£, why hast thou 
forsaken me? 

o-dppacriv, d. pi. of <rd^^aTov. 

o-dppaTOv, ov, t6, the Sab- 

a-ayr\vr\, 77s, 17, a net, a drag. 

SaSSovKatoi, wv, ol, the Sad- 

o-aXeiift), to shake, to toss. 

«rd\os,oi;, 6, a tossing, rolling. 

ordXiri^^, 6770s, 17, a trumpet. 

2a\(o(j,T], 7JS, 17, Salome. 

Sajjidpeia, as, 77, Samaria. 

Sa^iapcCTtjSt oi;,6,a Samaritan. 

Sa|j,ap6tTis, iSos, 97, a Sama> 
ritan woman. 

o-airpos, d, bv, rotten, bad. 

o-dpl, (rapKoi, 17, flesh, meat, 

Saravas, a, 6, Satan. 

o-drov, ov, t6, a satum, a He- 
brew measure. 

SaOXos, ov, 6, Saul. 

<r^ivvv[i.if c^i<T(a, ecr/Seo-a, tape- 
Ka and ecr^rjKa, eV/Setr^tat, I- 
<r§^(Td7]v and eV^i??', to ex- 

o-eavTov, rjs, ov, reflexive pro- 
noun, of thyself etc. 

crcKTiAos, oO, 6, an earthquake. 

oreiw, to shake, to agitate. 

ceXifivT], •J7S, rj, the moon. 

(r€XT]vid^o|, to be moon- 
struck, to be lunatic. 

<r6[xv6s, -fj, 6v, noble, grand. 

(rT]|xaivb), arjfxavQ, ecrrjixava, cre- 

(i&vd7]v, to show, to signify 
<rT]ji.€iov, ov, t6, sign, miracle, 
o"^)j.€pov, adv., to-day. 
<riqs, <re6s, 6, a moth. 
friaydtv, 6vos, i], a jaw, cheek 
o-i-ydw, to be silent. 
o-i-yi^, ^s, 17, silence. 

311 — 

(TiS'^pcos, a, ov, oOs, 3, ovv, iron. 
ir(8T]pos, ov, 6, iron. 
SiSwv, cDj/os, 77, Sidon. 
I!iXod|i, 6, Siloam. 
2i|xa>v, wvos, 6, Simon. 
cCvairi, eojs, t6, mustard. 
o-iv8cSv, 6fos, 17, a cloth of 

fine linen. 
orivid^b), to sift. 
o-it€vt6s, ■^j 6v, fatted. 
o-iTos, ov, 6, wheat, corn, 
2i(i)v, 6, Sion. 
crKoirdci), to be silent. 
(TKavSaXi^o), to scandalize. 
cTKavSaXov, ov, t6, scandal. 
cKdiTTco, to dig. 
(TKeXos, ovs, t6, a leg. 
<rK€vos, ovs, t6, a vessel. 
o-kt]vt|, rjs, t), tent, tabernacle. 
2KT]voirT]"Yia, as, 17, the feast 

of Tabernacles. 
orKT]v6(D, to dwell. 
o-KX-qpos, d, 6v, harsh, hard. 
(TKoXios, <£, hv, crooked. 
o-KopTrC^Wj scatter, disperse. 
<rK0T€iv6s» 1^, 6j', dark. 
CTKorCa, as, i), darkness. 
«rKOT£t«, to darken. 
cKOTos, ouj, t6, darkness. 

2kv0t]s, ou, 6, a Scythian. 

a-Ku0p»ir6s, 6j', sad, gloomy. 

orK(oXT]K6Ppa)Tos, ov, worm- 

crKcoTTTCi), to scoff. 

(r|xvpva, 77s, 7], myrrh. 

o-(i,vpvitw, to mix with myrrh. 

SoSofjia, favf rd, Sodom. 

SoXo(ji,^v, ibvos, 6, Solomon. 

tropos, ov, 6, a coffin, a bier. 

<r6s, (TV, <^(>v, thy, thine. 

<rov8dpiov, ov, t6, a towel. 

(ro4>ta, as, 77, wisdom. 

cro4>6s, v, ov, wise, clever. 

(nrap-yavocD, to wrap in swad- 
dling clothes. 

cirdo), <nrd<T(t}, ecnraca, ecnraKa, 
%(XTra<xiiai, i(rTrd(rdr]v, draw. 

o-iretpa, as, 77', a cohort. 

<nr€£p«, to sow, to plant. 

(TirepiJia, aros, to, a seed. 

o-irevSw, to hasten. 

o-irevcravTCS, see o-TreiJSw, 

(TiriiXaiov, ou, t6, a cave. 

o-irXtt'yxvttoixat, to have pity* 

cirXd-yxvov, ov, t6, the heart, 
the liver, the bowels. 

(nro-yyos, ou, 6, a sponge. 

0"ir6pi|jLa| wj/, t(£, a corn-field. 

— 312 — 

o"iropi)j.os, r), OP, sown. 
<rir6pos, 6, seed. 

cirovSif), ■^s, V, haste. 

<rTd8iov, ov, r6, a stadium, 

plur., ffrddLoi, (av, ol. 

arTd<ris, ews, ^, a sedition. 

<rrari\p, ^pos, 6, a stater. 

(TTttvpos, ov, 6, a cross. 

cTavpoft), to crucify. 

a-ra\ys, vos, 6, an ear of corn. 

a-Tiyr\f r]s, ?), a roof, a house. 

(TTcipoS) a, ov, barren. 

o-TcWft), to send, aor. pass. 

<rT6vdJ«, to groan. 

cTcvos, ^, 6;^, narrow. 

oTTcpeos, ci, 6^, firm, stable. 

o-Tepe'ft) or o-repCo-KO), deprive. 

o-T€<j>avos, ov, 6, a crown. 

2Te'<j>avos, ov, 6, Stephan. 

o-T-nOos, ous, t6, the breast. 

cTTTipi^o), ^w, to strengthen. 

cTTod, as, 17, a porch. 

a-ro\i\, ^s, 97, a robe, garment. 

<rT6|ia, aros, r6, a mouth. 

orTpaTcvfjia, aros, t6, an army. 

(TTpaTTiYos, oO, 6, a general. 

o-Tpartd, as, 17, a host. army. 

crTpaTi(OTT]s, ov, 6, a soldier. 

orTpaT6'ir€8ov, ov, r6, a camp, 

an army. 

a-Tpe(})a)| arphj/u, iffrpej/a, t' 
<TTpo(f>a, e<TTpafji/, ecrpi- 
(l)dr}v and ia-Td^r]p, to turn. 

a-rpovQiov, ov, t6, a sparrow. 

(rTp»vvv(xi and o-Tpwvvvo) and 

<rTOp€VVV|Xl, (TTpdxTU}, etC, tO 

spread, to furnish. 
(TTvyipost d, ^v, hateful. 
o-Tvy^o), to hate. 

(TV, (ToO, (Tol, (Xi, thou. 

(Tvyyeveia, as, ri, relationship. 

(Tvyyevris, ^s, related. 

o-vy-yiYvojjiai,* to come to- 
gether, to meet. 

<rv"y"ypa<|)€i's, ^ws, 6, historian. 

o-vY-'ypd<{)cd, to describe, to 
compose, to write, relate. 

o-u-y-KaXe'ci),* to call together. 

o-vY-KaTa-TC0T)jxi,* to put to- 
gether, to agree with. 

o-vY-KaTa-\|/T]<j)C5«> to count 

trvy-KXeCo), to enclose. 

crvYKvpta, as, i}, a chance. 

(rvY-xafp»»* to rejoice with, 
to congratulate. 

o-v-^ev-yvvfjLi and (ru-Jcvyvvo),* 
to join together. 

TVKsa, (TVKTj, ijs, ^, a fig-treP 

(TUKOfjiopaCa and <rvKO(Jiopea, 
<ruKO|i(i)paCa or o-vKoiiupea, 
as, i], a sycomore-tree. 

opvKov, ov, Tb, a fig. 

<rv\-Xa\€<i), to talk together. 

(ru\-Xa(ji.pdv«,* to seize, to 
help, to conceive. 

xniX-Xe'-yw,* to collect. 

cruWifiPSTiv, adv., in all. 

<rvfi-Paivci),* to happen. 

<ru|j. j3d\\«,* to throw to- 
gether, to ponder. 

<ri)}iPo\ov, ov, rb, a symbol. 

(rv|j,-Pov\6V6), to take counsel, 
to advise, to consult. 

(rv|xPovXiov, ov^ rb, a counsel. 

2v|X€»v, 6, Simeon. 

trv|xird6€ia, as, ij, sympathy. 

<rujji-irapa-'Yi'yvo(xai,* to be 
present, to assist. 

(rv(ji-'ir\T]p6o>, to fill, complete. 

<rv|x-irop€vo(i,ai, to walk to- 

<rvji-(j)€p«,* to bring togeth- 
er. <7Vfi(f>4pec, it is better. 

orvfi4>opd, as, 17, an event, a 

<rv}jL-(|>(i)ve6), to agree. 

<rvv, prep., gov. dative, with. 

o-vv-d-yw,* to bring together, 
to gather. 

crvvayo)yr\,i]s,r], a synagogue. 

(Tvv-aipo), to take up. 

(rvy-avd-K€i}jLai, recline with, 

(rvv-avrdttf, to meet. 

o-vvdvTT](ris, €03$, 7], a meeting, 

<rvv-avTi-Xa|ipdvonai,* to as- 
sist, to help. 

o-vv-aTTO-Ovqo-Kti),* to die with, 

o-uv-av|dvttf,* to grow with, 

<rvvSovXos» ov, 6, a fellow- 

o-vvSvo, adv., two by two. 

<rvve'8piov, ov, rb, a council. 

o"vv-e^ev^€v, see (rv^eiypvfii. 

(ruv6i8T)(ris, ews, 17, conscience. 

(Tvvep'yos, ov, 6, fellow-laborer. 

truv-epxo|,* come together. 

<rvv-€o-9£w,* to eat with. 

orvverosj 1^, bv, prudent, wise. 

<rvv-i\aipoVf see (rvyx^^P^- 

crvv-e'xft),* to hold together, 
to straiten, to contain. 

(rvvTJOeia, as, 17, custom. 

(rvvT)x0T|(rav see avvdyo}. 

o-vv-i-qp-i,* to understand. 

a-vvoyJ\, Tjs, rj, trouble. 

o-vvT6'X€ia, as, 17, the end. 

— 314 — 

ervv-TeXio),* to accomplish. 

<ruvT€Tpi(jinevoS| 'fj, 6v, pf . part, 
of avv-TpijSb}, contrite. 

<rvv-Tp€x«,* to run together. 

o-vj^-TpCpo), to bruise, break. 

o-vv-riQr\ii.i,^ to compose. 

SvpCa, as, ij, Syria. 

Svpos, ov, 6, a Syrian. 

o-vpto, to draw, to drag. 

o-v-o-Tttvpow, to crucify with. 

o-vxvos, V, ^f, considerable. 

SxixciP) V, Sychar. 

a-^ayf\, rjs, 17, a slaughter. 

o-<|>d7iov, ov, t6, a victim. 

<r<J>68pa, adv., very, exceed- 

o-cppa-yi^w, to seal. 

tr^vpov, ov, t6, a hammer. 

<rx€86v, adv., near, axeddv rt, 

<r\ilo>, to cut, tear, rent. 

<rxCo-(ji.a, arcs, t6, a schism. 

<rxoXdt«, to be at leisure, 

o-xoX"^, ijs, 7], leisure axoX^v 
iroLeiadaL irpbs tl, to devote 
one's self to something. 

o-«to>j pass, with <x, to save. 

(rto}jia, aros, t6, a body. 

G-tofjiaTiKdS) ^, 6v, bodily. 

crtariip, Trjpos, 6, a savior. 
<rwTT]pCa, aj, i], salvation. 
<r«T^piov, ov, t6, salvation. 
crwT'qpios, a, ov, salutary. 


rdXavTov, ov, to, a talent. 
Ta|j,eiov or rafjiiciov, ov, rby a 

closet, a chamber. 
Td|is, ews, 17, tax, post, order. 
Tai7€tv6s, 17, (>v, humble, low. 
Taircivow, to humble. 

TaireCvwo-is, ecos, ^, lowliness, 

Tapdrro), to disturb, 
Tapo-os, ov, rj. Tarsus. 
rdTTw, to order, to prescribe, 
ravra, see oXitos. 
rawTo, for rb air 6, the same 

thing, the same place. 
ra^r\, i]s, rj, a burrying-place. 
Td<}>os, 01;, 6, tomb, sepulchre. 
Tttxews, adv., quickly. 
rdxiov, adv., sooner, 
raxv, adv,, quickly, in haste, 
raxvs, "a, tli, quick, 5ta rax^- 

wv, in haste, rapidly. 
Tc, enclitic and postpositive 

conj., and. . . . W, . . .W, or 

..ri, /cal, ,, both.., and. 

— 315 — 

T€0€£KaT6, perf. of ridrjfML. 

T60vT]Kws, see dvrjaKCi}. 
T€iv6), revCo, ereiva, T^raKa, ri- 
TUfxai, irddrju, to stretch. 

Tctxos, ovs, t6, a wall. 

TCK|X'/]piov, ov, t6, a proof. 

T€Kv(ov, ov, t6, a little child. 

Wkvov, ov, t6, a child. 

Wktwv, oj'os, (3, a carpenter. 

T^€ioS} a, ov, perfect. 

Tc\ci6cD, to accomplish, fulfil. 

Te\€£w(ris, ews, 17, a fulfilling. 

TeXcvraios, d, ov, last, rb re- 
Xeurofoj', adv., at last. 

TcXevrdo), to end, to die. 

TeXevT-q, ijs, rj, death. 

TiKiiOj TeX^cru, ir^ecra, reriXe- 
Ka, TeTiXeajxai, erekiadriv, to 
finish, to pay. 

T^os, ovs, t6, the end, a tax, 
a tribute. 

T€X(&vT]s, ov, 0, a tax-collec- 
tor, a publican. 

T€X(ovioV| ov, t6, a toll-house. 

T€|iV«, TCfJiU), CTajJiOV, TiT/iirjKa, 

T^TfiTjiiiai, ir/JLrjdrjv, to cut. 
Te^o(i,ai, see tIktw. 
Tcpas, aros, t6, a wonder. 
T€o-a-apdKovTa, forty. 
T€flPo-ap€s, a, four. 

T€Ta"Ynevos, perf. part, of 


T€TapTaios, a, ov, four days 
dead, of the fourth day. 

T^TttpTos, rj, ov, the fourth. 

T€TpdpxTis, ov, b, a tetrarch. 

Tqp^o), to keep, to guard. 

T'^p'qoris, ews, i], a custody, 
a prison. 

TiPcpids, ddos, 7], Tiberias. 

TiPe'pios, ov, 6. Tiberius. 

TiOi^ixi, drjcrot}, eOrjKa, rideiKa^ 
Tideiixai, iridTjv, to place, to 
put, to set. e^s (pv\aKT]v rl- 
decrdaL, to imprison. 

tCkTO)) T^^O/XaC, '4t€K0V, T^TOKUf 

to beget, to bring forth. 
t£XXci>, to pluck, to gather. 
Ti(j.d«, to value, to honor. 

TifJidcrdai rivc tov davdrov, to 

award a man the penalty 

of death. 
ri^i\f ^s, ri, value, honor. 
t£s, tI who, what? tL for Ka- 

rb. rl, why? 
t£s, tI enclitic, somebody, 

something, a certain, tl 

for Kard tl, to some extent, 

at all. 
tCtXos, ov, b, a title. 
T£tosi oVf b, Titus. 

816 — 

ToCwv, adv^ therefore. 

TOidsSe, Toidde, roibvdty SUCll. 

ToiovTOs,TotaiJri7, rotoOro,SUCll. 

Toixos, ou, 6, a wall. 

To\nd«, to dare. 

Toiros, ov, 6, a place. 

TO<rovTOS> TOcaiJTi;, rocroOro, SO 
much, so great, roa-oirtfi 
with comp., so much the 

t6t€, adv., then, 

TOVTO, see O^TOS. 

Tpaiavos, ov, 6, Trajan. 
rpatrila, rjs, ^, a table. 
Tpaire^CTiis, ov. 6, a banker, a 

money changer. 
Tpa7r6|X6V0S| see t/j^ttw. 
rpavfjia, aros, t6, a wound. 
TpdxTiXos, ou, 6, throat, neck. 
Tpax.vs, e«t, i5, rough. 
Tpeis, rpia, rpiviav, three. 
Tpjirw, rp^i/'w, erpeypa, r^rpocpa, 

riTpafXfxai, €Tp€<p67]v or ^r/)(£- 

7r'>7J', to turn. 
rpi^bif 6pi\f/ii}, 'ddpepa, rirpoipa, 

TidpajXfxaL, iOp^cpdrjv or irpd- 

(pr]v, to nourish, to feed. 
rpi\<af dpa/Jiiofiai, eSpafWVf de- 

8pdfir]Ka, to run. 

rpidKovra) thirty. 
TpiaK6(rtoi| at, a, three htou 


rpCpos, ov, 7}, a path. 

rpCpd), to break, to wear out. 

TpCs, adv., thrice. 

rpisx^^ioi* o-h «j three thou- 

Tpfros, V} ov, the third, rh 
rpirov, iK rpirov, for the 
third time. 

TpCx^vos, Vi ov, made of hair. 

Tpixwv, see 0pi^, a hair. 

Tp6|i.os, ov, 6, a trembling. 

Tpo-n-^, ^s, 97, a turning. 

Tpdiros, ov, 6, a manner. 

Tpo<J)i^, Tjs, Vi food. 

Tpoxos» ov, 6, a wheel. 

rpv\6<a or rpvxw, consume. 

rpwyMf Tpd)^o/xat,, erpco^a and 
erpayov, r^rptay/xai, iTpdyi]Vf 
to eat. 

Tvyx'^vci), reii^ofiai, irvxov, re- 
Ti^xv^^i with gen., to get, 
to obtain, with dat., to 
meet, with part., happen. 

Tviros, ov, 6, a mark, an im- 

TvirTo), to strike. 

— 317 — 

Tvpos, ou, V, Tyre. 
TV(f>\oY€V'^s, ^s, born blind. 
Tv<|>\6S} tJ, 6v, blind. 
Tv()>\6w, to blind. 


dPpCtMl to insult. 
iynfis, ^s, healthy. 
iYP<is» d, 6v, moist, green. 
iSpCa, as, rj, a pitcher. 
iSpcoiriKds, 1^, 6p, dropsical. 
vSup, (55aTos, t6, water. 
vi6si oO, 6, a son. 
i|i6tS} w;', you. 
^|i,^T6post a, ov, your, yours. 
^|i.v^a>, to sing a hymn. 
SfxvoS) ou, 6, a hymn. 
6ir-dY«,* to go, to withdraw. 
wTT-aKovo),* to obey. 
wTT-avTcLw, to meet. 
virdvTti<riS| ews, 9), a meeting, 
viraplis, e«s, 17, possessions. 
vir-dpxwi to be, to belong, tci, 

virdpxovra, possessions. 
wir-^|X€iv6 see viro/xho}. 
direp, prep. 1. genit., for, in 

behalf of. 2. ace, beyond, 

iirep^ov, ov, t6, upper room. 

vtr-^trrpe^Wf see imoarpi^t^, 
virtjpeT^o), to serve. 
vinip€'TT]s> ov, 6, a servant. 

V'rr-iorx,v€0|,u7ro(rx'»5<''<'/*<*t> ^- 
eaxdP'flVi uTT^crxi/ytiat, to pro- 

virvos, ou, 6, sleep. 

vir6, prep. 1. gen., from un- 
der, by. 2. dative, under, 
at. 3. ace, under, towards 

v-rrdSciYfia, oros, rb, example. 

vTro-8€tKvv|xi,* to show. 

viro-8exop>ai, to receive. 

vir6ST]|j,a, arcs, rb, a sandal. 

viro^v-yiov, ov, rb, a beast oi 
burden, an ass. 

viro-Kp£vo|iai„* to answer. 

viroKpiT'^s, ov, 6, a hypocrite, 

viro-XaiJipdva),* to take up 
to reply, to suppose. 

viro-uevw,* to stay behind, 
to remain, to endure. 

viro-}iip,vTj<rKa),* to remind. 

virojAovr,, rjs, ij, patience, per 

^o-o-Tpe'^Jw,* to return. 

vTr6<rx£(ris. ews, 17, a promise. 

viroTao-croixevos, rj, ov, subject 

viro-Td(r<ra>, to subject. 

— 318 — 

vir-wTTidtw, to strike one un- 
der the eye, to insult. 

vo-TttTos, 17, oVf latest, last. C- 
GTaTov, rb ^crraTOv, at last. 

v(rT€paioSf a, ov, on the day 
after, ry {fo-repatq., on the 
following day. 

vo-Tspew, to fall short. 

ia-riprnKaf aros, t6, a defect. 

v(rT6pi]<ris, ews, 17, a coming 
short, want, need. 

vcTTcpov, adv., afterwards. 

v<rT€pos, a, ov, latter. 

v<{>aivco, to weave. 

v»4)avT6s» "jf, 6?', see i4>alvca. 

v(f>£ip.€vos, ■);, oj', see {fcpLrjiM. 


i»cf>-i?]!i,i,* to send down, to 
take down, to humble. 

u^/T^Xos, 1^, 6v, high, lofty. 

u\I/i<rTos, v, ov, most high. 

u^/os, ovs, TO, height, heaven. 

u^6(i>, to exalt. 

4>aYetV| sea iirdiWf 
(|>aiva), (pavQ, €(pr)va, TricpajKa, 
TT^cpacrfxat, icpdvdrjv, to show. 

Pass., to appear. 

<}>av€pds, d, 6?/, clear, evident, 
public, manifest. 

4>avep6w, to manifest. 

4)av€p«s, adv., publicly. 

4>av6s, ov, 6, a torch. 

({>dvTa(r}jia, aros, t6, a phan- 
tom, a ghost. 

«3^api(ratos, ov, 6, a Pharisee. 

cfjdcTKw, to pretend, to say. 

4>dTVT], Tjs, ^, a crib, manger. 

4>avXos, V, ov, vile, worthless. 

^iyyo<5f ovs, r6, a light. 

4>eC8o{i,aiy to spare. 

<]>ep&>, oto'io, riveyKa or ijveyKov, 
iv/jvoxo-, ivT^veyfiat, riv^x^Wt 
to bear, to carry, to lead. 

^ivyiOf <pev^o}xai, e^tvyov, iri- 
<p€vya, to flee. 

4>'r][A,C, (p-^aca and ip4(a, e^rjca 
and eJirov and elTra, eip-rjKo,, 
etprjfxai, i^p^Orjv and ippidrjv, 
to say. 

(]>6dv(d, (pdda-oj and <}>d'f}<Toiiai, 
'4(p9a(ra and e(pdr]Vf ^0^a/ca, 
to anticipate. 

<j>6e'y"yop,ai, to speak. 

<j>9€Cpw, to destroy. 

(]>6ov60), to envy, 
ivos, ov, 6, envy. 

319 — 

4>i\^o>, to love. 

4>(XT][xa, aros, r6, a kiss. 

4>(\i'iriros, ov\ 6, Philip. 

i|>C\os, 7?, ov, dear, friendly. 

4>C\os, ov, 6, a friend. 

4>i\o(rTop-yCa| as, 17, a tender 

(|>iX<i(rTop'yos>oj', affectionate. 

^\6^, 0x076s, 17, a flame. 

(fsop^w, to frighten. Pass., to 

(}>6pT]Tpov, ou, r6, an object 
of fear, a terror. 

<}>dpos, ou, 6, fear. 

#oiv£kii, ?7s, 17, Phoenicia. 

^oiviKos, -^i 6v, bloody, mur- 

<j>oivi|, LKos, 6, a palm-tree. 

4»ov6va), to murder. 

4>6vos, ou, 6, murder. 

4»op^ci), to wear. 

t})<$pos, ov, 6, a tribute, a tax. 

^opriov, ou, t6, a burden. 

•^pa-ye'Wiov, ou, r6, a scourge. 

4>paY|j.6s) ov, 6, fence, hedge. 

(|>pTJv, <ppev6s, 7], the heart, the 
mind, reason. 

4>pov€a), to think. 

4>p6vT]|ia, aros, r6, a thought. 

<j>p6vt}jios, ??, OP, wise, prudent. 
<J)povC|ji(os, adv., wisely. 
<|)povTCJ«, to care. 
<J>vYas, ddos, 6, an exile. 
<I>V7^> ^s, 7), flight. 
<|>v\aKTJ, ^s,i7, a watch, prison. 
^vXacrcro), to watch, guard. 
^vXii, 7js, ?7, a tribe. 
<|)v\\ov, ov, t6, a leaf. 
<j>ii(ris, ews, 17, nature. 
cJ>vT€v«, to plant. 
<l>tico, to produce. Tr4<f>vKa and 
2 aor. e(f)vv, to be by nature. 
(jjcoXeos, ov, 6, a hole, 
^wve'w, to call, to crow. 
<|)wvi^, 17s, 17, a voice, a sound. 
<{)(Ss, (pcorSs, TO, a light. 
cj>wT€iv6s, ^, 6p, bright. 
4>«t(S«, to give light, shine, 


Xaipc, from x«^pw> hail! 

XaCpo), xapcD and x^PV*^^^ ^' 
XdpTjaa and ix'i'PV^i Kexdprj' 
Ka, Kexdp', to rejoice. 

Xa\d(o, do-w, to let down. 

XaXcTTosi ^, (5v, hard, angry, 
fierce, cruel. 

XaXcirws, with difficulty. 

— 320 

Xa\K6s) ov, 6, cupper, money. 
Xa{jLaC, adv., on the ground. 
Xapd, as, 17, a joy. 
XapaKT'^p, Tjpos, 6, a character. 
xdpa|, a/cos, 6, earthen wall. 
Xap(£is, iea-o-aj lev, pleasing. 
XapC^o[iai, to bestow favor. 
Xdpiv, adv., for the sake of. 
Xdpis, iTos, v, favor, grace. 
XapiTOb), to favor. 
Xa,(rp,a, aros, to, a chasm. 
X€fX.os, ovs, TO, a lip. 
Xe(p>appo$, ov, 6, a torrent. 
X£i|X(ov, Covos, 6, winter. 
XeCp, x^'po's, 1), dative plural, 

X^po'l-, a hand. 
XeipoSeiKTos, ov, manifest. 
X€ipoTroiT]TOs, ov, made by 

\dp<aVf comp. of KaK6s, 
Xe'o), xe<S, e'xea, KexvKU, K€X^'- 

fxai, €x^Qt)v, to pour. 
XTipa, as, -n, a widow. 
xGe's, adv., yesterday. 
XiXids, dSos, ?7, a thousand. 
X^Xioi, ai, a, one thousand. 
XiTtov, Covos, 6, a tunic, coat. 
\naVf ovos, 7], snow. 
)(^Xa}ji,vS| idos, ri, a robe, cloak. 

xXwpos, <i, ov, green, fresh, 
xoipos, ov, 6, pig, hog, swine. 
XoX^j, 17s, 7), gall. 
Xopajiv, TO, Chorazin. 
Xoprd^w, to feed, to fill. 
XopTos, ov, 6, grass. 
Xpdojxai, xpT^o'o/Aai, ixP'^'^^P-'n^x 

K^xpvi^^'-) ^xp'^'^^v^i to use, 

Xpcta, as, T], need, usefulness. 

Xpeos, ovs, t6, a debt. 

Xp£(»4>ei\€TT]S) ov, 6, a debtor, 

XpT|'t«> to need, to want. 

XP'Hp-a, aros, t6, riches. 

XpTuxaritw, to give a heaven- 
ly warning. 

XpTHAttTio-Geis, warned by God 

XpnrTiavi<rp,6s> ov, 6, Chris* 

Xpio-Tiavos, ov, 6, a Christian. 

Xpio-Tos, 1^, 6v, anointed. 

Xpio-Tos, ov, 6, Christ. 

XpCw, to anoint. 

Xpovi^w, to delay. 

Xpovos, ov, 6, time. 

Xpvo'eos, a, ov, ovs, rj, ovv, oi 
gold, golden. 

Xpv(r6s> ov, 6, gold. 

X<»X6s, ij, 6v, lame. 

Xwpa, as, 7], a country 


\<apioi, to contain, to go. 
Xwpi^o), to sever, to depart, 
Xop^s, adv., apart from. 

v};aX|jL6s, ov, 6, a psalm. 
\(;d|ji[ji,os, ov, T?, sand. 
\Jf€v8T)s, h, l}'ing, false. 
v{'€v8o8t8dorKa\os, ov, a false 

4r€v8o(jiai, to lie. 
\{/£u8o|i.apTvp€(i>, to bear false 

vl'£v8o(xapTup£a, ai, ij, false 

\{/€ySo[jidpTvs, TvpoSf 6, a false 

»j/£-j8o7rpo<|j^Ti]s, or, 6, a false 

i|/£i)8os, ovs, t6, a lie. 
4/;v86xpi<rTOs, ov, 6, a false 

\|/5v8ft), to cheat, to lie. 
v|/sv8«vu|ios, ov, under a false 

i|/T]Xa<|>d«, to feel, to touch. 
xf/Tiqji^ci), to vote, 
x'/ixiov, ov, t6, a crumb, 
^[/vx"^, rjs, r], the soul, life. 

v|/vXos or xJ/i)xos> ovs, t6, frost. 
\|>vxp6s, d, OP, cold. 
t|/<i>|xCov, ov, t6, a morsel. 


«, interjection, oh! 

w, dative sing, of 6s, ^, S, 

w8€, adv., here. 

c58is, (bdii-os, 7], distress. 

wjjLos, ov, 6, the shoulder. 

a>v£0[Jkai, CivricrojxaL, ixpidfiriv, 
iioprjfxai, i(ji)vrj6r]P, to buy. 

a>6v, ou, t6, an egg. 

«pa, as, 17, an hour, time, 

tt>paioS) a, OP, timely, beauti- 

«s, conj., that, in order that. 

ws, adv., as, when, ws /-wiXwra, 
as much as possible, in 
dvoTjTOP, how silly! 

«s, vv^ith numerals, about. 

«s, with part, gives the sub- 
jective view of the actor 
or speaker, as 'dXa^ev ain-bp 
cbs dpacp'/iccov, he seized him 
with the intention of put- 
ting him. to death. 

o)$av€i, or ws av el, like as if. 

cbo-avvd, inter j., hosanna! 

322 — 

wsavTCDs, adv., in like man- 

d>s€f, adv., ha if. 

«(r£v see ods. 

wsircp, adv. even as. 

«ST€, conj., so that, so as to. 
is followed by the infinit., 
sometimes by the indicat. 
for ^ dxyre see ij. 

mtCovi ovy t6, an ear. 
»^4Xcta, as, t), help, use. 
tt^X^o), to benefit. 
<»^^\i](i.a, aros, to, a service, 
w^Xtjo-is, ews, 17, a helping. 
«<|>^Xi|xos, ov, or rjy ov, profit- 
able, useful. 
&({>Ot]v, see bp6.<a^ 



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